Jessica Alba and Her Serious Sweetie

01/07/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

What’s she thinking about? While leaving a friend’s house on Tuesday, Honor Marie Warren — sporting a cute headband — remains stoic as mom Jessica Alba prepares to load her into the car. The 7-month-old is the first child for Jessica, 27, and husband Cash Warren, whom she married in May.

See more of this cute young family in our Alba-Warren Family Photo Album!



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Ashley on

Looks like Honor has her mommy’s love for the cameras.

Heather on

She is by far the cutest celebrity baby girl.

dasha on

Jessica doesn’t like the cameras
and it looks like Honor doesn’t either

Honor might be thinking get that Headband
off of me, it is giving me a Headache

Kelpy on

She’s a cutie and she still looks so much like her Dad.
Hard to believe she is 7 months old already.
I love the frown 🙂 it’s so very similar to my eldest daughter’s disaproving stare

Jackie on

Where is that headband from? I’d love to get one for my 1yr. old goddaughter with wild (but beautiful) hair 🙂

iovana on

I saw some extra photo and i’sure lil’ Marie(i love calling her that) wears Abigail shoes by Pediped.

I think she is really cute and sweet.
And extraordinary kid.

SY on

She is gorgeous!

dee on

She is so cute and I lover her stare. I was a very serious baby but really didn’t smile for the camera until I was about three.

Stephany on

She’s adorable. She’s starting to resemble Jessica more and more as she gets older.

Annabel on

Lol, I’m pretty sure Ashley was being sarcastic.

Honor Marie is such a cutie. At first, she looked a lot like her daddy, but I’m starting to see a bit of momma in her now, especially in the lips and eyebrows. I love her name, by the way. Unique without being off-the-wall.

Nancy on

Wow! Can’t believe Honor is 7 months old? Has it been that long? lol… I must say that I love Honor’s facial expression. So cute…
To Dee (in case you still read): I also barely smile on my baby pics until the age of 2.5… weird now that you bring it up!

Ashley on

Yes I was being facetious. Jessica never really seems to smile in pictures…I guess it was kind of a low blow but I thought it was funny.

babyboopie on

Like mother, like daughter! They share a mutual dislike of paps!

Philippa on

Honor’s adorable, and everyone keeps saying she looks just like her dad, but I think she looks just like Jessica!

Ruthella on

Honor looks more like Jessica here than I’ve seen her before 🙂

She’s so big for 7 months, and looks quite ‘grown up’ here (for a baby LOL)

Blackrose on

shes beautiful!!and shes starting to look more like Jessica!!

JM on

I think Honor is starting to resemble more of Jessica! Always remember it’s one photo the baby could be smiling in the next set of photos that CBB doesn’t post….she’s been happy before but you really do have to wonder what they think of the flashing screaming chaos!

brooklyn on

Aww! Honor looks adorable here!

CTBmom on

What a beautiful little girl. I agree that Honor is starting to look a little more like her mama.

k on

I think it’s funny Ashley is saying Jessica never really seems to smile commenting on a photo where Jessica is clearly beaming!

Honor looks adorable – is she starting to get some serious hair or is it just the photo?

Marcela on

Honor is looking more like Jessica everytime I see her! What a beautifull pair this two make.

Manon on

Could there be a more beautiful mother and daughter?

It’s subjective, but I think she looks just like Jessica. She is probably one of those babies who looks at things very seriously when out and about but can be really smiley! My eldest was like that.

Alexandra on

Honor looks so much like her DAD! She does not look like her mom at all. She is such a cutie pie!

Rosy J on

Honor is adorable and Jessica seems like such a happy mom. She looks like both her parents. Beautiful little girl with a beautiful name.

charlie on

shes so adorable and is starting to look abit more like Jessica, I think. The headbands mom puts on her are soo cute!

CelebBabyLover on

Looks like Honor has the Zahara Jolie-Pitt “get those cameras out of my face!” look down pat! I also see a little bit of Jessica in Honor. Sometimes a person can really resemble one parent, but then sometimes look like the other one as well!

For example, everyone has always said the my mom that she mostly resembles her father. She does…But at the same time, when I look at pictures of her as a little girl and pictures of my grandmother as a little girl, it’s amazing how much they look alike!

Similarly, lots of people say Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks just like Brad, but in some photos she looks a lot like Angie!

Fevvers on

sweet baby. Jessica likes those purple colours doesn’t she? They suit them I think. I like the name Honour too.

Loren on

Gee gotta chime in this is one adorable little girl, and yes she looks like both her parents. Love her eyes and cute little mouth 🙂