Kelly Rutherford Belts Her Bump

01/06/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Starting 2009 newly single — she filed for divorce from husband Daniel Giersch on December 30th, the same day he filed for legal separation — actress Kelly Rutherford manages a slight smile while out and about in a belted jacket on Tuesday afternoon.

The Gossip Girl star, 40, and her estranged husband are parents to son Herm├Ęs Gustaf Daniel, 2, and expect their second child in June.

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Colleen on

That’s really unfortunate to hear about her split from her husband. Divorce is never easy, and divorce when children and a pregnancy are involved must be especially complicated. That being said, Kelly looks stunning as always. The coat she is wearing reminds me of one that Lily Van der Woodsen/Bass would wear. I am an avid watcher of Gossip Girl and I love the story lines that involve Lily. I wish they would have written her pregnancy into the show, but I wonder how they will hide her belly!

shalay on

I feel bad for her having to go through a pregnancy and divorce at the same time, all the while being a mom to a toddler AND being scrutinized by the media. I hope she stays strong and keeps her head up during this tough time.

kendra on

I don’t understand why there are always so many people breaking up after the holidays. To me it seems that they have more to do with the stress that sometimes comes with christmas and that those things could be worked out.

It just seems weird that they were just planning to expand their family (which happened) and suddenly they throw in the towel?

I don’t know anything about this particular couple but it just bothers me in general that people just give up, even when there are kids involved. I’m not saying that you should stay forever in a bad relationship (and get out immediately if there’s violence) but why aren’t people working on their relationships?

Kimber Christian on

I agree Kendra that it seems like a lot of couples split after the holidays but it’s not for us to judge unless we’ve walked in their shoes. One party could have been cheating or become violent or gay! You never know! Kelly looks great and I love her coat.

Anna on

It bothers me too, not even just the giving up but deciding to have another child when your relationship is not stable. These children will never remember what is is like to live with both your parents. It’s just sad all around.

MZ on

Well remember there were a lot of factors. How long does it take to file for divorce? Never having done it, the process might be quite long so that it just happens to fall right after the holidays. The pregnancy might not have been planned, either, or something major could have happened in the meanwhile that would make staying together very undesirable (violence, one person’s cheating coming to light, etc.). Divorce is sad, especially when kids are involved, but we really can’t judge as we (assuming none of us know them personally) only know what we read in the mags.

Patterson on

Having a baby isn’t a reason to stay together when it’s the only reason. I have no idea why anyone would assume they didn’t try to work it out. What a bizarre assumption on a stranger’s life.

katie on

Who is to say she didn’t think the relationship was stable? We don’t know the details so it is wrong to be so judgemental.

gianna on

Her first marriage lasted only a few months, too bad this 2nd one couldn’t last especially considering kids are involved, No celebrity divorce surprises me though, i’m more surprised when a couple last longer than 5 yrs married in hollywood.Oh well hopefully they can get along decent because 2 babies are involved.

Hea on

Oh please, people. Things happen. Bad things happen. She will be alright, he will be alright and the kids will be just fine. It is not the end of the world. It’s sad, yes, but we don’t know what happened. If it’s too much for them to deal with together, then they are absolutely right to go their separate ways. It will be the best for all of them and I’m sure happiness lies ahead.

kendra on

I didn’t mean to be judgemental. I don’t know anything about this particular couple as I tried to point out. This swarm of divorces and break-ups (and not only in Hollywood) just has made me think about the problems in general. People just don’t seem to commit. One big fight and you break up.

I’m not saying that every couple who ends up divorcing has just given up but everyone knows that divorces are becoming more and more common.

Aya on

I blame divorce after the holidays on all those visits/dinners from expanded family lol…For me Christmas is alawys fused with eggnog..presents and how much everyone wishes I had married a doctor or how attractive/slim I USED to be…lol

I understand wanting to work it out and I understand breaking up. Its what is best for the children and yourself.I always said I never wanted to be in a loveless marriage just keeping it together for the children and I never wanted to be in a marriae where I am too in love with the person to leave, even though I know they are bad for my kids.Its a balance that is sometimes so difficult to find.And i’m sure pregnnacy hormones and the scrutiny of the media is not helping.

Also (i’m not saying this is the case in this situation), I don’t understand why some couples think that when their marriage is on the rocks, having a baby will save it.

kaya on

I agree it’s weird to make those assumption… who knows. it’s sad, but it’s not new either. She looks very pretty! I hope she’s doing well:)

Terri on

I hope that she’s holding up okay.

Lis on

Kendra, I completely agree with you. Divorce is just WAY, WAY, WAY too common anymore. I just don’t think anyone really takes marraige that seriously in today’s society, which makes me very, very sad.

And 99% of the time, people file using “irreconcilible differences” as the problem – which, to me, is just a fancy, more polite way of saying that you don’t want to work out your problems.

It just seems likes people give up too quickly. And I know that divorce is a touchy subject, and believe me, there certainly ARE cases that people definitely should get a divorce. But for the most part…I think people take the eay way out…

SarahSings on

I like Courtney Cox’s view on divorce. It’s not an option so she has to find a way to work out problems with David. When you don’t give yourself an easy out, you’re more likely to work through the hardships.

I think what’s bothersome about Kelly is that her first marriage lasted a few months and this one less than two years. She either doesn’t view marriage as a lasting commitment or has bad taste in men.

I am also bothered by how no one wants to judge someone for getting divorced while pregnant and after less than two years of marriage, YET they are comfortable judging people’s clothing, baby names, csections, and oh, don’t start a conversation about breastfeeding… It seems weird that CBB posters can’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes when it’s divorce but, if a celebrity doesn’t put a jacket on their kid, posters have no trouble complaining. Just a sign of the bizarre thought process of many posters.