Kingston Rossdale: Made in the Shade

01/06/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

He’s the coolest dude on the playground! Rocking aviator shades and a rainbow knit cap, Kingston James McGregor Rossdale made playing in the sandbox a fashion statement while out at Coldwater Canyon park on Monday.

The oldest son of rockers Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, Kingston, 2 ½, was enjoying some alone time, away from 4-month-old baby brother Zuma! (No worries — the little one got some solo time with the parents last week himself!)

See more of this fun family in our Stefani-Rossdale Family Album.

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Laydacris on

Love it! i love how Gwen lets him have he’s own individual style!!! He’s gonna be a real lil style Icon!!!

Dawn on

Cool , Little Kingston wearing scandinavian design . My daughter has the same jacket in both orange/vanilla and brown/white colourway . Katvig is super clothes , lots of them organic .

Laura on

This is the cutest thing ever! im glad they let him have his own style! he is going to be a trend setter!

Tiffany on

Although no parent would admit it, their children are accessories.
(I don’t mean it in a bad way…so chill). I love the way celebs like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Katie Holmes dress their children. The parents wear designer clothes and so do their children. The parents wear hip and funkie fresh clothes and so do their children. While some parents go for a colour schemes. When I have children I want them to make a fashion statement as well. They will be the envy of their peers and mine. LOL

Fevvers on

I love the beanie but think it would be funkier on a girl, or wearing a grey jumper and not those stripes (though the stripy jumper itself is nice). Its just the aviator sunglasses that scream TOO MUCH to me. Here Gwen has crossed the line to making her son look like fashion victim…though others obviously disagree and thats fine with me.

Anna on

I think the beanie is very nice. I don’t think Gwen lets him have his own individual style, she just gives him her style. He looks cute most of the time!

Lil Sprout on

Kingston is wearing a beanie by Laura Eaton at Lil Sprout. Website is

Most of the knit beanies Kingston and Zuma have worn lately are by Lil Sprout.

cara on

I think Kingston is a very stylish baby, but aviators? Really? That’s a bit too much. As much as I respect Gwen I think she tried too hard to make him look trendy and cool. Plus I would think a 2-year-old would want to pry sunglasses off the minute they’re on.

camille on

he looks so cute! i love the sunglasses, he’s totally a cutie! Love Gwen!

Karina on

Does anyone know what brand tennis shoes he is wearing? They’re the silver ones.

If you live in Houston Tx there is a dept store that sells designer things at very low prices and they have lamb shoes for 12.99.

Caroline on

He is two years old, if he didn’t want the sunglasses on he would take them off. He seems fine with it, so I wouldn’t say its too much.

Fevvers on

I agree with Anna. The Jolie-Pitts, the Cruises etc etc…their children have a “look” as well as a wardrobe. As if they don’t have a personal stylist picking things up for the kids (as well as buying their own stuff)i’ll eat my shorts. I am more impressed when parents who say are in love with designer clothes but turn up with their child in his spiderman pajamas to a party. Now THAT is about expressing a 2 yr old expressinga their sense of style. The rest is just window dressing (not that I actually have a problem with that – but its not about the kids personal sense of style). And the aviators are tragic(IMO).

CelebBabyLover on

Fevvers- Actually, the J-Ps have been seen buying their kids’ clothes themselves (at BonPoint and other stores), same with Tom and Katie (in fact, just last month Katie and Suri were seen coming of The Gap or some similar store). Also, the J-Ps often dress their kids in each-other’s hand-me-downs, and their clothes look pretty much like clothes most kids their age would wear.

It even looks like they dress themselves sometimes. 🙂

valdez on

I’ve looked for Kingston’s red belt but can’t seem to find it online to buy.
Anybody know where I can get it.
I know it’s a Diesel Bumy belt.

valdez on

Success! I got the belt. I found it at the New York Soho Diesel Kids store and it’s on sale for like $25. I called it in and they were really nice.
Now his silver shoes…Any idea on the Brand?

MisaMisa on

OMG! I just love Kingston’s style. And he is just too cute/adorable for words. Love his beanie and he is rockin those aviators. Lol. Definitely my fave celeb tot and family.

As for “valdez” his silver shoes are from L.A.M.B. of course! They’re the Caza sneakers in Rainbow’s End and he also has the Caza sneakers in Tribe B. I found them on the Royal Elastic website. They only have Caza Tribe B in kids though, the Rainbow’s End I found in the women section so I’m guessing they’re really recently new.

Seriously somebody has to start a Kingston fashion blog like the one they have for Suri Cruise cause I would seriously like to know where he gets his clothes. Lol.