Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa Welcome Son Nakoa-Wolf

01/07/2009 at 08:00 PM ET

It’s a boy for Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa! Son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa arrived in the first half of December, on “the stormiest, rainiest night,” Jason’s mother posts on his official forum. Nakoa-Wolf joins big sister Lola Iolani, 17 months, as well as ZoΓ« Isabella, 20, Lisa’s daughter with Lenny Kravitz.

Explaining the name, Jason’s mother reveals that Nakoa means “warrior,” while Mana refers to “strength/spirit,” and Kaua — “rain” — and po — “dark” — refer to the conditions at the time of his birth. The second middle name, Namakaeha, is also Jason’s.

Although Lisa’s pregnancy because obvious over the summer, the Life on Mars star didn’t confirm she was expecting until October. “I’m seven months and I feel great,” the 40-year-old said at the time, revealing that she and Jason, 29, planned on a delivery surprise. “When my friends ask me, I say, ‘I really don’t know.’ I love the mystery and I trust the mystery about it. It adds a whole other component at the end.”

Source: Jason Momoa

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heather lynn on

Well, that name is quite a mouthful! I completely forgot she was expecting!!

Jen K on

Wow, what a delay in us knowing! Congrats to them, I love Jason Momoa. I can’t believe Atlantis is ending this week!

That’s a big name for a little baby. But I love that we are given the meaning behind it.


Jason’s mom announced the news Dec. 15th; unfortunately we just had to wait awhile before posting because we had to confirm the birth.

-CBB Staff

Danigirl on

What a great looking family. I love the meanings in his name. I’m going to name my future son Wolfgang. =)

carleigh on

What a mouthful of a name. Lisa Bonet is so exotic looking and she makes very beautiful kids, can’t wait to see pics of the newest bundle.

Kelpy on

πŸ™‚ A boy for Lisa
The first half of his name is short & sweet
Congrats to the parents!!

Michelle on

Congrats to them, but that name is sure a mouthful! πŸ™‚

Kelly on

That is a very…interesting name. Congrats to the whole family. Does anyone know how to pronounce his name?

gigi on


Tilly on

Wow, good luck to that little boy learning to spell his full name.

Jazz on

I’m assuming Na-kowe-ah is how it’s pronounced. I actually like it. It’s very distinctive and it has meaning.

Ali on

Hawaiian names are often quite long. It’s a function of only having 12 letters in their alphabet. Congrats to all involved.

Lynn on

I liked Lisa on The Cosby Show and A Different World. I forgot she was pregnant.

That is a long name for the little boy.

rb on

Nakoa Momoa I bet his looks will make up for that name

fuzibuni on

what beautiful hawaiian name.
it’s nice to see people proud of their heritage.

and it will be fun to see this baby grow up… doubt he will be lacking in the looks department.

HeatherR on

How exciting to now have a baby boy in the family! He will be great looking for sure!!!

patricia on

love the name, gorgeous family..esp daddy!

fay on

wow some of you ppl are rude…

Anna on

I love the name and what it means.

ericka on

Congrats to them! I bet he’s going to be handsome just like his daddy. You can tell Jason has a HUGE influence in the naming of their children.

I’m Hawaiian myself and would never do that to my child lol…maybe one or two but wow that’s a lot of spelling for one kid.

Are the kids growing up in the Islands?

ericka on

Although, I think it might be a tradition in their family to have more than one middle name. As Jasons birth name is Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa.

gianna on

I loved lisa on the cosby show and after two daughters, I was hoping she would have a son. Her oldest daughter zoe is gorgeous, I bet the boy will be too. Wow zoe was an only child for years, and now she has 2 siblings, how sweet. Congrats to the whole family.

Fergette on

Is his name Nakoa Mamoa pronounced in such a way that they rhyme?

I love all of the names and the meaning behind them but wonder why they did not find other names they loved with just as much meaning that didn’t rhyme with Jason’s last name.

Congrats to them!

Mia on

Aww, congrats, they had a boy πŸ™‚ I bet he’s adorable.

Anna on

I don’t think we need to worry about him spelling his name when young. When do you write your full name? Nakoa-Wolf Momoa is quite easy to spell.

dee on

Great looking fam!

Meg on

Wow.. what a name! Good luck on standardized tests and signing checks!! lol

Anna on

Signing checks should be easy as you use your signature, so he can choose himself how long it is.He could make a signature of only 4 letters if he wants.

ericka on

Is his name Nakoa Mamoa pronounced in such a way that they rhyme?

Yes lol but I doubt they did it on purpose?…Maybe that’s why he has all the other names with it, so you get distracted that you don’t really notice? lol

jasmine on

I love the name Nakoa. Nakoa-Wolf is handsome. Congratulations to the family!

brandi c. on

lol i was wondering when it was gonna be posted. congrats!!

phoebe on

I’m not really keen on the name, but I’m sure he’s gorgeous, so congratulations to the new mummy and daddy and big sisters!

Alana on

Lovely name! Congratulations to happy parents!

Philippa on

Wow that’s a big name, and I’m not sure if I like it, but I do like the meaning behind his names.
Congrats to them!

fay on

i don’t know if you ppl are serious, but you’re killing me with the long names questions… so because i have a long name i’ll answer the question…

ITS YOUR NAME… the same way you teach a kid john and mary is how they’ll teach him his name…

u don’t show your child the word JOHN and they just got it… you have to practice with them, and help them, and work it out…

it’s the same thing… zoe and lola have short names and when they learn(ed) them they went through a PROCESS, i’m sure they’ll go through a similar, albeit longer process when the boy learns his name…

WOW… i hope you guys keep this small minded judgement on the interwebs and don’t actually TALK to people in real life w/ this foolishness.

and it’s funny, because when i’ve been to africa and asia, ppl work and TRY to learn my given name, even though it is 11 letter and quadrasyllabic… but when in america and europe, whenever i introduce myself my my given name, one of the first following questions is “what do people call you for short?”

its really quite sad…

Natasha on

I like it in general πŸ™‚ Although one day if he just wants to go by Nakoa, he’ll be Nakoa Mamoa haha. Congratulations to them!

SarahSings on

I agree with Fay. Many of the comments are pure bigotry. This country was founded on a mixture of heritages but everyone here seems to want all children named Lily and John cause they’re easy to spell and remember. Forget heritage, forget individuality, just make it easy for the sheep on CBB to remember. Pathetic. I don’t care what anyone names their kids. I’m just happy the baby is healthy and the family is happy.

JM on

nice that they got a boy!

KS on

I personally love the name. I am a 7th grade special education teacher in Hawaii and I still remember getting my roster the first day of school! My students have an average of 4-5 names with approximately 8-16 letters. I agree with Fay. Kids learn to spell their name. My students can’t spell “with” but they do know how to spell their names – ALL of them. On top of that they are very proud of their names. Hawaiian names are beautiful and carry significance in the same way as Nakoa-Wolf’s.

Nicole on

I really like it! At least it’s connected to his Hawaiian heritage, not just “oh we sat down and watched the jungle book.” The “wolf” part is only “odd” name in the bunch – as in, it’s usually not considered a “name” – but it actually sounds good with Nakoa.

Brannon on

I agree – Hawaiian names are very beautiful. However, just as on any other post, not unusual for people to comment on names. To each their own…

That being said, I can’t help noticing you go by Fay? Why the shortened moniker?

Jen DC on

I love the name – and he’s bound to be tall enough to carry it off one day! And what teenaged girl on the mainland doesn’t like a boy with a long, interesting, sexy name? (Or teenaged boy, for that matter.) He’s going to make out like a BANDIT. And he has a memorial of his birth IN his name! I was born on a “dark and stormy night” too, and have the middle name of my mother’s Navajo college roommate… It’s always been a kind of interesting story to have. Nakoa-Wolf (seriously – how romantic is that?) has one too and he’ll enjoy telling it to great effect at least a few times in his life.

Harley on

I love the name πŸ™‚ Great choices behind the names as well. Every culture has their own standard of names and each person within that culture gets to decide. He’ll never be able to fill out all of his names on most of his school papers so it’ll most likely be his first and his first middle and last, same thing I had to do. Hawaiian names like someone else already said, are long because of the few letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. Nakoa-Wolf is a pretty bada** name if I do say so myself. A lot better than some of the kids born in the past few weeks.

Harley on

Besides, my kids will have two middle names as well and the 2nd middle is an animal name because of the importance to the Creek Tribe.

Pogue Mahone on

I’ve always liked Lisa ever since the Cosby Show. I’m glad she finally had a little boy, and I like the unique name!

iluvallbabies on

Brannon- thought the same thing! “Fay” goes on about her dislike for people shortening names, then shortens it herself?

Anyway- sure this baby is gorgeous, and I really like the name Nakoa!

FC on

It’s a beautiful name showcasing his heritage. I only wish I knew how to say it all correctly. If I tried now, I know I’d mess up.

Congrats to Jason and Lisa on their son! πŸ™‚

Jackie on

Wow! That baby will be twenty before he can even spell his entire name! Anyway, I love how we’re given the meaning, and how it means something to them, not like other celebs who just name their poor baby a ridiculous name just for the fun of it. 😦 In other words, congrats! that baby will be just as cute as his sister! πŸ˜€

Daniela on

Not a fan of the name and I’m far from being a bigot or whatever. Yet I don’t believe in all the PC stuff either.

I believe you should name your children what you want, but also take the children into consideration as well. I think that’s just a selfless thing to do for our children. Just my opinion.

On a lighter note…Congrats to the Bonet & Mamoa family! I’m glad they had a boy to mix it up a little! πŸ™‚

Cassandra on

I love the name Nakoa, its so exotic. Congrats to them I’m sure the baby will be gorgeous and I hope the parents let us see a glimpse of the little guy. πŸ˜€

fay on

to brannon, fay is my initials, and a lot of ppl call me that, i don’t have a PROBLEM with nicknames, i have one and a LOT of ppl call me by it… but to assume that i NEED one because my name is long or that i won’t be able to learn how to spell it because it’s long i think is offensive… actually, i’m glad i DIDN’T put my whole name on here, as i’m clearly very sensitive about it, and i’d hate for cbb readers to talk abt my name the way they talk about this…

and just to be clear… saying… “that’s a big name for a little boy” is MUCH different than… “how will he ever learn how to spell such a thing” as if a child can’t learn how to spell a name longer than 5 letters… just the notion is preposterous and small minded…

fay on

iluvlullabies i never said i had a problem w/ people shortening their names…

take a look at jackies comment to see what i have a problem with…

then go back and read it again, because your comprehensions kills are severely lacking…

Loren on

Fay I also have a long name, I tell people who ask “what do they call you for short” ” I am not called for short” You are correct, when its your name you learn to write just fine πŸ™‚ I would love to see this new baby, glad she had a boy this time.

iluvallbabies on

Hmmmmm… comprehension skills are just fine thanks “Fay”.

You sure do get very worked up over the subject!

emily on

“The β€œwolf” part is only β€œodd” name in the bunch – as in, it’s usually not considered a β€œname” – but it actually sounds good with Nakoa”.

Nicole, would you like to tell Wolf Blitzer, Wolfgang Puck and (posthumously) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that, lol? Just because it’s not common where you come from does not mean it is not considered a name.

Erica on

That’s an awesome name! I love how it has meaning to it, and even though it’s a tongue twister it’s honoring his heritage which is always a beautiful thing.

Quite frankly, long, multi-syllabic names which actually have meaning (whether it’s in honor of cultural heritage, a family member, etc.) are much less offensive to me than trendy (Madison), made-up (Pilot Inspektor), illiterate (Landyn) or downright silly (Bronx Mowgli) names. Nakoa-Wolf is a strong, solid name which will be totally fitting for what will most likely be one handsome little guy!

sgtmian on

i don’t see why people are getting so offended. it’s a looong name! i like the name but, most places in the world a lot of long names are kind of a hassle. i have four names myself, and though i’m proud of them, i don’t like it.

and nobody is making fun of the fact that it’s a hawaiian name, diversity is awesome. it’s the fact that his first name rhymes with his last name. and that’s funny. just like dwight white is funny. or lloyd lloyd.

Nicole on

emily, is “Wolfgang” the same thing as “wolf”? No? And as for the guy named Wolf – yeah, sorry, not a real name, it’s the name of an animal. Just because someone has used it AS a name before doesn’t make it one.

Like I said, I like the name. It sounds really great together.

Aitch on

How exciting form them to have a boy this time! I see the meaning of the names—but my question is how to pronouce them!

Talula on

Nicole and others who have a problem with “Wolf” and think it is not a ‘real’ name – I have to stand up here and verify it is a very well-known and common name (both as a given name and/or a last name) in almost all Native American tribes, even in today’s society. Little hint here: Natives of Hawaii are also Native Americans or as many prefer – First Americans. I have Cherokee heritage and the leaders and members of my ancestral tribe still carry highly honored names of our animal brothers. The first Woman Head Chief of the Cherokees for many years was Wilma Mankiller. Some also carry ‘English’ or Westernized names too; just like this tiny warrior – wolf or “Nakoa-Wolf” Let there be a beautiful and wondrous celebration of his birth by his tribe and his family! Blessed Be They For This Joyful Event!

Rachelsun on

This cultural bias is silly. as a person given a long ethnic family name, yes I was teased in school and embarassed at first but as I got older I loved that my name wasn’t the tenth Heather or Susan in class. As an adult I only use my first and last name and sometimes 1 middle initial. Unless the child is low intelligence he will learn his name quite easily. My brother married a Hawaiian and she gave the boys long Hawaiian names but they are usually addressed by a nickname. They probably will be teased too but they will learn as I did to be proud of who they are and their heritage and the bigots be damned.

Nicole on

Its nice to see that even when you compliment a name, people still get up in arms about it. Seriously, relax. I sincerely doubt anyone was intending to insult anyone’s heritage – you guys are way too sensitive! Just like you said, Talula, a wolf is an animal name. That’s all there is to it – I doubt people would be as complimentary if he was “Nakoa-Ferret.”

ericka on

Fay, I think you’re being a tad bit sensitive on the subject. I don’t think people are attacking them for their choice in names, nor are they saying the kid will be stupid enough not to know how to spell it. It’s just a long name and they arn’t attacking you personally for having a long name. Just stating the obvious…a child who has a short name has troubles at 3-4 learning how to write it out. It’s common…so a child with 4 names lots of letters may have a little bit of difficulty…not that he won’t learn eventually how to spell/write it.

I have 4 names total but only use 3.

Christine on

“Nakoa-Ferret” That’s funny!!

Look “wolf” up in the dictionary. It clearly states that it is an animal. I call my man “Tiger” all the time. So freakin’ what!

It seems like SOME of you like to complain just for the sake of complaining. Seriously, we are commenting on some chick’s kid’s name that we will probably never meet.

Who cares what his name is?! He could be called Big Bird for all I care.

Seriously people! Get up from in front of your computer, go for a jog, or read a book. Just get a life and stop getting so worked up over something that doesn’t even concern you. Quit whining about your poor little feelings getting hurt over someone else’s opinion. It’s stupid and it makes you look ignorant.

No wonder this country is going to hell.

iluvallbabies on

Hahahaha I love Christines post!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Debbie on

Here here Christine,
I totally agree, you people are getting WAAAY to sensitive. people are entitled to opinions and nobody said anything maliciious! People need to stop being so sensitive and stop assuming everything is discrimination etc. the words DRAMA QUEEN come to mind!!

fay on

i love this country… i wish i could be a part of the mainstream for just ONE day… where i can say anything i wanted to and not have to worry or care about who i was offending…

if a LOT of ppl are saying the SAME THING and don’t have ANY affiliation with eachother, there may be SOME iota of the truth…

WE need to get up from in front of the computer and take a walk… but YOU are making fun of an INFANT…

yeah… THAT’S mature…

good night, i love you, goodbye…

impoguemahone on

for Fay:
I agree! I have been flamed like you wouldn’t believe on other posts simply for having an opinion different than the majority. So much for diversity and difference of opinion! If one dares to stand on their own against the crowd and say or think something different, oh, boy!!People can be so immature and intolerant! Sheesh!You are not alone! πŸ™‚

iluvallbabies on

Fay isnt getting “flamed” for having a different opinion at all- she just needs to relax a little bit! She is getting so obviously worked up over nothing. The majority of posts are simpy saying its a long, difficult (albeit nice) name that might take a long time to learn- we are FAR from mocking an infant?

Bitch Princess on

I love the name. It’s unique, and I’m all for something other than the comon dull list of names that tends to plague us. It’s funny what we each find unique or different though. I mean I chose ‘Mattea Esme Liberty’ for my daughter and people gasped and acted as though I named her something alien. lol

Gillian H. on

My main issue with all of this is NOT the long name (which I think is fine as the “difficult part” is a middle name and, therefore, not going to be a tongue-twister to most people) BUT the fact that everyone is thrilled that SHE FINALLY HAD A BOY!
I have 2 boys and I am constantly asked if we are going to “try for a girl”. Why? Did we fail? Actually, I had surprises both times and wept the second time they announced it was a boy – because I really didn’t want a girl. I ONLY wanted boys!
So, stop making her seem successful and complete because she achieved something by having a boy. Insulting, indeed.

Jackie on

Fay, I have a long name as well, and I didnt learn how to spell it until about the age of 5. you do really need to get away from your computer and stop worrying about what people comment.

Gillian, you are asked that because alot of people would like to have experienced both sexes of children. People don’t know that you only wanted boys, they just meant that now that you have two, maybe you would like a daughter? You didn’t fail. everyone just wants to know if you want the same experience as many people. πŸ˜€

QT on

I love his first name.

Christine you’re the only one looking ignorant & worked up. You clicked on this post & responded so you must care yourself. How about take your own advice, relax & get a life & take a walk.

adelaidefan on

I think it’s great that they have a son and the family tradition will continue. I am a huge Jason Momoa fan and wish them and their family all the best.

Shale Onikare on

The first sentence of the last paragraph has a glaringly obvious typo. I think you meant to write “became” instead of “because.” Just a heads up! πŸ™‚