Julia Ormond Shares Sophie's Campaign Strategies

01/25/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

There was no harder ticket to come by this week than a ticket to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Julia Ormond‘s 4-year-old daughter Sophie was one of the lucky ones, however, thanks to her dad — Rock The Vote co-founder Jon Rubin. “He was there with her in D.C.,” Julia revealed during a Thursday appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. “I spoke to her [over the phone] and said, ‘Is it cold?’ She just said, ‘Yeah.'” Calling her daughter “so sweet,” Julia went on to reveal that Sophie “thinks she personally got [President Obama] elected.”

“Her campaign started largely in the supermarket. She started out with ‘Bama’s gonna be present.’ Then she went campaigning with him…she gave out stickers. She still takes his stickers into school!”

Julia, 44, can currently be seen in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

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Sarah on

That is completely ADORABLE!

dee on

I love that. My four year old nephew and 2 1/2 year old niece still smile and say OBAMA! when I ask them who the president is. And they actually sat still and watched his whole speach.

PJ on

How is it cute and adorable to push this political stuff on little kids of these young ages? They understand nothing on the president except for what the parents tell them.

Sorry but I really don’t think kids that young would sit through an entire speech unless they were made to or had a toy or two to keep them busy.

Sarah on

PJ.. it’s possible the child(ren) can make up their own minds on their own.
I know my 4 yr old son was completely infatuated with Obama before we even expressed interest in the campaign.

dee on

PJ, please get over yourself. Just b/c you don’t think something is possible doesn’t mean it isn’t. Yes they did watch the whole speech b/c the whole family was there, and no one would make them watch television. Like millions of children across the country they were excited about President Obama.

eva on

There’s nothing harmful or dangerous about children being excited about elections or the new administrarion.For them it’s just something else to get excited about.If the concern is that parents will pass on their beliefs to the next generation then no child should be taken to Bible studies ,learn about their ancestors or sing the National Anthem,because this knowledge might also lead to collective brain-washing.
Chill,some children whose parents are also hopeful about Obama(including mine)are talking about the new president,they’ll get over it when the next big thing happens like a trip to the toystore or movie night.

PippiTails.com on

My little ones see Obama and say mommy that’s our President! I love that… I also love the fact that their school stopped everything to allow the viewing of the oath.. God Bless America! Aren’t are kids amazing!!!!!

sheba on

I saw the cutest thing on the subway in New York during the campaign. A toddler, I think at the most a year old was chiming Obama, Obama, Obama. It was like she was singing a song or nursery rhyme. Whether you voted for McCain or believe something different from Obama, you just had to smile at this little baby. I’m sure she knew nothing about all this political stuff, but boy did she like saying the name. Very sweet.

Aurora mia on

HI…I grew up in rural Minnesota. I had a very liberal Mom and a very conservative Dad and then Step dad. Eventually with the two families, my siblings and I grew up around all sorts of politics and very open discussions. I can safely say as a result I think I am a really well rounded moderate who loves to see both sides. My parents would always talked about the good and the bad and the pros and the cons of each President. I most definitely will do the same with my son. I want him to look back and remember how important one single vote is an to l love and be proud of his country as much as his parent do. I learned to speak by watching Romper Room and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I would never make my son do anything he didnt want to do, regardless of who is in office, but I would always want him to ask questions. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful country and raise brilliant children 🙂