Lucy Lawless' Kids Are Ready for Her to Work

01/11/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

Lucy Lawless knew that the time would come when her kids — Daisy, 20, Julius Robert Bay, 9, and Judah Miro, 6 ½ — wouldn’t need her at home as much at anymore, but she didn’t realize that they would be so vocal about her returning to work! The former Xena: Warrior Princess star signed on for the film Bedtime Stories in part to get out of the house — but she then realized that she “thinks that’s what the kids wanted” also.

“I was in my middle child’s room the other night, irritating him with all these facts about chameleons, and he just asked me to leave the room. And the youngest one has repeatedly begged me to go back to work because he’s quite interested in television and films and thinks I might be able to introduce him to someone famous.”

Now that “my kids are relinquishing me and I’m ready to go back to work,” Lucy cannot wait to sign on for more projects, she reveals. Julius and Judah’s father is Lucy’s husband, film producer Robert Tapert. Daisy’s dad is Garth Lawless.

Bedtime Stories is in theaters now.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

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Mia on

I had no idea she had 2 other kids, cool.

phoebe on

I don’t know anything about this woman, but if that photo is recent, she looks far too young to have a 20-year-old child! Wow!

Ashley on

Yep, Julius was born during the 5th season of Xena, and Judah was born a few years later.

Ashley on

Oh and about Lucy’s age…she was born in 1968, so she was 19 when Daisy was born.

Philippa on

I believe Lucy had her daugher Daisy when she was about 19 or 20.
But you’re right, judging by this picture alone, she looks far too young to have a 20-year-old!

Diane aka Poofer on

Yes the pic is recent.I was taken at thr premeir of “Bedtime Stories” Unusual for someone not to know who “Xena Warrior Princess” is lol

Harley on

Wow, I remember she had had a miscarriage shortly after Xena was over and I had no idea she had two sons. I definitely remember Daisy. I’m glad she’s back in the world of acting 🙂

riley on

She turns 41 at the end of March. Does Daisy have a middle name? You never see it written anywhere.

Anna on

She must have kept her first husbands name because it sounds quite cool and like an artist name. I always thought it was just made up!

Ashley on

She was still married to Garth when she first started working on the Hercules movies and then on the show as Xena, and I believe they were still married at least through the first season of Xena. So by then, she was pretty well known. She didn’t marry Rob until 1998, so I guess by then, she was REALLY well known, so changing her name would’ve been different…at least for an actress. I guess counting all her names, she’s Lucille Frances Ryan Lawless Tapert. Just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? 🙂

I’m not sure what Daisy’s last name is, but she looks just like her mom!

Ashley on

Er…I meant her middle name. 🙂 I think while Daisy looks like her mom, the boys look more like their dad, but they get the blonde hair from Lucy. 🙂

Viv on

Daisy was born 15 July 1988 so Lucy was 20 years old (her birthday being 29 March 1968).

Is Daisy about the same height as her mum? On the few occasions you see them standing next to each other it’s hard to tell as they’ve had heels on. I seem to think though that Daisy’s a bit shorter.

jetta on

re: daisy’s middle name

when i was new zealand about 6 years ago, i picked up a NZ magazine and they quoted daisy as “Caitlin Daisy Lawless”..i have NO idea if “Caitlin” is her given first name and she goes by “Daisy” or if the magazine was wrong as i’ve never read her name as anything other than “Daisy Lawless” since then (i’m a big xena fan 😀 ).

her other kids are: Julius Robert Bay Tapert & Judah Miro Tapert respectively! 🙂

Viv on


That actually makes sense. I’ve seen on the internet once her referred to as “C. Daisy Lawless” which really had me confused, I thought it must have been made up. I’m surprised though, Daisy really seems like a name Lucy would come up with, it’s just very Lucy you know, Caitlin is somewhat a surprising name pick for her imo. Of course Garth probably had a say, but other fans will probably get what I mean. I remember when she was pregnant with Judah she was thinking the name Ursula if he was a girl!

jetta on

haha..yeah, i remember the Ursula comment she made! and i agree that the name “Daisy” is a very lucy name!!!!

Lucy (or Daisy) have never openly talked about Daisy’s name so who knows at this point! might i add that Renee O’Connor (she played “Gabrielle” in Xena) named her daughter Iris! i love that they are both such good friends and Renee followed suite naming her daughter after a flower.

angela on

Looks like all the Xena fans got here before me!! lol. 🙂

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