Gwyneth Paltrow Emerges From 'Mommy Mode'

02/12/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy ELLE UK

Proclaiming that she’s probably “less square than people think,” Gwyneth Paltrow tells the March issue of ELLE UK it was with much regret that she kicked the smoking habit more than five years ago. “The last cigarette I smoked was the day I found out I was pregnant with [daughter] Apple [Blythe Alison, 4 ½],” the 36-year-old actress reveals. “I had to sit down and smoke one final cigarette.” When her willpower begins to slip Gwyneth need look no further than her own family for motivation to stay the course.

“I’m so pissed off it gives you cancer. But then, once you have children, if you’ve witnessed a death like I did with my father [director Bruce Paltrow, who died of throat cancer complications in 2002], you just can’t. I’d never want to put them through what I went through. So I don’t do it.”

Gwyneth graces the cover of the fashion issue, and acknowledges that some of her red carpet looks have been bigger hits than others. Regardless, her commitment to fashion has never wavered — even after a few years spent in “mommy mode.” Adds Gwyneth,

“I love fashion, but when you’re breastfeeding and you’re a stone-and-a-half overweight, it’s demoralizing to try to wear good clothes.”

In addition to Apple, Gwyenth and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, are parents to 2 ½-year-old son Moses.

Source: ELLE UK

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Christine on

I’m a big Gwyneth fan! I love how private her marriage is! And I love kids kids names!
Everytime I hear “Fix You” I think of her and think of how incredibly difficult it was for her to lose her father.

But did she really say “when your a stone and a half overweight…” I wonder if that’s British editing. I know she’s married to a brit and had live there awhile…but still.
And I don’t know if I would have used the word “demoralizing”

GV on

A stone and half is demoralizing! Ha.
Imagine what people who are actually overweight must think of this crazy comment

Y on

Like she has ever been overweight! LOL

liAnn on

A stone and a half is 21 lbs. (1 stone = 14 lbs)

Jared Snyard on

Gwyneth also lost her grandfather. The last time we saw her with her grandfather who also died of cancer was when she won the Oscar.

Her dad was her date for the Oscars. Shakespeare in Love.
It is nice that she talks about her kids. They are so

madison on

I don’t think it’s a crazy comment – overweight is a relative term. 20 lbs may not seem like alot to a seriously overweight person, but it sure could for someone who has always been fit & trim. If I was weighing in 20 lbs over what I consider to be my set weight (where my body feels right – its healthiest, not its skinniest), I would feel ‘off’ too.

Aelys on

On the topic of smoking, she also said “But I’ve decided that when I’m about 70 I’m going to start smoking again. Why not? I can’t wait!” and that “it’s such a beautiful thing” (quoting Gwyneth here), so for someone who lost her father to lung cancer, I’m surprised she’s still considering smoking. I myself lost one of my favourite uncles to lung and throat cancer last year. He passed away 3 months after being diagnosed. He was only 55 and left a 10-year-old son. So I hope for her children’s sake that she won’t touch a cigarette ever again, even when she’s 70.

Rachel on

LOL! I thought the same thing too. I was going to write a comment about that as well, but went to another website. I don’t remember seeing Gwyneth Paltrow ever being overweight.

martina on

Yeah, she was huge, all 130lb of her. This is the attitude that makes any regular-sized woman in America feel like a cow. Now she’s skinny as a rail, wearing ridiculously short dresses & skirts all over the place. But whatever makes her happy.

Lauren on

21 pounds overweight is quite significant, particularly for a woman who has been thin her whole life. Who is anyone else to tell Gwyneth how she should or should not feel about her own body? As a petite person, I get so ticked by totally flippant remarks like some of the ones here-am I supposed to feel okay about putting on weight just because two-thirds of this country has a weight problem far bigger than mine? I feel “off” when I gain 5 pounds, because on my small body, it is a significant addition. If I went by some of the comments here, I’d take it I should just keep gaining weight and not worry about it to appease everyone else. Comments like these reek of jealousy and are really unbecoming.

martina on

People are allowed to state their opinion without “reeking of jealousy”. I am petite as well, and breastfeeding my 4 months old son. My 5 extra-pounds show more then I wish to admit. But Ms. Paltrow is a tall woman, and was THIN after having her children. Of course, if she aspired to be 105 lb, then she felt fat at whatever weight she was. And that’s troublesome to me. It sends a message to that even a a beautiful successful woman only feels attractive when she is uber-thin.

Christine on

Aelys – I can totally understand her comment. I am a former smoker. I quit the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child over 9 years ago.
I loved every cigarette that I smoked and I still miss it terribly.
When I see people smoking I miss it more. It’s an addiction so I know just how stupid it would be to start up again. I think that she’s able to keep herself from smoking by thinking about starting again later in life.
When I quit I kept one cigarette in my car “just in case” I really needed it. Knowing it was there made it easier not to smoke. It stayed there for months! LOL!
(Once I had my baby, it went in the trash)

Alice on

I agree with you, Lauren.

How can we know she was thin after having her children? Sure she was, once she’d lost that extra weight she’s talking about. If her nature is being thin, then she can feel bad with a bit more weight.

Aelys, did she really say that?? Maybe she got too addicted, she felt it was relaxing. But still it baffles me she would say that after losing family to throat cancer.O_o

Aelys on

Christine – I don’t blame her for missing smoking, I’m just “shocked” that she’d consider taking up smoking again, even in 40 years, after what she went through with her father and knowing what smoking does to your health.

Brooke on

I think she is such a strong women for coming out and talking about losing her father to throat cancer, it’s such a horrible disease and i can’t image having to see your father die in that way. She has risen to the challenge and with her mom and brother started a Bruce Paltrow Fund in the name of raising money for oral cancer awareness and research. She already does so much and no one ever talks about the effort and money she gives to others!!!

check it out…….

Angelique on

It’s not so much that Gwyneth should or shouldn’t have an ideal weight and work to achieve that, it’s that she said that wearing good clothes if you’re a tad overweight is demoralizing. So, if I’m a little overweight I should just wear sweats and not even really try to look great? I’ll just look stupid if I try to dress up in something nice? I don’t know about you, but if I just allow myself to slob around, that’s a whole lot more likely to undercut my confidence than if I put on some “good clothes” and try to look my best.

Ellen Smith on

A stone and a half – please – just because you live in London doesn’t mean you’re British. Speak in American English, Gwyneth. You were born here, not across the pond.

The interview was for ELLE UK, a British magazine, which is why it’s printed the way it is.

-CBB Staff

Erica on

Yeah…I don’t know if it’s the way in which she’s being quoted or what, but pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth ends up sounding ridiculously out of touch (or pretentious). Not to say that she’s wrong for wanting to shed the baby weight and look her best. But I’m not getting why it would be “demoralizing” to want to wear beautiful things regardless of what shape you’re in–maybe a better way to put would’ve been that a bonus incentive for losing the extra weight allows greater freedom in clothing choices?

Ruthella on

Ellen Smith:

Re: Gwyneth talking about weight in stones, I see and hear British actors and actresses speaking ‘USA English’ all the time (often on this lovely website!) Kate Winslet, Anna Friel, Paul Bettany… I could go on! What’s the big fuss about adapting for your target audience?

Mrs. R. on

I don’t blame her for her ‘stone and a half’ quote. The ‘good clothes’ she is speaking of are couture/high end fashion clothes that DON”T COME in regular people sizes… Even a size 4 is considered too fat.

I don’t think people should think of her comment in absolute terms. It’s a relative thing. Anyone who has gained weight and felt the pinch of their pants being too tight has felt self-conscious. She was just expressing herself about her own low moment.

I actually applaud her honesty. It’s WAY better than the celebs who say “oh, I lost 50 lbs in 8 weeks by breastfeeding and eating right.” BS! They either starved themselves (and their kid while they were at it), or they got secret tummy tucks in other countries.

PollyWantACracker on

I agree with you Erica about how often the things she says sound like someone who has been so rich for so long she can’t understand real problems. Woe is me, I can’t wear a size zero so I’m a pig. She’s like many celebrities who are so insolated from the real world that they don’t know how stupid they sound like when they whine about how hard it is to be famous or rich or good looking. Then they write a check to a charity and think they’re deep. If she spent a week with regular folk, she might think before she spouted whiny stuff like in this interview.

And Lauren, I’m sorry you are insecure about your body and feel the need to take it out on posters who make valid comments about normal weight verses celebrity weight. Normal women are not a size zero. And of course Gwyneth misses smoking, it helped her keep off the pounds. Why else would so many actresses and models smoke? I don’t think it’s cause it makes them look cool.

Joy on

Totally agree with you, Lauren! I am neither rich nor super thin and I think Gwyneth’s comments make sense. Most celebrities wouldn’t have the balls to be this honest in an interview because of the kind of backlash we are reading on this page.

Lauren on

“And Lauren, I’m sorry you are insecure about your body and feel the need to take it out on posters who make valid comments about normal weight verses celebrity weight.”

Well I guess you figured me out I’m so insecure about my size 4 body that I feel the need to take it out on “real women” who weigh more than me because thin women are not “normal.” Aren’t you a smart one.

martina on

Lauren says: “Well I guess you figured me out I’m so insecure about my size 4 body that I feel the need to take it out on “real women” who weigh more than me because thin women are not “normal.” Aren’t you a smart one.”

– Lauren, the poster shouldn’t assume things about you. But in turn, you probably shouldn’t assume that those who criticized Gwyneth’s quote did so out of jealousy. It’s exactly the same thing.

Lilly on

High fashion attire, to which she was referring to, only comes in small sizes. It was disappointing to her she couldn’t fit in any of them. I don’t understand why that is such a big deal to others.

I’m very petite and a few pounds (5) show quite easily, let alone 20 pounds. Although Gwyneth is very tall (5’9″), she has always had a small frame, so weight would show on her. And it’s okay for her not to feel like herself (plus she was battling PPD). It also took her a while to get back into shape and she admitted it was hard work (unlike other celebs who make it seem that all you have to do is blink and it all falls off).

She admits to her faults (craving cigarettes, food, sweets, and not liking exercise) and I applaud her for being so open, it’s refreshing. Not everything is perfect, and that’s okay.

kris on

First let me say that I agree with Erica’s comment. Gwyneth grew up in the world of Hollywood so it’s really all she’s ever known. Then she married a musician and continues to live in that kind of world.

I recently saw a picture of Gwyneth 5 months after she had one of her children and the other at a recent event. She looked very different weight wise. Did I think she looked heavy in the post pregnancy picture, no I did not. I actually think she looked good. But, for her that is not her normal weight so it does not feel right. And yes, when you wear high end fashion you are never going to fit into that stuff unless you are the weight she is now. It really is all relative. I don’t really think many of the super think actresses and models look good. I tend to think they will be blown over by a strong wind. Unfortunately, it’s ingrained in them to think they need to be super thin to be successful. And maybe they do which is the really sad part.

Fevvers on

I think its her body and she knows when she is comforable. Most women know that “ick” feeling of not being comfortable in your body, or going shopping and nothing looks right. Particularly women who have had babies. And in Gwyns world with personal trainers and home delivered meals and a housekeeper to watch the kids while your yoga instructor drops round she probably did look like the fat porker who STILL had her preggo weight on a year or two after the baby. I certainly noticed that after Moses she looked depressed, and part of it was how she presented herself. Personally none of this offends me. I’m petite myself and after my 3rd child I weighed 55 kilos. Did I look good? Hell NO. (Like a flabby baywatch girl actually. Did I weigh less than some of my friends who look amazing? YES. Weight is not relevant, its how you look and how you feel.

tootoo on

Am i the only one who thinks ‘i survived post-partum depression’ Gwyneth is a lot easier to take than ‘motherhood completes me’ Gwyneth?

I used to gag on my coffee reading some of the ridiculous interviews she gave after having Apple. Thank god for Moses.

Lilly on


Gwyneth said that after she had Apple she felt euphoric and like everything was wonderful. So when she had Moses she expected the same. However, when she had him, she felt numb and then depressed, which is why she said she was going through PPD. You don’t always feel the same after having each child or through each pregnancy.

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