Tim McGraw Says Daughters Have Him Wrapped Around Their Fingers

01/08/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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When it comes to embracing life with three daughters, Tim McGraw is leading the charge. In a new interview with Family Circle the 41-year-old country singer reveals that Gracie Katherine, 11, Maggie Elizabeth, 10 and Audrey Caroline, 7, have their dad so “wrapped around their little fingers” he even goes where few men would be willing to go! “We … play dress up and I let them put make up on me,” Tim says. “But even if we’re grocery shopping it’s still a good time.”

While wife Faith Hill would go so far as to call Tim a pushover for the girls, Tim begs to differ. He does admit, however, that he’s already begun contemplating — and dreading — the girls’ teenage years.

“I’ve jokingly told my friends who have sons the same age as Gracie that I’m going to hit the nicest boy of the bunch right off the bat. So when he goes to school with a black eye, all of the other boys will see that I’ve punched the nicest one and they’ll be scared to death of me.”

Tim and Faith have been married since 1996.

Source: Family Circle

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Amber on

LOL. 3 teens will be interesting. My dad always asked to see two form of ID before my dates as a teen.

carolina on

While Tim may be joking, I don’t think such an uptight attitude about daughters dating boys is healthy or fair. And it certainly is very hypocritical. Do we ever hear a mother talking about hitting their son’s first date? So why is it ‘acceptable’ or ‘humorous’ when a father says this about their daughters?

tracy on

It’s so nice to hear a manly man admit that he plays dress up with daughters, make up and all!

mom of 3 boys on

to Caroline:

I agree, but as a mom of three boys, I am TOTALLY the same with my boys. No girl will be good enough for my boys. I think it’s just the ‘daddy’s little girl syndrome’. But yes, parents of boys should feel the same way. Does the girl have good standards? will they be good enough for my boys? etc.

jen on

I’m sure he’s joking about hitting the boy, but I really hope he’s not going to be an overly protective dad when it comes to dating. I understand that three teenage girls is a scary thought (I’m the youngest of three girls) but I’ve also seen the way girls of overly protective dads act. It’s definitely the opposite effect. Otherwise I love how great he is with his girls. I love dads that don’t mind doing the ‘girly’ things with their daughters. It’s so sweet. Love this couple.

Rebecca on

I think it’s good that he’s protective of his daughters. Tim and Faith are one of the few ‘celebrity’ couples who have a great marriage and family life. They’ve been married for 13 years this year! At least with involved parents like this, the girls won’t be like the lindsey’s and brittney’s of the world as teenagers.

Kim on

My dad never let me put makeup on him, yet alone polish his toenails LOL . An I never played dress up either as a kid….

Anna on

I don’t see what funny about joking that your going to hit a child.

Lisa on

OMG people are ridiculous. It is a joke. Its amazing how people take something and twist it into something bad.

Silvermouse on

Since my dad’s from the South, he always jokes that he’s going to shoot at any guy who’s cruel to me if he appears at my house. But he would never do such a thing, because he’s the nicest dad I know 🙂 But I understand Tim, my dad had three girls too and we have ways to push him over lol.

Laydacris on

Some people have no sense of humour!!! Lighten up he was JOKING!!

chowchowpug on

Wow! The girls are growing up fast! I love their names, very cute and orginal! They’re cute and sweet like Violet Anne, Stella Doreen, and Ava Elizabeth. But they also have some stylin in them like Suri!! Nothing strange like Zuma Nesta Rock and Pilot Inspector!

Harley on

Good gracious ya’ll, it’s a joke! Quit being so uptight. For pete’s sake, my dad used to pull out the shotgun and clean it before I went on a date. My dad’s golden rule to my dates, “If you make my daughter cry, I’ll make you cry”. It’s not unhealthy, he’s allowed to joke about it. That’s far from the worst thing I’ve ever heard said about guys with daughters in regards to dating. I have a niece who I’ve joked about putting a GPS tracking device on here once she hits 13.

phoebe on

Whether or not he was joking (and I’m certain he was), violence is not something that should really be put out there in this kind of context. I also don’t like how parents are so vocally protective of their daughters, when it’s essentially just as likely that their sons will get hurt in an early relationship. I know Tim only has daughters, but I’ve seen parents talk about protecting their girls, but letting their boys tough it out because that’s how boys are and that is a terribly Victorian attitude. So to sum up, I totally understand why people are uncomfortable with Tim’s comments.

mmh on

I think it is refreshing to hear parents who INSIST on their children being treated well by the opposite sex. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many teen pregnancies, unwed mothers, etc., if kids were held to higher standards. I know the two don’t always, exactly go together, but they can. Just sayin’ — people deserve to be treated well in relationships and sometimes it takes parents to model that for kids to understand.

MZ on

I think dads tend to be worried about their daughters getting *physically* hurt in a relationship (rape and the like), rather than just emotionally hurt. Guys are not immune to rape of course, but it does tend to happen more to women and so I think that’s part of the reason we read about dads being more protective of their daughters. Right or wrong I won’t argue, just offering a potential explanation.

mmh on

I do agree that some people can have TOO high of standards for dating their children, but some balance is good, I believe.

carolina on

I know that he was joking, and that he wasn’t being serious. But it still rubs me the wrong way when some parents are so strict about boys dating their daughters. If your father is so paranoid of boys and their intentions, how are you as a girl ever going to be trustful of men? Of course I understand that dads being protective doesn’t mean that their daughters will have trouble establishing healthy relationships, but still…

Maybe this is a cultural difference and I am taking it too seriously. I guess this kind of attitude is common in the (Southern) USA. Here in the Netherlands and I think most parts of Western Europe it is not.

Mel on

My guess is he knows what kind of teen boy he was growing up, and doesn’t want that for his daughter. A teen boy controlled by hormones might need to have that thought of this is someone’s daughter.

My friend reminded me when we were discussing the differences in raising boys and girls- Moms of boys only have to worry about one penis. Moms of girls have to worry about all of them.

SamC on

I am looking forward to the day my son gets married! I know there is someone out there for him. He is our only child and I can’t wait to have a daughter. I hope to be a very loving, caring, and supportive mother-in-law. I’m sure I won’t have a long wait since he is almost 19. Maybe in three or four more years.

liv on

I agree with phoebe and the others.

Terri on

I thought it was just a cute story.

Elaine on

I realize he was joking about his “Daddy’s Little Girl syndrome.”

You know why do we find this cute? when a dad is way overprotective of daughters and threatens beating up young men (possible suitors).

It’s not really respectful and it is condoing violence. I am sure he did not think this threw and it was an off the cuff remark.

If the boy had done something to the girl and hurt her I understand the sentiment. But in this case he is suggesting beating a “the nicest” of his daughter’s potential suitors to scare the hell out of all boys.

Is this healthy for anyone including his daughter? I personally don’t find it remotely funny even in jest.

As a mother of 2 boys, who are gentleman and Christian and nonviolent, I do resent this type of father. Just because he might have been a bit of “cad” in his day does not mean all boys are going to potentially mistreat his daughters.

My boys would be nothing but polite to a young woman’s family. They would be nothing but respectful to the girl herself.

It just rubs me the wrong way that some Dad out there would suggest beat down my son or anyone’s son(or say he would) as a message to all the others for no other other reason than they are interested in his daughter and have a penis. Just very wrong. Joke or not.

Myra Robinson on

I have 3 daughters and they are grown already,but I understand why Tim said that. and he did not say he would beat them up,he said pop em one in the nose,but he said it laughingly and he meant he will be really hard on the boy who dates gracie and her sisters. but he also said if that didnt help he would have his wife talk to them and he said she is very intimidating. that is all they would really need is for the girls Mom to set them straight on how to treat a Mcgraw girl. Tim and Faith talk to their daughters all the time about what goes on in the world and what they need to know about life on a daily basis.

Myra Robinson on

one other thing about Tim and Faith,their girls are learning how a boy should treat a girl,because they see it daily the respect that their dad has for their Mom. so they know how they should be treated when they start dating. the way Tim treats Faith in front of the girls tells them this is how it is done. and those of us who are fans can see the respect he has for her when we see them out somewhere or on stage. Tim should realize he does not have to worry too much.