Alison Sweeney on Megan's Early Arrival

01/19/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Alison Sweeney‘s doctor had warned her that second babies tend to come quicker, but she didn’t realize how true his words would be when she went into labor with daughter Megan Hope on January 12th. The Biggest Loser host was at work when labor struck and she “had to go right to the hospital after shooting a weigh-in” for the show. After arriving with no food in her stomach, the doctor thought things were moving slowly, telling the actress her daughter may not make her appearance until “4 or 5 a.m.”

With that thought in mind, Alison “sent my restless husband [Dave Sanov] off with his friend for a bite to eat. I certainly didn’t want them eating in front of me since I wasn’t allowed any food — which I didn’t know until it was too late. Take note! Eat beforehand!” However, that appeared to be the catalyst to kick start Alison’s labor into gear and “he couldn’t have been gone 10 minutes, my girlfriend and I were chatting away, and everything happened all at once” for Alison.

“Next thing I know, my friend is texting Dave — hurry back!! And the doctor is saying ‘Don’t do anything’ …  And once he returned, scrubbed in, it wasn’t more than 15 minutes later she was born. She did not want to be born on the 13th! Which apparently was a bet between Dave and his buddy.”

The Days of Our Lives star became a hit among the nurses in the hospital thanks to her day job. “One of the nurses looking after Megan was a long time Days fan,” blogged Alison, adding that the nurse “got such a kick out of telling me about how her colleagues were all doing double takes as they went to put out the latest issue of Pregnancy magazine in their waiting area, only to see their patient on the cover!”

“She brought me a copy — since I hadn’t seen it yet — and she was having such fun teasing them all for being star-struck. What timing right? That the mag would be released while I was in the hospital?”

Alison, 32, and Dave are also parents to son Benjamin Edward, 3 ½.

Source: Alison’s Blog at NBC

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Hilary on

Aw, i love alison 🙂
i’ve been watching her on days since i was a fetus! haha (i’m sixteen)
shes my favorite, and i love watching the biggest loser now since shes been on it.
btw, haha, i LOVE the babies name. Megan Hope is so classy and gorgeous 🙂
congrats alison, dave and ben on your beautiful little girl !

Allison on

How funny that Alison’s issue of Pregnancy magazine came out the same day she gave birth! Congratulations once again to the new family of 4.

Sally on

ok so I’m curious: do 2nd babies come earlier/faster even if the 1st one was a c-section? I am not PG but I am hoping for a VBAC next time, and it would be very convenient if #2 did come early (and faster) since some doctors don’t let you go past a certain point.

Anna on

I’ve heard that forbidding a women to eat during labour is one of the reasons labour often ends in c section. Because the woman can’t keep up her strength during labour without eating.

Heidi Plunkett on

You can’t eat in labor in case you have to have general anesthesia. Its a precaution with all surgeries not just labor.

emily on

I hope the quick delivery is the same in the case of my second one!!

DJE on

I love her on both shows congrats!!

CelebBabyLover on

Heidi Plunkett- Actually, you also can’t eat if you’re going to recieve or there’s a chance you’re going to recieve local anesthesia (well, if your lower body is going to be numbed, anyway). This is because, when an ansethetic is given to numb the lower part of the body, it basically “shuts off” most of the digestive system. Obviously, if food is in there, it’s going to cause some problems!

sallyc on

actually, you CAN eat IF you don’t have an epidural (this was the reason I chose to go natural. that, and walking around, laboring in the shower, et). I was allowed to go med-free for close to 36 hours and I ate the whole time. I did end up with a c-section because I didn’t dilate and my daughter was posterior, but having eaten was never an issue.

emily on

I ate about 6 hours before my epidural, 8 hours before giving birth. It was in India – they weren’t concerned about it at all. Either I just got lucky and didn’t get sick, or it’s just another rule out there that may have no merit.

honb85 on

I’m a nurse and have done rotations in labor and delivery. Not eating during labor is a precaution in case a c-section is needed. CelebBabyLover got it right, anesthesia slows the digestive system and having food in your system during any surgery can cause aspiration problems (breathing vomit into your lungs). Vomiting is a possible side effect from anesthesia, whether local or general. This is how it works in the hospitals I have worked in and what I learned in school, but from other posts it sounds like each doctor and hospital may have different views.

momof2 on

The 2nd baby does come faster. My first, I pushed for 1hr and 45min and ended up having a c-sec bc his face was turned up. I’m petite so they said I wouldn’t have/had him vaginally anyway bc he was 8lbs 15oz (9 days early). Well w/my 2nd I started dilating at 31wks. She was scheduled for a c-sec (Apr 17) a wk before the due date. I thought I was in labor one weekend and stayed overnight – I was 4cm and 80% thinned but I didn’t progress so they sent me home. This was bc I was only at 36wks – The moved my c-sec up for the next week – Friday Apr 13th! I went into labor Thurs – April 12th. The pain/contractions have been the same all week so I didn’t go to the hospital. I was having my surgery the next morning – they already sent me home the weekend before. Well she couldn’t wait (like Alison’s baby Megan). I got to the hospital at 11:25pm and she was born at 11:43pm. She weiged 9lbs 5oz bigger than my first born. So yes they come a lot quicker the next time around! And yes you can have a vbac bc I did w/no drugs!!! My kids are almost 5yrs apart.