SinuCleanse Kids Mist: Creating Harmony One Goopy Nose At A Time

01/17/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

The creeping crud hit our house early this year and we spent much of October wiping goopy noses, so I was fortunate to have a SinuCleanse Kids Mist kit ($15) in the house. The kit comes with three vials of preservative-free saline solution (aka salt water) that provide about 200 spritzes of ultra-fine saline mist.  The bottle has a long, slender tube that lets you put just the tip at the base of baby’s nostril then pump the bottle with your fingertip. 

According to the company anything that touches the delicate lining of a child’s nose can cause irritation, so it’s nice that you can use this device without putting it inside the nose.  I tried it on my 7-month-old son and found it really helped to loosen the goop and made it easy to wipe his nose.  He didn’t even mind the little puffs of mist. It’s recommended for newborns up to kids 12 years but I admit I was wishing I had one for myself.

Pros: I liked knowing that all I was spraying was pure saline. Besides, it worked!
Cons: You will need a kit for each child so they don’t pass their colds back and forth.

— Kristen

Deal: You can print a coupon for $2 off on the SinuCleanse website.

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lexi on

i use saline solution for my own sinus issues, and i think this would be a great product for children.

Sarah on

This looks like a good product. Use a Neti Pot for yourself! Makes a big difference. As soon as my baby gets a cold, or I feel the start of my own cold, I use the Neti Pot. Helps keeps stuff from spreading around the house!

Laura on

I have a one-year-old at home and recently decided to purchase the SinuCleanse Kids Mist for him because he had a stuffy nose. I have used the Neti Pot for years to treat my own sinus problems, and the Kids Mist says it provides the same relief for kids so I decided to try it. So far, it has worked very well; the spray doesn’t make him uncomfortable and it really works! The mucous in his nose was immediately loosened. This product is easy to use and all natural, which is important to me, especially with everything I have been hearing in the news about the dangers of OTC medications. The Kids Mist has made dealing with my son’s colds so much easier, and I recommend it to other parents with young children that are prone to sinus problems.

kate on

I’ve heard a lot in the news about OTC cold medicines being bad for kids, too. I even heard on NPR the other day that Vicks VapoRub caused an 18 month old little girl to end up in the hospital! I feel much safer using the Kids Mist, which doesn’t have all those harmful preservatives and chemicals that other medicines have. It works very well at clearing my daughter’s congestion whenever she catches a cold and her colds also seem to clear up faster. Thanks SinuCleanse!

Anna on

From reading the posts on this blog, it sounds like the Kids Mist is a great product. I have a couple little ones at home too, and will make sure that I try the Kids Mist the next time they catch a cold!

teresa on

Just got this for a cold my son and I have. He hated it on Friday, I had to hold him down to use it. It is now Monday, and he’s sticking it up his own nose. It is super easy to use, and seems to flush all the gunk out of his sinuses. So much less stress than a nasal aspirator. Love it, love it. I’m still sick, and he seems to be further along than I am. I really think this has something to do with it 🙂