Sound Off! What Did You Do (Or Not Do) On Your Due Date?

02/10/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
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M.I.A. earned the adoration of millions on Sunday when she showed up to the Grammy Awards — on her due date! — and gave a super-energetic performance on the chaotic Staples Center stage.

While her fellow rappers may have been worried they’d have to deliver her baby live on air, she made it through the telecast — and looked adorable (although didn’t take home a statuette).

Some thought she was crazy, but as the brave songstress told USA Today, “They say that you’re often late the first time, so I’m planning to go [to the Grammy Awards].”

So how did you spend the days around your due date? At home, with suitcase in hand? Living life as usual? Or had baby already arrived?

Here’s your chance to Sound Off! In the comments, tell us how you spent the days surrounding your due date — then come back and take our polls!


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Lorelei on

I was living life as usual. Going to work every day up to delivery with each of my three. My sister in law took her leave two weeks before her baby was due and was two weeks late with him.

ellen on

i spend my due date with already one month old son🙂

Joelie on

I went to work (teacher) and then got a pedicure.

Susan on

My mom played racketball with me. Energetic fireball, that woman.

Linney on

went to work…i was 3 day late, and i worked up until i went into labor.

Sally on

I went early with all four of my pregnancies, so I was cuddling my babies on my due date! However, with my first I was also unpacking boxes because we were in the middle of moving when I went into labor.

Amanda on

For my first, I spent my Due Date Delivery her. She was born on her due date.

My second child was born a week early and had to spend a week in the NICU (pnuemonia)and we were able to bring him home on his due date.

Both are very special dates for me🙂

Christine on

At the gym!!
My first 2 (both boys) were born on their due dates.
My daughter was 5 days late, so I spent those 4 days prior to her birth at the gym doing weights and cardio.
I was in my best shape with her pregnancy. I had a fabulous L&D and had my quickest recovery from her birth.

Diana on

I went to work on my due date, February 14th, and ate lots and lots of chocolate!

I ended up being two weeks late, despite many home remedies to try and bring it on sooner. Even being two weeks late, I felt relatively good physically and strong, mentally.

Monica on

I give M.I.A. credit for doing what she wnated and not sitting around at home! I was 10 days late with my first. I think we went out to dinner since it was Valentine’s Day. I know I cried at my Dr. appt to please induce me! My second due date I was already home enjoying Easter with my family since I had a c-section 6 days before.

Megan on

My husband and I laid low that day. Hoping for something to happen. It was summer and hot. Relaxed in the cool house. I went 5 days later and had a 4th of July baby!!

kris on

Home with both of my babies on their due dates. They were both early.

C-ann on

Went to work on my due date and had him 3 days later.

katie on

At home with my son. He was born 15 weeks early so just being able to be at home with him alive and healthy by my side was a miracle.

pyjammy on

I was home with my almost-7 week olds on their due date.🙂

mari on

my son was three weeks early, so i spent my due date taking care of him🙂

NatashaD on

I have no children so I can’t answer but my mom always laughs that she was bartending on her due date and went into labour.
Since she spent 5 days in labour she then went to bingo.

Jenna Gennaro on

Was this M.I.A.’s first? If so, I don’t see what all the “she’s crazy” comments from the media and whatnot are for.🙂 From what I have read and witnessed, first babies are usually late anyway. In fact, I was a whole 4 weeks late when I was born.

My first is due in June, but I am sure I will be just sitting around waiting for it to happen.

The one thing I can say I deeply respect her for is the fact that she wore sensible (safe) shoes whereas Jennifer Lopez always wore high heels when performing (that I saw, anyway).

Sherri on

More power to M.I.A. for showing that pregnant women aren’t always in a “fragile” state!

I remember doing things as usual right up until I delivered each of my 2 lovelies!

Jane on

Not that!

Colleen on

With my first son I was in labor on my due date.

With my second son he was a week old, so I was probably on the couch nursing most of the day LOL

Lenae on

The first time, I was at home with an 11 day old baby. The second time, I was in the hospital giving birth on her due date.

umma on

both my babies were born naturally a month before their due dates. so i was going to their 1 month appmt on their due dates.

stormdan on

I was at home with my 13-day-old son. My water broke a few hours after my 38-week OB appt. The day I went into labor, I was at work. In fact, I was in my office when my water broke. Yuck.

Maria on

Each of my three were early. The first I was at home taking care of him (2 weeks early). With my second, I was at home (5 weeks early). With my third, he was back in the hospital with pneumonia, so I was with him (he was 8 weeks early). I had natural deliveries with all three, so I was active right up to the delivery day for the three of them.

j on

I went to a snowboard competition (my husband works as a designer in the industry). I was in a miserable mood and he encouraged me to go and have a bit of fun to get out of my rut. At the time my snowboard pants were pretty much the only thing I could fit into, so at least I looked the part … apart from my enormous belly. Some of the looks I got while trudging up the hill to watch the half pipe competitions – priceless.

Chastity on

I gave birth on my due date!!

Emily on

I spent my due date walking 3 miles through a corn maze! It was a lot of fun, but it didn’t help. I had to be induced 2 days later.

Laura on

I was taking care of a baby on all FOUR of my due dates, never made it to a one! I thought she was great, more power to her!

Kathy on

I was working on my due date with my first and only. I was in labour (turns out false) but figured may as well work.

Danielle on

I wasn’t in delicate state- I was just really tired and uncomfortable!

I spent about a month before I delivered Anya working on CBB! I was on maternity leave and nothing was happening. On the day before my due date, I was in the audience of the Martha Stewart talk show in NY, where Jennifer Garner (who was pregnant with Violet) and Jon & Kate Plus 8 (before they were famous) were guests. Here’s the link – and a picture of Jennifer leaving the show –

I drove to the show with my friend Cathy because she wanted to make sure I had a sure way to the hospital had I gone into labor, but since the entire audience that day was filled with pregnant women, they had emergency responders standing by in case anyone’s baby decided to come. No one went into labor, though.

I didn’t feel like going anywhere when I was that huge and due so it really wasn’t an issue for me, though. In the weeks before and after my due date, we avoided being far away from home/hospital so passed on attending a bat mitzvah and Jewish holiday dinners which were two hours from home. No way I wanted to drive for several hours in labor. Had they been closer, I would have gone.

poppy fields on

1998-I went to see the movie Titanic and then played a round of mini-golf and ended up going one week over-due. I guess we should have tried a second round of mini-golf🙂

Veroncia on

On her due date me and my 7 day old DD were entertaining 30 of our closest closest relatives have come into town see her and celebrate the 4th of July weekend.

mmh on

Went to a graduation party for a friend… Wished the whole time I was home with a newborn instead!!! =)

Betty on

I sure wasn’t jumping and dancing around like her. I spent my due date delivering my beautiful daughter. I am currently pregnant with number two and I hope things go as perfect as her birth. 2 hours and 17 minutes from start to finish.

Heather on

Since we induced, we went to the park and walked around waiting for ‘the call’ to report to the hospital. It was a weird experience knowing that it was all planned out. But, I wouldn’t trade that walk in the park for anything.

Kristin on

With #1-going to doc begging to take the baby out. #2 Was already cuddling up with my week old daughter.. #3 Packing and dealing with 3 kids bec we were moving-he came 10 days early!

Raven on

I was due on my best friends birthday so i took him out for dinner and we went to see a movie. My daughter was born 12 days later🙂

Christina on

I was home taking care of newborns on each of my due dates. Both times, they were close to a week early. And I was glad b/c our 2nd was 10 lbs, 6 oz. and I can’t imagine what she would’ve weighed had she stayed in the extra 7 days to my due date! Thinking about 2 weeks past my due date makes me faint!

Loie on

I was adjusting to my new life with 6 week old twins and packing to go home to Georgia. I went into to labor in Houston, Texas and had to drive home that weekend.

Jess on

I was shopping on my due date with my son. It was a couple weeks before Christmas, plus we had other shopping to do. I remember thinking it was funny at Wal Mart a couple days before I was due when we ran into one of DH’s co-workers. He asked when the baby was due & we told him “Tuesday.” His eyes got huge & asked if I should be out or pushing the shopping cart if I “had” to be out. I lived life as normal. My son was almost 2 weeks late, every friend I’d had never had a baby come early or on the due date, so I refused to sit home & just wait like some people I’d seen do. That’s fine if it makes you comfortable, but for me it seemed too much like trying to watch a pot of water boil…the more I’d wait, the longer it would feel. We didn’t even pay much attention to the due date to be perfectly honest for the same reason. I ended up induced & we went out to dinner the night before. I mentioned to the server that I was having dessert because I was pregnant & couldn’t use that excuse much longer. He asked he I was having the baby & DH & I kinda laughed & said, “tomorrow” & went on to explain I was getting induced. He kinda freaked out, asking if we were sure, asking if we needed anything from him, & so on. You would have thought we told him I was in labor right then & going to start pushing soon. It was sweet, but funny. He ended up giving us free dessert & free cheesecake to take home as well. Everyone around us were on pins & needles leading up to the due date & were always shocked how we just weren’t the same way.

Vanessa on

I went to a meeting with all men and one of them said “when’s that baby due” and I said – “Today” I was promptly told to go home until the baby was born as none of them would be cleaning up any messes. It was actually very funny to see the look on their faces!

Jen on

Didn’t make it to due dates with either kid.

Megan on

With my first son I spent his due date delivering him, he was born on his due date.

With my second son his due date was my dads birthday so we were having supper with them and I was making him a cake. He was a little disappointed his grandson didn’t share a birthday with him cause he was a week late.

sil on

i went to the hospital for a check-up, and then stayed at home all day hoping for my little girl to arrive, she was 6 days late (induce)
Now I’m pregnant with baby girl #2 and I really hope she arrives one or two weeks early, because i’m only 29 weeks and already feel tired!lol

Malania on

I didn’t make it to my due date with any of my children, they were all early.

Shannon on

With my first I was first at work, and then at home after the company I worked for made me leave that morning! They had 3 other women in the 2 weeks before I was due go into labor at the stores (I worked in a mall store) and have to close up to go home, so by the time it was my turn they didn’t want any more fines and requested that I take my leave as of my due date! So after that I believe I went out to finish shopping, and then we had a party for several of our friends, b/c we were so excited about the LO coming! Abby was born 3 days later, and coincidentally enough, ahd I remained on the schedule I was on at work, I would have been alone in the store, having just opened when my water broke at 10 am!!! So I guess they made a good call on that one, huh? LOL

With my second I was in the hospital with my 2 day old son, and my 3rd I was coming home from the hospital with my 4 day old daughter- both were scheduled sections due to breech positioning.

Kristin on

I do not have any kids, but my mom was home taken care of me. I had arrived two and a half months earlier. I was a 28 week premmie that weighed 2 pounds 10 ounces.

Heather on

I had a bouncing baby girl on my due date🙂

Debra on

I had my baby on my due date!

Sandy on

My first child was born on her due date after being induced the day before. Second baby came a week early, so I was already home on my due date with her.

Shannon on

With my first daughter we were bringing her home from the hospital on her due date.

I am not sure what we were doing on my son’s due date. He was induced 13 days early.

With my second daughter I was eating out and enjoying my last day being pregnant since I was induced the day after my due date.

mom of 3 boys on

I worked on the due date of my first one. Drove home from the hospital with number two and was 5 days post partum with number three.

Carol on

Both my boys were 12 days early. But I had just gotten home from work, and was getting ready for an errand run to pay the rent and return my videos when my water broke with the first one. The 2nd one I had quit work a couple of weeks before he was born so I probably would have just been doing normal stuff. I never let my pregnancy keep me a hostage in my house. I still did everything I normally did, it was just harder since I had a 20 month old at home.

Peggy on

All 3 of my babies were early. With the first, he was born on a Sunday and I shopped by myself all morning! With the other 2, I was at work each time.

jennifer on

At 4:30 am on Aug 10, 2007 (my due date) I was walking to the bathroom when my water broke. I cracked up at the hospital when they asked me why I was coming in and I said my water broke (they told me that rarely happens anymore) and that today was my due date. To which they replied, “THAT never happens!!” So I spent my due date with our 2nd giving birth to her.

MZ on

I spent yesterday (my due date) cuddling my week old son🙂

KJ on

I was going to garage sales in 105 degree heat at the end of July with my first. I went into labor that night, and she was born a day late. I have 8 1/2 weeks to go with my second. My due date is Easter Sunday, so that could be interesting . . .

Melissa on

For my first, I went to the beach. Someone asked me what my due date was and I said “today” .. they looked at me like I was crazy. He ended up being 11 days late. LOL For my second, I was coming home… he was 2 days early!

melania on

The last few days I cleaned, got a pedicure, went for strolls, and shopped for little last minute things for the baby.

Brandi on

MZ you had your baby? A boy, how sweet. What did you name him? Congratulations, I feel like we have all gone through this pregnancy with you through the comments section.🙂

On the post topic:

With my first son, he was 12 days overdue and my midwife was concerned about low amniotic fluid. If I went past 14 days she said we would need to induce but luckily I went into labor on the 13th night. It was July and very hot and humid, I was so uncomfortable.

With my second son, the whole time I felt like he would be coming early. He dropped and I thought he was ready by 37 weeks. I ended up having him 8 days early and was home with him on my due date. I’m glad it happened that way though because we ended up being snowed in on his due date because of a major storm!

Jessica on

On my daughter’s due date, I attended my city’s Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet After-Party (my husband’s employer was the sponsor). We hadn’t planned to attend because we THOUGHT we’d have a baby by then. That morning, hubby called me from work and said “well, if you want to go, find a dress and we can go.” Um…not as easy as he made it sound. I went to a store and found the stretchiest (least offensive) dress I could find. I wore that and heels and danced the night away DETERMINED to get that baby out! It didn’t work (I was induced 10 days later) but I gave people A LOT to talk about! People were stopping me all night telling me how cute I looked!

On my son’s due date, I visited my friend and her newborn son in the hospital. I spent the entire visit holding her baby next to my belly, hoping that my son would get the message. The nurses couldn’t believe that I was there to VISIT somebody and not checking in!

Mmers on

With my first I was bringing him home from the hospital and he was 2 days old. He weighed 7lbs. 15oz. at birth. With my second, I was 8 days late and had to be induced. My daughter weighed in at 8lbs. 11oz. My third, she was 4 days late and weighed 9lbs. even. My last was 6 days late and 9lbs. 14oz!! He is now only 6 weeks old.

Brody and Av's Mamma on

Both my children were born 9 days early.

Kris on

I gave birth 2 days after my due date.

isabellasmama on

I gave birth to my baby girl at 28 weeks last year on 2/2/08 at 2:00 pm and she weighed in at 2 pounds! After 84 days in NICU she came home 3 days after her April 22 due date!! Today she is a happy crawling 18 pound 15 ounce 1 year old!!!

Mrs. R. on

I was 11 days overdue with my first, but it never occured to me to have ‘alternative plans’ for my due date in case I didn’t deliver by then. I was MISERABLE, sitting around the house all day. It didn’t occur to me until 2 days later that I would REALLY need to make an effort to fill my time so I didn’t sit around obsessing about when the baby would come (not to mention field phone calls from excited relatives and friends checking in, which were nice intentions, but not exactly fun to receive every day). This time around I refuse to acknowledge the due date – and I am going to just keep on planning stuff right up to the end. If I have to cancel something, so be it… I’d much rather do that than not have anything to do and be frustrated.

Jaclyn on

I spent my due date taking care of my month old daughter. She was born at 35weeks

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t have children, but my mother was at home taking care of me on her due date. Not only was I born just shy of two weeks before my due date, but I was born exactly one week before the date of my mother’s scheduled C-section! My parents had been walking around feeling so smart, because they already knew when I was going to be born. I showed them! LOL!

Daze on

During my last pregnancy, I was so anxscious for her to come, we went riding on the Harley. We hit a railroad track and I felt something pop. It was the mucus plug and I went into labor after that. This was also her Dad’s birthday, but she arrived slowly after midnight, so her’s is the next day. During my first pregnancy, I still had braces on my teeth that were scheduled to be removed on my due date. The orthodontist said “All first babies are late”, when making my appointment on my due date. He wasn’t. He was born while I had braces on my teeth, I didn’t make the appointment due to labor pains, and had to have them removed a few weeks later.

kat on

I haven’t voted yet, since I’m not sure which child I should go by.

With my first, I had pre-eclampsia and was induced a month early.

With my second, I went into labor 3 days before my due date in the evening and he was born the next morning, 2 days before my due date.

With my third, I was overdue and had to be induced and she was born 4days overdue.

I think if there is no sign of obviously going into labor (with my second, I KNEW it was coming… I was dilating, I’d had the poops, which is a sign of early labor, and lots of braxton hicks contractions. I had dropped a few weeks before, and, with him being a big baby (we expected even bigger than he was… we thought he’d be a good 9lbs or more… he was 8lbs 13oz), head down, and all, and me chasing a toddler, it was pretty easy to have things move nicely), there’s no reason to stay home.

After all, it’s not like she was miles and miles away from medical care or anything (should she not only go into labor, but have problems), and I’m sure she discussed it with her midwife/doctor first.

First babies are often late and I see no reason she shouldn’t do what she and her doctor/midwife agree she is capable of.

I was chasing an 18mo old boy and my 3yr old niece up and down the small hill that is my in-law’s backyard and then watching my husband and his siblings and the older nieces and nephew play volleyball in the yard when my water broke. Even so, I was able to quietly just get upstairs to the bathroom to figure it out, started contracting, took a shower because I was all sweaty and it was July, and then got everyone informed and my husband ready to go before we left.

I’m sure, had she gone into labor, it would have been all too easy to get out of there quietly and quickly.

Sharon on

My daughter was 8 days early. I was due on March 8th. My labor started after dinner on February 27th, and she was born just before noon on February 28th. I spent my due date taking care of her at home.

Sheilla on


Stefanie on

Never got close to my due dates! 2 weeks early with both of my boys!! but I was packed and ready, Induced first time so knew it was coming waters broke exactly 2 weeks early with the second!🙂 was all ready to go though!

stephanie on

my due date i spend it out with my husband dancing cause we knew it was going to be a really long time before we had sometime alone!!! i loved it and i would never regret it and a week after i gave birth a beautiful baby girl after a 22 hour labor!! even though i thought my labor was going to go smoothly but nope i tryed all the myths there is to do. nothing nothing. but i dont regret anything i could do that in a heart beat to have another beautiful baby like my baby girl shes 22 months now big big

Autum's Mommy on

i delivered my baby girl on my due day, the first day of fall 2008…hence, why we named our bundle of joy Autumn!

kaeboe on

My due date was yesterday……..I just hung around with my kids…waiting….I’m still waiting!!!!!!

Amy on

I spend the day fed up, it was even a full moon! i was doing all the tricks to try and bring on labour, didnt work thou as he was over two weeks late!

Nikki on

actually, while i was in labor, i cleaned my house! i went into labor exactly a week before my due date, so the house was a mess -we just found a new home for my cat, so we needed to get the overabundant pee smell out of the house before the midwife came and before my son came into the world! after cleaning the house, i spent the rest of my labor from one contraction to another while we watched episodes of the office and ate pizza and chinese food. it turned out to be a 24 hour labor… started thursday around 1:30 AM and i gave birth friday at 1:20 AM in my bed. what a day!😀

Rian on

I went to work on my due date with my daughter. She was born 10 past due date. Everyone thought I was crazy. I think it’s great MIA did that… what else would she have done?! It’s boring sitting around waiting for the little one to arrive… They’ll arrive when they want to🙂

Ashley on

My daughter was born 5 weeks before my due date. I was at work when my water broke, she was ready to break out!

coco on

my due day came and went. i had the baby’s room all prepared, my bags packed and still no baby. everyone,especially me, had grown tired of my doctor didnt believe in induction but told me if i hadnt gone into labor by august 16th, for me to come this time i was about 42 wks(yeah 42 wks)along.that morning i wasnt having any contractions or signs of labor but i still put my bag in the car and took my two young nieces to my grandmother instead of taking them with me, like i normally would have done.i was at my grandmother’s house for a few hrs and i felt the need to clean up and then i got super grandma asked me was i ok and i said yeah but she knew i was labor but didnt want to scare the time i went to the doctor that morning around 10am i was alread 4-5 cm dialated and had no idea!my daughter was born at 3:35pm that afternoon on august 16th.

GlitterSha on

Props to M.I.A. she SHUT IT DOWN w/ her big baby belly! I have no idea how she did that…Its so mind over matter, I think she knew it wasn’t going to happen that night and wanted to Rock it Out for her little man’s sake to give him his hip-hop street cred🙂

nina on

I was working out like a mad woman!!! My water broke right in the gym! So I knew it was time!!!
For my second pregnancy my girl came 2 weeks early, so I was already at home with her and my 1 and a half year old.

Morg on

With my first, he was born on his due date weighing 5lbs. 4oz. I carry small so my second was 7 days late and 6lbs. 2oz. I divorced my husband and had my 3rd with a different man and she weighed in at 10lbs. 6oz. at 2 days late. I just had twins and they were 6lbs. 14oz. and 7lbs. 4oz.

Mom of Landen, Lucy, Conner, Jaya, and Lola on

For my first, I was 3 days early, so was at home. He was 6lbs.
For my 2nd, I was 6 days late, so resting. She was 8lbs. 14oz.
For my 3rd, I was 26 weeks pregnant when he was born, so nursing. He was a tiny 2lbs. 1oz. at birth and is now doing great!
For my 4th, I was 1 day early and she weighed 9lbs. 3oz.
For my 5th, I was on my due date and she was 8lbs. 5oz.

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