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01/15/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

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It’s that time of year: New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, and we’re all vowing to hit the gym and eat healthier foods. But a certain sector of women — specifically new moms — are attempting to lose their post-baby weight, which is no easy feat! So we’ve put together a collection of stories, photo galleries and Sound-Offs, called “Body After Baby,” designed to inspire and motivate those looking to shed a few pounds.

Check out pictures of celebrities and their children working out together, learn Halle Berry and Jessica Alba‘s slim-down secrets, and learn tips from fellow readers on getting in shape. See it all here!

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Lis on

Ya know, all these women look absolutely fabulous – there’s no doubt about it, but what I would really like to see are pictures of “normal”, “regular” moms who have a great “body after baby”, and their secrets to loosing their baby weight.

I’d like to know how people on a budget, with time constraints, no personal trainers, and no person chefs, shed their weight!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

dee on

I would like to see “normal” moms too. I love seeing the celebs too. But they have personal cooks and trainners to help them get their bodies back.

Louise on

I agree with Lis. I’d be more inspired by seeing ‘average’ women and how they lose baby weight. Not someone who has loads of money, trainers, chefs etc available.
To be frank with you, I’m looking at my post baby body (had him 5 weeks ago) and feeling pretty bad about myself in comparison to these celebrities.

LG on

Lis said it perfectly! We can’t compare ourselves to celebrities.

angie on

Dear Lis

I am a regular mom, I can say that I shed my baby weight by breastfeeding and by barely sleeping.

I think its not the fact of breastfeeding itself what makes you loose weight, it´s about eating healthy so the baby doesn´t get all the junk food we are so used to eat, and by eating healthy yourself, the metabolism improve.

It´s not a secret, it´s sense common. I gained 20 kg during pregnancy and get back to my normal weight (49 kg) in 3 weeks.

Sarah on

I agree with the other comments. Who cares about celeb baby weight lost when most of them were in terrific shape to begin with. Not to mention, as others have said, the help they have access to. I know this is a celeb based sight and I enjoy all other celeb stories but the focus on their weight loss after they give birth bothers me. Let’s face it, for the average woman, baby weight loss will not be so easy and it just sets people up to feel like losers. Give us their help and money, almost all of us would look great.

Chalsey on

I’d like to know how people on a budget, with time constraints, no personal trainers, and no person chefs, shed their weight!!!
– well said Lis!

I am almost 5 months postpartum, I am breastfeeding, eating very healthy are working out 5-6 days a week in addition to chasing around a very active toddler and I still have 19lbs left to lose!! in other words I am working my butt off to lose the weight, and it sure is taking me a very long time.

Gianna on

I’m a personal trainer, so I’ve seen a lot of moms with great bodies. And for me myself I don’t find it as hard as people make it out to seem. I have always worked out on a regular basis and eat healthy it’s more a lifestyle for me than dieting though. Sure celebrities have trainers, chefs, etc, but they still need the discpline and motivation to work out and eat healthy, that nobody can do for you whether you have money or not. People like oprah winfrey who is the richest woman in the world and her weight has always been a struggle for her, shows you that money doesn’t always equal the best bodies. So I agree with angie, it’s no secret, it’s just common sense. If you gain a decent amount of weight like 30lbs, and were in good shape before the pregnancy, for the most part most women will get back into shape. Two of my best clients one is 37yrs and has 3 kids, and another is 38yrs old and had 2 kids, have great bodies and they are middle class stay at home moms that aren’t nearly as rich as celebrities, but they always worked out. The key to me is working out, I did it since I was in my teens and your body maintains toned. And women that are older than me in their 30’s and 40’s have also told me working out from young, has helped them maintain in good shape.

Christine on

I know this site is about CELEBRITY babies and their moms/dads…
But I’d like to see a gallery of us moms. Us FANS of celebrity babies and their parents.
That’s reality. Realistic of what post baby bodies look like.

Barbie on

I am shocked not to see Alessandra Ambrosio up there. After all she had a baby at the end of August Via C-Section and was up and running in lingerie during the VS show in Mid November.

It’s amazing the transformation these celebrities go through. But good for them. They’re lucky.

Shannon on

Most of you are probably aware of this site – but for those of you who aren’t – you can check out real women talking about their PP bodies at

Gingi on

You know, I think People Magazine (and now CBB)send such mixed messages to women about their bodies. I can’t tell you how many articlles I’ve read over the years glorifying celebrities who are “too thin.” Calista Flockhart, Lara Flynn Boyle, and the cast of the new 90210 to name a few. And then they run articles about real people who lose weight. Talk about a contradiction!

I have a preschooler and a set of 5 month old twins (delivered without a c/s). I work a full-time job and I am still breastfeeding. Would I like to look like Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman post-baby? Sure. But I don’t have the time nor the money for a trainer and personal chef. They are actresses who are paid to look a certain way. I am proud of my body and all that it has done. And you’re right, I don’t like how it looks. But I don’t care what Jessica Alba’s secrets to slimming down are because to me (and a lot of other women) it’s an unrealistic expectation.

I WISH I had the time to exercise more. And eat better. I wish I could afford to have healthy prepared to my house so I wouldn’t eat crap. But I don’t.

Just once I would like to see a celebrity come out and say, “you know what? It took me 9 months to gain the weight and it’s taking me 9 months to lose it.” And be celebrated for saying it. Heaven forbid someone in Hollywood has saggy boobs and a flabby stomach like me.

Helen on

I think these celebs mothers are doing more damage than good in the long run by shedding the post pregnancy weight. I am talking about conditions such as Osteoarthritis and brittle bone disease

Louise on

Great site, thanks for letting me know about it. I feel a bit better now, as I see lots of women on that site that look like me!

Christina on


Thanks so much for sharing that site! It’s nice to see normal women.


Shannon on

Hi ladies – no problem at all – yep after my twins it’s been a saving grace that’s for sure! I love it!

Lorus on

I have to agree with the other women. If anything at all seeing these celebs with their thin bodies so soon after having their babies make women depressed that their bodies don’t look like that. IMO, it’s not motivating at all. All it’s saying is that if you have a lot of money to hire a nanny, trainer, cook, personal assistant, etc then you too can have a great body after baby.

R on

The one thing that disturbs me about the getting back to “healthy” eating all the celebs tell us, is the amazingly LOW amount of calories they’re consuming while breastfeeding and working out so often. If I was eating 1200 calories while my body was burning up to 2800 cals. a day I’d be skinny in hurry too! I don’t know of one LeLeche League leader that would say this is healthy but I’m sure all the trainers in LA who know so much about breastfeeding (said tongue in cheek!) assure these women it is!

I’ve always been told that if you are breastfeeding, you should eat 800-1000 calories MORE than when you were pregnant, when you should be increasing your cals. anyway! if this is how they get “healthy” and skinny again, in my opinion, its the same thing as “healthy” anorexia. Not at all an example to us real moms out there who are trying our darnedest to put a healthy, well balanced meal on the table and fit even 15 min. of exercise in our days!


angie on

I agree with all posters, I think is almost a joke when we see a celebrity back in shape 2 weeks pp.

I don´t want my comment above seems pretencious, I was just talking about weight (pounds or kg), but I want to refer to the body in general, that no matter how skinny you were before or are after pregnancy, the body it´s just not the same.

Of course I shed my baby weight fast, but due to baby duty, sleepless night, etc., but my body it´s not the same, I breastfed, so I have saggy boobs, and strech marks, maybe what we all wish is to see that on a star mom, not a “perfect” celebrity mom.

I find the suggestion of the site The Shape of a Mother, perfect in this topic.

Also I have to credit my husband in the acceptance of my new-found body, as he helped me a lot with his encourage words.

Holly on

Quit blaming celebrities for setting “unrealistic” expectations for fans such as yourselves. Eat less than you can burn off, look at why you are really eating crap, and stop using excuses for being fat.

Stephanie on

As Shannon already pointed outk, there is a great website out there. To all who would like to see what “real” mom’s look like:

Anna on

They look great of course. But the emphasis on the back to size zero in 2 weeks is too much. Every interview with a new mother asks that question. As if losing the weight is more important than the baby!

But for every one saying “I don’t have a personal trainer” that is a bit of a cop out as you will still have to do the work yourself. Make a pact with a friend and you can be each other’s personal trainer! Time is another issue of course, as celebs are swimming in it and normal people have to work and take care of their children.

thekate on

Wow Holly that was harsh. I get the point, but you’ll reduce a hormonal post birth mother to tears if you don’t choose your words carefully.

Lorus on

Wow, I’m surprized that comment from Holly made it through!

Most new mothers aren’t eating like “crap”. They are overwhelmed by having a newborn in the house on top of taking care of other children, chores, some are having to work as well, etc. They don’t have the personal chefs to create perfect meals, nannies to watch the kids while they workout (including with a trainer), etc. It takes more than just eating healthy to lose pregnancy weight as fast as celebs do!!
You need to eat more calories while breastfeeding to keep a healthy supply. You’re nourishing a baby on top of yourself.

Louise on

I don’t actually have much weight to lose after my recent baby. And I do watch what I eat. But I already have 2 other children and frankly keeping up with them as well as a newborn takes precidence over slogging to the gym.
However no matter how well I eat I still have lots of stretch marks and my belly is never going to look pre-pregnancy again (I had big babies!) unless I get a tummy tuck- no thanks!