Chyler Leigh Expecting a Daughter, Prepares to Conceal Belly on Camera

01/22/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
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As the majority of women who have experienced pregnancy have learned, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle during the long nine months can, often times, be far from easy; having to mask the inevitable weight gain — and hide a burgeoning belly — from millions of viewers is downright daunting. Having recently confirmed her third pregnancy, Grey’s Anatomy actress Chyler Leigh — who will welcome a baby girl this spring — shares in an interview with The Cradle that the decision to not write the pregnancy into the show has forced her to “put a focus on eating very well and exercising.” With a plan to continue regular shooting “up until about a week or two before I deliver,” Chyler will rely on “medical equipment [and] charts” to conceal her bump, but is determined to stay true to her weight gain goal in order to make the ordeal a bit easier.

“The first time I was pregnant, I gained about 55 pounds and it was difficult to lose. The second time, it was about 40 pounds. Having a three year old already, shedding the weight was easier that second time around. And so this time, I am hoping to gain around 30 pounds.”

Already a mom to 5-year-old Noah Wilde and 2-year-old Taelyn Leigh, Chyler credits her husband Nathan West with helping keep her life in order. Spending long hours on the set — where she is often met by “someone urging me to sit” and relax — the 26-year-old actress shares that Nathan has become an outstanding domestic daddy! “He’s also learning to cook and preparing dinners and helping pack lunches for me when I have long days at work.” That isn’t to say, however, that the couple don’t consider their alone time equally as important as time spent with their family. With a conscious effort made by both Chyler and Nathan to have “date nights,” the two “adamantly agree that when you have a healthy marriage, you have healthy children.”

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Thrilled to be welcoming her third child, Chyler gushes that the benefits of motherhood are endless. Looking to her children for “that motivation to keep changing into a better version of myself so that, ultimately, I am giving them the best example to do the same for themselves,” the proud mama admits that having a family has completed her. As they prepare to welcome the new baby girl — Noah is “thrilled to be having another sibling” — Chyler reveals that preparations, including nursery shopping and a name, have yet to be finalized!

However, with an agreement that began with the birth of their first child, Chyler and Nathan “have had an ongoing bet that whoever correctly guesses the gender, gets to pick the first name of the baby. The runner up gets the middle name.” Having chosen Noah for her son, Chyler’s husband — an Oscar Wilde fan — picked ‘Wilde’ for his middle moniker, making the full name Noah Wilde West. “We got a lot of chuckles with that one,” laughs Chyler. With their daughter, Nathan guessed correctly, and “wanted an original, hyphenated name,” the actress explains. “He came up with Tae-Lynn. I liked it, but wanted to trim it a bit, and we agreed to make it one name and spell it Taelyn.” Apparently a good guesser, Nathan will be naming the new baby girl as well!

“As for number three, another girl, we’re still throwing around a few ideas. But…he gets to pick her first name.”

Source: The Cradle

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ashley on

So excited for her! i love her character on grey’s anatomy. I can’t believe she already has two kids! also happy that she will not be pregnant on the show.

Stella on

Chyler shouldn’t have any trouble hiding her belly with the kind of clothes they wear on grey’s anatomy.

shalay on

I love seeing young working moms who have it together. Chyler seems really balanced and I love her attitude about marriage and children. I also love the deal that she and her husband have about the baby names!

T. on

i think it would be interesting if she was pregnant on the show with everything going on with her and Mark…

danda_lion on

What if they had the same prediction on the baby’s sex? Would they flip a coin for naming rights? 😉

Lauren on

Well we know she definitely won’t be having Mark’s baby after what happened tonight! 🙂

Jenny on

watch it lauren! we haven’t seen it on the west coast yet! Chyler has the exact same birthday as me, its crazy to think she is pregnant with her third!!!

finnaryn on

I think she should be pregnant on the show! I like how that story line is going, even with what happened tonight! 😀

Jennifer Miller on

Congradulations! I have 2 boys, and I didn’t get to name either one of mine. It wasn’t for the same reason, though. The first son was named after him. The second one we argued about the name until I was 7 months pregnant, because I wanted him named after my dad that had passed away, but he didn’t. He didn’t exactly know what he wanted until he heard the name Jordan, and all he could think about was Michael Jordan. Jordan also had to have his middle name so that all three of them would have the same middle and last names. Anyways!!! Congradulations! I think that Grey’s Anatomy made the right decision at the time, but they could still change their minds you never know!!!

EB on

all throughout the show tonight i kept looking to see if she was showing haha

Mia on

I think both parents should be involved in the naming process, but everyone is different I guess.

In another note, I guess she thought she was having all boys! (She was right on the first child, but guessed wrong on the second two)

Blackpool on

I think she would be great on show too

Megan on

Interesting deal for deciding on a baby’s name. Haven’t heard of that one before. I wonder what would happen if they both guessed right or wrong? Their son’s name always reminds me of Noah Wyle for some reason.

I’m pleasantly surprised the pregnancy isn’t going to be written into Grey’s Anatomy, especially with the whole Big Sloan Little Grey storyline going on right now. I would think the scrubs will be fairly helpful in hiding her bump for quite a while. ER used big scrubs, charts, and gurneys to conceal the pregnancy of a recurring actress in season 4, although I can’t think of her name at the moment.

Brannon on

I’m too selfish! Can’t imagine giving up naming rights as I’ve had my names picked since I was about 5! I do like the name Noah Wilde though!

Tess on

Megan – I think the ER actress was Glenne Headly who played Dr. Abby Keaton.

brooklyn on

I never actually realized the whole Wilde West thing! That’s quite funny. I love both Noah and Taelyn, I can’t wait to find out this baby girls name.

JM on

I was hoping they’d write it into the show. Poor “little” Grey needs to stay away from men on the show *giggle*

I’m a very dominant sort of strong willed person. I will def. take my husbands opinions on the whole naming a baby thing but the final decision WILL be ALL mine! Why you may ask?? Well when he wants to carry the baby for 9 months then he can name it whatever he wishes but since I am doing all the work I get the final choice and he will learn to just live with it 😉 LOL

Megan on


Yes, it was Glenne Headly Thanks.
You’ve saved me from searching through my ER season 4 DVDs.

Julie on

I don’t want her to conceal her pregnancy. I want her and Mark to have a baby together. A little McSteamy would be so precious!!

Marie on

I just had a son in October and I named him Taylen. I wanted Jalen Ty or Kyan his dad and I fought about it. So we compromised and named him Taylen Kai, I thought it was very unique. Then my sister was reading a magazine and found out that her daughter’s name was the same. I was a little disappointed I guess it wasn’t so original. But…I think they probably pronounce it differently than we do–maybe…???

sophia on

Aww cute. I love the name Noah Wilde West! Not too sure about Anniston, but it’s unique and kind of pretty 🙂

Taelyn is my cousin’s name! Though her’s is spelled slightly differently. I think they’re pronounced the same though – Tay-Lynne, with an emphasis on the ‘lyn’