Kate Winslet is 'Completely Knackered'

01/08/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
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With a happy marriage, two healthy children and a successful career, Kate Winslet admits that her life is “incredible” — but it’s no accident. Instead, the 33-year-old actress tells the February issue of ELLE UK her good fortune is the result of  good old-fashioned hard work. “It’s the same for any working woman,” she adds. “You run and you work, you run and you work, and you try not to let anything drop.” In her efforts to keep everything afloat, Kate reveals that she has at least one trusted ally — and it’s not a nanny!

“I am ‘List Woman’ — I make lists constantly. What we’re doing, where we are, what needs to be done, should be done, has to be done, shopping, school, work — everything.”

Describing herself as “completely knackered,” Kate reveals that her husband Sam Mendes often encourages her to relax, but it’s a state of being she sometimes struggles to achieve. “The other day I had a morning with nothing to do for the first time in months,” she reveals. “So I cleared out [5-year-old] Joe [Alfie]’s wardrobe.” Kate makes no apologies for pursuing her career while growing her family, however, which also includes daughter Mia Honey, 8. Calling acting her “passion,” she adds,

“When something is a passion, you want to do it to your absolute best ability. Of course you have dilemmas, especially when once you have kids. We try to make sure that one of us is always there at home, and I very rarely work away on location. But I also acknowledge that it’s part of me. My marriage, my kids and my work are the three things that make me happy.”

Click below to read about Kate’s plans to show her children Titanic.

Although their mom co-stars in Titanic, Joe and Mia are yet to see the film — the highest grossing all time.  “Mia’s getting older and I do want to watch it with her and Joe,” Kate admits. “I have this absolute fear of [Mia] going off on a playdate and seeing Titanic…but I want that to be something we all share as a family.” Perhaps the film will even be enough to persuade Mia that Kate’s career is noteworthy!

“It’s a weird one because she knows what I do for a living, but it’s no big deal. I’m there with the other mums at the school gate and, if anything, I’m probably the one who looks the least glamorous.”

Mia is Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Jim Threapleton; she has been married to Sam since 2003.

Source: ELLE UK

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JM on

It’s so hard for me to believe Titanic came out over 10 years ago! Gosh I remember seeing it multiple times in the movie theater with friends (back when it wasn’t so expensive to see a movie)!!! I think Mia will def. appreciate it someday just like most who saw it!

Macy on

I just really love Kate Winslet. She seems like one of the more down to earth celeb moms out there. I also like the fact that she makes no apologies for acting, it’s her job and she balances it with her home life, just like every other mom out there. Although I suspect she makes a bit more than most!!

Amber on

She looks AMAZING!

babyboopie on

I love her, she’s one of my favourite actresses, and celebrities because she’s so real, and so lovely!

victoria on

i love loove love her! so down to earth-
my 10 year old loves the titanic movie- but only the sinking not the ‘love stuff’
cant wait to see what kate is going to do next