Brooke Burke Makes Up for Lost Time With Shaya

01/09/2009 at 08:00 PM ET

Have kids, will travel! Brooke Burke reveals in a new entry to Baboosh Baby that she and her brood recently moved their New Years party from the mountains to the beach, before returning home to California. “I just got home from the Bahamas with all the kids,” she writes. “It was an amazing trip, definitely more for them!”  Amazing indeed; Neriah, 8 ½, Sierra Sky, 6 ½, Heaven Rain, 2, and Shaya Braven, 10 months, spent time on a yacht, visited an aquarium, swam with dolphins and “played [for] endless hours on the beach,” Brooke says. The trip was especially needed in that it offered Brooke and Shaya a chance to reconnect after a hectic fall while Brooke participated on — and won! — the 7th season of Dancing With the Stars. She writes,

“He and I really bonded on this trip. I carried him close to me in his sling quite a bit, which made up for much missed time over the past few months.”

Maintaining her DWtS physique will be a priority in 2009, even if she was temporarily derailed by the holiday. Fortunately, 37-year-old Brooke has an ally in her oldest daughter. “I started my morning off right [when] Neriah and I shared an egg white, tomato, zucchini and mozzarella omelet, before I took her to school,” Brooke writes. “She loves to eat healthy with me.” In closing, Brooke again put out a call for help; She has been exploring “mommy sites” on the Internet, and is looking for recommendations for others.

Neriah and Sierra are Brooke’s children with ex-husband Dr. Garth Fisher; Rain and Shaya are her children with fiancé David Charvet.

Source: Baboosh Baby

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Kelly on

Two mommy advice forums sites i use are babyhold & babygaga i LOVE babyhold everyone is so sweet & helpful!

Sammy-xx on

Is Shaya pronounced Shay-ya or Shia like Shia LaBeouf ? I’ve always wondered.
I can’t get over how amazing Brooke always looks. She has young 4 kids and she have such a flat stomach. Incredible.

Mrs. R. on

So, I don’t know if Brooke will read the comment section here, but Circle of Moms on Facebook is a handy user site. It’s generally a mommy community, but there are defined sections for different needs/situations.
I get what she was saying about the sling and bonding time. I know when I feel disconnected from my daughter for some reason, I try to wear her more, and then we just seem to click again.

Something About Baby on

I still cannot believe that Brooke has had so many babies – she looks amazing.

Tina on

Sadly, especially with babies there’s no way to “make up” for lost time with a baby…

Fevvers on

I think a small baby like Shaya needs the physical closeness of his mother more than anything else, so its great Brooke is using her sling. Perhaps not so great that she did a tv show which meant she was rarely around at that age…but maybe Dad is the primary caregiver? So long as someone permament and loving is he (Shaya) will be fine. Though Brooke may find that her relationship with Shaya is quite different to the others.

Gianna on

Well david seems to be more home with the kids than brooke, she was in las vegas this weekend hosting an event and she will also be doing the red carpet on nbc on sunday, so I think she is the primary breadwinner and he is more of a stay at home dad, and since she has 4 children and is living in ca which isn’t cheap, she probably takes all the jobs she can get. Just because she works doesn’t mean it’s wrong, there’s working moms everywhere, and brooke seems like a good mom when you read her blogs and her bew twitter, you can tell she tries to be very hands on. And yes I agree with other posters her body does not look like she had any kids, let alone 4 kids.

Natasha on

I think that her relationship will be just fine with Shaya (which is Shy-a, like Shia LaBeouf) and if he happens to have a closer relationship with his Dad then that’s fine too! I think that he would probably have a special relationship with David anyways because they’re the only two boys in the family of 6! 🙂

Jane on

As much as it’s too bad that she had to be away from Shaya a lot for a few months, I don’t think it will necessarily have a lasting impact on her relationship with him, especially with her making the effort to keep him close now.

I really like Brooke; she seems totally enamoured with all of her kids.

gianna on

I agree with you natasha, and I also bet brooke will have a bond with shaya considering he is her only son and she always wanted a boy. I forget to mention in my other post brooke worked a lot when neriah and sierra were little, and she always seemed close and hands on with them too. She was on that e show where she would travel a lot, she did rock star show with dave navarro, she did modeling and playboy all after 2 kids, so she’s always been a working mom like most celebrities are. The only time she took off was about a 2yrs when she had rain and was than pregnant with shaya. She is hoping to land a sitcom too she said recently.

acidstars9 on

If the baby has a stable home life with lots of love then he will be fine. There is nothing wrong with his dad taking care of him while Brooke is away. Although I don’t know how she manages to do so much, it seems like it would be hard for me even with no kids. But she seems like she has a good idea of how to be a good mom. I’ve seen parents who spend lots of time with their kids but the time is not spent doing anything constructive or bonding.

Also, I think Brooke is pretty into fitness and makes a little extra effort to keep in shape. I know she has been doing pilates for a very long time, and that focuses on the core muscles of the stomach and back.

kylie on

IDK if this will help But I have been a member of babygaga for well over a year now… I love it… Brooke if you are reading come to baby-gaga you def. wont get slammed for being a working mum…Mumma’s How do you know that Shaya wasn’t in the dressing room 24/7… Quality time for Brooke may mean something different than it means to you… Maybe quality time means working 6 months to take 6 months off and spend “quality time” We should all respect and support each others mothering choices…

Niko on

I actually know for a fact they have several nannies and according to a friend (who is an actor as well) she is never around and a lot of it is for show…don’t know if that’s true, but if it is that’s sad!
Oh and a lot of the photos you see on-line were apparently staged where they call the paps and tell them where they’ll be…a lot of c list celebs do it but its sad when it involves kids!

Fevvers on

Sorry, did not mean to start the whole working mum dispute (esp since I have been one myself!)…I WAS NOT saying she should not work or that working mums are not good mums. I WAS saying that it was not IDEAL that she could not stay at home with Shaya more when he was so very very tiny. Sorry, but there is a lot of literature about attachment that does say IDEALLY the mum and baby should be together for as much of that first year as possible. But thats theory and we parent in real life. I am in no way throwing stones. I made my decisions and Brooke made hers. Yay us!

*AJ* on

Niko Says:
January 10th, 2009 at 8:45 pm
I actually know for a fact they have several nannies and according to a friend (who is an actor as well) she is never around and a lot of it is for show…don’t know if that’s true, but if it is that’s sad!
Oh and a lot of the photos you see on-line were apparently staged where they call the paps and tell them where they’ll be…a lot of c list celebs do it but its sad when it involves kids!

AJ: No offense but how do you know for a fact? Are you one of her nannies, or a family member? Do you sit outside and mark down everytime you see her leave with out her children? Do you take score of how many people go in and they look like nannies? Why would you say you know for a fact and then say you don’t know if its true? Isn’t that kind of a contradiction to the statement?
Im sorry but be far for it to judge anyone else in other circumstances because A: Im not living in them B: Im not them and, C: Its not my business or place to say that what they are doing is wrong. And why would you bring a “friend who is an actor” into the subject but not want to list him? hmmm yea okay

Mary on

i dont think you can make up with lost time with babies either. Now, poor little Shaya is going to be confused who is mom- mom or the nannies! awee. they are all cute kids!

Jane on

Mary, we don’t know very much about how Brooke and her husband parent, as we aren’t in their personal circle. Just because one person here claims they have a lot of nannies and hardly spend time with their kids, doesn’t make it true. I mean, for all we know it IS true, but it’s just as likely that it’s not.

And I know that this isn’t really that comparable to Brooke’s situation, but all this talk of babies not being able to recuperate from lost time with mom makes me think of adoption. What about people who adopt kids who are 1, 2 years old? Just because they weren’t there during their early development, doesn’t mean that the baby and the parent won’t develop just as strong a bond as if they were. Brooke was apparently fairly absent for a few months during DTWS, but if she puts in the effort now with Shaya, they’ll be just fine.

Emma on

On DWTS Brooke called her baby son “SHAY-A” , as in rhymes with Layer.

I love her children’s names and I loved Brooke on DWTS.