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01/19/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Some interesting links for your Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday:


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Shannon on

I think it’s a shame that most schools are just now starting to acknowledge the significance of an Inauguration. Where have the celebrations been every 4 years in the past? Each new president brings unique qualities to the table to be thankful for…a new vision and hope. The only thing different this year is the color of Mr. Obama’s skin…and that’s something he said he doesn’t want to overshadow the man, his abilities and his qualities. It’s a shame it has for so many.

eva on

I’ve been collecting paper money from the countries I’ve visited. My child is very interested on the bills and she can’t wait to start traveling on her own and have a collection bigger than mine. I guess it is not a collection in the way the article explains (learning through them about distant places) but great souvenirs.

MZ on

I dunno if it’s actually so diff. this year in some ways, Shannon, as it is that this year the media is reporting on it. I know that growing up my schools always did things for inaugaration and the election process, including taking time at school to watch the actual ceremony. But, regardless of what Pres. elect Obama has said about the color of his skin overshadowing what he does, I think we all have to admit that it *is* a historic event to have a Black/African-American president and that that is really exciting for many people, particularly those that lived through the turmoil of the 50s and 60s. 🙂

finnaryn on

I think something else we need to remember about Obama is that he was able to get an entire nation fired up about politics and actually get out to vote. Was it because of the color of his skin? I don’t know. It wasn’t for me. But even those who didn’t vote for him seemed to care more this last year. The excitement over the election has simply carried on through to the inauguration and that is a very, very good thing! on

As someone who has been into politics my entire life, it’s refreshing to see so many others interested now…no matter which side of the aisle someone is on, I hope it continues!

But I’m concerned that we’re spending $170 MILLION on President Elect Obama’s Inauguration…seems crazy in today’s economic turmoil! That’s the part that concerns me.

MZ on

Actually UggaMugga, I was just reading an article that the $160 million is an unsubstantiated amount (the actual cost of an inaugaration is not known until months later). However, the $160 million estimate is very close to what was spent on Bush’s inaugaration. $45 million had been quoted for him, but that was without the security costs, which if I remember correctly from the article were about $115 million in additional costs, which then comes to $160 million for him as well. Anyhow, here is the article with the breakdown of costs if you are interested: . 🙂