Jamie Oliver Works for Daughters Poppy and Daisy

01/17/2009 at 09:00 PM ET
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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver may rule in the kitchen, but at home he takes the backseat to the wishes of his wife Jools Oliver and their daughters Poppy Honey, 6 ½, and Daisy Boo, 5 ½. “The wife is getting more and more control of the house and the two girls have got it all sewn up,”  shared Jamie in a new interview, noting that “I work for them now. Did you know that? I work for Poppy and Daisy Oliver.” Part of that may come from the fact that “they think what I do is very insignificant and just take the mickey out of me. They are completely unimpressed by what I do. As they get older they are getting cheekier and funnier.”

Jamie may have another boss soon as he and Jools are expecting their third child in April! When asked about potential names for their baby, the 33-year-old reveals that “Jools has got the names all sussed and she won’t even tell me. She’ll probably call it something like Sunshine or Dewdrop.”

While coming up with the names, Jools is also experiencing a lot of cravings. According to her husband, “she has been through a lot of strange cravings. At the moment she is on a lot of everything. I can’t remember seeing her in the past week without something in her hand.” Cravings are nothing new for the former model, who “was chewing on rubber and having Marmite on bananas” when she was pregnant with Daisy.

After the birth of Daisy, creative Jamie decided that he wanted to take the placenta and make a meal out of it, but it wasn’t possible because “they have to take it and do tests on it.” A dejected Jamie says he had already written the recipe!

“I was going to do a chicken liver parfait with placenta, not liver. I was going to get all my mates round to wet the baby’s head and I wasn’t going to tell them — then show them a DVD of me making it afterwards. But Jools wouldn’t let me, she is too sensible.”

Jamie and Jools have been married since June 24, 2000.

Source: The Mirror

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Showing 16 comments

Sanja on

Chicken liver parfait with placenta, lol!

I’m thinking the name will be Lily or Rose, or some other flower name.

UggaMugga.com on

LOVE him! Can’t wait for the new little one…and to hear his or her name!

And Sunny would be bright and lovely!

Anna on

This was a nice read. I’m curious about the name, as their girls have such cute names. Wonder what they would do for a boy, very strong, or also more cutesy?

Mia on

Are they having a girl or a boy? Was it ever confirmed, or are they waiting for a surprise?

Kelpy on

Hmmm I’m wondering if they know or having a delivery surprise.
If they DO know and it’s a boy I would think he’d have a hand in naming it. Would a baby boy be named Sunshine or Dewdrop?

If it is a girl it’s more than likely they would choose a flower name again, AND although the name ‘Lily’ is lovely – it has become very popular/well-used (aka: common!) here in the UK, and I don’t think well-used is Jools’ style.
I hope it’s a boy because I know they would love to have a son. But three girls is lovely too and I love same sex siblings, they are very VERY cute 🙂
Hmmm, I’m thinking too much into this 🙂 🙂

Mari on

Oh Sunshine and Dewdrop are definitely girl’s names – they must be having another girl. 😉

I’ve always thought that when there are siblings of the same gender, they tend to have more in common when they are grown.

Cait on

Kip Pardue’s character in Remember the Titans was Sunshine, so there’s a still a chance it’s a boy!

WhisperingPines on

I’m sure he’s kidding but I find it weird that he doesn’t even know what the baby will be named. Maybe they don’t know what the baby will be and that’s why she’s picked out name(s). One for each gender.

Becci on

I’m thinking they’ll go for .. Pansy if its a girl 🙂 or Rosie but like Kelpy says Jools doesn’t seem to be into common names and Rosies well-used haha.

As far as a boy goes, I’m leaning towards Teddy for some reason. Something like that anyway.

mamaj on

I’m thinking Tansy for a girl!

Sanja on

Kelpy are you serious? Daisy is #24 and Poppy is #28 in England/Wales, so I’d hardly call them uncommon.

amelie on

I thought I read somewhere that Poppy has a 2nd middle name, Rosie? Apparently her full name is Poppy Honey Rosie. If that’s true (which it may not be) I don’t think they’d use Rosie.

I can see them using a name like Charlie if it’s a boy.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m confused! What kind of tests are done on a placenta?

Philippa on

Yes Amelie, you’re right, her full name is Poppy Honey Rosie. So I’m quite sure too that they won’t use that.
I’m guessing that they’ll have another girl, and I’m really curious to hear what they’re going to name their baby 😀

D on

LOL. Jamie cracks me up with his comments about the baby’s potential name.

Traci on

Absolutely ADORABLE names 🙂 I’m sure whatever Jools comes up with for the new little angel will be just as darling. We love Jamie, always has been one of my favorites, and it’s so nice to see him back on TV in the US again.