Scott Baio On His 'Delicious' Daughter

01/29/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

During a Wednesday appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, actor Scott Baio opened up about the scary medical ordeal he and wife Renee endured following the birth of their 14 ½-month-old daughter Bailey DeLuca. “It’s just one of those things,” the 47-year-old actor explained. “But she was falsely diagnosed [with Glutaric Acidemia Type 1 or GA1] for a reason.” That reason — as far as the Baios are concerned — is to help others through the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which among other things raises funds for families dealing with children diagnosed with metabolic disorders. “It’s the least we can do,” Scott said. “We’re lucky.”

“I can’t imagine not seeing my daughter every day. The only word I have to describe her is delicious.”

Bailey made a brief appearance during the taping, showing off her new-found walking skills. “She just started a couple of weeks ago,” Scott revealed. The proud papa said that when it comes to his daughter’s future, he hopes that in at least one aspect the apple will fall far from the tree. “I would probably discourage her from pursuing a career in showbiz,” he said.

“[There is] a lot of using and a lot of manipulation, and knowing now what I know, I would not want to see her go through all the stuff I went through and stuff I’ve seen other people go through.”

Source: The Rachael Ray Show — see a clip of Bailey walking at the link!


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dianaivett on

I love the way he describes his daughter.My husband and I have a 6month old son that is the way we describe him…

Lacey on

Scott and Renee are truly wonderful parents!

April on

Bailey was so cute on the Rachel Ray show. I LOVED her Gucci shoes and the V neck sweater. I bought one like that for my son. I believe it is a Juicy Cashmere sweater. Bailey looked like she was going to play a round of golf with her dad. Nice to see her starting to walk and Scott seems so proud.

Gianna on

Bailey is so cute, and I love how she is always dressed adorable. Renee looked pretty, and I love scott.

windy on

I liked Baileys outfit too. The bow in her hair even matched perfect. I think little girls CAN look pretty without having to wear dresses all of the time. Bailey Baio could be a fashionista as well like other celebrity kids. We just don’t get to see her in the tabloids as much as Suri, Harlow, and Alba’s baby.( sorry i forgot her name)

Annemarie on

Scott Baio’s baby was so cute on the RR show. Looks like she LOVES that binky. Just wondering why CBB didn’t post a picture from the show? Scott was there with some of the guys from his TV show, but Miss Bailey took the spotlight. Also think that her hair is getting darker and she is looking more like her daddy.

We don’t have a photo from the show to post, unfortunately.

-CBB Staff

carmelia on

“Delicious” is an Italian saying for sure with a “Bella” like Scott’s girl. Great to see him really enjoying fatherhood. Renee is so pretty and I think Bailey has both of their features. Glad to see Scott giving back with having a foundation. RR was all smiles doing that interview. I would have liked to have been there as well. The Blue Lagoon guy was on too.

Allyson on

Glad you liked the hair clip Bailey was wearing. It’s actually called the “Bailey” clip and was designed to help raise money for The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which is why she wears it all the time!

Julie on

CBB you can go to RR website and see a clip of the show. Couldn’t you post a still pic with the RR credit? I missed it yesterday but recorded it and watched it today. That baby is a walking Gerber Baby for sure. Did anyone else see the way she “Peaked” out from around the corner when she walked out? Then she just “Froze” on stage? Classic.

No, sorry. Thanks for the tip about the video, we’ll add a link! Is everyone commenting on this post in the same building? You all have the same IP address!

– CBB Staff

Benetta on

Anyone know where to get the outfit Scott’s baby was wearing on the rachel show?

Lisa on

The Baio’s are such a great family. Wish we could have also seen Renee’s other daughter. I liked Bailey’s outfit too, so preppy and different. I agree that girls don’t always have to wear dresses to look nice. Looks like Scott Baio is going to have a hard time when she gets older because she is a gorgeous little girl.

Danielle on

That baby is C-U-T-E !!!!! Fun to see Scott gush over his daughter after his TV show. Renee looks awesome and young to have had two kids. Yes, I also would LOVE to know where to buy that exact outfit for my twin girls? I 100% agree that females don’t have to wear dresses, even for special events to look nice. CBB or anyone else PLEASE tell me the outfit info.

Deb on

I have played back the RR show on my Tivo about a dozen times. Scott’s baby’s outfit is the reason why, along with her starting to walk as those are some of the best times. The shoes are def. Gucci. Someone else said where the flower clip in her hair was from. I too believe that the sweater is Juicy. The white shirt with the bow ( is totally awesome) I’m still looking for as well as the pants. The pants look like they have a check print to them with pink and are 3/4 length. This is a “LOOK” that I haven’t seen a girl have in a very long time and it is beautiful.

Gina on

Bailey is a pretty baby indeed. The pictures above with the Baio’s, Bailey is wearing Flowers By Zoe. I bought the same outfit for my daughter about 2 months ago. I just watched the Rachel Ray show and was so happy to see Scott on there with his baby girl. She is a well dressed child. Nice bonus to tape the RR show to see the baby on there.

Allyson on

Here’s the scoop on Bailey’s outfit:

Sweater was by Juicy Couture
Vintage Plaid (camel with baby pink) Cherokee trousers
One of a Kind t-shirt (bow was separate)
“Bailey” flower no slip hair clip was by Ladybugs and Lullabies

leslie on

Wow that baby has grown up fast. Scott looks great and his daughter is the spitting image of him. I agree with the other post on here that her “style’ is so different and unique. I would like to see Suri dress preppy like this in New York without always having a dress on.

Mia on

That’s so cute 🙂 He seems to be really relishing fatherhood and on Bailey. I think she’s a combination of both parents, but she definitely favors her father more. She has Renee’s eyes for sure, but everything else is all Scott. I wonder if they’ll decide to have more kids or not once Bailey is a little older?

I’m happy for the Baios, that Scott/Renee were able to work it out, and have a beautiful and healthy family together.

Nicole on

Bailey looked so cute! Renee is lovely, and Scott is still such a good looking guy, huge fan of his.

Jennifer on

I happened to watch RR yesterday b/c I knew Scott was going to be on it with some of the guys from his new show. Little did I know that we’d get to see little Bailey, but to see her walk out with Scott was ADORABLE! It has to be one of the cutest things ever! And to hear him just gush all over her, was so sweet! The Baio’s are one of my fave families to hear about!

RockinMomma! on

I find it odd that Scott Baio talks about how he wants his daughter to stay out of the limelight as she grows up yet he is always taking her to celebrity events and TV appearances where he KNOWS she will be photographed and videotaped. If you don’t want her to develop an interest in show business maybe it would be best for her to not grow up so close to the business. Plenty of other celebrities with kids find ways to keep their kids relatively guarded and since he’s not a “big name” celebrity it would be even easier.

That being said, she’s an adorable little girl!

Judith on

I am sorry I missed the “Rachel Ray Show”. I did see Scott’s show on VH1, which showed Bailey after she was born. It was so touching.. I wish that Scott’s step daughter was shown, too. That Bailey is one lucky little girl to be in such a loving family..

Jen DC on

Oh, she’s such a big pretty girl! I like how she thinks they are all clapping for her – I think that’s what the smile was about.

Peggy on

God bless them! I am glad to see he is doing well and becoming the man he wanted to be.