It's Miller and Johnnie Rose Etheridge!

01/27/2009 at 08:00 PM ET
Courtesy Melissa and Tammy Etheridge for use on CBB

After a scary encounter with the paparazzi over the weekend, rocker Melissa Etheridge and actress wife Tammy have chosen to share their own snapshot of their 2-year-old twins, daughter Johnnie Rose and son Miller Steven, and have been kind enough to allow CBB to post it here for our readers. How adorable are these two, in their Polo sweaters and cute caps?

“I am my own ‘razzi,” Tammy explains. “I don’t like the chase … so I am hoping that posting a [photo] will deter them from spooking the hell out of us in the future.”

Click here for yesterday’s cutie.

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kelly on

Beautiful big blue eyes!!! So cute! Love their outfits!

Beverley on

It’s too bad that paps think it’s OK to scare the heck out of people in order to get a shot of them with their kids.

These two are absolutely gorgeous. What adorable outfits and hats. They look a lot like Tammy to me.

Thanks Melissa and Tammy for sharing this photo with us.

Emily on

YAY! This is so exciting. I love Melissa, and I hope that nothing too horrible happened to them this weekend. And yeppers, these kids are definitely Tammy’s! πŸ˜€ They look just like her. How cute is that?

SM on

What gorgeous little ones! πŸ™‚

Bri on

Adorable! Love the hats! Melissa is one of my favorites, so this is great to see!!! : )

This is the kind of photo I would love to see more often — one that is actually parent approved/submitted! As much as I love seeing celebrity babies, I feel for the parents. I can’t imagine how I would feel seeing or hearing of my kid’s photos being plastered all over the web.

Amber on

those caps are too cute!

Nicole on

What a gorgeous photo! Isn’t it amazing the difference you can see, when you compare paparazzi pictures to pictures taken by their parents? That’s why I love parent-approved pictures – the kids really shine through their parent’s eyes!

Leslie on

Thank you Melissa & Tammy for sharing. Your kids are adorable. And shame on the paparazzi for scaring you. That’s terrible.

girlJordan on

They’re adorable! It’s lovely that Melissa and Tammy shared a photo, but it’s horrible that they felt forced to do so.

They’re such a beautiful family.

StΓ©ph on

They are gorgeous! Too bad the paps don’t care about the persons they are chasing and especially the kids who can be scared.

Mandy on

Does anyone know what the ‘paparazzi scare’ was?

Corrie on

Too cute! I love their hats, and like other commenters have said, they both look just like Tammy.

MZ on

I love Johnnie’s hat! Anyone know where it’s from?

Thanks Melissa and Tammy, for sharing such a cute picture with all of us!

HeatherR on

I’d say this duo is pretty picture perfect!!!

Mia on

Aw, beautiful kids. They look very much like Tammy.

Kim on

As much as I enjoy photos of celebs and their kids, its a shame the lengths the paparazzi goes to get them. Thank you Melissa and Tammy for sharing a picture of your adorable children! You two sure are blessed.

Colleen on

They are beautiful! Thanks to Tammy & Melissa for sharing the photo.

Colleen on

Mandy, you can read about the paparazzi ‘scare’ at Tammy’s blog:

countdoon on

Cute kids.

dara on

those two are just adorable and their hats are so cute!

erin h on

They are so cute! I think they look just like Tammy!!

jessica on

They are absolutely beautiful!!

Mom of Boys on

I could not imagine the horror that those paprazzi could cause a child. I don’t blame you for wanting themto leave your babies alone. I understand that people say “Well, they are famous and they know what comes of that kind of hollywood lifestyle” To a point being a celebrity will get you stalked but when it comes down to just having breakfast with your family, I wish ther were laws to protect some celebs. I really do like looking at all of the beautiful babies but I hate it when there are pictures where the parent are trying to shield their children and they just snap away.

That being said, Tammy & Melissa, your children are gorgeous and we are all sorry that you were pretty much forced to release photos of your precious cargo.

Kelpy on

Beautiful in Blue πŸ™‚

finefitandfifty on

God Bless your beautiful children!

skipsie on

So adorable!

Kelly on

What beautiful kids! Hard to believe they’re already 2. Time flies!

Jen on

I read Tammy’s blog, and given that Britney has moved into their neighbourhood then they can kiss goodbye to the relative level of privacy they enjoyed. Then again, it doesn’t seem like any of the major celeb sites purchased the photos, so maybe they’ll escape the wrath of banal homophobic criticism on this occasion.

Very beautiful kids.


Beatiful babies!! those big blue eyes are to gorgeous!

God bless them πŸ™‚

Alice on

What a couple of cuties!

Sara on

They are absolutely adorable!! Hopefully the paparazzi will stay away. Thanks for sharing the pic, Melissa and Tammy! You have a beautiful family πŸ™‚

Niki on

darling darling children!

taegan on

Something really needs to be done about the paps.

Hopefully now that more celebs are speaking out, something will. A set of quidelines to mould their activities around celeb children.

camille on

that girl is absolutely beautiful. the boy is beautiful too, but th look on the girl’s face is heart breaking πŸ™‚

rileys on

i rememer wen i went to go c tam and melissa and johnny rose and miller at their rented lake house. they were so small them . lov themm .