Julia Ormond Her 'Best Self' Around Daughter

01/18/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Children are the ultimate motivator for self-improvement, and Julia Ormond‘s experience as a mom is no different. The 44-year-old actress tells Redbook magazine that 4-year-old Sophie has changed her life profoundly. “She makes me aspire to be the best version of myself that I can be in every moment.” Including, it would seem, moments both big and small; When asked her idea of a perfect day, Julia replies,

“Starting the day reading Dr. Seuss while snuggling with my daughter. Nothing beats it.”

Sophie even factors into Julia’s hopes for the new year. Tops on her to-do list? Teaching Sophie how to “learn to ride a bike solo.”

“No pressure, but I remember getting there myself and how exhilarating it was.”

Sophie is Julia’s daughter with husband Jon Rubin.

Source: Redbook

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Jen on

This is a picture of Julia Ormond? Wow. I totally thought it was Jill Hennessey. Julia looks different!

Aurora mia on

I dont think that is Julia Ormond, either. Weird 🙂


It’s a recent shot of Julia from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere.

-CBB Staff

Martina on

It is Julia… Just a bit older, aging naturally, and not airbrushed. 😉

MtMomma on

It’s really hard to believe that is Julia Ormond! She looks incredibly different from just a few years ago. I loved her in Legends of the Fall and Sabrina. She was always one of my favorite actresses.

Bugs on

Yeah Julia is one of the very few celebrities who’s letting herself age naturally and still looks gorgeous.

Cece on

Oh dear, Julia has changed a bit – looks like she had something done – eye lift? Face lift? It may be just a strange photo???

Cate on

It doesn’t look at all like her- if she had “work done” I liked her better before. She was gorgeous in Sabrina.

MulberryLane on

I had to do a double-take on Julia’s picture. Wow-she’s getting more gorgeous as she gets older. I completely agree with poster #5!

Serenity on

I think Julia is so beautiful. She does look very different, i even had to look her up on other websites to be sure this was her. I think she has aged wonderfully, but maybe could be a little lighter on the make up. Either way… Julia has kept in great shape and I’ve loved since the movie First Knight!

Kelly on

It really doesn’t look like her. The eyes look off from what I’m used to with her. I don’t think it has anything to do with her aging gracefully. Maybe her eye makeup is different.

Sharon on

Julia looks as beautiful as she did when she was in Legends of the Fall. She is aging very naturally and looks radiant.

Aurora on

I would never in a MILLION years say that was her. She’s a beautiful woman, that’s for certain. However, when i saw the comments by posters saying that she was in Legends of the Fall, i had to go look it up because I couldn’t figure out who they meant! I’m all about the “aging naturally/gracefully”, but I feel like something is totally different about her! Kinda like when Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing) got a nose job and then was (self-admittedly) unrecegnizable! Anyway… i LOVED her in LOTF!

MtMomma on

I think it’s mostly the eyes that look so off. It’s definitely not just the eye makeup. She always had a delicate face, with such fine features, and now everything about her face looks entirely different. It really isn’t “aging” or wrinkles at all. Her facial structure has changed.

MtMomma on

If you look at the four pictures from this link, there is a vast difference in her appearance. These were taken in 2008. There has to be something going on. I really can’t imagine her getting plastic surgery, especially when she looked this good less than a year ago. Maybe it’s really bad makeup, or maybe she asked the makeup artist to make her look like someone else!


Jennifer on

She looked like her ‘old’ self in Ben Button…I’m thinking she did some funky make-up and some hair extensions for the premier.

But the real point is — hurray for her! My daughters have inspired me to live my best life too 🙂

Elyse on

I agree with everybody else, I didn’t think that was Julia either. She looks nothing like how she did in Sabrina, and that is what I was trying to compare that picture to. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that,lol!

Alice on

I think it is the different eye makeup and that awful spray tan she is wearing in the Benjamin Button premiere photos that made her look different. Remove both of those and she looks the same as the other recent photos shown in the link provided by MMomma.