Molly Ringwald Expecting Boy/Girl Twins!

01/23/2009 at 08:40 PM ET
Charles Eshelman/WireImage

Molly Ringwald and her husband, writer Panio Gianopoulous, are expecting fraternal twins, they tell PEOPLE exclusively! The actress shares that the couple will welcome their first son and second daughter in August. The new babies will join big sister Mathilda Ereni, 5.

Molly, 40, is currently starring on ABC Family’s hit The Secret Life of the American Teenager, where she portrays Anne Juergens, the mother of a pregnant 15-year-old. According to a spokeswoman from the show, Molly’s pregnancy will be written into the storyline. Molly and Panio have been married since 2007.

Source: PEOPLE

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Brooke on

Wow! I didn’t expect that one….More Twins!!!

LauraCo on

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how someone can know the sex of their babies at 2 months gestation? Same as Brooke Sheen- knowing she & Charlie were having boys. What’s with the Twin Phenom?!

April on

^ When you are of advanced maternal age or have complications, you have access to CVS, amnio and more that can tell you the sex by looking at the chromosomal makeup when they do the genetic tests. I knew both my girls were girls at 9 weeks, before you could barely see a thing on the ultrasound. 🙂

Congratulations to Molly! Loved her in Sixteen Candles.

Mandy on

Wow this will stir things up on the show now won’t it? :):)

More twins! Exciting!

heather lynn on

YAY! I love her and can’t wait for these babies!!

Christine on

Ooooh! How exciting!
I’ll echo the others sentiments – MORE TWINS!!

JM on

Wow more twins!!

I tried to watch her new show and I have to say it’s completely cheesy! I don’t really get what kind of story they’re trying to portray (15 yr old girl gets knocked up then marries another boy who isn’t the father but he promises to do whatever to be a “family” and make it work – sorry but this isn’t really that ideal to true life for teens). I wonder how this will effect the show as well. I don’t think they’ll write it in. There is truly enough DRAMA on that show already!

Mallory on

Ah! SUPER EXCITED FOR HER! I love her on Secret Life. I bet, since she slept with George (her husband that she wants to divorce, for those who don’t know) on the last episode, they’ll make her pregnant from that!

Congrats to her!

Stella on

There’s a funny quote from Molly that I saw in one of the magazines… “I’m playing the mother of a teenager already… I feel like I skipped a few steps” or something like that… I heard a rumor but didn’t think it was true. Congratulations!

Kelly on

So they will write her pregnancy into the show? Hows that gonna work? Mother & 15 year old daughter pregnant at the same time?

Paige on

Congratulations to Molly and family.

I think I know how the pregnancy will be written in.

Nikole on

I am so excited for them! Twins are exciting, especially one of each sex! I am incredibly disappointed though they are writing the pregnancy into the show. It is cheesy to begin with, but this will just ruin it.

Eliza on

Aww, wonderful news! And, as others have said – more twins! Seems like they’re everywhere these days. Congrats to Molly and her husband and daughter.

mia on

wow-more boy/girl twins, twins everywhere!

they say boy/girl twins are the most common type.

whats the secret? lol j/k

Something About Baby on

What great news for Molly. She must be thrilled.

Silvermouse on

It’s so cheesy, it’s addicting to see how cheesy it will get. I think she and the girl who is the actress for Adrian are the best out of the cast. But best wishes to Molly 🙂

cathleen on

it may be cheesy, but it’s still addicting. this will definitely shake up the storyline!

congrats molly!

Ashleigh on

wow congrats but i dont get how she can know the sex of the babies. i have boy/girl twins and i didnt find that out until i was almost 18 weeks. its not that i put it off it just wasn’t possible.
well anyway cnngrats and i bet Mathilda will make a great big sister.

G on

So exciting for them! It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Her daughter on the show will probably have the baby by the end of the season, so I guess they’ll be dealing with a pregnancy and a newborn…this will be interesting.

jasmine on

Aw, yay! Congratulations!

Mandi_lin on

Congratulations to Molly and her husband. I think on the show that since she was looking to find a job she will inturn find out she is pregnant again by that one night she had with George. Then again they may just hide the pregnancy on the show.

April on

Ashleigh see my comment (#3). 🙂 🙂

dickieangenson on

I am really surprised (concerned even?) that people are perplexed by the fact that she knows the gender of the babies. Arent people familiar with amnio and cvs? Amnio has been around a long time people.

Doreen on

More twins!! 🙂 Love Molly Ringwald! Love her in ‘Pretty in Pink’ the best I think!! 🙂

Stephany on

I heard this rumor and I’m so excited to hear that it’s true! YAY! Although, I have to admit that I’m not too certain I like that they’re writing the pregnancy into the show. I love the show (yes, it’s cheesy but that’s what makes it so good!) but I’m not sure I like the daughter being pregnant as well as the mom. Hm. We’ll see, I guess! Great news, though!

Erika on

Thats cool about the twins! Especially one being a boy and the other a girl- I have one brother and one sister and its nice to have 2 girls and one boy in the family. But I like that show and I think it will ruin it to write it in- maybe they should have just focused less on her character. There are already enough things going on without the mother and daughter being pregnant at the same time- however, I was thinking on the last episode that the mother might become pregnant due to some signs in the show.

Michelle Z. on

Why did I think she already had twin boys? And why did I think one was named Giovanni? Who am I thinking of?

Oh well. Congratulations to her and her growing family.

Leni on

Oh wow, that definitely will add an interesting twist to the show.
As for the whole pregnant mother/pregnant daughter situation, I know a lady who had her son at 19 and her little sister was born just 2 months afterwards. She said it was a really difficult time with tension running really high at their house. They should probably rename the show “dramatic life of the american teenager” if they really write it into the plot.

But congrats to Molly, she is a fun actress!

Emaline on

I’m SO excited that the pregnancy will be written into the show! I’m anxious to see how it will affect the characters! 🙂

Rachel on

Wow, I really didn’t see that one coming! It will certainly make for an interesting story line on the show.

Congrats to Molly and her fam!

Leigh on

This is so wonderful! I agree with the former posters. I think the baby will be George’s. It will definitely throw a curve in the plot. Instead of the Amy keeping the baby now, they may throw adoption in the story line. It will definitely be more difficult on the family!

jeanne on

More ivf twins in hollywood–what a surprise!!! Do they all have fertility problems in hollywood– or are they just impatient??

G on

They may not be IVF twins (though it is certainly possible), she is 40, which increases her chance of having twins.

liere on

wow, girl/boy twins!!!!

I hope to have identical twin girls, but g/b would be great. i’d have two at once, then maybe think about having more.

Chelsea on

Wow! Another set of celebrity twins! What a shocker!

Seriously though…..anyone else find it odd? I mean, I’m happy for Molly, but, there is an odd occurance of twins in the celebrity world. They do not occur that often in normal people lives. If non-celebrities had twins at the same rate as celebrities, half the moms in the world would have twins. Its just strange…

twinmommy2006 on

OK, This Hollywood twin thing is so OLD!
I am the mother of twins had them when I was 26 yrs old and people would ask if they were IVF. All these older people in hollywood have twins it’s very plain to see it’s IVF. How many 20 something hollywood moms are having twins these days? How many OLDER moms?? I think it’s very early to announce a pregnancy let alone twins. A big % of people lose a twin. I was very cautious when announcing my pregnancy and did not tell people it was twins until the 20 week mark. A twin pregnancy is very difficult and not something to think of as a new trend. I did it without a Nanny and breastfeed them both until 15 months. It’s not easy!

JM on

okay I will also admit that the show is addicting. Sort of like that other cheesy show that Brenda Hampton created…oh yeah 7th Heaven…extremely cheese-ballish but I sucked myself into watching it over and over just like sercret life LOL.

That being said they can certainly hide the pregnancy if they wanted it’s no big deal. I don’t think they’d write it in. But I do think they could make her character go away for awhile. Like she needs a vacation from the stress of Amy and George and she decides to go visit her mother for a few weeks (months in tv time)! I don’t think making her pregnant would be good since the show is not based around her character as much as it is Amy’s and all the teens.

And I agree, twins these days in hollywood is old news…let’s get some triplets 🙂

nana on

Wow!! Her daughter looks so much like Tobey Maguire!!

Maddie on

YAY!!!!!! was so excited to read this! congratulations to Molly, Panio and Mathilda! Can’t believe little Claire Standish is pregnant, lol.

Katie on

OH MY GOSH!! I love the show and this will be a great twist!!! I love Molly and her daughter is so cute!! I can’t wait to see this cute twins!! MORE TWINS!!!

Congrats to Molly, Panio, and Mathilda.

Amanda on

Congrats to them!
That show is one of my secret addictions, I don’t think it will ruin it at all. In fact it kind of goes with the ‘moral’ of the show. Anyone can have an unexpected pregnancy if they have unprotected sex(heck, even protected sometimes), nobody is immune. Not teenagers, not middle-aged women

Courtney on

wow, so many snarky remarks!

Babies are a blessing no matter how they get here. I never saw her say she did IVF(maybe I missed something). Who cares if she did! I know SEVERAL people who have done IUI and IVF…and just for the record IUI can cause multiples (Jon and Kate +8). Plus technology these days is so much better at figuring our fertility problems. Many more people can afford to do the IUI or IVF so they do.

I can’t wait to see the babies!!

Rachel on

congrats to molly! I watch the show could be from the one time her character cheated because it was “something she had to do for her”

CelebBabyLover on

Right on, Courtney! Yes, some of the twins in Hollywood have no doubt been concieved via IVF or other fertility treatments, but that doesn’t mean ALL twins in Hollywood are concieved that way. A lot of the celebs who are having babies these days are older, and being over 35 increases your chances of having fraternal twins naturally. Also, for some of these celebs who have had/are having twins, twins run in their family (Angelina Jolie and Lisa Marie Presley are two examples. Incidentally, Angie confirmed to PEOPLE that Knox and Viv were concieved naturally, and Lisa Marie alluded to the fact that Harper and Finley were concieved naturally in their recent introductory photoshoot in PEOPLE). Bottom line? Some twins in Hollywood are concieved using fertilty treatments, but some are likely concieved naturally.

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I’ve read that most IVF pregnancies are actually singletons rather than twins or other multiples. Also, why is IVF always the fertility treatment blamed for twin pregnancies? As Courtney pointed out, there are other fertility treatments out there that can result in mutiples (including IUI and the use of fertility drugs).

elisamorgan1 on

I think molly will have girls I hope they have her red hair.

Kresta on

Wow, her daughter looks nothing like her. It must be fashionable for celebrities to have twins nowadays. There seems to be an epidemic.

G on

I think other forms of fertility treatment are actually probably MORE likely to be responsible for multiples because there is less control over the number of embryos (if you use clomid, for example, you can’t control how many eggs are released, though you could skip that cycle if it is many).

Mandy on

Elisa, its already been announced they are boy/girl twins.

secretlifeeeofteenagerobseessor on

yayy!i love this twist in the ssecret life of the american teenager now a she will hav to stay home instead of goin bak to work!:D so she’ll take care of amy’s baby unless she aborts hers…i hope she doesn’t though and who is the father in the show…? ii Love it!

Congratzz to Molly though

Jackie on

wow! I agree with the person that says that she’ll probably be pregnant from the sex w/ geaorge! THat was my immidiate thought when i read that! This will certainly make things alot more interesting on the show! Congrats!

Jane on

Why does it seem to bother people that she’s having twins, or the possiblity of her having used IVF (which she hasn’t said, people are only making that assumption)? There’s nothing wrong with having twins or with doing IVF to get pregnant.

Congratulations to her and her husband and daughter!!!

paula on

I don’t think anyone has a problem with it, at least I don’t, but lots of people still seem genuinely surprised at all the fraternal twins in Hollywood, or are asking why there are so many. Without any judgement whatsoever, I think the answer is obvious, fertility treatments.

Kelpy on

Wow that’s an early announcement – Molly must be just on the cusp between her 1st & 2rd trimester. My first due date was Aug 1st so that’s early, and for twins too.
Are twins taking over the world? 🙂

FC on

All these pregnancies sprouting up—and double the fun!— most of them is just too much! It’s almost every other pregnancy announced is a multiples pregnancy.

Heck, I didn’t even suspect that Molly was expecting again!

brenda awrey on

Congratulations to Molly and her family!!! I’ve always loved her acting esp. the breakfast club, pretty in pink and 16 candles. I could watch those movies again and again! Best of luck to her and may she have healthy, beautiful babys!!!

brenda awrey on

Congratulations to Molly and her family!!! I’ve always loved her acting esp. the breakfast club, pretty in pink and 16 candles. I could watch those movies again and again! Best of luck to her and may she have healthy, beautiful babys!!!

brenda awrey on

Congratulations to Molly and her family!!! I’ve always loved her acting esp. the breakfast club, pretty in pink and 16 candles. I could watch those movies again and again! Best of luck to her and may she have healthy, beautiful babys!!!

brenda awrey on

Congratulations to Molly and her family!!! I’ve always loved her acting esp. the breakfast club, pretty in pink and 16 candles. I could watch those movies again and again! Best of luck to her and may she have healthy, beautiful babys!!!

Judith on

I had my last child when I was nearly 45; single birth, boy. I knew at 16 weeks through amnio. And the procedure wasn’t painful, either..

Leanda on

WOW! More celebrity twins they seem to be taking the world by storm congratulations to you and your family.

Celebrity News on

Wow! She is still my favorite redhead ever!

Crystal on

I’m so excited for her!!! I can’t wait for the babies to be born. They are going to be soooo cute. I can’t wait for the show to come back on June 22. It’s going to be really good since they are going to be writing it into the storyline. It will either go two ways: either they will say the babies will be George’s since in one of the episodes they slept together or it will be her new boyfriend’s.