Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders Are Pregnancy Pals

01/28/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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Props are plentiful these days on the set of How I Met Your Mother as the show seems to have experienced a mini baby boom!

With actresses Alyson Hannigan — expecting her first child this spring with husband Alexis Denisof — and Cobie Smulders — expecting her first child with fiancé Taran Killam — both sporting baby bumps, the decision has been made not to write either pregnancy into the show.

Co-star Josh Radnor tells PEOPLE that the two ladies spend their time “carrying lots of things, like big baskets,” to hide their growing bellies!

A journalist on the show, Cobie adds that keeping her bump under wraps hasn’t posed a problem so far as her storyline has kept her “at my news desk a lot more.”

While it may seem that two pregnant women would keep craft services on their toes, a surprised Josh admits that the duo have yet to demonstrate any hormonal meltdowns that often accompany pregnancies. “They’re incredibly happy pregnant women, they really are, and they always seem to be in good spirits,” shares the actor.

More photos and exclusive quotes below!

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However, that isn’t to say that the pregnant actresses aren’t enjoying a few of their favorite foods!

Although Cobie has not experienced any unusual cravings — “but there is a lot of eating, definitely more eating” — Alyson, once a vegan, reveals her whole diet has changed.

“Actually, cheese and meat, and ginger ale. Ginger ale I love, and apparently my mom craved ginger ale when she was pregnant with me, so maybe it’s hereditary.”

Finding a pregnant pal in each other, a newly engaged Cobie and a “happy” Alyson — “happiness helps a lot” — find themselves swapping stories on the set.

As Alyson agrees that facing the adventure together has “been such a nice treat,” Cobie explains that the two can’t seem to focus on much else!

“Yeah, you really can’t help it, because you have babies on the brain, and you can’t help but talk about it a lot,” says Cobie. “From creams, doctors, birth methods, dilation … You talk about everything.”

Further along in her pregnancy, Alyson often dishes to her co-star about her experiences.

“I have [been helping her] only because I’m a couple months ahead of her, so I keep giving her little recommendations. But it’s nice because we can just talk about babies all day long, and not be like, ‘Okay, this person has to be sick of this,’ because you know that she’s just as excited as I am.”

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Who’s next to reveal they’re expecting? When asked if he or How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris would be making any special announcements, Josh couldn’t help but joke, “To be pregnant or to get someone pregnant?”

Source: PEOPLE, with excerpts exclusive to CBB

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Laura on

Two beautiful women – two beautiful dresses!

Aelys on

Cobie looks great but I think Alyson looks stunning!

Lourdes on

I love this show!!!! I’m so excited that they’re both pregnant at the same time, it will be interesting to see how they hide the pregnancies. Can’t wait to see the babies…

kelly on

LOVE Alyson’s dress! They both look radiant!

MZ on

Pregnancy buddies are so great! I’m pregnant at the time of 2 of my other friends. One of my girlfriends was due the day after me and she gave birth a couple of days ago, 2 weeks early, and the other is due 2 weeks after us. It’s so fun to be able to compare stories and worries and plans with other people going through the same thing 🙂

Alyson’s dress is gorgeous!

Hea on

I’ve never viewed Alyson as a gorgeous woman before. I don’t know why, really. I guess all the Band Camp-references ruined it for me. But WOW, she looks… amazing.

Something About Baby on

They both look so beautiful and healthy. Great photos!

Sara on

Alyson has always been a favorite since her days as Willow on Buffy, but I have never seen her so radiant!

ericka on

she has a perfect pregnancy body.

Sarah on

What a gorgeous dress Alyson is wearing–she looks wonderful!!

Lynn on

I’m so happy these two are pregnant together! Neil is hilarious in that picture with both Alyson and Cobie.

I can’t wait until they have their babies, because I’ve been waiting for this since the announcements.

Alice on

Alyson does look great pregnant. I think she is much prettier with the dark hair also!

morgan on

I am so jealous of her, she looks fab. All belly and glow. I have a fat, broken out face and i think im carying this baby in my thighs, butt and upper arms. ugh!

mudnessa on

what an adorable picture of the three of them. love alysons dress.

Sarah on

Pregnancy agrees with Alyson. I think this is the most beautiful she’s ever been.

Emma on

So nice. I know both Alyson and Cobie will be great moms. Plus Alexis and Taran will be amazing dads. I dont know about Taran but I am sure if Cobie likes he is a good guy. I know that Alexis is really excited about this and plus he is really hott! So if they have a boy I hope he inheartes his daddys genes!

liv on

They both look great. Can’t wait to find out what there having and what they’ll name them.

Ashley on

Looks like Alyson’s belly’s really popped since the last pic we saw of her the other day. Of course that picture was a front view, and the shirt was a bit distracting, so maybe not. 😛 She is so stunning! I can’t wait for these gals to have their babies. I noticed last week on HIMYM that Cobie’s belly was beginning to show. They had Alyson sitting a lot, but it’s really obvious she’s pregnant, at least I think.

I miss Alyson with red hair like her Willow days, but she looks amazing as a brunette too. 🙂 I can’t wait to see a Willow/Wesley baby! Yeah…I’m Buffy obsessed…can ya tell? 🙂

Ashley on

Oh yeah! I’m not sure if it’s a repeat or not, but Alyson’s supposed to be on Ellen this Friday.

danda_lion on

Alyson looks absolutely luminous.

Jazz on

I love Alyson and she looks so radiant. I can’t wait to hear what she and Alexis name their baby!

Lizz on

I love this show! I absolutely love the picture with NPH

Karm on

They glow!

Kelpy on

They both look radiant! Stunning dresses on both Mum-to-be’s, and that’s a GREAT colour on Alyson 🙂

Jae on

Alyson is literally glowing! Love the dress! The color is amazing on her. She just looks beautiful!!!

D on

Alysons dress is stunning, CBB can you find out who made it please!!!!!!!!

Harley on

Is it more or is Alyson ABSOLUTELY glowing!? She’s always been cute but good Lord, she’s quite beautiful 🙂 I can’t wait to see these two babies!

meghan on

WOW. i have never thought of alyson as being “beautiful” before (cute of course) – but she looks absolutely AMAZING here!!!

Brooklyn on

They both look so beautiful! Alyson’s dress is very pretty!

FC on

Both women look great, but I think Alyson is stunning in that dress! It’s beautiful, and looks wonderful on her. 🙂

Mom to be on

morgan Says:
January 28th, 2009 at 6:28 pm

I am so jealous of her, she looks fab. All belly and glow. I have a fat, broken out face and i think im carying this baby in my thighs, butt and upper arms. ugh!

Morgan, I hear ya girlfriend! Just know you aren’t the only one! 😦

Terri on

They both look beautiful!

melanie on

It’s so fun to be pregnant at the same time as a friend, Congratulations Alyson and Cobie. Nice to hear Sarah Michelle is pregnant too. Congrats 🙂 🙂

Anonymous on

hey i love how i met your mother

da best show EVER

I recon cobie looks great!!!

eff on

this is so cute!:)