Gwen Stefani's Special Delivery

12/27/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
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Gwen Stefani shares a smile as she totes her 4-month-old son Zuma Nesta Rock on their way to her parents’ home in Los Angeles on Christmas Day.

Accompanying the singer, 39, was husband Gavin Rossdale and son Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½. Gavin recently explained to Babble Baby that he hopes for his boys to question things — in a good way.

“To me, it would be a disappointment if the kids were cookie-cutter. So I want them to be rebellious in a way that doesn’t mean spitting at people or being bratty, but being individuals who question things. I want them to have input, to be smart and have an angle on things, to not be intimidated.”

Gwen carries Zuma in a Brio car seat.

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M on

Does anyone know what kind of car seat that is?? It looks cool.

Rayan on

Why is there always pictures of them in front of their parents house ? Do paparazzi’s sit outside her parents house ? That’s weird.

Anyways this is a nice pic and I love her scarf!

Artemis on

Gwen looks so happy! I love this family 🙂

Amy on

Rayan – if you look at videos from JFX Online, most of the time, they follow Gwen and the family around all day, starting from the morning when they leave their house. So they follow them to her parents’ house and that’s why there are always pics of them in front of there.

Nikka on

Rayan, i have never seen the picture in front of her parents houseand I check the CBB daily. Maybe I missed it but if it would be always, I wouldnt.

I like that they have these traditions to go to the parents house so often. I live so far from mine and I totally miss it 😦 Can i go with Gwen next time….

Nikka on

And as for the seat, how do you know it looks cool? I only see the base.. is there another picture with better view? im kind of courious now

Elizabeth on

Ok I know we love to see pics of our fave celebs, but how can it be legal for paps to follow them around all day? Doesn’t that fall under some kind of stalker law?

Nicole on

Nikka, most pictures of Kingston actually that aren’t in front of parks are from him being taken to and from – or even just AT – her dad’s house. They just don’t get posted here. X17 in particular likes to post pics of Kingston there, because they have almost DAILY posts of him.

Dee on

The Carseat is a Brio Primo, it’s a European Infant seat, which is illegal to use in the US because it’s not tested in compliance with FMVSS 213. It’s cool but there are better legal seats out there.

M on

It’s cool because its different than any other one i have seen.

Kris cpst on

Dee you are right it is illegal to use that car seat in the us.

I wish I was that put together when I go out.

CelebBabyLover on

Do you really think Gwen would put her baby in danger by using an unsafe carseat?

Kris cpst on

Celeb baby lover. It’s not an unsafe seat it is just not a us seat and can be used here in the us.

Kris cpst on

Sorry that should it can’t be used in the US. Unless they are just visting the us not living here

angela on

That car seat is a European one- and is NOT approved for use or sale in the states, so unless that pic was taken overseas, she is endangering her childs life. Feel free to research FMVSS 213 to see what our crash testing involves for child safety seats- it is about a 40 page document, and goes so far as to say that the dummies mush be wearing clothing machine washed at certin temps before testing, etc. Why would you use a seat not designed for american vehicles?

Rebecca on

I can’t imagine using a European carseat simply because it’s different, that just seems very silly to me. It’s red, big whoop, I know Baby Trend makes carseats in “different” color combos that are actually safe to use in the US.

CelebBabyLover on

Considering they seem to spend a lot of time in England, is it possible that the vehicle they’re using that carseat in was bought in England?

Anna on

You do know that the car seats in Europe are also tested right? Or do you think there are no safety regulations in Europe? Being from Europe does not mean it is less safe than one that is approved in the US, it just mean it hasn’t been submitted for US tests because it’s not for sale in the US.
We also drive American cars in Europe and Americans also drive European cars, so as long as the car seat is installed correctly there is no danger.