Pete Wentz: Life With Bronx is 'Like Legos'

12/23/2008 at 05:00 PM ET
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When rocker Pete Wentz entered into the labor and delivery room with his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, the start of many firsts for the soon-to-be dad began to quickly unfold. Watching his wife in pain as he was left to stand helplessly at her side, Pete shares with The Morning Mash Up that his sudden, temporary feelings of an oncoming heart attack led to his first “scared daddy moment.” However, when the couple welcomed their first child — son Bronx Mowgli — moments later, Pete’s worries were instantly washed away. “The first time I held him…I just knew everything was perfect,” notes the proud papa.

“Like everything was good — it was like Legos, you know what I’m saying, like it all fit together.”

Now at home with his family of three, Pete is settling into his dad duties which, among many diaper changes, has included a quick taste of Ashlee’s milk. Sharing that Bronx is strictly breastfed — “it’s the only thing he’s had a chance to have” — Pete couldn’t help but sample what his son “loves” so much. However, following a quick sip of the “soury” and “weird” milk, Pete admits that he was not so fond of the unique taste as Bronx seems to be! Continuing with the trend of firsts, Pete — who gained approximately 10 pounds of sympathy weight during the pregnancy — and Ashlee are looking forward to spending their first Christmas together as a family. A budding musician who already is the proud owner of a “a little bass” and “a little piano,” Bronx’s first Christmas will be filled with gifts as Pete laughs that there will be no short supply of presents under the tree!

“I don’t think at one they matter that much to him, but they matter a lot to me, so I’m going to be there sweating it out, putting things together…the night before Christmas because I know that’s what my dad did and I know that’s what I want to do.”

Although Pete, 29, is still learning the ropes of parenthood, his experiences so far have him already planning to expand his family further. Throwing out the hopeful number of six, Pete laughs that he isn’t sure how many kids he and Ashlee, 24, will have, but is certain there will be siblings for baby Bronx! Unable to “imagine that we’re stopping,” Pete compares his thoughts on future babies to that of a Journey song — “the chorus is just going to keep coming!”

Source: The Morning Mash Up via Us Weekly

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Nikka on

Well thats great he tasted it. The BM is the best for the baby so small and its great people dont see it as disgusting (unfortunatly i know people who do) we’re going to BF the baby too and for sure taste it as well lol !!

Karen on

ACK!!!! – that’s a statement that his son will love to hear when he’s older – “Pete couldn’t help but sample what his son “loves” so much”
Why don’t celebrities realize that somethings are TOO INIMATE to share publicly??
Plus the visual of that statement is a little too much for me today :S

Rayan on

I don’t understand why he thinks breast milk is sour tasting..

Breast milk is actually really sweet.

Autumn on

Cute parenting comments. That’s cool that Ashley breastfeeds, although Pete’s comments about trying some is too funny. (I wonder how Pete tried it? Did Ashley express some in a cup, or did…;P )

Anyway I hope they have a good Christmas.

Artemis on

Pete is a great dad, I’m sure he and Ashlee are great parents!

Stephany on

Haha, Autumn, I was thinking the same thing! I won’t tell you won’t kind of images flashed through my head. 😉

Pete sounds like such a great guy. He’s always gushing about Ashlee and baby Bronx. It’s great. I love it.

Sammy-xx on

Pete shared a picture of Bronx’s little bass on his blog. It’s so cute. Its just like Pete’s but in place of the Clandestine Logo there is a Dummy and its in blue.

I don’t get why people are in shock about Pete saying he tasted Ashlee’s milk. I think it’s a good thing to do and a lot of husbands/boyfriends and family members do it.

Becky on

I don’t get why the fact that he tasted her milk is weird or gross either. Every guy I know who is a dad tried their wive’s milk. My hubby tried mine too. It’s a curiosity thing.

They are so cute and I am glad she is breast feeding too and they seem like awesome parents. I can’t wait to see their little man!

Erica on

I love these two so much. Yes, Pete tends to overshare just a tad…but who cares. He seems so in love with the way his life is going right now, and with both Bronx and Ashlee.I can’t wait to see the pictures whenever they come about. I’m sure the baby is gorgeous and spoiled to bits.

CelebBabyLover on

Is anyone else surprised that Ashlee is breastfeeding? I don’t know why, but I just never pictured her as the type of woman who would breastfeed. Then again, I also didn’t picture Christina Aguilera as someone who would breastfeed, and yet she did! I also pictured Ashlee as the type to have an elective C-section, but it sounds like she had Bronx naturally.

Lilliness on

Sampling? Hmmm yeah sounds like Pete LOL. Not that I know him personally but the guy has never been the type to filter. Would I be shocked if someone like Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck said something like that? Hmm yeah a bit, but given that this is Pete I’m sure he’ll be saying more than some would care to hear within the next year…perhaps an in depth play by play of Bronx’s poopy diapers????

Rebecca on

Nothing wrong with sharing breastmilk with your kiddo 🙂 I will say that it’s interesting he thinks it tastes like sour cow’s milk, mine tasted salty and I know some people have said theirs tasted like melted ice cream.

Angeleyes on

Some things are better off unsaid but I’m sure Pete’s just so excited and full of love that he’s not thinking how he sounds to others right now. Let’s hope Bronx doesn’t read some of this stuff when he’s older! I never breastfed so I can’t imagine the tasting but the visual of it is there now with having read the commments. What a thought!

CelebBabyLover on

Lilliness- Actually, Brad has been known to overshare a bit, too, although when he does it it usually seems to be by accident (i.e, he gets so into telling stories about his kids that he forgets he might be sharing some TMI moments!). For example, when he was on Oprah last month, he talked about how ZeeZee once came waltzing up to him with her hands full of…well, let’s just say a little something from one of their dogs…and then asked him to examine it! The way he told it was funny, though!

Oh, and I think almost all new parents tend to overshare when talking about their babies. For example, most new parents seem to love talking in depth about their baby’s dirty diapers and other disgusting moments (and I definitely understand! I have a puppy, and I’m the same way about talking about her!)!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, I forgot to say that I do agree that I doubt Brad will ever publically discuss tasting Angie’s milk!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I can only imagine how scary it must have been for Pete when he thought he might be starting to have a heart attack. My dad had a heart attack last Spring, and the experience was terrifying for him, to say the very least!

brittany milhorn on

Im so happy 4 pete and alshey I no their going to be great parents and when baby bronx grows up he will be just as cute as his daddy and as talented as his daddy maby 1 day he will have a band of his like pete or maby 1 day he will be in fall out boy.well alshey pete and new baby brox make a great family.