Got a Question for Mel B.?

01/07/2009 at 09:00 PM ET

If Scary was your favorite Spice, you’re a fervent Dancing With the Stars voter, or The Singing Office drew you in last summer, chances are you have a question for Melanie Brown!

The Celebrity Baby Blog will be chatting with the former Spice Girl about her new workout DVD, Totally Fit. Out February 3rd, the disc contains a 28-day plan to get you in shape! As mum to two girls — Phoenix Chi, 9 ½, and Angel Iris, 21 months — Mel B. will be talking parenthood with us as well, and we thought we’d open it up to CBB readers.

What do you want to ask Mel? Leave your questions in the comments.


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M on

Do you want more children?

Barbara on

How has life changed since the Spice Girls tour ended and will you ever do another tour?

spint914 on

How often do you talk to/see Maks (her Dancing With the Stars partner)? Are you two still close? How do you feel about his engagement?

Natasha on

Was Phoenix excited to learn you were pregnant and how does she enjoy being a big sister?

Stéph on

How are your daughters? Could you talk a little about their personnalities?? What activities do they like to do?
I want to be an Au Pair next summer, would you need the help of an Au Pair?? Or do you have any friends who would need help with their kids? (CBB, if by miracle, she says yes, could you give her my e-mail? thanks!)


Sunehri on

Are you still in touch with your other band members after the concert ended? How was it like travelling with two small kids on the tour? Did all the Spice babies get along? Do you share tips with Victoria? How is it like having Victoria (and the rest of the Beckhams) living in the same city as you?

Alison on

Your daughter have beautiful names, where did you get the idea for each name?

Stéph on

How is Chi pronounce? Is it Chee or like Shy??

Blushy on

Is there going to be a DVD of the Spice Girls tour. Many fans have been waiting this for a long time. If not, why on earth not?
Fans even have made a campaign to get the DVD. link :

kerri on

dear mel
i was just wondering how you coped with angel’s fathers behaviour?
my ex abandoned me when i was 5 months daughter is almost 9 months now and he has never seen her.a very,very deep depression has set in for did you handle it? and how did you explain it to angel?
any advice i would forever grateful for.
thank you

Kelly on

I have two. One is are you planning on having kids anytime soon with Stephen? & the other is How is your relationship with Eddie Murphy? Thanks!

Carman on

I noticed Phoenix is not into the typical “girl” things.My oldest daughter(7)isn’t either and I always catch flack from family members for not dressing her more girly.Do you get this as well and if is so how do you deal with it?

Mystie on


When you were on Dancing with the Stars you said in an interview that Maks taught Phoenix a few moves, Has she started taking dance lessons(ballroom or otherwise) since then or was that just a one time thing for her? By the way you have beautiful little girls. You seem like such a great mom.

Vickie on

Did you have ANY plastic surgery to assist in your weight loss, and what other forms of exercise did you need to do to lose the preggie pounds?

Nicole on

Did you follow a diet plan as such (i.e Atkins, Weight Watchers) to lose weight after babies? Or what nutrional advice did you follow?

Tracy on

What major move do you see yourself doing?

I would love to see you on the big screen, will that happen?

melissa on

Are you ever returning to broadway?

melissa on

Are you doing any signings for your DVD on the East Coast?

melissa on

Do you think there is too much pressure in Hollywood for celebrities who recently had kids to lose weight as fast as possible?

melissa on

What is your favorite pigout food?

Nana on

You are in fabulous shape. Did you have a natural birth or c-section? How did you get rid of that stomach pouch (that comes with pregnancy for so many of us)?

Alana on

It is really hard to find time in the busy chidren+work+home schedule to execise and keep myself in shape. How important it is for you to find that time and why? thank you

Lisa on

How do your kids get along with Giselle your step-daughter? Are you close with her and what activities do all 3 kids like to do together?

Carol on

When will we hear new music from you and when will your clothing line come out? I’d really like to buy some pieces!

Vanessa on

How are you staying fit these days with two children? Also, how is married life treating you? 🙂

Sarah on

Hey Mel! Have you given any parenting/baby advice to Melanie C? It’s pretty cool that all of the Spices are mothers now.

Natasha on

Just FYI Steph, I believe it’s “Key” as opposed to the suggestions you had put 🙂


Hi Mel!

I loved you in Dancing with the stars and voted for you!! Your daughters are so adorable. My question is, for us ‘regular’ folks, who can’t afford meals delivered to them or a personal trainer, who don’t have nannies or housekeepers…what is the easiest and cheapest way to stay thin, to work out and to eat healthy without spending to much money or time? God bless 🙂

Ps. You and Victoria are my favorita spice girls!!!

Anna on

I always found Chi is pronounced as Chy (Tjy)

Stéph on

Oh thanks Nathasha, I hadn’t even thought of that possibility. 🙂

Sarah on

How would you feel if your daughters wanted to go into the entertainment industry when they are older?

Callen on

What foods did you crave the most while pregnant? was the cravings different with each of your pregnancies?

Ann on


Your girls are sooo beautiful! I was wondering, if you could think back and tell me what was your favorite baby gear when the girls were little? What was the stuff that you couldn’t have made it without?

Amanda on

You had your oldest child in your 20s and your youngest in your 30s. Do you think your a better parent now that you’re older, or did you enjoy being a younger parent?

Natasha on

You could be right Anna, the only reason I think it’s Key is because I know someone who’s a huge fan of Mel so I figured she would know (through an interview or otherwise). Although I am interested in where she got the name from 🙂

Mindy on

Someone asked if you will be doing DVD signings on the East Coast. Will you be doing signings in the US at all? If so, where?!!

Lindsay on

Out of all the dances you performed on Dancing With The Stars, which one was your favorite one? And do you still keep in touch with Maks?

Janeigh on

hey Mel! I was just wondering what is your favorite Spice Girls song? also what is your all time favorite song by another artist? Thank you very much andcongrats on all your recent accomplishments!

Robyn on

Dear Mel,
My question is similar to Kerri’s…my little boy is the same age as Angel and we are going through the same situation with his Father. He hasn’t seen him since he was three months old, even though he visits friends across the road from me!
Like Angel my little boy has a wonderful Step-Daddy, but everyday I still think about his biological Dad and seeing him just makes it worse.
How do you deal with this situation? And how do you plan to explain it to Angel? That is what worries me most, when is the right age to explain to my little boy that his Daddy isn’t really his Daddy?
I hope you don’t mind me asking, your two girls are adorable 🙂

Steve on

Do you plan to introduce your kid(s) to show biz, or will you keep them out as best you can?

Ray on


My question to you is why havent the Spice Girls released a DVD of “The Return of the Spice Girls” tour? All the fans really want one!!

Brianne on

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I will definitely be buying your fitness dvd when it hits stores next month! Are there any possible plans for a dvd of the Return of the SPICE GIRLS tour? I really hope so, cos I love you five girls!!!

Maaike on

Hi Melanie,

Back in your Spice Girls years you talked and wrote about your childhood feelings about being mixed race: the identity crisis of being considered neither black, nor white; not being accepted as a member of either group. You described how you had come to find peace with this, and I – in my late teens in your Spice Girls years – took your words to heart as an example for myself.

My question would be are you passing this on to your girls? Do you find that it ‘works’ for them? Can Phoenix (Angel is too little to worry about it) take your words and feel comfortable with herself? Or do you find that the identity monster still needs to be faced, no matter what?

If this question is too personal in regards to your daughter’s privacy, of course this can also be a question in general for every mixed race child. Do you think it is possible to coach a child to feel comfortable with mixed race identity? Or does every child need to face this question for him/herself at some point?

Best wishes,
Maaike (Netherlands)

Monica on

Has motherhood brought the Spice Girls closer together or has it made you all so busy you don’t have time to catch up? Do the Spice kids get on well with each other, and are you excited for Mel C’s new arrival?

Sweetie on

What with you being super-fit now and Sporty Spice being pregnant, the burning question is….. who would win in a race between you and Mel C?

Lindsay on

Will you still be covering Dancing With The Stars for Access Hollywood?