Kate Hudson Never Doubted She Would Have a Child With Chris Robinson

01/02/2009 at 09:00 AM ET


The whirlwind courtship and marriage of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson — which ended in a 2007 divorce — is something the 29-year-old actress will never regret, for it produced their son Ryder Russell, turning 5 next week. In a new interview with The Times Online, Kate reveals that the couple were set on parenthood from the very start. “When I met Chris it was like nothing else; I had no question that I was going to have a kid with him,” she explains. “Every rule went out the window.” Kate and Chris remain exceptionally close, even if they weren’t “meant to be married,” she says.

“I just had no question about him, and I still don’t. He’s a permanent fixture in my life, but I believe our love changed its form, it shifted…I think we were meant to have a child, and we have this amazing little boy together and therefore we’ll be together our entire lives.”

The ability to accept that bond will be of paramount importance for future partners and spouses. “Whoever he ends up with, whoever I end up with, we’ll always be together,” Kate adds. In the interview, Kate goes on to explain how her labor and emergency c-section delivery with Ryder made her view life — and death — quite differently. “I definitely started thinking about it because I just experienced birth,” she says. “I experienced the closest thing to death that I am going to experience until I die.” As a result, Kate approaches each day with a new perspective.

“I forget all the time and I get wrapped up in stuff, especially when things get a little spread out, like you’re trying to be the best mom you can be, trying to have a career, trying to be a friend, trying to be a girlfriend. You have to go back to that place, wait a minute, bring yourself back, it doesn’t matter, we’re all going to die. And one day all this will be gone and what does it mean?”

Source: Times Online

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melissa on


Kristen on

Celebrity couples like this (Kate & Chris, Pink & Carey Hart, etc) confuse me. I think it’s natural for the love between a married couple to shift from a more playful, sexual love to a more caring, respectful love. I don’t know why that signals divorce. It seems to me that many celebrity couples think that marriage has to be based only on that new-couple love/attraction, and once that fades and transforms, they need to separate and take off in pursuit of that flirty rush with someone else. Marriage is meant to change and you are meant to grow together as a couple. I think it is so sad to hear of a family being broken up like this when the parents still obviously share a mutual love and respect.

Nonetheless, glad to hear that Kate understands the importance of Chris’s role in her son’s (and her) life. Kudos to them.

Mel on

Since when does having a C-Section (even an “emergency” one) become a near death experience? I don’t understand that at all. I had 2 of them, one being a bit harrowing and at no time did I feel that I was anywhere near dying..Just a bit of her actress exaggeration, I think..Hopefully all of the moms to be who are reading this site aren’t intimidated by that! It just bothered me.

Annabel on

Mel, she didn’t say the c-section was a near-death experience, she said BIRTH in general (not just a c-section) is the closest she’s ever come to death, because in a way, the two are very similar. I’ve actually heard this from a lot of people, so I don’t think it’s just her “actress exaggeration”.

Mel on

Well, Annabel, Maybe I misinterpreted it as such. However, I have never ever thought of the birth of a child to “the closest thing to death” and I am absolutely utterly confused on that comparison! I have 3 children and that was the very last thing I was thinking about while I was laying on the delivery table. I am also the proud aunt of 5 and neither of my sisters or any of my mommy friends have made that birth/death observation. Its nothing against Kate Hudson. I really like her as an actress, I just don’t understand or agree with what she said!

Kat on

she means the birth itself… not having a child.

she was in labor, and then had an emergancy c/s… we haven’t been told the reasons, but my guess is what she’s eluding to is medical complications led to that… and that it was done to save her life and her child’s life.

With a c/s comes increased risk of bleeding out, so she may have lost a great deal of blood and then had further complications with the surgery.

Krystal on

I had an emergency c-section because I was bleeding internally and I almost died; but I think her point was that she was bringing life into this world.

Anna on

I think she just meant the beginning of life and the end of life. They are the two things in life you are sure of.

Lis on

Hi Kristen – just wanted to say that I couldn’t agree with you more!