Victoria Beckham Gazes at Her Cranky Cruz

01/07/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Poor baby! Victoria Beckham keeps a watchful eye on 3 ½-year-old son Cruz David — who seemed to be a little under the weather, coughing frequently — during a soccer match between AC Milan and Hamburg SV in Dubai on Tuesday. Dad David Beckham is currently on loan to Milan until March, when he will return to the US for the start of the Los Angeles Galaxy’s season.

David and Victoria are also parents to Romeo James, 6, and Brooklyn Joseph, 9 ½. See more photos in our gallery, The Beckham Boys: The Coolest Guys in Town!

REUTERS/Jumana El Heloueh/Landov


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Natasha on

Cruz is so cute! He looks a lot like his mom in these pics! Something about his eyes.

Susan on

I am not sure how much of a fan of Victoria Beckham I am – but I am a fan for how well she takes care of her children. Kudos to her.

morgyn on

poor guy. maybe all the traveling and time zone changes finally caught up with him. such a cutie though!

Jessica on

Susan you took the words straight out of my mouth! She looks like a great mum.

Sunehri on

Awww little Cruzie, I love that kid! He’s my favorite celebrity baby ever!

Laura on

He is so cute. they are one of my favorite celebrity families. she looks like such a great mom. i hope you feel better cruz!

Olivia on

I love Victoria. She is a great mom

lala21 on

She looks so pretty here. He is a doll. She does seem like a very involved mom .

fuzibuni on

maybe this is a little harsh, but seriously folks, if your kid is sick please don’t subject the general public to their germs.

Artemis on

fuzibuni, yes that is very harsh. A few coughs in open air is subjecting the general public to germs? seriously? People who cough should be locked up at home?
Sick people tend to take more care of their hygiene compared to ordinary people. They wash their hands more often and cover their mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing. I mean come on!

~ Beth ~ on

@ fuzibuni:

I was thinking the same thing except if your kid is sick, why make him go out? Why not get a sitter & let him get some rest? Just my opinion though.

fuzibuni on

well Artemis, maybe i’m biased, but all i’m sayin is that a few days ago I was at the movie theater next to a coughing kid with the sniffles, and now i’ve got what seems to be the same thing. not only was the movie experience compromised for me, but now I’ve had to call in sick for work. And Cruz doesn’t look to happy in that picture either… probably would have been better to leave him at home with a sitter and a bowl of chicken soup imo.

ericka on

😦 aww he’s so sweet and she def loves her children. That look on her face is just so caring. She strikes me as a good mum

ericka on

In defence of him being outside…he probably got sick on the way or when they got there he probably started to not feel very good. You never know…

Meg on

I don’t know where the “coughing frequently” comment came from. There’re many other pics where he looks perfectly fine and into the game.

Silvermouse on

I’m slighty with fuzibuni. . . some people in my college classes don’t understand why professors give 2 to 3 days before they start counting off. So whenever someone is sick, I get it :-(. However, with Artemis, I agree on two issues. One, it actually can make one sicker to stay in the house, (not including getting solid rest and eating right) fresh air is really good for a cold and is better than just lying around the house. (This doesn’t relate to a child of three) Also, a sick person needs to go out and get medicine.
Poor Cruz, I hope he feels better, and Victoria looks especially beautiful with that expression.

Sarah on

Hum, maybe he just wanted to watch his daddy play ? I’m sure she would have left him at home with a sitter had he been that badly sick. We don’t know the speculation, all I know is, ever since she has become a mother, I don’t think I have seen or heard of a single situation where she has endangered or compromised her children’s safety … She knows what she’s doing 🙂

Elli on

oh, will you stop the discussion about Cruz being sick? Nobody knows about his state of helath so be quiet. This picture is just one of many. He might be tired, he might be sick,he might wnat to have ice cream, he might have belly problems, he might have a bad day, he might hate the fact that he has to watch just another football game… and so on – who knows? It might just be a picture on which he does not smile and you come up with the weirdest discussion about sneezing in public??

Molly on

Whenever you go outside you’re being exposed to germs. And you’re more likely to get sick sitting with a sick person INSIDE.

Also, a cough could mean he’s getting over a cold – no longer contagious, but the cough lingers, or he could be getting over bronchitis, or have allergies (you can still have them in the winter, unfortunately!)

That said, I do get annoyed when people invite me over and don’t tell me that their kids are sick. (When I was a kid, that was how I got chicken pox, from my friend’s little sister…they didn’t feel it was important to mention that fact before I went over.) The worst offender? My cousin, who’s a doctor!

Megan on

I love Victoria. I never cared for her as Posh Spice, but since she’s become a mom, I just love her. She’s always so attentive and caring toward her boys, and they’re so well-behaved and cute. And of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s married to Beckham 😉 Cruz is cute, I bet it was nothing big, because Victoria has proven many times over that she’s not against leaving the kids home when it’s necessary, and good for her for doing so. She’s a great mom.

Megan on

And look at her face! She loves her little boy. And hey, who doesn’t love a mom of 3 boys who wears false eyelashes to her husband’s soccer game? Beckham Fam ftw!

Natasha on

I don’t think Victoria or David would “force” Cruz to attend the game. All three boys love to go to see their Dad play, maybe Cruz didn’t wanna miss out?

Stephanie on

Did anyone ever think that even if he is “sick” that Victoria wanted him to stay home but he really wanted to go support his father anyways? I honestly cannot see her forcing her sick little boy to go to his father’s soccer game.

babyboopie on

How do we know he’s sick? He might be tired or upset because of something! I’m sure he’s alright, and Victoria is one hot mama! Want to be like her!