Angelina and Brad's Jet-setting Twins!

01/27/2009 at 10:30 AM ET
Jun Sato/WireImage

Take a look at those cheeks! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt toted their precious cargo — twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline — in Baby Bjorn carriers, wrapped in White + Warren travel wraps ($275), as they arrived in Chiba, Japan on Tuesday.

The family, including siblings Maddox Chivan, 7 (not pictured), Pax Thien, 5, Zahara Marley, 4, Shiloh Nouvel, 2 ½, made their way through the Narita International airport, showing off their 6 ½-month-old twins for the first time since their PEOPLE debut! See more images at Just Jared.

Click here for yesterday’s cutie.

Another photo below!

Junko Kimura/Getty

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Christa on

Those babies are beautiful! All of the kids are so cute.

pia on

oh such sweet children! i love knox’s cap. it’s very brad, don’t you think. shiloh holding her little naked dolly cracks me up for some reason. such a typical 2 1/2 year old 🙂
and angelina… she’s very beautiful and her hair.. wowser

pia on

oh! i just noticed brad has a matching hat on.. durr.. breatfeeding brain strikes again

Daze on

Aw…they are little Brad’s! I love Knox’s miniature cap like Dad’s. And WoW aren’t Pax, Z and Shiloh looking so grownup these days. Time flies and kids grow so fast. It’s amazing. I still think this is the world’s most beautiful family. The Jolie-Pitts and Julio Iglesias’s family tie, really.

eleanor on

awwwwwww so sweet, is it me or does shiloh look very like reese witherspoon in that first pic

Tiffany O on

Wow! what cuties! It doesn’t seem like they should be that big already. They resemble Shiloh (which I figured they would!).

bungalowbliss on

They are darling! I can’t believe how big the older kiddos are getting. Totally love the matching hats! Gorgeous family all around…

Devon on

Can’t believe they are almost 7 months now! I think Viv looks just like Angelina whereas (in pics from another site) Knox looks just like Brad and Shiloh. They are such a beautiful family.

Yulia on

Eleanor, yeah, just wanted to write it – shiloh looks like reese to bits

Aurora mia on

They are just adorable. Vivienne looks like a doll herself! I have to say that I took my 7 month old to the zoo yesterday and it was exhausting!! How they travel with the kids all over the world, whew!! I have to hand it to them!! Knox does look like Brad….what a gorgeous family!

Amy on

Little Vivienne has the same beautiful lips that Shiloh did at that age. What cuties! Love Knox’s little hat! 🙂

CTBmom on

Awww. How sweet are these pics?! Every one of these kids are gorgeous! They are getting so big.

Autumn on

Aw how cute! 😀 I love Knox and his little cap, lol, and Viv looks just like Shiloh as a baby, and Shiloh’s growing up so fast, as well as Zahara, Pax, and Maddox. Great looking family. 🙂

Jessica on

Look at Knox’s hat! It matches Brads! So cute!!!!!!!!! They have great looking children.

Bb on

My gosh, i can’t believe how big Shiloh is! I did a double take. The twin shows definately looks like her.
Zarah is so tall, what a beautiful family.

phoebe on

Ooh JP babies! Yay, it’s nice to see them again! Zahara looks as stunning as ever, her eyes are just beautiful. And Shiloh has got all little girl like all of a sudden, rather than toddler. Lovely family.

Enjoli on

From the photos I saw on another site, the carriers looked like Infantino. I only noted this because I was surprised that Angelina and Brad were not using the costly Bjorn. Infantinos are just like them but cheaper and sold in places like Target.

They are Baby Bjorns per the name brand on the front of Angelina’s and the strap of Brad’s.

– CBB Staff

(LOVE- J ) on

The twins have big blue eyes like Shi.
A beautiful family.

Kayla on

ahh there alll sooooooo cute!

Loren on

Well it is nice to see them 🙂 I know its just a quick snapshot but they look so well behaved and orderly. In any case; lovely family, looks like Angie and Brad are doing just fine with their six pack. God bless them and their growing family.

Harley on

I swear there is something genetic about her hair lol. Mine never looks that good after a 6 hour flight, let alone a flight to Japan! The kids are growing so fast!

Brannon on

Gorgeous family! All of those children are stunning!

cyd on

You can tell it’s Oscar season.

Beautiful kids

Cee on

AHHH! I am so excited to see pictures of them all, it seems like it has been forever.

mamakay on

wow pax is such a handsome child!! and the twins look just like shiloh as a baby. Shiloh is looking more like brad…they even have the same look on their face! Maddox is going to be tall with an awesome taste in clothes(they always dress him so cool)! My personal favorite has always been little z…she looks like she has a spunky personality! that whole family is just beautiful!

Natasha on

I thought the exact same thing Devon! Knox, Sih & Brad really resemble eachother whereas Viv has Angie’s eyes and looks a lot like her. Then again, Brad has said it more than once so it doesn’t surprise me lol.

Look how big Pax is getting! I love his hair cut!

D on

Yay. The twins are beyond cute and look just like Shi! God bless all of their kids, they are so cute! I love this family!

Brooke on

I literally screamed when I saw these pics!!! Both Knox and Viv and miniature versions of Daddy…..SO cute!

Cortney on

It looks as if Z, Pax and Shiloh are all wearing the same pants! How cute!

babyboopie on

Vivienne is like Angie but with Brad’s complexion whereas her brother Knox is just like Shiloh. Adorable!

Jeanine on

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.
Shiloh looks sooo much like Brad in that photo! What an adorable bunch of kiddos!

Becki on

so cute!

Brittany on

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. These pics put a big ol smile on my face. Such a beautiful family.

beachmom on

Ouch! Someone needs to tell her she’s not using that Bjorn properly!

Jen on

I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xan on

All these kids are gorgeous! I love how they have matching jeans on:) Zahara looks like she’s such a fun kid.

I have to show this to my mom, she loves this fam, too!

Natasha on

I also meant to say, that picture of Viv reminds me of the one of Angie from when she was a baby. They have the same big beautiful eyes. Gahh they’re adorable!

iovana on

I just have to say , I love Pax’s new hair do .
And I have been willing to see the twins for a week . They are adorable. {{}}

Mom of Boys on

What an adorable family. Man I wish I could keep my 2 under control like they have their 6 in order. So freakin cute how they all match someone. I like how the Z, Shiloh,and Pax match Mommy and how Knox matches dad with the hat!

I am quite impressed with this little growing family.

Brooklyn on

They aren’t necessarily my favourite family, but Shiloh and Vivienne are adorable!!!!

janeaustenrocks on

Oh, they are absurdly adorable.

Candice on

Oh heavens. Those babies are just too beautiful for words. Little Vivienne’s cheeks are to die for. I think she looks a lot more like Brad than Shiloh did — Knox looks just like Shiloh, from what we can see of him, anyway.

marishka on

Adorable kids, it’s good that they can adopt have the money and help.

Lanna on

Is that Maddox behind Pax and Brad? Dang! I wish we could have seen him too! *sigh* Oh well, everyone else is adorable.

Gianna on

From the pics I saw of knox in other sites, he looks so much like brad but all 3 kids have angelina’s lips. Viv looks exactly like shiloh did at that age. Such strong genes, the 3 siblings look so much alike, same features and eyes.

j on

Shiloh looks like such a tomboy with her sneaks and wild blond hair … love it.

FC on

Oh, look at those big round cheeks and bright blue eye! They’ve gotten so big! And Knox is adorable in his match hat like his daddy. Viv resembles Shi a lot in these photos. Knox…I can’t say…but he’s still in the Brad-genes department.

I can’t believe how big all of the kids are getting! Love Z’s coat, too. 🙂

deb on

I think Viv looks alot like Grandpa John Voight. Something about the eyes. Knox looks jsut like Shi and Brad. As always Z and Pax are adorable. Hope they let Grandpa meet the kids soon.

Dawn on

Did’nt anyone notice the cute lil cleft chin on Knox!

Kelpy on

Thank you! I was hoping to see some recent pics!!
Their entire family is adorable. I think the twins look like Brad but there’s no mistaking those baby lips!
The couple so obviously enjoy being with their young family.
I take my hat off to them with the travelling they do. Are they going to need an airport of their own soon? 🙂

Jane on

Those babies are gorgeous!

Stephany on

OK, seriously? It should be AGAINST THE LAW for them to walk through an airport like that! I would just DIE from the sweetness! Those babies are oh, so cute. They kind of remind me of the Quiad twins with their chubby chubby cheeks. Adorable! They are little chunksters, that’s for sure! And I just want to remark how grown-up and sophisticated Zahara and Pax look! So cute!

But my eyes were drawn definitely to little Shiloh in the back. She has gotten SO BIG! She looks like a little girl, not so much a baby. I am amazed! Her hair is getting long and I agree with above posters, she resembles a mini-Reese Witherspoon a lot!

Anyway, sooo happy to see pictures of this family! YAY!

j on

there’s a video at … the babies seem a littel bit shocked by all the attention.

Jae on

So happy to finally see the twins again. They are gorgeous. With those big blue eyes!!! They look like Shiloh. Lovin Knox’s hat. Too cute!

Shiloh is so pretty.. with her long blonde hair. Zahara is simply stunning! And Pax is so cute!!! They’re all getting big.
Wish we could see Maddox.. he’s always been so cute!!!

Hope to see more of this family!

Ashley on

Doesn’t it look like Angie does not have Vivienne strapped in properly. I think her arms are suppose to be in the hole. I just think that she looks a little uncomfortable.

Terri on

What a beautiful family! Gray seems to be the color of the day. Those little girls are just beautiful and the little boys are so handsome!

Dannie on

Hmmm China? They’re not adopting again already are they?

Jazz on

Wow, I can’t get over how big Shiloh is! She is such a living doll!

Kate on

What a gorgeous family, all of them. They are SO cute!!!!!!!!! Ah!

Ashley on

Angelina looks absolutely beautiful and Viv does look just like Shiloh and Knox looks just like Brad! Aww ❤ All the children are gorgeous!!

Max'sMom is preggers again! on

I find that Viv looks more like Angie & her dad!
Shiloh & Knox look a lot alike & more like Brad.

JM on

omg! Baby Viv is a spitting image of Shiloh and I can’t believe how big Shi has gotten!! Too cute!! Knox looks super cute with that hat on! All the kids are getting so big! The perfect “rainbow” family!!!!!

brie on

Wow, these are the most beautiful babies(since Shiloh)… WOW again.. they look just like Brad!!! What a beautiful family they are.

Molly on

Danni, where do you see mention of China?

Molly on

Im just courious, do they fly in private plane or a commercial jets? I dont have problem with globetrotting kids, cause the kids love things and travel, but i dont think the private planes are really good example for the children even if one has money (ecology wise)

Vanessa on

They are all so cute.
maddox pax and zahara all look so big.
shiloh looks so grown up since the last time we saw her
those twins are soo adorable.
love their big blue eyes.
knox looks more like shiloh did at that age.

em on

Have you seen the video? It’s no wonder that they fly on private jets so much. That scene in the airport was ridiculous. Did you see the confusion on those kids faces? While I enjoy seeing the pictures, you get disconnected from how they are obtained. I know they are out “in public” but it’s an airport not a film opening. And these are very little children…The one thing that does stand out is how much class the two of them have, I’m sure their responses are very much with the kids in mind, but they are practically superhuman in their ability to react calmly to situations like this.

Ellen Smith on

Vivienne looks just like her grandfather, Jon Voigt. Too bad Angelina still has a rift with her dad.

Michelle on

Ashley, I was thinking the same thing about the straps. Probably not unsafe, just a little uncomfortable, but also, probably just a short trip to the van/limo/whatever.
I love how 3 of the older kids have matching pants. I have 2 boys, 2 years apart, and don’t dress them exactly the same, but find it easier to keep track of them if we’re out somewhere if they’re dressed similarly. I wonder if Brad and Angelina do the same thing?

SS on

Beautiful family! And I agree. Viv and Shi looks so much alike whilst Knox look like Brad.
I have a Baby Bjorn and sometimes I strapped my baby the way Angie does. No biggie. And I doubt my baby is uncomfortable. Just more room for my baby to move her arms.

Dannie, they are in Japan. Not China.

Jessica on

Zahara looks beautiful.

Mom to be on

Yep, Shiloh looks like a mini-Reese. You guys weren’t dreaming it, that was my first thought when I saw that picture!

Aurora on

Oh… this just brightened up my day! Sad to say but true, haha! All the JP children are adorable…I am happy to see the little twins, haven’t seen them since those very early shots as newborns. I have to echo other posters about how old Shiloh is looking!
As for the twins, while I do see obvious resemblances to Shi, I do find they look different from her, not carbon-copies, like some had thought they would be.
Oh, and to the poster that had said, “China?!” and then asked about their adopting, I just wanted to say that they are actually in Japan. (As for them adopting again now, i obviously have no idea haha, but I do believe they are in Japan for work purposes).

Lola on

LOL they look just like Shiloh…and John Voight! And could Zahara and Pax be any cooler? What a family!

Megan on

beautiful babies, they look a lot like young Shiloh did, imo. I can’t believe how big Shiloh is getting and how much hair she has.

Susan Hawkins on

Cute babies, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to be sitting near them on a plane, especially when they get hungry.

Harlow on

I think Viv is the image of her mommy!! Knox, on the other hand is a mini brad and Shiloh is a living doll..a perfect mix of the two. Zahara looks very pretty in these pics too! Super cute kids..

G on

Zahara is so tall (and gorgeous) and the little ones look just like Shiloh! So cute!

Jess on

I saw these earlier today on JustJared. Gosh, these babies (and I’m not just on about the twins) are absolutely adorable!

Maddox has such a “rock star” image about him. He’s totally cute. Pax is such a handsome little fellow :). Zahara’s hair is gorgeous, and she’s a sweetheart as is her little sister Shiloh! I love how ‘old’ Shiloh seems to have become…her jacket is so pretty. Knox is a replica of his daddy, Brad! The face shape, expression, eyes…everything is identical to the baby picture of Brad! I love their matching caps, way too sweet! Cutie. Viv, wow. She’s very pretty, looks a lot like Shiloh did at that age…though she has much more of a Brad look that Shi.

Looking at Shiloh now she looks 65% Ange, 35% Brad wheras the twins are the opposite way round!

Thanks for sharing, CBB!

Tracy on

I wish they would comb Shiloh’s hair.

martyna on

wow , I think this is a second time I see twins – since their People photoshoot …..but they are cute!!! . Vivienne looks just like shiloh when she was a baby ///beautiful family 🙂

Mary on

Ashley when you are that busy you are doing it so quickly sometimes you don’t even notice- trust me!!

Matilda on

wow, vivienne and knox are so cute, and look at shiloh! she’ll be a little heartbreaker… hehe, one of the cutest families…

cassie on

At it shows that Shilohs jacket used to belong to Pax there is a pic of him wearing it in NYC in 2007. Also Narita International airport requires that everyone except the Royal family of Japan walk through the airport, no vans meeting plane. That’s why its one of the only airports that you see the family walking through airport. You may remember pics in 2005 or 2006 with Brad Angie Zahara and Mad at that airport.

Erika on

I think Vivienne is kind of a mix but Knox looks just like Brad. I think the twins look similar though and I think they look a little like Shiloh! I also think Shiloh looks so much older in that picture, I don’t know why, she just does. They are all so cute!

Jen DC on

Every last one of those kids is adorable. And the twins do seem shocked, their baby eyebrows so high!

I don’t think Viv is going to end up resembling Shiloh and Knox, who seem to look like Brad. Viv… She seems – and I know this is silly – somehow ROUNDER than Shiloh was at that size and Knox, too. I don’t know. I do know I like that fuzzy cashmere cap she’s wearing. (I’m guessing it’s cashmere by the way it looks and the fact that wool would be too cruel on her wee noggin.)

Maddox is in pictures on pop sugar; he’s tall! They all look really healthy and fantastic.

Mia on

They have all gotten so big! Beautiful Beautiful family. They’re going to have to keep a close eye on all of these kids when they grow up, they’re all ridiculously gorgeous lol.

Knox looks exactly like Brad but with Angie’s nose (more rounded) like Shiloh, but I think she a solid combination of both Brad/Angie-but favors Brad more, and Viv I think is all Angie, except for the nose (that’s Brad’s)

I wonder if VIv’s hair is still dark? That would be too cute 🙂

Denise on

Aww, they are so gorgeous. With those pinchable cheeks. They look a lot like Shiloh. They are such a beautiful family. Shiloh and the twins have inherited some amazing genes. The other kids are gorgeous too. Zahara is so sweeeeeet.

ericka on

they look just like Shiloh!

Justjared has some really good photos

Aitch on

another site has a close up of Knox–well, he looks like Viv not surprisingly!!! the matching hats are adorable!

Shelly on

Angie wasn’t kidding when she said (Brad) makes beautiful babies – but she should give herself some credit. LOL

Ali on

So cute! Definitely think Vivienne is a spitting image of her Grandfather John Voight…she has his eyes

Chel on

When the twins were newborns, I could’ve sworn that Viv had brown hair…but I’m not so sure now. Can anybody tell if she’s blonde or brunette?

All of the kids are so adorable. I love Knox’s hat, just like daddy’s. Zahara is so beautiful…Shiloh is just gorgeous (and SO big now) and Maddox and Pax seem SO much older! Especially Maddox!

You know, I never really think about the process in getting these pictures, but I watched that video on People of them in the airport, and I was really disturbed…all those lights in the babies’ faces! I hope it’s not like that everywhere they go! on

Love Them!

Elyse on

God, I am so jealous! Angelina is so breathtaking, it is just so not fair!!! Those babies are just adorable, which is no suprise considering who their parents are. That hat on knox is so Brad. They are just the most gorgeous family!

amanda-jane on

Could those twins be anymore cuter. I seriously have not seen more beautiful babies then that of Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. They are just so damn cute. Good luck to them all.

Chel on

I know nothing of Angelina’s relationship with her dad, but I do hope one day, we’ll get to see some pictures of him with his grandkids, they all look so much like him!

Stella on

Somehow they look just like I imagined… they’re ADORABLE! I hope this ends all the tabloid “WHERE ARE THE TWINS?” rumors. I knew it was just a matter of time before they started…

DLR in Canada on

oh look at vivienne, she looks a lot like shiloh did at that age with the eys and lips! and that picture of knox with his matching cap like his daddy’s, too cute! i have a feeling we’re going to hear about the next arrival to the family very, very soon!

taegan on

(cyd Says:
January 27th, 2009 at 11:20 am

You can tell it’s Oscar season.)

Really?! Such cynicism should be paired with knowledge and not uninformed hate.

The Law in Japan insists on all arrivals going through the main terminal. Only the Japanese Royal Family can leave from the tarmac.

This is why you see the whole family in the terminal, NOT because of Oscar. And seriously when was the last time you saw the kids, 2+ months! That’s hardly attention seeking behaviour.

Mrs. R. on

How ridiculously cute is it that they are all dressed in a ‘uniform’ of black on top and jeans. Comfi travel clothes, but easy to spot your own kid.
Smart parents 🙂
SUCH a cute family!

Stéph on

Look at that, Z, Pax and Shiloh have matchy pants and Knox’s hat that matches Brads is really cute.

D on

She’s wearing the baby in the bjorn funny.

FYI I thought the arms were suppose to go in between the two and then when they’re too big, the top part folds down.

camille on

vivienne looks like it hs blond hair, look at the eyebrows… they should have more biological children

Jane on

They are all beautiful kids. Zahara is absolutely striking, I can only imagine what she’ll look like when she grows up. And I love Shiloh’s wild blonde hair. So, so cute.

Watching the video at though…… I know I’m only part of the problem since I love these pictures as much as anyone else, but it must get so tiring for these kids. I remember Brad saying that Zahara in particular hates having people screaming her name, taking pictures of her… Can’t say I blame her either. I do think these kids seem very happy, and Brad and Angelina seem to be doing a good job with them, but I wish bystanders would have a little more consideration. It’s one thing for Brad and Angelina to get that attention, but these are babies here.

rj on

gosh! two beautiful individuals making beautiful babies. it can’t get any better than that. all the children are beautiful. it’s just amazing!

alex on

oh my! they are gorgeous! and father and son matching hats! and i cant help but notice that little vivienne looks a lot like shi!

MomOfJake on

My what gorgeous children!
Those 2 really do make beautiful children!
Populate the world Brad and Angie!
I have so much faith in this couple…
Especially as parents!

Debra77 on

I am so glad your site is so postive. I love the pics of kids. Just so cute and adorable.. I just love this couple. I was thinking that Shiloh and Kingston are the same age.. She just looks so much bigger than he is. But all cute.

Shirelle on

Vivienne Marcheline looks just like Angelina and Zahara is so cute

Jennifer on

What precious babies! It’s so great to see photos of Vivienne and Knox. And Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh have gotten so big – they’re all cuties!

gena on

Love the pics of the babes, they are simply beautiful.Glad Japanese law require them to walk through the port or we would have not seen them. They are growing. Love Shi’s curoristy. She definitely will be an actor! Love Madd’s outfit. He is getting older. Brad and mini me are so cute. Love that Pax got a hair cut and Ms. Z, what can I say. There is only one “Z”. Looking at the kids, I see how Brad and Angie have such a good time with their beautiful family. Love how the family unite stays together.

HeatherR on

First I have to say how much I have enjoyed coming to this site and reading positive comments about the Jolie-Pitt family. It really amazes me how much hatred there is out there from people about those they don’t even know. This has been a very pleasant change.

I agree with the person who was asking about Maddox. I would have enjoyed seeing his little face. There is something about him that just makes me smile.
All of the children are just beautiful. And, they’re getting so big! WOW! They’re such a wonderful family. I wish for them plenty of love, health, and happiness!

CelebBabyLover on

Stella- I do, too! I just shook my head when I heard that the tabs are reporting that. They did that with Shiloh, too, all the “Where’s Shiloh?” rumors. All of that said….I’m so happy we finally get to see Knox and Viv again! Knox is the spitting image of Brad while Viv looks just Angie (she even has Angie’s eye color). I agree with Aurora, the twins obviously do resemble Shiloh, but I don’t think they look JUST like she did at that age.

Anyway, I LOVE Viv’s chubby-wubby little cheeks!

Faye on

Such a beautiful family. The twins are so cute. They look like little dolls with those big blue eyes. The kids are growing up so fast. It just seemed like yesterday we saw photos of Shiloh and Zahara at the same age as Viv and Knox.

Pien on

Cute! But….what’s up with all these people using the Babybjorn carriers the wrong way? As can be seen on the baby Angelina’s carrying, the bay is hanging with her armpit on the strap: the baby’s arm should be under the strap and through the hole! Don’t they give instructions when you buy one in the States?

hcecilia on

heatherr: i think most of the negativity comes from them being over-talked about and that everyone thinks they have the most beautiful children in the world, hands down. the children are precious, but i could do without everyone glorifying them. they are just a normal family with a lot of movie and fame. not blaming it on them, but i can see where some people come from on the issue of them.

leni17 on

Vivi is all Angie, Knox is all Brad, but Knoxs eye is so big like Angie. Shiloh is mix of Angie and Brad. I love Brangelina and all Kids!

Emma on

Both kids are so cute. Knox looks a lot like his daddy!
And Vinvienne so cute! She looks like Shiloh.
What a cute family. Love them all!

Meela on

Lol, to the person who said that she wished they would have combed Shiloh’s hair, are you kidding me? They just off an airplane and you expect perfection. Please!!!!! The person I noticed first in the Jolie-Pitt “entourage” was Pax!!!!!! He looks so handsome with his hair cut short!!!!!!!! And right away I noticed the gray pants worn by all!!!!! The eyes on the babies made me smile, poor things have no idea that this is their life!!!!! Cheers to the gang and keep on being a lovely family, I wish them nothing but health and happiness!!!!

Mary on

These are indeed beautiful children, but what most impresses me is that they are not rigged up like perfect little child models–they appear well-behaved, and on the basis of appearance, they would fit right into my neighborhood. Shiloh still has her little-girl flyaway hair (that is allowed to fly away) and still hauls her baby doll around (though this one is smaller than the one she had while her mother was in the hospital), while darling Z and big bro Madd peer out from under their coat hoods. Both of the “big girls,” like their older brothers, are wearing simple pants and shoes. Such evidence of down-to-earth parenting is a happy, welcome sight.

ellen on

I loved seeing pics of the family! The babies are just too adorable. Unfortunately, I see the criticism brigade is out in full force. Comb Shiloh’s hair? Ha! You all do that, primp your kids before they get off planes? And as for the traveling, I don’t know why you all are so worried about these kids….pretty much most high-profile celebrities travel non-stop…how come no one else gets picked on as much as these two? These posts sure bring out the craziness.

Ashley on

I think they are so adorable! Viv looks like shiloh and Knox has such a long face, just like Brad!

emmaH on

Brad & angelina are running out of hands!! I’m sure they’ll grow another pair!

Seriously it does make you wonder how they handle situations like this when the adopt their next child. They always seem to cope though and their kids always seemed so well behaved I often wonder if its becuase they go through airports as quickly as possible so the kids are basically startled into quietness for the duration. i wonder how they react once they are safely inside a car with the shutterbugs out of sight? i would think the babies would scream their heads off and the toddlers would be all clingy and upset.

Meela on


I suspect that they act like “children” and I’m sure they have their moments when they melt down!!! Heck I still have melt downs when the world gets to be too much. They are not robots and the constant glare of a 1,000 flash bulbs going off, I too would always look that bright eyed!!!!

Gianna on

I thought the babies were gorgeous in pics, but than ET sgowed pictures last night, those babies are stunning. Beautiful blue eyes, full lips. They defintley resemble shiloh, but not exactly like her. Knox is totally a mini brad, but with angelina’s lips. Viv looks just like angelina, same profile, lips, everything. And shiloh is a mix of both angelina and brad.

m-dot on

This continues to be such a good looking bunch. Zahara is so pretty! I’d pay big money for her eyes! LOL They naturally look like she’s wearing eye liner all the time. She just has the perfect face.

The twins are cuties, but there is only one Shiloh. She is a doll.

Mia on

I think Mad, Pax Z, and Shiloh are all used to the craziness of being out in public, but I think this is one of the first times Knox and Viv were out in the middle of all of this craziness. They looked curious, and confused, and a little frightened. They’re used to just hanging out at home with mommy/daddy/and their brothers and sisters.

Knox is definitely all Brad, like Shiloh-but Shi is all Brad/but has Angie’s expressions and lips, where Viv is pretty much all Angie. More interesting is Knox and VIv they do look alike, but they have their own look, they definitely don’t look exactly a like as some boy/girl twins do. I hope Viv’s hair is still dark, or gets darker later, that would be adorable. Knox is definitely the most blonde.

And yes, the matching Daddy Brad and Knox hats are precious.

Mia on

And you know its funny, most people have 2 kids, but looking at the Jolie-Pitts and their brood of 6 & growing, you think…”wow 2 seems like so few” lol

splendidmishap on

Shiloh is one pretty lil’ girl! Brad and Angie totally stole my parents thing though….all my brothers and sisters are mixed too! We have everything from Vietnamese, to African, to Middle Eastern, to Irish in my siblings!

mamabear on

All the kids are so PRECIOUS!

SHILOH is just too adorable – no more baby face – all little girl;
(I love that she’s wearing Pax’s peacoat from last season!)

ZAHARA is so beautiful – such striking features, wow!

VIVIENNE is all Angelina yet looks alot like Shiloh (same mouth) but with Angie’s big wide-set eyes;

KNOX is all Brad, LOVE the matching hats!

PAX is so adorable with his mohawk – I LOVE it! And that sylish scarf – TOO cute!

MADDOX is so grown up and quite handsome in his Bonpoint jacket and hat!

God bless them all!
Gosh, I just LOVE this family 🙂

Ashley on

omg! could their family be any more gorgeous. the babies are adorable and the older kids are beautiful as well. shiloh has gotten so big and zahara looks as cute as ever. i love maddox and pax too. they are the most beautiful family in the world i do believe. they are a lovely adorably cute family. love knox and brad’s matching hats. too cute. and angelina looks so beautiful. her hair looks great too. could she be any prettier? angelina and brad are wonderful parents with a wonderful well-behaved family. i LOVE it. absolutely gorgeous!

Ana on

Oh! Wonderful family!

I think Viv has Brad´s nose while Knox has Angie´s nose! Shiloh´s gorgeous! Maddox, Pax and Z are soooooooo cute!

Viv looks more like Angie than Shiloh and Knox. Knox is Brad´s mini-me with Angelina´s nose. I don´t think he has Angie´s lips.

Love them all!

Val on

I love this family too- they are my favourite!
Shiloh is so sweet, does anybody know what shoes she is wearing? They are so cute 🙂

C-beauty on

I just love how cute this family is. Zahara is so pretty. I love those big brown eyes and soft curly hair. I also love how the twins and Shiloh all have full big lips. That is so pretty.

D on

They are all so absolutely gorgeous! The babies are so damn cute! OMG seriously Shiloh is a doll baby and Zahara will probably end up being a model, she is so cute! Adorable adorable adorable!!!

Kati on

OMG! The whole family looks soooo adorable. Mad, Pax, Zee and Shi have grown so much. Mad seems to be the one who roosts the younger ones. And the twins! They´re so freaking adorable! I would like to pinch their cute little chubby cheeks! Knox looks so adorable in that matching hat and Viv looks exactly like her mum and sis Shi. They both have these beautiful blue eyes that they´ve inheritted from papa Brad. Shi is already a big girl and looks so cute in those grey jeans that are identical to Pax and Zee´s. Pax has also grown a lot and so has Zee. They both are obviously fed up by all those photogs that are always haunting their family. But otherwise they look great. Hope to see more photos of this beautiful family soon!

Holly on

They are 2 cute. I love the way the twins resemble either Shi, Angie, or Brad.
Maddox- He’s getting so tall!
Pax- He has always been such a star!
Zahara- I wouldn’t blame her not liking all those lights and cameras.
Shiloh- NO more baby, all little girl.
Knox- He’s like Brad, and a lil like Shi.
Vivviene- Like Angie, with some of Shi in her!
This family is adorable! They were destined to be together to have these beautiful kids!