Jennie Garth On Another Baby: 'The Sooner The Better'

01/15/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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Between two busy careers and three busy children, chaos reigns supreme for actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli. Describing their home as “a zoo” and “a complete cuckoo house,” Jennie says she’d nonetheless love to add a fourth child to the mix. “The sooner the better, because I’m not getting any younger,” the 36-year-old 90210 star tells OK!, adding,

“Talk to my husband and my mom. They’ll tell you hell no, but I say yes — more babies!”

Whether it was the decision to sign on to the original Beverly Hills 90210 or the decision to appear on Dancing With the Stars, Jennie says she has no regrets about the choices she’s made, and she hopes daughters Luca Bella, 11, Lola Ray, 6 and Fiona Eve, 2 will adopt a similar mindset as they enter their formative years. “I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done so far — including my mistakes, because they’ve gotten me to where I am now,” she explains. “I want my girls to make mistakes, too.”

Of course, making mistakes is easy; Learning from them is a different story entirely. Jennie recalled one recent family outing to a restaurant, where the girls were being “really loud” and disruptive. An unhappy patron asked Jennie to control her children, complaining that the girls were ruining her meal. “My first instinct was to say, ‘Don’t talk to my kids that way,'” Jennie admits. “But I didn’t, and I let her rant. After the meal, I made them go over to the table and say they were sorry.” While Peter later asked Jennie why she didn’t choose instead to defend the girls, she viewed the situation as an opportunity to teach — and for the girls to learn!

“[I wanted to teach them] to respect their elders, which I think is one of the big things that’s wrong with youth today. At bedtime I asked, ‘What did you guys learn from what happened?’ My 6-year-old said, ‘You have to be kind in a restaurant. There are other people there, too.'”

Click below to read about what happens when the tooth fairy visits!

Something else Jennie is eager to impart to the girls is the importance of healthy teeth and gums; To that end, she signed on to be a spokesperson for Trident gum. “I make my own kids brush and floss every morning,” she explains. “It takes me standing there like a crazy-mom drill sergeant to make it happen, but they’re learning how to take care of themselves.”

They’re also learning the value of a lost baby tooth! Jennie reveals that the tooth fairy makes regular visits to their home — but he often leaves empty-handed.

“My kids put their teeth under their pillows and the next day there’s money. They also collect their teeth after the tooth fairy visits, which is weird. My oldest one has a little jar for them. She takes them out, looks at them and then puts them back on the shelf. What the heck is she going to do with them? I don’t know.”

Source: OK!

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Mary on

Aweeee. I hope they have more kids!

Mom to be on

Jennie seems like a really thoughtful mother. Being able to consider things from another person’s viewpoint is an important skill. As we get older, it’s not just about sharing toys with friends, it’s also about learning to share space with strangers.

Brandi on

Wow, that was very smart of her. My first instinct would be to defend my kids too, but what she did was right especially if they were being too loud.

brooklyn on

Aww. I hope they do indeed have another one. Hopefully a boy!

Rosy J on

What a great mom and she is definitely teaching her girls how to properly conduct themselves. I wish more parent would follow her example. The world would be a better place. Kudos to her and I hope she gets her wish to have another child. She is doing a fantastic job.

MZ on

It’s the sign of a mature parent who can recognize not only when her kids are being a little obnoxious (whether they are doing so intentionally or not) but can also turn it into a learning experience for them. Those girls are lucky indeed to have a mom who could turn the experience into a positive one. I’m sure they grow up to be considerate women.

I hope they have another baby too! They seem like such a cool family and definitely make cute kids 🙂

Amber on

I love this article and my respect for Jennie has gone up tremendously. Awesome.

Fevvers on

I am impressed. It would be so easy to get defensive and instead she used that experience to make a point about sharing and consideration much more powerfully than everyday parental “nagging”.I remember asking a child to stop kicking my chair on an airplane (I don’t think I ranted, just asked him to stop it as it was really bothering me). His mother thanked me later beacuse she said “we say these things and sometimes they think we are just being bossy or annoying, but to hear it from a stranger, that their behaviour is not that pleasant, really makes an impression”. I hope I could be as mature as Jennie and that mother were.

mae on

Oh I just LOVE this family. I’m not sure why but i’ve always pictured them with 5 kids.

We were ALWAYS told to behave well out in public, and we did. I remember once I burped really loudly and my Mom asked me to apoligize to the table beside us, I did of course. I am now 17 and have better manners than all of my girlfriends. I think Jennie is a great Mom.

I love me some Peter Facinelli — Dr. Carlisle Cullen <3.

isabellasmama on

As a restaurant owner I think that she handled that great!! You know it’s a fine line when you have a family in our restaurant. Yes, kids are kids, but they also are in a public environment and should be taught to respect both the facility and also the other people around. I believe that it is the parents job to do that, not mine as a owner to ask them to make their child behave. But, when it comes to the child’s safety, that’s a different story, i.e the kids running around the table, through the restaurant, etc. Then it becomes a safety issue for the child. But it really should come down to the parent to make sure their children don’t bang their forks into your $400 wooden table. Sorry for ranting 🙂

Michelle on

What a great (and important) lesson Jennie taught her daughters. Good for her. I taught my kids from an early age to behave themselves in a restaurant and they do. I can’t stand when kids are running around a restaurant and screaming.

New Shoes on

Haha, I had a collection of my own baby teeth too. I rediscovered them a few years ago while cleaning out my desk in preparation for moving to college. Some of us just like to collect strange things, I guess.

Lilly on

I’m glad she reacted that way.

It’s always troubling when you see children running wild, throwing things, or being rude and the parents do absolutely nothing. It’s not really the duty of other customers or restaurant owners or workers to tell the parents what they should or shouldn’t do, but unfortunately, sometimes it comes to that. Very mature and smart response from Jennie. 🙂

PrincesseEmma on

That’s really funny about the Tooth Fairy, I did the same thing as a child.
The first time I lost a tooth the next day the tooth fairy left me $2 ad I started to cry and said “Where’s my tooth?!” I was so upset that Mum & Dad told me if I put the two dollars under my pillow the tooth fairy would bring my tooth back, which she did so the next day I had my tooth.
I never made any money from the tooth fairy because I kept all my teeth! Now I’m wishing I had the cash…

jessie on

i was in a restaurant the other day and kids at a nearby table were loud so we asked the parents to do something about it. thankfully they did,lol. in some cases it’s not about defending your kids bad behavior, but correcting it.

JP on

That’s really impressive for her to react with that foresight in a moment like that. I hope other parents take it as inspiration.

I remember being a young teen and asking a little kid to stop kicking my chair at a concert. Her dad went, “Why don’t YOU move somewhere else??” It’s kind of nice to hear there are people out there who still value kindness and considerateness.

Whitney Lloyd on

Way to go Jenny! In reference to the restaurant “debacle”: It takes a lot of guts as a mother to swallow your pride and help your kids learn from a situation like that. I plan to try to follow her example if that ever happens to me. Thanks for being such a great role model.

Pencils on

Jennie seems to have missed the point in the restaurant. What Jennie should have done as apologize herself, as apparently her kids don’t know any better than not to act up in a restaurant, and that’s her failing as a parent, not a failing of the children’s behavior. The woman wasn’t talking to the kids that way, she was talking to Jennie. Yes, it was a good thing for the kids to apologize for their behavior, as they learn not to act that way in a restaurant, but Jennie should have apologized too.

Jenna on

The article does not say that Jennie did not apologize – it says she let the patron rant and then had her girls go and apologize. I am sure Jennie apologized to the lady as well.

I think Jennie and Peter are not recognized enough for their excellent parenting skills and role model behavior. I get sick of reading about so-and-so who has kids, but we all know the nanny takes care of them. Jennie was a stay-at-home mom and has done an excellent job with their kids and it shows. Everytime I read an article about them, I gain more respect for them.

Terri on

Great story. It’s a parent’s instinct to always want to defend their children, but kids need to learn discipline. Sometimes children are in the wrong, even when they are yours!