Bear Grylls Shares Details on Huck's Birth

02/01/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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Bear Grylls faces numerous hair-raising situations during the filming of Man vs. Wild, but nothing amazed him more than watching his wife Shara give birth naturally to their third son Huckleberry ‘Huck’ Edward Joscelyne two weeks ago. “Shara had him at home,” notes Bear, who says that it “was interesting, with me armed to the teeth and holding the toolbox at the ready” in case he was needed.

“She did it all with no pain relief … I tried to give her an aspirin at half way but then remembered she wasn’t even allowed that as it thins the blood!”

The 34-year-old is not the only one excited about the arrival of Huck, who he calls “pure heaven.” Brothers Marmaduke ‘Duke,’ 2 ½, and Jesse, 5 ½, “are so happy to have a baby brother. The three Musketeers.”

Man vs. Wild airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

Source: Bear’s Official Blog

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Kim on

Oh, too bad. That asprin would have helped a lot! LOL!

em on

I don’t understand the need to publish the details about the use or the lack of medication/pain relief. It seems to diminish the effort and commitment of a mother who chooses the safety of the hospital, and the assistance of medication when she feels it is necessary.

Mia on

I guess it works for some people, its a personal choice. But I’m also confused when people are like “well women have been giving birth to children for millions of years without pain meds, I can do it too”…well people have been driving without cars for plenty of years too, just about until the 20th century or so, and you don’t see anyone voluntarily giving up their cars/other vehicles and walking everywhere.

Glad to see his boys are so in love with the new baby. Three boys, cute 🙂

MZ on

i don’t think it diminishes it at all. i love hearing about how diff. people choose to bring their children into the world. no one right way. myself, i have to have a c-section under general anesthesia tomorrow, which is as far the opposite of natural, medication-free childbirth as you can get. unlike with some interviews, i don’t feel like bear is trying to say his wife is better than anyone for going natural (although i’ve read some on this site where i felt like the woman was saying that).

dee on


Who’s birthing options where diminished in this blurb? What do you want, women who forgo drugs and or hospitals to hush up about their experience, b/c it may make other mothers feel inadequate? I say if you were drugged up, elected to have a c-section, or were like the Gryll’s and decided to have a homebirth then it is your right to tell it.

ashley_anne on

i agree with dee. it was their birth, they can say whatever they want about it. and personally i do consider it a big accomplishment to give birth naturally. why not be proud of what you did?

sat on

wow it sounds like they went about it unassisted.

Lauren on

I think if it was my first child i would choose to have it at a hospital where i always have the option for an epidural and be under a doctors care. But after 2 chilren you know what to expect and you arent as afraid 🙂 Gosh i bet you feel like superwoman after going through labor and delivery

Louise on

I would say it is a big accomplishment to give birth at all- what ever way you chose to do it, not just without any pain relief.

Allie on

My mom had me and my little brother natural. I had my first daughter with an epidural, but it only numbed half of my body, so I could feel the pain in my left, but not in my right. The pain I felt can’t be described. hahaha I do appreciate those who have done it completey medicine free like that, but to each their own. My second daughter, I actually had two epidurals, and I, personally prefered it that way. 🙂

sara on

Why do people always assume that names are shortened – the boys names are Huckelberry and Maramduke not “Huck” and “Duke” – xx


It’s not an assumption – those are the nicknames they call the boys, per Bear.

-CBB Staff

Kol on


The “safety of the hospital”? You’ve been duped. Home birth is just as safe IF NOT SAFER than going to the hospital. Do you even know how many infections you and your newborn can end up with at the hospital vs. NONE when birthing in your own home?

If a problem is arising that may necessitate surgery, a qualified midwife will get you to the hospital pronto. Nothing unsafe about it. Even “emergency” c-sections take 30 minutes to set up if you are in the hospital–same amount of time elapses when you call ahead and transfer to the hospital.

Marie on

Homebirth is a wonderful and viable method for having a baby. It’s been proven, with a healthy mom and baby, to be as safe or safer than a hospital birth. My first child was a homebirth with a midwife, and the second an unassisted homebirth, both were amazing. There’s no comparison to all the horrible hospital births friends and family have gone thru.