Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Welcome Daughters Dolly and Charlie

01/05/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

It’s not one, but two baby girls for actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell, their rep confirms. Fraternal twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose O’Connell and Charlie Tamara Tulip O’Connell arrived on Sunday, December 28th in California. “Mother, father and both girls are all home and doing well,” rep Lewis Kay shares. Dolly is in honor of Dolly Parton, while Charlie is assumed to be for Jerry’s brother and Tamara for Rebecca’s sister.

The couple announced the pregnancy in July. Starting the fall off with a bang, Jerry, 34, put his foot in his mouth while appearing on Conan, calling his wife huge. Apology accepted, Rebecca, 36, debuted her belly soon after. The Ugly Betty actress graced the cover of Page Six magazine, where she proceeded to shoot down any IVF rumors — although they had previously tried Clomid, Rebecca says the twins are the result of Chinese acupuncture! Rebecca had been due in January.

Source: Us Weekly

Click below to see what the ladies think of the names!

Pam and Linda say:

“Dolly is an adorable nickname name of the kind that is hugely fashionable in England, where names like Alfie and Dottie and Barney and Betty, long out of style in the U.S., are the height of fashion. And since Rebecca is a Dolly Parton fan, the name has personal meaning, which is always a plus.

Another big plus: The couple obviously worked hard to give their girls names that were distinct yet exactly equal, with a nickname-name in first place, a Biblical classic family namein second place, and a flower name in third.

Dolly is a girly-girl name while Charlie is a quintessential tomboy, so it will be interesting to see how these different images play out in the girls’ personalities. And by the time she’s out of diapers, Dolly will undoubtedly have heard enough Hello, Dolly jokes to last her a lifetime.

All in all, fresh choices that were obviously arrived at after a lot of thought.”

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Melissa on

Congrats to the both of them πŸ™‚

Janet on

Congratulations for both.

CSB on

Congrats to them! I can’t to hear the babies’ names. I have a feeling we won’t get a peek of these babies for a several months.

ellen on


Tiffany on

Can’t wait to hear the names. Congrats to these two, they are such a cute and funny couple!

Jae on

She must be so relieved! Can’t wait to hear the names & see the cuties! Congrats to Jerry & Rebecca!!

phoebe on

Yay! How gorgeous are those girls going to be??

sarahkaneblog on

Aw, I’m so happy for these two! They are going to be such dedicated and fun parents.

I bet the names are old fashioned but still contemporary. Mathilda? Isabella? Lily?

jashmom on

Congrats to both of them!!!! I can’t wait to hear the girls’ names. I’m sure they are absolutely gorgeous!!!

I had a feeling Rebecca would deliver before Jen Garner (since she was pregnant with twins) =)

Ls on

Great news. I wonder if they might pick a Dutch name. Love Dutch names πŸ™‚

Kate on

Congratulations to them! I bet those little girls will be so beautiful. Don’t we already know one twin will be named Dolly, after Dolly Parton, whom Rebecca loves?

Cheryl on

Congrats to Rebecca & Jerry! I can’t wait to hear the names, either. I remember Jerry saying one of them was going to be named Dolly because Rebecca loves Dolly Parton so much!

Jen on

Yay for them!!!! I hope they’re ready for all the work (and FUN!).

Kelpy on

Yeah we haven’t seen her out and about for a while.
Congrats to the new parents on the birth of their twins….and now the fun starts!
They’re going to be busy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Sara on

Congratulations! I bet they will be beautiful!
Some pregnancies go on forever, but it seems like Jerry and Rebecca just announced they were expecting!

P on

E!Online is saying that they were born on the 28th of December, and their names are Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose. Cute names. I wonder if Charlie is short for Charlotte?

Lisette on

I read on the link of US magazin that she called her daughters:
Dolly Rebecca Rose and the other Charlie Tamara Tulip.

So a D -RR and C-TT which is the same way to build the name..

But Rebecca is the same as her mother, than Dolly as for Dolly Parton, Rose in a flower name, just as Tulip is a flower, and also very DUTCH! And Tamara is also a quite favorite Dutch name πŸ™‚

I wish them all the best, luck and health πŸ˜€

Janine on

US magazine lists the names as Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tuli. Can’t say that I’m a fan of either name, but I’m sure that both girls will be beautiful.

Jess from Ohio on

I am not really liking the names, but hey, who am I to judge their picks! Congrats to them!

Liti on

I dont like the fact that one of the girls has the mother’s name and the other not. Just my personal opinion. I dont think I would chose this way.

Rebeca is a really beautiful woman.

Tonia on

One has Rebecca’s name and the other has the same name as Jerry’s brother.

Destiny on

Dolly Rebecca Rose & Charlie Tamara Tulip is cute.

Lynn on

I love both names. I couldn’t wait until Jerry and Rebecca had their babies.

Lola on

Congrats to both!

If I remember correctly, I think Jerry had said in an interview that they decided that they would each get to name one of the twins. Rebecca chose the name Dolly, and I can only assume Jerry chose the name Charlie. Which I think is cute, because his brother is named Charlie (the one who was the bachelor) so he must be honoring him.

~ Beth ~ on

RE: Liti
I have twins & I gave on my first name as her middle name & didn’t do the same for the other. Just curious, why are you upset? ** NOT TRYING TO START ANYTHING, JUST WONDERING **

Harley on

Congrats to them! Interesting name choice.

Yann on

Oh I really like those names. They seem very different from each other though. Dolly and Charlie. They work very well together. My identical twin daughters were born the exact same day! Tons of work but also double the fun. My house is now officially wild with my 6 kids. Congrads to Rebecca and Jerry!

Natasha on

Congratulations! I’m not a fan of the names but I’m sure they’ll grow on me πŸ™‚ I love that they included the flower names

Bumbles on

Wow wasn’t expecting this news today and they were born a week ago! I like the names they are not too wacky, read nicely and although follow a pattern are not too similar.

Traci on

Congratulations to them! We’re huge fans of Rebecca (And Charlie) and just wish them all the best!

I only had one child, and those first few months were exhausting until things got into a routine, so I can’t imagine how hard having 2 will be! My advice is this; remember to enjoy the darling babies and those moments even when you’re dog tired and in a pissy mood because your husband seems to be able to sleep through the night even through the screaming — find a way, because time goes by so fast, they change so fast, and they will never be this age again…. Enjoy

Adorable names too!

Sarah on

Yay, congrats!!! I had a feeling Rebecca would give birth in late December!

Aitch on

Very cute names and can’t wait to see some pics!!!

Kristen on

I love they named a daughter after Dolly Parton, my husband and I were just watching Steel Magnolias Saturday night and commenting how that movie made us love Dolly Parton. It also gave us our daughter’s name Shelby. I think it is very special that they gave their daughters names after people important to them and included flower names which is very European.

Liti on

Not upset Beth just dont work well for me

I think the other kid may think as a favoritism at some point.. I would not do this..

Mares on

Congrats to you Jerry and Rebecca! I have no doubt you will great parents. Cant wait to see the first pictures of the twins πŸ™‚

Christine on

WOW! I bet they’ll be beauties!
I love Charlie for a girl. Dolly – not so much. Molly would have been a much cuter choice (JMHO)

StΓ©ph on

Congrats to them!

I like the names and I bet they are gourgeous.

cindy on

You both deserve this special moment! Congrats!!!!

Terri on

Congratulations to them. Interesting names.

Judith on

Congrats to the happy couple. I love the name Dolly; the name, Charlie, a little strange, but…

phoebe on

I like all names involved, with the exception of Dolly. It’s just not for me, but it’s their choice, so it doesn’t really matter lol. Liti, I totally see why you have taken issue with the naming, I don’t know exactly how I feel about it, but I do understand what you’re saying. on

Not sure about the first names, but I love the name Tulip…very cute!

Jennie on

Whee! Congrats to the new mommy and daddy for their double blessings! And on my birthday too! πŸ™‚

Nicole on

Interesting name choices… they sound more like ponies than daughters, but hey, to each their own. I’m sure they’ll grow on me. I actually like Tulip, very unique.

erica alayne on

Congrats to them! The names are kind of growing on me; at first I thought they were kind of kooky, but they work somehow.

As far as Dolly having Rebeccas name as her middle name and Charlie not having that, I don’t think that will be such a huge deal. Think of all the families that name their first son after the father, and possible future sons don’t share that. No one thinks about that too terribly much, but that might be conflict for a lot of different reasons.

For example, my aunt (who was the third born of six kids, and the second daughter out of three girls) shares her first name with my grandmother, and there was never, ever a mention of my mom or other aunt feeling slighted because of that. Same with my oldest uncle, who is named after my grandfather, while the two other sons are not.

I’m sure that there are problems with some kids with things like that, but I wouldn’t look into it being a deep dark thing that might pit the twins against eachother later in life. πŸ˜‰

Jennifer Gray on

Congratulations on the arrival of your new two beautiful girls. Twins are awesome but a lot of work! I have twin girls too & they brought so much joy into our lives. Wish you all the best & God Bless your new little angels!

Stella on

Congrats to Jerry & Rebecca. I am all for names that are different. But come guys, Apple, Phen, Hazel, Honor, Tulip, Dolly, celebs these days are naming their children some of the oddest names. Makes me wonder if they really love them at all (I’m sure they do). Apparently, they give no thought to the future of these children. Kids can be very cruel and this can affect them for life. At least give your children names that want give them a reason to go hide till their adults. Again, I do say congrats them, and wish them all the best. We do need more girls in this world.

Kerri on

Those names are SO cute! The girls names are similar, but not too similar, and I think that’s perfect. Charlie, as a girls name in particular, I really like. And Rebecca Rose flows so well!

Grace on

Welcome Dolly and Charlie!! Congratulations!! You are two of the luckiest girls in the world to have Rebecca and Jerry as your parents!! You are cherished and loved beyond words…

Ally on

I think the names are cute but I can’t help that when I hear “Dolly” I do not think of Dolly Parton…I think of that famous cloned sheep…

Nicole on

Liti: I think it would have been silly to give them both Rebecca, not to mention that apparently they were trying to do the same initials for their middle names (Rebecca Rose & Tamara Tulip). Plus, they’re both family names, with Tamara being Rebecca’s sister’s name.

I don’t see it as favoritism at all, and I hardly think either of the girls will care.

The names are not my style… but to each their own.

Lisa on

Congrats! I bet they are beautiful!

Allison on

congratulations rebecca and jerry!!! have fun with sleepless nights, and i hope they bring you lots of happiness and fulfillment in your lives!!!

Larissa on

Am with ya Stella!
There was better ways for her to pay a homenage to the Netherlands other than naming her daughter Tulip!!!
and Charlie Tamara, CΒ΄mom!
Dolly Rebecca Rose is just too much to digest really…

Am sure the girls are gorgeous! Congrats to them!!!!!!

Tami Jo on

Congrats to the both of you! as a mom of identical twingirls who are now 17 it is awesome until the PMS starts lol. Best of luck to you and May God Bless

Anita on

Stella, its just not children that are cruel when its comes to making fun of peoples names. My name still gets made fun of and I’m 30!

Congrats to Rebecca and Jerry though, they are so lucky! Twin girls have been my dream ever since I was a child but no such luck yet. Here’s hoping they get some sleep! πŸ™‚

Andrea on

Congratulations to you and your new “little ones”.

finnaryn on

Wow Stella you are right. They obviously don’t love their children because the decided not to give them the same name as 20 other children born that day. We should all check with the other moms in the hospital before naming our children so we can make sure they are β€œnormal.”

Or… and I know it is a bizarre concept… we could all teach our own children to not make fun of other people based on their names.

Congradulations to Rebecca and Jerry on their blessing and for choosing beautiful names for THEIR children.

-Proud mother to Adaryn, Finnean and Ronan.

Michelle on

Congrats to both of them!
Not overly crazy on the first names (but they’re not as “out there” as some baby names), I think both of the middle names are beautiful and I love the little flower names too. πŸ™‚
I’m sure these little girls are going to be gorgeous. Can’t wait to see some pics!

Gigi Allen on

Enjoy your sweet girls. They will grow up too soon. S0 much fun to come to you in the days ahead. They will start to be stimulated by the world around them and their reactions will be memories forever. Document, document…, video, whatever, you will love looking at these moments for years to come. Congratulations.

Josie on

Congrat to them both.

Lyndon on


Mary on

well, congrats, but hate to break it the new mommy. Her job is going to last a lot longer than 6 months. She became a mommy the second she found out she was pregnant and she can’t quit that job ever!…and with 2 babies it is 4 times the work at least! She needs a major reality check.

Lis on

I just don’t understand why so many celebs give their babies so many names? Call me traditional, but a first, last, and middle name seem to have always been perfectly fine. All these names are just a mouthful… Were Rose and Tulip necessary?

I guess so. And to each their own πŸ™‚ It is certianly their right to name their daughters whatever they want, I’m just voicing my opinion!

Anyway, I’m sure the girls are darling and their parents are thrilled! CONGRATS!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to Jerry & Rebecca! While the names aren’t my cup of tea, they work well together and with their last name well. Glad everyone is healthy and happy!

Betty on

Really miss ya on Ulgy Betty but understand Babys are more important, Best of everything for you, Jerry, and the new Girls!

marie on



SH on

Finnaryn, thank you …took the words out of my mouth.

Stella, Dolly and Charlie aren’t as unusual as you’re making it out to be. Definitely not in the same class as Honor and Apple?!?! – which also are beautiful names in their own right. And, Hello, Dolly Parton? Um, I highly doubt she was hiding under a table until she was an adult. Quite the contrary…

Bottom line – THEIR kids and if the world were full of Jennifer’s and Emily’s it’d be pretty darn boring!

Annalisa on

What a beautiful time for you! Congradulations, and good luck! Glad to hear you’ll have some family help. I have three kids, but two babies at once is a whole nother thing – GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS!

Tamara on

Congrats! I love the girls’ names! Especially Charlie Tamara Tulip. Best Wishes!!

Lily on

Congrats to Rebecca and Jerry! I’m sure those little girls are absolutely gorgeous! I wish the four of them nothing but a wonderful life, together.

As for their names, I love that they’ve clearly chosen names that mean a great deal to the both of them. Although they might not be my cup of tea, they aren’t my daughters.

Stephanie on

Enjoy those beautiful babies!! I also have twins girls, and they are so amazing and fascinating. Many happy memories to the new parents.

Nikka on

Well i can tell you i think there are nice names out there, however, if they like them, that’s all what counts. Im sure in few years when we see these babies we will think there are not better names then these for the girls. I can also tell you that absolutely ANY name can get teased. My name is Monica, which is the name youd think cannot be teased but people just find the reasons. Until these days I hear “like Lewinski haha”? So you may want to drop this “tease” discussion, these names are not any different tease-wise from others.

Eunice on

Congrualtions!!!!!! and all the best to you and your new family.

emily on

Stella, that is very odd to think they don’t love their children because they named them Dolly and Charlie. (which btw are real names, so I’m not following your logic)

What’s wrong with traditional, yet not common names, like Dolly or Hazel? I don’t get it.

I bet they will have so much fun raising twin girls!

Mom of Boys on

I am with the majority of the fans who don’t really care for their name choice but whatever floats your boat.I am sure not everyone likes my kids names but again, whatever floats your boat.

I am sure they are beautiful girls and they have blessed their mom & dad.

Congrats Rebecca & Jerry, welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood.Enjoy as it goes so fast.

Lorelei on

Congratulations on their two blessings. We don’t have twins (three singles), but I’m thinking it would be double the work and double the joy! Welcome to the world.

Simone on

Congrats Jerry and Rebecca!! :-))

I have twin boys myself and let me tell you, you are going to have a ball with these two treasures! :-))

Welcome to the world little Dolly and Charlie!

brooklyn on

Aww. Congrats to them! I love the name Charlie for a little girl!

Lauren on

Best wishes to the O’Connell Family. There is nothing in the world like the smell of a newborn baby, unless, of course, it is the murmurs and gurgles of their little sighs as they are sleeping and eating. Enjoy this precious time as it only lasts for a blink of the eye!

Gloria on

Welcome to the world Dolly and Charlie! I wish lots of health, love and giggles for the two of you. Congratulations Mom & Dad!

Rosanne Catalano on

CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca & Jerry! Wow, twin girls will definitely be a handful but I have faith that Rebecca and Jerry will be great parents. Not crazy at all about the baby’s names but I do wish much happiness and joy to the O’Connell family!!!

Nadine on

As a mother of twins myself, a little advice- Have someone else do the laundry, cook food, do shopping, clean house- spend every second possible with the girls yourselves. You will never regret the investment of your time. And Rebecca- if the babies are asleep, run directly to the shower- it’s your only chance!

Jane on

I actually think the names are cute, though they’re not names I would give my children. They’re not my style, but I do think they’re nice, if that makes sense.

Congrats to Jerry and Rebecca!!!

Dawn on

Congrats to the new parents! I am not a fan of the names, but to each their own! Cant wait to see the pictures of the girls.

Michelle Herch on

Congats–As a mother of two sets of twins myself I wanted to wish you the best and tell you that you are in for the best time of your lives. There will be twice the owies and twice the tears but there are also twice the hugs and kisses too. Its not all bad you just do everything times two and are rewarded times two as well. Even in the most trying times when they get older just remember all children go through stages and all stages pass. Best of luck to you both!!

Rom on

Congratulations to you both on the arrival of your cute baby girls!

monica on

such a beautiful couple, I cannot wait to see picts of the twins, I bet they are just perfect in every way!

Stephany on

I’m really not a fan of either name. I think it’s nice that they have a background behind them. But, either way, I don’t really like them. Both names seem like a mouthful!

Anyway, congrats to Rebecca and Jerry! They are going to be two beautiful babies!

Marcia on

Congratulations to Jerry and Rebecca.

I was so excited when I heard Jerry was going to be a dad to twins. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years (my secret identity πŸ˜‰ ) and have twins myself, who are just 15 months old. I know it’s hard work, but it’s so worth while when you see those smiling faces, or hear them giggling in the morning… though those sleepless nights….. aiiii let’s not get into that, lol πŸ˜‰

Jen on

Love the names! Different, but not crazy out there. Good luck to Rebecca and Jerry.

angela on

the girls were born on my aunt’s birthday. i love their names.

c. gomez on

jerry’s a good guy- i like his work. rebecca’s awesome i also like her work. childbirth is a miracle of life and god’s blessing to us so i congradulate both on the birth of charlie/ dolly. enjoy them while they’re lil- time goes by why too fast.

sharae on

Congrats to both of the parents, what is up with the goofy names though??

Chris on

Congrats! Two for the price, or well, time of one! Give them love and love and love and don’t forget the love!

Helen on

Congratulations to you both on your new bundles of joy, may they bring you much blessings in your life, so now begins the new chapter in your married life, you are now forever known as mom and dad….congratulations on your blessings πŸ™‚ now the real fun begins, it will be *I can’t imagine what my life was like before I had kids* you will have forgotten it πŸ™‚ its ok, milestones no matter how small will be better then anything in the world πŸ™‚ congrats!!!!

Daisy on

Lis, I have a double-barrel type middle name. Same as these girls. It’s pretty normal here in Ireland. Also I have my mothers name as a second name and my sister doesn’t care in the slightest.

I like the names, compared to some celeb baby’s they are quite traditional. And I like the fact that if they feel that later in life Dolly or Charlie are too childish Rebecca and Tamara are good fall backs.

sarah on

Congrats. Very cute names!!
All the best

M on

Congrats! Can’t wait for more details, but now a fan of the names! They aren’ cute, sorry, Dolly? Charlie is a cute name though and it honors family memebers

Kim from Australia on

Congrats to them both, not a fan of the name Dolly at all though, Charlie is cute but more nickname-ish for Charlotte, don’t know about naming their daughter after his brother, I’m sure putting it as a middle name would have been enough lol

Rebecca on

I love the names! Dolly is such a sweet name and I have always been a fan of Charlie for a girl. Did they name baby Charlie after Uncle Charlie?? I imagine that it would get confusing with two family members having the same name! Congrats to Rebecca and Jerry!!

sabine on

Congrats!!!!! I really like the name of Charlie for a little girl but Dolly no at all (it’s sound like a pony).

I’am from France and I don’t understand why lot of people comment the middle name. I will not talking for all the European people but in France it’s not very important. You have a middle name or not but nobody use it. Except if your name is “Cacaouette” (the translation of Peanuts!!!!) but I am sure that with the French Law you can’t name your son like that!!!!

Crystal on

I’m not a big fan of Dolly and even though I like Charlie for a girl they could have spelled it more feminine like Charli. I do love the double middle names for each of the girls. When I have children of my own I will most likely do double middle names. My niece has 2 middle names and I think it’s so cute!! πŸ™‚ CONGRATS TO REBECCA AND CHARLIE on their little blessings!!

roo on


Ella Kathryn on

I’ve been waiting for this. CONGRATULATIONS!

I’m not so sure on the names though. Dolly is just Dolly. Rebecca Rose is fine. I LOVE charlie for a girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE it but I would spell it Charlee. && Tamara Tulip? Sounds like a cartoon character. but hey! I’m sure these babies are BEAUTIFUL and their names will fit them perfectly bc ROSE and TULIPS are both just that! πŸ™‚

Kelly on

I didn’t know that Charlie can be used for a girls name. I always thought it was more of a boys name. But it’s cute. Dolly might have to grow on me. But anyways congrats to the new parents! I bet they both are adorable.

teresa on

congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all best with your beautiful girls

Megan on

model+gorgeous guy= two extremely beutiful baby girls
Congrats to both of them!!!

amanda on

Congratulations! Hope they are healthy and raised to be moral and law abiding citizens of the nation. Is it trendy to have more than one middle name or could you just not decide? I am expecting too and wanted to make sure I am “cool” when I name my child.

Ailey on

Congratulations, Rebecca and Jerry!

I would love to have twin girls! Chinese acupuncture, was it? lol! I’m also not a huge fan of double middle names. But I do really like Charlie for a girl. I prefer the spelling Charlee, though. Dolly is a bit… ummm, not my style at all but since the names mean a lot to the parents, I’m sure they will mean a lot to the girls too.

This is a little off topic, but why are people bashing the name Honor? I think it’s a beautiful name. I know a little girl named Honour (British spelling). She’s 10 and gorgeous and the name suits her so much. She loves her name and the other kids don’t tease her at all.

I think picking a name that suits the child is the most important part. Anyway, best of luck with Charlie and Dolly!

dee on

Oh, I am very happy for Rebecca and Jerry and I love their girls’ names. And I’m happy they spelled Charlie’s name the correct way, cause if you are gonna give your daughter a boys name be committed to it and don’t try and feminize it with extra y’s or e’s or i’s. That’s just kinda obnoxious in my opinion.

Karen on

Congratulations to the entire family. I’m sure that they are beautiful children and that Rebecca and Jerry will have some interesting days and nights raising twins, but they will also have the supreme happiness of parenthood. πŸ™‚

FC on

Lis, I don’t get the whole mouthful of a name including the multiple middle names, or even double first names, but sometimes I like the outcome. I do know my little cousin has two middle names to pay tribute to her grandmothers. I’m sure Rebecca and Jerry have reasons behind their daughters’ names. πŸ™‚

But, anyway, congrats to Jerry and Rebecca on their girls finally arriving. I also think it’s cute both have floral middle names [Rose and Tulip, respectively].

Mrs. R. on

I think the names are sweet, and clearly show how much these parents care about their respective families.
I do have to say though – wouldn’t it be funny if Dolly ends up a total tomboy and Charlie ends up a girly-girl?

jlm on

Congrats to them!
On the subject of one being named after the mother, I think it’s fine. As twin girls I’m sure they’ll find lots more stuff to bicker and fight over than who got mom’s name and who didn’t, afterall, it’s just a name. And a middle name especially. Nine times out of then when people ask me what my middle name is I have to think about it. And most kids under the age of 8 haven’t got the slightest clue what their middle name is. It’s kind of making a big deal out of nothing. And each child was named after a loved one, they can’t both have the name Rebecca (I mean, they could, obviously, but they chose not to, and as such its their right.) Besides, how do you think Jerry feels not having ANYONE named after him?? πŸ™‚ I’m sure its not a big deal.

On another hand, when I saw that the one girl is named Charlie, I had to laugh (Not at the name, I loooove the name Charlie for a girl) but I immediately flashed to a Friends episode where one of Phoebe’s triplets is named Chandler, and this happened:

Frank Buffay Jr.: Chandler is a girl. Chandler is a girl.
Chandler: Hold on, kindergarten flashback.
Frank Buffay Jr.: No, there was a mistake. It turns out that we missed it on the x-rays, the baby was a girl after all. Chandler is a girl. Chandler is a girl. Chandler is a girl.
Chandler: Oh, please keep screaming that.

Hahaha, I’m sure that Charlie didn’t react that way though lol

Loralie on

Congrats to the O’Connells!

Dolly Parton’s middle name is actually Rebecca– so I guess there’s a double honor there (as well as being named after her mother).

While names seem really odd at first– give it a few months and you wouldn’t be able to imagine the babies as having any other names.

Charlie on

My name is Charlie too (and i am a girl)! actually my real name is Charlize but all my life i have been called charlie (with the exeption of my grandmother) Its great to see a little girl be given that name, i love it! Congrats to Rebecca and Jerry! Wonderful names and i am sure they will be beautiful girls!

Natalie L on

Canada loves ya Jerry and Rebecca! Congrats on the healthy delivery of your new baby girls. Shower them with love! Can’t wait to see the first pics in People!

JM on

I am not fond of either name. Charlie is okay but yeah I wouldn’t have spelled it that way. Maybe Charli or Charley to kind of spice it up a bit. Well atleast they both got two middle names so they always have choices if they don’t like their given names!

Congrats to the couple.

jasmine on

Congratulations to Rebecca & Jerry! I actually like Dolly and Charlie and I love Tamara Tulip (part of Charlie’s name).

legemc on

Yay, they were born on my birthday!!

KKD on

Please always remember this happiness, then when things get tough, you both should remember the great gift that was given you.

Vanessa on

Congrats to both of them. I have twin boys who are just turning 10 months and it is the best thing ever, and they are actually great because we set them up on a routine. I like the names, a little long, but they have special meanings to them which is nice.

mel520 on

I’m surprised by how many people don’t like Dolly and Charlie. I’ve been under the impression that Charlie for a girl has become more common in the last few years, but now I’m thinking that may not be the case. Regardless, I think it’s a beautiful name for a girl and have often considered naming my daughter Charlotte (in honor of a relative) but call her Charlie. And, maybe it’s just because I always think of names ending in ‘-ie’ and ‘y’ as being feminine, but Charlie, to me, doesn’t exactly scream hypermasculine, rather gender-neutral. And Dolly, well, that’s been my nickname since I was born, so I love it. And the fact that the chosen names have such meaning to the couple makes it all the more special.

One question, why do people make such a fuss over non-traditional middle names???? I’m in my 20’s and I’m pretty sure my middle name is more commonly known as E. than Elizabeth. The only time my middle name has ever been more than just an initial was when my mother would get mad at me and call me by my entire name! I’m just wondering if maybe other people use their middle names often and that’s why they have an issue with a name like Mowgli or Tulip? I truly am just curious.

Gianna on

Congrats to them, I love rebecca. The names are not my taste, way too long and charlie for a girl is just not cute. Dolly is ok, but nonetheless to each is own as far as naming kids are concerned. Not as bad as some other celebrity baby names that are really ugly in my opinion. I hope we see pictures of the babies in the next few months.

Mia on

Congrats to them πŸ™‚ I’m sure they’re both ecstatic, and I am relieved that the babies came relatively on time. I’m sure, like most, I thought they’d be here early/around Christmas time.

I’m not crazy about the names, but I’m sure they’re adorable babies. I wonder if Charlie is actually just “Charlie” or if it’s short for Charlene..etc.

You think we’ll see some pics?

Dorothy on

Congrats! you’ve been blessed with two beautiful buddles of joy.Best wishes and Good luck to you both

Brannon on

Silly names, silly parents, silly babies. nothing better than that πŸ™‚ Love Charlie for a girl and am also planning on using siblings middle names for my kids – but “opposite” — Tyler for my girl and Page for my boy. My only problem with Dolly – not that anyone cares or should – is that it reminds me of the sheep. Congrats to them! May many others be so fortunate!

camille on

I love the name Charlie for a girl, Dolly not so much, but there’s nothing better than give your child a middle name or in this case a double middle name, because i know a lot of people who don’t like their first names and are called by the second or third. I really like the way they sound Rebecca and Tamara. Is lovely that Baby Charliehas been named for Jerry’s brother. Love Them! Good Luck

jen on

Those girls must be gorgeous…

I liked the names and then realized…

Chucky and Doll(y)

I hope the kids don’t tease them too much…