Dean McDermott Has a Daddy's Girl in Daughter Stella

02/02/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

There is no denying that 7 ½-month-old Stella Doreen McDermott sure knows how to win over a person’s heart! The spitting image of her father Dean McDermott, actress Tori Spelling shares that the couple’s daughter has already acquired the skills to turn on the charm. “She already bats her eyes and [Dean’s] melting. She can do no wrong,” shares the 90210 actress. While Tori is equally head-over-heels for Stella, she can’t help but notice the lack of gene representation that seems to have taken place with her baby girl. “I think I was just a vessel. Like, I carried you for nine months. I guess I was just a shell so you could survive for nine months,” says Tori.

While Dean’s attributes apparently won out, it was Tori that heard her name muttered by her daughter just this week! Thrilled to hear Stella utter “mama,” Tori admits that the couple’s older child, 22-month-old son Liam Aaron, was not as easily impressed.

“Today she said mama for the first time. It was like the biggest day. She was sitting in her little Exersaucer. We were in the living room and I just heard, ‘Mama,’ and the arms out, and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ Your heart just melts. Liam’s all walking by just like, ‘Mama, mama. What’s the big deal? I can say that.'”

Not immediately smitten with his sister, Tori reveals that Liam’s relationship with Stella was definitely “questionable at first.” The proud mama doesn’t blame her first-born, joking that the toddler believed the baby girl was only paying a short visit, much like her own wardrobe! With Liam a little “weirded out that she was staying,” Tori laughs, explaining, “he thought she was on loan like most of my clothes.” Eventually, Liam stepped right into his role — “he’s really a good big brother” — as Tori can’t help but dote over the obvious bond forming between the two children.

“You know he has his moments. He wants the attention. But then at times he goes over and pets her head and plays with her. He makes her laugh and he is like her world. She lives and dies for him so he can do no wrong.”

Loving their life together with their children, Tori — who has “the perfect family” — reveals that the couple are open to adding to their brood in the future. “I always say whatever we’re blessed enough to be able to have, I’d be happy with,” says Tori.

Source: PEOPLE, with excerpts exclusive to CBB

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Mary on

I think that’s great that Tori is open to as many kids as possible. I hate when people automatically say, “We’re done.” It bothers me… But Tori is open to a big family and I greatly respect big families. She has a beautiful family and seems like a good mom. Have as many as you can and prove that it really isn’t hard, it’s wonderful.

Lindsay on

Aww her kids are growing up so fast! They are so cute=)

Gianna on

I love tori she is a great mom, and her family is beautiful. Her kids are beautiful liam looks like her more, and stella just like dean. I don’t find nothing wrong if a person says they are done having kids, especially your average middle class person. The way this economy is, after a certain amount of kids people do choose to stop having kids because you gotta pay for schools, food, clothing for kids, and that all adds up. Celebities also decide after a certain number to stop, because some of them have demanding careers, and it’s hard to balance it all.

madison on

We can’t all be like the Duggar’s and keep them coming….(not criticizing the duggar’s folks…just making a point about being open to more vs deciding you’re done). It’s a matter of what works for your own particular family.

oh, but back to this post, Stella is such a cutie-patootie!

Nicole on

I adore Tori and love seeing pics of the whole family. Stella is just gorgeous and Tori is looking lovely.

I think they might have another child in the future, Tori and Dean are amazing parents.

ang on

i think tori was born to be a mother.she and dean are such loving parents who seem really passionate about making their kids happy and looking after them.there will always be so many people who cannot appreciate the many good qualities they have.their loss.

Rye on

I’m actually not a big fan of large mega families. I have known a few families in my life who have 6, 7 even 9 kids and all I see when I am around them is complete chaos and disorder and in one case, parents always complaining about there money problems (hulloooo, stop popping kids out-they aren’t free!). I think moderation is best for families. I think it differs for everyone but I think it can get out of control in a lot of cases. My ideal family would be 2 or 3 kids. 3 MAX!!!!!! no more!! haaha

Gracie on

Mary: Why does it bother you for someone to say they’re done when they’re done having kids. Would you prefer it if people continue to have children that they don’t want and/or can’t afford to pay for.

And it’s easy for celebrities to say they want a big family – they have tons of money, plus nannies and chefs and housekeepers and personal assistants. I could easily have twice as many kids if I had a staff to do 75% of my work for me.

I’m happy for Tori that she enjoys motherhood – but I am not going to confuse things and act like she’s an ordinary person raising her children completely by herself and doing all the normal things that regular moms have to do every day.