Our Beaming First Daughters

01/20/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Jae C. Hong/AP

First Daughters Malia, 10 ½, and Sasha Obama, 7 ½, beam as their father, Barack Obama, is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Click for more on what the girls wore on this historic day.

Both girls wore wool coats from J. Crew’s CrewCuts kids’ line that were designed for the First Family and will be available in the Fall 2009 collection. Malia featured a deep periwinkle blue coat, while her equally chic sister wore a deep coral dress under her sweet guava coat, vivid orange scarf and glove set, each tied with a velvet ribbon belt around the waist.

Courtesy of J.Crew for use on CBB

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Amy on

Honestly I find all these pictures of the girl very tasteless. They are not celebrity children, and are already under enough pressure.

Kristine on

they are so cute 🙂

Ashley on

The girls looked absolutely beautiful today! Malia was so cute, snapping pix up there before the oath.

UggaMugga.com on

Love the pink and orange together…Crew Cuts always does it right!

Meghan on

Beautiful Girls!
I can’t wait to watch them grow up!

brooklyn on

Amy…A celebrity, by definition, is a widely known person. I believe this definition, without a doubt, qualifies them as ‘celebrity children.’ It is inconceivable to expect that the children of President Obama will not be highly photographed.

Adeline on

Hi ! they’re very cute and class ! the perfect “first daughters” It’s good to see young girls in the White House ! I am watching President Obama’s investiture on the french tv. It’s amazing how people are concerned by this, even in France. We’re so happy for you !

Brandi on

I agree with you Amy. This is a bit much. I feel they should be afforded some privacy after today.

Kate on

They are gorgeous and sweet! Love the outfits.

Vivian on

I feel that they are very much celebrity children. Recent celebrity children seeing that we has just gotten to “know” them but seeing that their father is now the most powerful man in the world he’s daughters are very special. And they are super adorable and classy. Love how they are enjoying history in the making and taking it all in. Celebrity indeed!

Vivian on

I do agree that they should be let be and not be hounded by the Paps!

Amber on

I love these girls. They are so beautiful. And I love Obama too, so glad he got in. But I agree that the girls need to be afforded some privacy. I wouldn’t want my children in the spotlight, that is for sure.

Melanie F. on

They are so pretty. IMO, one looks exactly like her mother and the other exactly like her father.

Susan on

I love how Sasha was bouncing up and down during Yo-Yo Ma’s solo. It was very sweet. And Malia taking pictures during her father’s inaugural address (even though they were entirely of his back) was very touchiung. They seem like lovely girls. I live in D.C. and I can assure you all that they are well insulated. Sidwell Friends has dealt with high profile children before. They will get their privacy. We will see occasional snaps of them; but mostly, the D.C. press will leave them alone (it is an unwritten rule here that, except for special occasions, politician’s children are left alone).

Elizabeth on

There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to big titled or spotlight jobs.

Oh a funny note, every time I see a picture of the youngest daughter, I always think that she must be a handful. In a good way.

Julie on

How in the WORLD could these pictures be tasteless? They are photographs of them appearing on LIVE TELEVISION for their father’s inauguration. This isn’t a case of the papparazzi invading their personal lives to snap a picture in order to earn a quick buck. It is now a part of history, and we should be grateful we have photographic evidence of this historic moment. They will obviously be photographed, but I am sure they will be closely guarded since they are now protected by the secret service.

brooklyn on

It always amazes me how people can say that celebrity children should not have their pictures taken by paparazzi, and yet, those same people come to a website to look at those same photos of celebrity children??????
I believe that most of us wish that all children would not be hounded by paparazzi, yet there is also a side to us that wants to see those pics.

lena on

I think some you need to relax, it was the presidential inauguration for god sakes…the girls are obviously going to have their pictures taken, just like the previous children who lived in the white house before them. Futhermore it’s a bit hypocritical to claim they should have privacy at a public event when kids of celebrities like the jolie pitts are constantly photographed when they are having private moments and people on this website wish they could see even more photographs of shiloh etc…

Jenna on

Having children exposed to the threat level that exists as first children is unfair, especially with the expectations so high. They smile on the outside but meanwhile are quietly saying “good bye” to their childhood.

kelly on

They’re cute girls, but I disagree with obama being the “most powerful man in the world”. That seems like a very American centric view. In the past people also believed that your brain was actually your heart.

FC on

They look very warm and stylish today! Those coats are too cute!

And I agree, Melanie F., I’ve always thought Malia favors her mother and Sasha seems to favor Barack, though she can flip-flop at times between who she seems to resemble more. 🙂

Jessica on

I love that they’re wearing JCrew. Michelle is very loyal with her clothes. I love little Sasha’s cream and orange and the ribbon ties are absolutely adorable.

MyKidsMommy on

Both of these girls are SO BEAUTIFUL!! They look just like their parent’s in every which way. As for the comments about how they are NOT Celeb Children, could you tell me the meaning of a celebrity child?? I must have the complete wrong definition of it because I thought it meant a child belonging to a well knowen person (Hm, President Obama must not be knowen??)
Regardless these children WILL be photographed from here on out, hopefully it is done respectfully and tastefully inorder to ensure their privacy and innoscence are protected.

I just want to congradulate all the Americans on being so fortunate to have such a remarkable man as your President. I only wish here in Canada we would be so lucky!!!!!
Keep shining little ones, you are truly history in the making!!! 🙂

sarah on

Seriously people please stop taking a very cute pic of the girls at the Presidential inauguration so seriously. They are “celebrity children” because their Father the President is indeed a Celebrity you don’t have to be an actor or an actress to be one. They are not “losing their childhood” as Jenna states to be honest I think they are going to have an amazing childhood, One I could have only dreamed of a s child. They will be so heavily guarded that I don’t think there are any children in the nation that could be safer.

One more thing those coats are so pretty and I guarantee are all being scooped up from the stores at this very moment.

MyKidsMommy on


Did you expect President Obama to give these girls up for adoption so that he could live his dream of becoming the President of the United States?? Or should he have thrown all his dreams out the window because he had children?? Either way I bet you would have poor thoughts about it!!!!

By proving to his children that HE can do anything he wants is setting a good example to them, an acheivment that not alot of people thought he would accomplish! I can bet that these girls will have a wonderful childhood, a great education and a new found respect for themselves!

momof3 on

What gorgeous little girls…what an incredibly exciting day for them!

Stephany on

Seriously, if you do not want to see pictures of celebrity children (and yes, Malia and Sasha are celebrity children), then don’t come to a website called the “CELEBRITY BABY BLOG.” It’s that simple! Bottom line, they ARE celebrity children. No, they didn’t choose it. But neither did Suri Cruise or Violet Affleck or Maddox Jolie-Pitt. These comments are seriously ridiculous.

ANYWAY! I was struck today at how adorable those two girls are! Malia definitely is the spitting image of her mama. She is so beautiful and I love how she kept taking pictures! And Sasha just makes me smile everytime I see her. I just saw a picture of her giving her dad a thumbs-up after his address. Haha, too cute! Those girls are going to have some fun times in the next 4 years and I, for one, look forward to watching them.

Steph on

This is the inauguration, these pictures are a part of history! They are not paparazzi photos! Of course they should have their privacy on an ordinary day and be able to enjoy their childhoods, no one would argue that, I don’t think.

I love how Michelle often dresses herself and her kids in average brand clothes like J. Crew that many of us could also afford to buy, but makes them special with broaches or ribbons. It’s really practical and respectable.

shawnee1216 on

Both girls are absolutely beautiful!

I think by all means the girls would be considered “celebrity children”. They feature royal children on this site ALL the time (i.e. infantas Leonor & Sophia of Spain).
In America the first family is as close as it comes to royalty!

I do agree that the girls are entitled to their privacy, but an event as historic as their father’s inauguration & them becoming the first family it should be expected that photos will be taken on them!

Aelys on

I think Malia and Sasha are cute as buttons and, considering the situation, I don’t find their pictures to be indecent or tasteless. I trust Barack and Michelle Obama will put their daughter’s privacy and childhood first.

I’m sure Malia and Sasha are mature enough for their age, but do you seriously believe they were waving their childhood goodbye? I’m sure they do realize their daddy has a very important job now as I’m sure their parents explained to them, but I very much doubt they’re, as you said smiling “on the outside but meanwhile are quietly saying “good bye” to their childhood”

Annabel on

Tasteless? I’m going to have to stop reading the comments on this site, because some of them are getting a little ridiculous. These are not pictures of the girls being hounded by the paparazzi; they were at a public event and were aware of the fact that it would be broadcast across the globe and they would photographed. For anyone to think otherwise, in my opinion, is a bit foolish. And I must point out the hypocrisy of some of these statements. If you are against children being photographed, then what in the world are you doing on this website? Aside from that, I thought the girls looked adorable today. :]

Jenna on

MyKidsMommy…and other naysayers I am stating the facts. It is nothing against Obama relax. The simplicity of childhood is over for them. It is a fact. This is the life they were born into. It is what it is. Much like a traditional celebrity child, the road is tough for them. Every move they make is under the microcscope waiting to be scrutinized. Read about some other first children incase you need more proof. MyKidsMommy stop betting on my thoughts and tone down the congrats. Let’s see what he does for our country before we use the word “remarkable!”

Erika on

I don’t think this is tasteless at all. They are the president’s children and they will be photographed at many times. It is the inauguration, and they are the first daughters, of course there are going to be pictures of them.

madison on

This post is hilarious. It would be one thing if the comments were on cnn.com, but on Celebrity Baby Blog? LOL….give me a BREAK! Here’s a thought to all those that think celebrity kid photos are tasteless – get off this site. In fact, get off the internet altogether. Oh, you might not want to read the newspapers either. Because in all those places….there are pictures of kids, celebrity and non. Oh, the horror.

I for one am looking forward to watching these adorable girls as they grow up the next 4 (hopefully 8 ) years.

SH on

Jenna, The “simplicity of childhood” can be lost in many, many different ways…weather you’re one of the first children….or it also could be lost by living in poverty, being homeless, being abused…there’s kids that lose the “simplicity of childhood” by getting into the wrong crowds…being involved with gangs…the list goes on and on. A lot of times at the fault of their parents. I doubt that Malia and Sasha will lose their childhood. Thier grandmother is moving into the White House especially to look after them – so I’d say in the grand sceme of things, considering what other kids go through who DO have a hard childhood, that they’re gonna have a pretty darn good childhood.

Mom to be on

The girls look fabulous. I wish Michelle had worn something like this!

L on

Get a grip, these girls are not, and will not be, hounded by the paparazzi. These are photographs taken and published by news agencies.

They will be well protected by the secret service, paparazzi doesn’t stand a chance of getting at them.

brannon on

Stunning! These two are always dressed adorably – and age appropriate! (love love love crewcuts) the whole family has wonderful style!

J-Lin on

Well said SH. I think about all the children that have endured tragedies and have “lost their childhood” I wouldn’t compare my dad being President as one of those things. Some may take living in the White House” as a travesty, but I believe these two are well grounded and will really treasure this part of their lives. I couldn’t imagine having world leaders and those on the forefront of culture in my house! They are so blessed.

Under Amy’s reasoning, all celebrity children should be afforded privacy, but you must not believe that since you visit this site. I’m sure Suri, Zahara, Kingston, and Shiloh didn’t know what they were in store for just because their parents are famous.

Malia and Sasha are such beautiful girls. You wouldn’t believe how many little girls I’ve heard say they would love to play with them. Michelle and Barck are very protective of the girls and seem to exhibit good judgement on how the girls are exposed.

I, for one, much rather have my children wanting to know more about Malia and Sasha than Hannah Montana and such.

Eliza on

Malia and Sasha look gorgeous and I absolutely love their outfits! They seem like lovely girls and I wish them all the best.

PJ on

Jenna has a point. You kind of lose the freedom you have as an everyday kid. Secret service will be with them for a long time now. They will be under an even more watchful eye by caregivers. It’s not just the media watching them anymore.

Lighten up on Jenna already jeez, she had respect when speaking, have the same for her.

PJ on

I hope people treat these girls better than they treated Chelsea Clinton. That poor girl had an awkward phase and she was hounded horribly by the media.

Then again, this is Obama…

Aelys on

Jenna, how can you say you state facts when you’re neither part of their family nor in their heads? How can you be sure that “the simplicity of childhood is over for them” and that “they smile on the outside but meanwhile are quietly saying “good bye” to their childhood” when, excuse me to be so blank, but you’re not their mother? That Malia and Sasha keep being children while being in the public eye because of their father’s position is up to their parents and I don’t think any of us is allowed to question the decisions their parents may or may not take for them. Let me remind you that Barack Obama admitted to regretting allowing their interview with Access Hollywood, so what makes you think he’d let them be bothered by paparazzi?
For the record, here are a few quotes from Obama following the Access Hollywood interview
– to ABC’s Diane Sawyer: “I don’t think it’s healthy and it’s something that we’ll be avoiding in the future”
– to CBS’ Russ Mitchell: “We had a unique situation in Montana where it was Malia’s birthday, and all of us, I think, got caught up in the festivities. And so they had a chance to be their adorable selves on TV, but generally we’ve been very protective of them. And, you know, in retrospect, I think if you’d asked me, we probably wouldn’t have done it then, and we wouldn’t do it again.”
– to NBC’s Matt Lauer: “We wouldn’t do it again, and we won’t be doing it again”

Aelys on

Considering how much Obama seemed to regret his daughters’ Access Hollywood interview, I doubt he’ll let them be hounded by paparazzi. Sure, they’ll be under close watch by the secret services, but I’m sure their parents and live-in grandmother will make sure they’ll keep being children

Rosy J on

OMG! These little girls are so beautiful and loveable. I could not imagine not seeing photos of these two especially at this time in their life. How could we think of not sharing this this time with them and the world. They are very much representative of all “our” children. They are indeed celeb kids. So adorable. I am fallen hopelessly in love with this whole family. May God continue to bless and keep them.

Jane on

Could these girls be any cuter??? Absolutely adorable! They bring a huge smile to my face every time I see them!

Lily on

They looked so cute!

As far as the pictures being tasteless, I find them the exact opposite. Just because Barack and Michelle are not in the entertainment industry does not mean that they are any less of celebrities. He is the president of the United States. For years, the American public has been fascinated by the first family (ex. The most well known shots of the Kennedy family were arranged photo ops). Their father was being sworn in today and various media outlets from around the world were there to capture the historic event. Do you really think they were going to skip over his own daughters?

In my opinion, being photographed at national events or when making appearences with their parents is fine. When photographers start tracking them down at school and private events, a line has been crossed. Unfortunately, I realize that this also comes with the territory. It’s a fine line that I’m happy I don’t have to deal with.

Nichole on


I find your comments about the Obama girls distasteful and direspectful. They are now celebrity children, and as you will notice if you look at all the pictures EVER taken by the media of them, you will find them tastefully dressed and tastefully taken. You don’t want to see pictures of celebrity babies? Then perhaps you should turn off your internet now and avoid this and many other sites like it.

Tara on

I have to laugh at comments about paparazzi photo’s.. hello, these children are very much protected by Secret Service. These are the President of the United States’ children. They will be photographed by some paparazzi but mostly by journalist. They are very important and very much celebrities. They are American Royalty now. When Barack Obama ran for president of this country, he knew his children would be photographed. I love this family and I love seeing pictures of all of them. These girls are precious and so far seem elated by everything that is going on.

Meg on

The Obama girls are just like any celebrity child – and yet some of you think they should have more privacy. Paperazzi should respect boundaries on ALL celebrity children, regardless if their father is Brad Pitt or Barack Obama. Shoving cameras in their face should not be OK, but if they are going to take pictures from a distance and not interfere with their everyday life then what is the problem?

What I’m trying to say is that the Obama girls are no different from any other celebrity child, especially because it’s been so long since we’ve had children in the White House. We want to see what they’re wearing and we want to seem them having fun with the dog and each other, just like with Violet Affleck or Kingston Rossdale. We live in a world where fame costs you your privacy. I’m sure Barack sat down with his girls to explain what would happen and as a family they decided it would be worth it. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to just throw is kids in and say “good luck”. Personally, I can’t wait to see pictures of the girls, they seem full of grace and poise and like a ton of fun.

Abbey on

I think this picture is quite appropriate, given that this is a public event. What is disturbing is when celebrity children are photographed at parks & during moments that should be private, family moments.

It’s crazy that some people should get offended by pictures of the President’s daughters, but it’s fine to see Shiloh Jolie-Pitt with her father or, when Katie Holmes didn’t introduce Suri, it was nearly a crime.

Shouldn’t all “celebrity” children be given the same privacy as Sasha & Malia, though? Aren’t we, just being on this website, supporting the horrible paparazzi who make “celebrities” by selling pictures of children? It’s an absurd business that needs more regulations, but it’s hypocritical to criticize when we are the ones who perpetuate this. Supply & demand, people; that’s capitalism.

brooklyn on

I really love Malia coat!

Jenna on

Aelys and SH.. despite your efforts to take words out of context. Stop being offended by posts that don’t agree with your view. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, thats the beauty of democracy.

Terri on

I agree with Amy. Sarah you missed the mark. They are not celebrities. They are children and are no different than my students in school. Their father alone has done great things with his career but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are anything more special than any other child. I don’t think they have “great” style, it’s no different than what you’d see in church on a Sunday-tasteful and nice. (Except the First Lady who wore an olive and green color that made her look very washed out). Enough about their style or lack of, and enough about the First Lady’s clothing-I’d like to see more about their character and personality. I am very skeptical about the lack of experience and the empty promises in the past, and I am hoping that all this “change” is actually good and not bad.
That’s my opinion.

Amy on

Oh please, relax. I don’t consider these girls “celebrity children” because their father is not a celebrity, no matter how much the media is making him one. They deserve some measure of privacy. (And for those insisting the paps don’t follow them, you’re not paying attention. There are TONS of photos of the girls from their recent vacation.) I really believe that the paparazzi should leave these children alone. So, telling me off for coming to a site called “celebrity baby blog” to see celebrity kids is ridiculous, because I’ve already stated I don’t consider these girls “celebrity children.” This may be a photo from a public event, but these girls can say goodbye to their privacy. They even had news vans following them to their new school!

SH on

Jenna, These are statements you’re making by looking at a PICTURE.

They smile on the outside but meanwhile are quietly saying “good bye” to their childhood.
The simplicity of childhood is over for them. It is a fact.
Much like a traditional celebrity child, the road is tough for them.

Unless you’re Barack or Michelle Obama or their kids…HOW would you know that these statements are even close to true? They haven’t even moved into the White House yet. They haven’t even experienced it. You’re saying that their childhood is over and the road is tough for them. And you’re saying that I’M taking your statements out of context? You’re stating these things from 2 little girls that look pretty happy in all their pictures from today…

brooklyn on

Amy- I guess your post and my post differ because we differ in our definitions of what a celebrity is. Celebrities are more than just actors or singers, etc. And I am curious as to why they, in your opinion, would deserve any more anonymity than the kids you browse on this site?

Jessica on

I don’t get it. Why should these girls get privacy but Zahara Jolie-Pitt can’t? The Obama girls parent’s are public figures just like Brad and Angelina. And if CBB wants to featute a picture of the girls on Inauguration Day (a public event) they’re should be no problems.

Malia and Sasha get Secret Service, Kingston and Zuma don’t have bodyguards.

Malia and Sasha will mostly get photographed at public events, Shiloh and Zahara get photographed everyday surrounded by a gang of pushy photogs.

Malia and Sasha will not have to be surrounded 10 or 20 angry men with cameras on their way to school, Violet will.

Malia and Sasha’s parents won’t have to worry about getting into accidents because of paps, Suri’s parents will.

I think it’s very hypocritical of some people.

J-Lin on

Calm down Amy. Whether it’s your definition or not, President Obama is the biggest celebrity on the face of the planet. CBB defines him as a celebrity and their definition is all that matters. The coverage of the girls has been tasteful and respectful. I am very excited to see more of the girls growing up.

You do a great job Danielle.

Brannon on

Amused and saddened that political views extend to the children – those who are obviously anti-Obama find the children to be “non-special” and not exceptionally dressed, just normal, etc. I had very strong feelings about Gov. Palin yet I could still concede that she had beautiful, adorably dressed children. Whether you like him or not, many of the views in this post alone demonstrate why change is needed and the forms in which it must arise.

Mrs. R. on

Well, clearly some people are taking a post about some coats a little too seriously.

I love Crewcuts and have been looking forward to my daughter growing into their sizes!

I thought Sacha looked incredibly bundled up against the cold – very cute.

Jessica on

Brannon I was going to say something like that but I decided not to get into a political debate because today is about unity and the First Family. The girls look beautiful and there outfits are exceptionally cute.

And to the person who said Michelle’s dress was lime green it actually was yellow and bounced off of her skin tone.

Congrats to Malia and Sasha and I have a strong feeling that they will enjoy their stay at the White House.

Mrs. W on

TERRI-you sound bitter. since you have reservations about obama or your candidate of choice didn’t win, now you’re slamming their clothing? also you are incorrect to compare the obama children to yours. or any other child on this site because it is dedicated to children of WELL-KNOWN people…not everyday joes, including mine. i thought i was on celebrity baby blog, not my neighbor’s kid’s blog. apples and oranges my dear…apples and oranges.

anyhoo, yes, the children are dressed age appropriately and could wear their outfits to church…but they are still nice outfits nonetheless. but i guess you would have liked michelle’s outfit if she had on some hooker boots with no stockings like jill b. i know everyone is not going to be over the moon about everything obama, but some of you are just creating things to gripe about. i wonder what you wore today…then again, who cares?

Amilyah on

I take it Amy that you are still hurting over this past November Presidential election. Well, don’t take your emotions out on the NEW First Daughters, Malia and Sasha. Don’t be mad…You might be able to find, and take some pictures of, the Old First Daughters in some Texas Bar with their daddy (dressed very nicely, of course).

Yes, two wrongs don’t make it right – but it does makes it even!

The Obama girls (and First Lady “Michelle O”)have great style.

eva on

Lovely little ladies.How fortunate it is that they are old enough to remember this day and the days to come but are still young enough to keep an untainted vision of the world,contemplate things with innocence and the sincerity only children have.

Just Saying on

They are really cute girls. I love their outfits especially here. Also, being in the spotlight is the price of being a president’s child, you are in the limelight. But I doubt they get harassed as would real celebrities and their children because secret service don’t play that and you would hardly get too close unlike the damn papparazzi in Hollywood.

Mrs. W on

for those who are definition-challenged…

ce⋅leb⋅ri⋅ty   /səˈlɛbrɪti/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [suh-leb-ri-tee] Show IPA Pronunciation

–noun, plural -ties for 1.
1. a famous or well-known person.
2. fame; renown.

NOW, argue with that….this post was about some adorable kids dressed very nicely…not your political views, your hurt feelings from november, or your opinion of who is worthy to be deemed a celebrity. and of president obama isn’t considered well-known, i don’t know what is! this site features many well-known people from various countries who are known for a number of reasons. i don’t even know every person featured on this site, but i certainly don’t argue the validity of their status because i may not be personally interested in them. seems like some of the people on this site need to be more concerned about “changing” thier approach regarding innocent children instead of judging unrelated topics.

Sharon Manicom on

“Elizabeth Says:
January 20th, 2009 at 1:19 pm

There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to big titled or spotlight jobs.

Oh a funny note, every time I see a picture of the youngest daughter, I always think that she must be a handful. In a good way.”

Elizabeth, I, too, have always thought Sasha might be the precocious one and as you say, only in a good way. I’m sure she brings much laughter to her family. Malia is such a lovely young girl, also. I’ve so enjoyed watching them both through the last 2 years and also amazed at how much they’ve grown. I hope the paps leave them be; but, I also would like a glimpse of them ever once in a while to see with my own eyes how they are doing and how they are growing.

Sage on

Amilyah that was so distasteful yeah two wrongs don’t make it right it just makes it wrong, and what statement you were trying to make irrelevent.

These girls are celebrities because as of today rather you have been living under a rock half the world is going to know who they are. Thanks to their dad being elected president, like kingston is known thanks to his mother being a singer. The fact is that he is famous. Those he doesn’t have any hollywood fils or hit records(you really could tell with all the celebrities flocking around him he is famous, and he is going to be famous for the next 4 years and so will his girls and we are defintely going to be seeing alot more of Malia and Sasha.

Also it’s insane to think that the paps have any boundries they will take any picture of whom ever if it will sell magazine and get them paid.

Lindsay on

They are beautiful little girls who come from two amazing parents…what a great day in American history. I have never been so proud to be an American! Maybe Sasha and/or Malia will be president someday!!

Lilly on

I’m glad they went with an ubiquitous American company like J. Crew, known for their simple, classic designs. The girls were lovely and had a blast at the Kids’ Ball on Monday. It was adorable how they kept taking pictures and dancing.

I never approved at how cruel the media was with a young Chelsea. I hope the Obama girls are treated with some respect and given some privacy during the next 4 (or more) years as they go about their daily private lives (this was a public event, of course). Best of luck to them.

Sarah on

I have to agree with a majority of the posters here in saying that this picture is very tasteful. The girls were photographed at a nationally broadcasted event with their parents’ permission. I fail to understand how these girls are more deserving of privacy than Suri, Violet, Kingston, etc. They are all in the spotlight because of what they’re parents chose to do for a living. None of these kids made a conscious decision to be “celebrities,” but their parents did, and that includes President Obama. A celebrity is a well-known person and that definition is not limited to actors, models, and singers. It’s just silly that some people feel that some kids are more deserving of a “normal” childhood than others. If you feel so strongly that little kids shouldn’t be photographed, why do you come to this site?

Sarah on

I got so caught up that I forgot to add that the girls looked adorable today!! They are always dressed so elegantly, yet age appropriately.

jane on

They are such beautiful girls!! Malia looks so much older than just 10 though the fact that we’ve been seeing her in dresses and dress coats at most of these events definitely contributes. And Sasha just comes across as an absolute character, I love it. They both seem like awesome kids.
And Michelle, Barack, and the girls’ grandmother (sorry, I can’t remember her name right now) have both said that it is absolutely a priority to let these girls continue their childhood. Of course it will be different now, with Secret Services agents with them and their father the new President, but I totally believe that these girls will still play like sisters, occasionally fight like sisters, have sleepovers with their friends, play with their dog, fight to stay up past bedtime, etc etc. I believe their parents when they say they want to keep a semblance of normalcy in their kids’ lives.
Anyway, these look like two girls who are very proud of their dad.

Jenna on

SH-I am pretty sure everyone on this board is making comments based on a picture. Obviously from my comments the literal and figurative are being twisted.
Why are you taking this so personally?
We disagree, I see the positives and the negatives you only see the positives. Let it go!

whitetrashmomblog on

They are just precious, what sweet girls.

Lola on

Could they be any cuter? They are so precious.

Lena on

Wow!! The girls are so cute and you can tell that they are exsided to go to the White House!! I am so happy that Obama won!! It is time for so change.

Lena on

It is time for some change.

Jennifer on

Both girls are beautiful, and their coats are lovely. I especially loved Malia’s blue coat.

Aniah on

There are positives and negatives in EVERY childs life. Why focus on the negatives (or potential negatives I should day)?

Anywho…the girls are gorgeous as always! They seemed to really enjoy themselves at all of the events that they attended this week.

vowsalee1 on

Gorgeous girls well dressed for the event. Enjoyed watching on Australian TV. Wish the family all the best into the future. Yes they will be celebrities at least for the near future with this being a historical event. Their parents were also dressed beautifully today.

auntie on

Regarding Sasha.

Yes, lots of excitement and new experiences however her attempts to get her father’s attention, loudly and piercingly repeating ‘Daddy’ at the most auspicious times, is quite perplexing considering how well mannered her older sister is.

Unfortunately, she could be heard doing this at the convention and again on the podium immediately after her father was sworn in.

Melanie F. on

I agree, with you about broken promises and really showing a change *for the better*. The last past 8 years have been …… well I wont even say, but I will say that I absolutely doubt Obama could make it any worse than what it already is.

I just pray that Michelle doesn’t start looking like a wax figure of herself like some PREVIOUS first women look.

Lourdes on

My Granddaughter gave me this site address to look at because of all the babies. After reading all these comments…golly gee.. the tone of the women who disagree is nasty. I won’t be clicking on “comments” anymore. The good and the bad is ok but the ugly.. keep it to yourself!

Jae on

Malia & Sasha are beautiful girls! Looking forward to seeing them grow in the White House.

I’m hoping for 8 yrs too!! 🙂

audrey on

I beleive the girls, as well as, their mother looked stunning. Through the eyes of children, we can learn a lot about grace and manners. These girls were smiling and genuinely looked happy and excited. I, like a previous poster, was not prepared to see the lack of manners on this site. Shame on you.

Anna on

I love both of them, and they look so cute! I think they will have a lot of fun in the white house. Their outfit was so nice, very down to earth! Love them!

ellen on

This is like the weirdest conversation ever. I can’t believe people are comparing these pics to paparazzi. It was the inauguration. Would y’all who are complaining that they were photographed or broadcast on TV preferred that they were covered with shrouds like Michael Jackson’s kids? Yeah, THAT wouldn’t be weird or troubling, or potentially damaging to them. 😉

SH on

Jenna Says:
January 20th, 2009 at 1:31 pm
Having children exposed to the threat level that exists as first children is unfair, especially with the expectations so high. They smile on the outside but meanwhile are quietly saying “good bye” to their childhood.

Jenna Says:
January 20th, 2009 at 2:28 pm
MyKidsMommy…and other naysayers I am stating the facts. It is nothing against Obama relax. The simplicity of childhood is over for them. It is a fact. This is the life they were born into. It is what it is. Much like a traditional celebrity child, the road is tough for them. Every move they make is under the microcscope waiting to be scrutinized. Read about some other first children incase you need more proof. MyKidsMommy stop betting on my thoughts and tone down the congrats. Let’s see what he does for our country before we use the word “remarkable!”

Sorry, Jenna, but before I let this go I just want to say that I’m not seeing via your comments where you’re seeing anything POSITIVE here…only negative.

jessie on

that photo is beautiful and a part of history-how is that tasteless? Besides this was for the inauguration and once they start private school again, unless they go on outings with their parents there proabably won’t be many photos of them anyway.

Aelys on


If I, and many others in here, are so wrong about your comments, then care to explain because I’m re-reading your posts over again and I still can’t see anything positive about them

Sara Hawkins on

I am so proud of the First Family! They have style and class and warmth! They ARE going to be in the media so accept that.I feel confident that Obama can turn this country around for the better.We need to all get behind him and support his plans, so we All can have a better future for us and our children. Peace.

Dianna on

Each of these beautiful girls were dressed in colors that suited their personalities. The sapphire blue was perfect for Malia’s cool and poised demeanor. Little Sasha was a bright ray of sunshine in her peach and orange ensemble.

Just Chilling on

Yes The Girls was dress great and look great as well.

There was nothing distasteful about their out fits. If you look at the family as a whole that was one graet photo op!!

Yes like the President said we as a country need to come together so we can move foward. He just did not mean the adult so get over the children clothing and get with the program no matter who you vote for . It A new Day and it has dawn


Fevvers on

Hmmmm. I kind of get where Jenna is coming from. Chelsea Clinton got slammed horribly ( a real disgrace for American media). Sure at the moment its all fun and games because Malia is pretty and everyone loves Obama but trust me, 3 years down the track if the popularity polls are down and Malia’s chubbed out or has acne or anything else her life (and the media coverage) will not be so fun. They are paying a price and at their age they don’t understand that yet. But of course there are lots of good things about being in spotlight but personally, if it was me, I’d rather havea normal childhood and become President myself than be the child of one!

abuthoriq on

smart is beautiful

judew on

They are cute! I think Malia looks like her dad and Sasha like her mum.

I find that Sasha has the face features already of a grown woman. She seems wise beyond her years and very cheaky. Malia is going to grow up a stunning beauty!

Kat on

The girls looked beautiful. I love that they always look age appropriate.

Some of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I understand being upset that your candidate didn’t win, but criticizing a 10 year old and a 7 year old is tacky. Put the claws back in, kitties.

Leanne on

I agree,it was the Presidential Inauguration for crying out loud! Of course they were going to be there and be photographed. If you think about it, since their first day at their new school, we have not seen as much of them. The President and First Lady will most likely try to keep them out of the spotlight for the most part. I also agree that a normal childhood is necessary, it probably will not be afforded to them as they are the children of the President! They are adorable though!

Aelys on

I understand your point, but Barack Obama decided to run for President because that’s what he felt like doing. Of course, it makes him and his family in the public eye, but I don’t think Malia and Sasha will suffer that much from their father’s position. Objectively, they’ve only been seen at official events and Barack and Michelle Obama seem to be good, protective parents, so I don’t think we’ll get to see as much of Malia and Sasha within the next 4 years as we did those past 6 months. I understand the concern about them growing up faster now and potential media slamming, but why anticipate, be negative and declare their childhood over?

Linda(From Kenya) on

Cute and happy girls.God bless them.
We are happy for them n the first family,from Obama’s Homeland Kenya.

MaiLady on

if the girls hadn’t been photographed and talked about this day, they would have been like “what the heck is going on?” i’m sure they expected as much or more attention on 1/20/09, now in the future, though no one should expect ALL moments to go un-harassed, hopefully they will have private moments that are paparazzi free

Xan on

The girls are gorgeous! Those coats gave me ideas for how to dress this winter…and I’m 25! I sincerely believe Michelle and President Obama (I LOVE to say that!) will protect them.

Nicki on

This photo was from a PUBLIC event. Surely they will be photographed at such events. There’s a big different between photographers doing their job and paparazzi. I doubt the secret service with allow the paps to hound them.

Terri on

The Obama girls are so precious.

katie on

I think they all looked great. Those kids are too cute! I don’t think their childhood is over. The whitehouse seems like a small theme park. I think they will be Okay.

Nards on

Finally! Little girls…dressed like (drum roll please) little girls!

dooozie on

The Obama girls are absolutely precious. They are so poised. You can really tell that this is a very close family. The girls have been raised right! They are beautiful girls. I enjoy seeing pics of them, but I know they deserve their privacy. President Obama has requested that the paparazzi not violate their privacy and only photograph them when they are with the family. I hope the press will honor that request.

Mindy on

Wow – you guys really think that they should have been given privacy on INAUGURATION DAY??? These photographs were taken by some dweeb with a telegraphic lens over a fence, for heavens’ sake! This was a very public ceremony and celebration, and they were dressed in fashionable, tasteful attire for the occasion, precisely because photography was EXPECTED. Geez!

I firmly believe that Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Robinson, as well as Pres. Obama himself, are doing a wonderful job of keeping these girls grounded. This family has made a choice not to give a “normal” childhood to these girls – but that doesn’t make it a bad choice, nor does it mean that they are destined to suffer. All children’s lives are shaped, for better or worse, by the lives of their parents. These girls are participating in history in an intimate way, and their father is, to many of us, a great hero.

All you have to do is look at them and see that they are very close and very happy as a family. They look at each other with open joy and intimate love, all of them. Those girls are going to be FINE, and in the process of growing up, be great role models for kids around the world.

Shivani on

The Obama girls are precious and they looked absolutely beautiful. Malia was so cute, I loved the outfits. God bless them.

jazzie on

These little girls are so adorable. The First Daughters are First Class. While I want them to have privacy, I think it is approriate to show pictures of them on this special day. I dont think they should be photographed at school or hounded by tabloids, but I would like to know what they are doing EVERYDAY!!!

Joyce on

What type of comments would be made had the lovely children been left at home? What crazy people some of you are !!!! Of course the family would be together on such a wonderful day.

Zoe on

I love their coats, I wish they were coming out in adult sizes!