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01/09/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

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Molly on

This is regarding to that single father with two sons… i think this rule is very strict, but not absolutely ridiculous. Our local pool has the similar rule and these parents just go to another one, and noone complains. It only takes a split second (im not kidding) for the child to get in the danger and tragedy to happen (even with one single child) So if his local pool has this rule, he should go during the times when it doesnt apply. It reminds me the case when the man decided to join the women only fitness and took them to court for discrimination.

What i find discriminating is that most restaurants do not have the changing tables in the men’s toilets. What about if there is a single father with a baby in need to change the diaper? Does it go to the women’s bathroom?

Brandi on

My boys just have a first and middle name, but I have noticed many friends doing mom’s maiden name as a second middle.

Jen on

After having had a baby at almost 37 weeks gestation (early labor) and then having to have him in the NICU, anyone who schedules a baby to be born early is just selfish IMO.
Are we really to the point where we are so obsessed as a culture on if something fits into a schedule or not that we are willing to jeopardize our babies? Crazy, just crazy.

Molly on

Jen, i didnt read that article till I saw your comment so i went and read it. Thanks, I would have miss it otherwise.

Did that woman really schedule c-section so she can get a tax break for this year? I hope it’s just a typo.

mary on

At first by just reading the headline of “How many names does your child have?” I at first thought it meant nicknames. Each of our children have a first, middle and last. However, I have given them each nicknames. Elizabeth is Elizabeast, Bearoroni, But her friends call her Eliza after her favorite charactor Eliza Dolittle. She’s 16 and let me tell you Elizabeast fits her well sometimes. Daniel is Danielson But never Dan, Or his friends call him DQ (our last name starts with Q), Thomas is Tomas or Tosses his little sister would say, And Laura is Lola. I on the other hand was given five names at birth. All which are on the birth certificate. I can only get three on a check or DL too long otherwise. I was named after many people. I hated it while growing up. But I love all the names now.

Dana on

Scheduling your baby’s birth to fit your schedule, really ticks me off! If a doctor decides to induce slightly before the due date, due to a myriad of reasons, that is one thing. But to schedule because it is convenient for you, is ridiculous. Both of my best friend’s sisters did this, with 2 different pregnancies each. I understand if you have medical issues, but because it fits into my schedule, or I like this date? Ooohhh, just burns me!

I am usually not opinionated in these type of issues, and think to each his own, but this just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

N.S on

Ditto what Jen said.

MZ on

Until I got pregnant, I had no idea about the risks of having a baby a couple of weeks early. It doesn’t just got for c-sections but induced deliveries as well (according to a big study done at OSU Medical Center, which CNN covered a couple of months ago). I am high-risk and asked my doctor if I should be induced around week 37 or 38 to make sure I didn’t go into labor on a weekend or something when he might not be around, at the suggestion of a family member who is a nurse. My OB then explained to me all the risks and said that weekend or no he’d be around to deliver my baby b/c that’s what was best for the baby and me. Now that I know all of that, I can’t imagine having an elective c-section or induction that early!

As far as names go, if our baby is a boy he will have one middle name but if she is a girl we have 2 middle names picked out which we are going to hyphenate.

phoebe on

Sorry if this sounds bad, but that lady who had her baby early simply because of tax reasons should be utterly ashamed of herself. Putting money ahead of her baby is a disgrace. I’m entirely shocked by that.

sienne on

kids have 4 names: their first and second are given, the third name is my hubby’s, fourth name, my last name…

I have a couple of other friends doing this as well. I told hubby while we were dating that I am not changing my last name! (*But he was free to change his 🙂 )

I got tired of the “maiden name/married name” crap. Let the guys go through that!

Brannon on

Sienne – nice! (I’ve told mine the same thing 🙂

The single parent thing seems a little ridiculous?

DLR in Canada on

Both the “Single father turned away from swimming pool” and the “First “Breast Cancer Free” Baby Is Born” articles were very thought-provoking. I can’t say I agree with either policy/practice, but they still made for intriguing reads!