Poppy Montgomery Dishes on Jackson's Latest Milestones

01/16/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Jack Guy for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Poppy Montgomery and Adam Kaufman have much to celebrate. They reached a major parenting milestone last month when their first son — Jackson Phillip Deveraux — turned one, and now Jackson has some milestones of his own to crow about. Reveals the 36-year-old actress in the Jan. 26 issue of US Weekly,

“He’s walking, and pointing, and he can say dog, and has bunches of teeth, but he doesn’t have any hair. He looks like my accountant.”

Jackson — who toddles around like a “little drunken sailor,” according to Poppy — marked his big day in mom’s native Australia, at a party thrown by his grandmother. Of the fête, Poppy reveals that her mom “had clowns and petting zoos and a magician that was kind of creepy!”

Source: US Weekly

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Jenn on

“He looks like my accountant.” Ha! That made my day.

Jared Snyard on

Jackson looks just like his father…!! Who is a very good looking
guy…to bad it wasn’t a family portrait..Adam has been on Without
a Trace and CSI New York and Miami.. That is what Johnny Depp said
about his daughter..walking around like a drunken sailor..Jackson
has the cutest smile!!

Nancy on

LOL… I don’t want to sound rude but I always think it’s weird (in a funny-way) when one year old babies have no hair, just like my friend who delivered a little girl last year and whose head was FULL of hair as a newborn. ;o) I’m sure the hair will grow eventually! haha… Would love to see a new piccie of Jackson though… he’s growing so fast! It’s been one year already! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

Jared Snyard on

My nephew went through 3 different hair colours until he was a toddler…it is weird when they go bald and have different hair
colour..He went from brown blonde and red back to brown..hair

Elizabeth on

I just love Poppy and Jackson is too adorable. I never knew she was from Australia. Does anyone know if she has an Australian accent? Just curious.

Brandi on

My first son was bald until he was 20 months old! My husband and I were wondering if he would ever get some hair. Of course my little one had a thick crop of brown hair at birth and kept it all. Even now (he is 2 1/2 and his brother is 5) his hair is a lot thicker then his older brother’s.

Alex on

Elizabeth- She does have an Australian accent, but I find it not as thick as say…Nicole Kidman.

I love Poppy, I think she’s so funny in interviews. Her son is picture perfect he is sooo cute.

Maddie on

I adore Poppy, this family is fantastic. Babies learning to walk is often pretty hilarious, the whole tottering with arms outstretched waiting for the fall…lurching around the room.
My cousin is not quite two and has very fine white blonde hair, so it looks like he’s bald, maybe Jackson’s hair will just grow in slowly? Congrats on turning one! What a milestone, a year goes too fast. Thanks CBB, for another great update on Poppy, Jackson and Adam!