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01/15/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

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morgan on

Ack!! That 19th century breastpump is terrifying!!

Jo Ann v. on

Oh my, the story of the Campbell children… I can’t believe they named their children that way ! In France, it would have been forbidden because of the history behind it… I’m in shock, really…

Brandi on

Agreed morgan!

HeavenlySmiles on

I truly hope those children weren’t removed because of their names or their parents’ beliefs because this is America and it’s not illegal to be racist or a moron. If they took care of their children and didn’t abuse them, they can be as racist and stupid as they desire and keep their kids.

Holly on

“How could they suckle like a barnyard animal?” indeed

nikka on

Even if those kids were removed for hteir names (and i hope that was teh reason) it wouldnt bother me. What kind of life would a child have with such a name? Even if this is america, what happened to the common sense of its citizens? To celebrate someone like A.H by naming the children after them? They need serious mental health help.

eva on

I agree with HeavenlySmiles,as scary and unfortunate as neo-nazi homes are and the potential threat adults raised in hatred pose to others,including my own child,it’s not the children’s fault or choice to be brought up as such.If the parents are feeding them,keeping them away from harm and loving them,then it is best for them to stay home.It would be unfair to punish the children because of something they have no control over.

Lilly on

Beautiful letter President-elect Obama penned for his daughters.

Allie on

it says that they WEREN’T taken because of their names. makes you wonder what they did….

“In the end, the agency chose to remove the children from their parents’ care, but they assured Harris it was not because of the children’s names.

‘They assured me that removing the children had nothing to do with their names or the birthday cake incident. There were other factors that we were not privy to,’ Harris told NBC10’s Doug Shimell Wednesday.”

HeavenlySmiles on

Harris also said the father seemed very loving toward his children. My concern is that the government can already go into anyone’s house and take their kids away based on a tip from any source. While this case is an extreme one, what if someone thinks we are bad parents because of our political or religious views? Yes, naming your child something stupid or evil does set that child up for a tougher life, but I have a friend from high school who named her son Che, after a left-wing revolutionary and mass murderer. Should she have her son taken away because she has awful taste in heroes? Of course not. I just hope the authorities are telling the truth about why they took the children. If those parents neglected or abused their kids, then they deserve the pain of losing them. If the kids were taken away because of their parents’ political views, then the children suffer as does society because of the slippery slope trend. First it’s these morons, next it’s one of us.

I-dra on

naming your child whatever you want without regard for the consequences or your child’s future quality of life is an abuse of freedom & not good parenting. what kind of future did they envision for little adolf? or how about the girl with the unfortunate middle name of “aryan nation”? did they think their children would be first in line for a job? how about on a college application? what if adolf falls in love with a lovely black girl who has second thoughts about him & joining his family after she learns his middle name? there is freedom, then there is child abuse. these parents are setting their kids up for failure and/or legal fees for change of name when they’re 18.