Naomi Watts Steps Out With Samuel Kai

12/23/2008 at 03:30 PM ET
Eddie Mejia-Ron Asadorian/Splash News Online

Naomi Watts keeps newborn son Samuel Kai, 10 days, toasty while stepping out in New York City during an outing with fiancé Liev Schreiber on Tuesday. It’s our first peek at the new little one!

The couple welcomed their second little boy on Saturday, December 13th. Samuel joins big brother Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 17 months.

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Mary on

He looks so cute from what I can see! And I really like the way she introduced him- so down-to-earth!


Aww!! I love babies!! I bet this boy will look like Liev!

Maybe they went out to take a passport photo? I remeber when Sacha was a little baby and they took him for his passport picture…and the papz got a picture of him.

jacqui on

from what little I can see seems like a liev resemblance there. have always thought liev was underated as a actor and love this family … they seem so down to earth.

A Jill of All Trades on


alicia on

Regarding jacqui’s comment that the baby looks like Liev.
How can she say that a 10 day old baby that you can only see one full eye,has a hat on and is sucking on a pacifier and the rest is covered by a baby blanket, can she say looks like Dad?

Lets wait until we can really see the full picture, and then go ahead and say it looks like mom or dad or older brother, but not at 10 days of age.

Patti on

A “peek” is right. His forehead is cute! lol Well I’m sure we’ll see more of him. Naomi looks GREAT!

Nikka on

Jacqui im just courious, how can you so quickly and from seeing so little state who the baby looks like?

Brooke on

Alicia – shoosh.

Jacqui was making an observation. Don’t get on her for that.

Cyd on

This is why I admire Naomi and Liev so much more than any other celebrity couple. They don’t sell photos of their children to the highest bidder.

There isn’t a price to pay for seeing a picture of their child, it isn’t like they’re saying “We’ll show you a picture of our kid in a 20 page People spread as long as you give $20 million to our favourite charities that we could fund with one movie role”

Stephany on

Well, Jacqui did say “from what little I can see” but she must have a better eye than me because all I see is a 10-day-old baby! He’s sure to be a cutie, just like his brother. 🙂

I love how Naomi “introduces” her babies. I remember she went to the post office with Liev and Sasha when he was just a few days old (or maybe weeks? I’m not sure…) and we got our first glimpse of him there and now this one! Very cool.

Sammy-xx on

Urgh Not fair. She looks stunning. She’s 40 has a 1 year old and a 10 day old baby, she’s such a natural beauty. I think he looks like Liev from what we can see. It blight just be a mid blink photo but Naomi has big round eyes and Liev has more almond shaped eyes and it looks like baby Samuel does too.

Love the name as well.

CelebBabyLover on

Cyd- I don’t want to get into a big debate, so all I’ll say is that, for some celebs, it’s a choice between introducing their baby in PEOPLE or whatever magazine and thus eliminating the bounty for the first pictures, or putting their babies in danger by just going out without doing a photoshoot.

Also, I have never heard of celebrity baby pictures being sold for $20 million. I believe the highest price has been $14 million, for the first photos of Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, and even that’s just a rumor. There’s never been any confirmation or denial from PEOPLE (or HELLO, PEOPLE’s british counterpart who got the UK rights to the first photos) about that price.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Samuel’s a cutie, and it looks like he’s sucking on a Soothie pacifer!

Gianna on

I can’t tell what the baby looks like yet, but i’m sure he will be a cutie like his adorable brother. I think it’s great when celebrities are like salma hayek, halle berry, jennifer garner naomi, etc, don’t do photoshoots and than complain a week later about how they hate paparazzi lol. Salma said she showed a picture of her daughter mostly because she knew her fans would be interested, but she didn’t need the money of selling her daughter’s pictures and she didn’t need it for charity either, because she can donate money without charity. We see so many celebrity babies on a regular basis especially as they are a few months old and their parents take them out more, that really a photoshoot of a 3 week old is no big deal. And if you do share a picture with the public, the way salma did it was good in my opinion

ericka on

When did she give birth!? Was there a major post on it? I don’t remember…argh 😦

Well either way his one eye/half face is beautiful lol and she looks great


Yes, it was the featured post Sun 14/Mon 15. There is a link to it, if you’re interested, if you click “newborn son.”

– CBB Staff

Cyd on

CBL, it is still child exploitation at it’s worst in my opinion. Why should a child be used as a meal ticket or an excuse to give to charity? I am of the opinion that there should be more people like Gwen and Gavin and Naomi and Liev.

Lis on

Cyd – hahahaha!!!! I totally agree! This family just seems so much more down to earth than many of the others…

babyboopie on

Cyd, if I remember rightly Gwen and Gavin showed Kingston off in a magazine and then she got a lot of stick about it- she then decided to introduce Zuma via a personal photo!
But baby Samuel is so tiny! Naomi looks well!

J on

Jacqui – I see a tiny bit of Liev’s forehead in this baby. 🙂

Kelpy on

Aww she looks amazing, so serene. A lovely sneak peek baby shot too.
I’m so happy for this family!

CelebBabyLover on

Cyd- So you’re saying that, for example, Angelina and Brad should have put Knox and Vivienne in danger by taking them out without doing a photoshoot? I mean, the paps tried to drill a hole into Angie’s hosptial room (both Angie and Brad have mentioned this) AND they trespassed onto the J-Ps private property…all just because they wanted to get the first photos of the twins.

If they had taken the twins out without doing the photoshoot first, someone could have gotten hurt! Now please, tell me, what would YOU do if YOU were in that situation?

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to point out that celebs also seem to get blasted if they DON’T sell the first photos of their baby to a magazine. For example, look at all the nasty things people said about Tom and Katie when they didn’t release Suri’s first photos right away? Britney Spears recieved the same flack when she didn’t do a photoshoot with Jayden like she had done with Sean.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Cyd, some celebs (such as Angie and Brad) have actually explained the reasoning behind selling their baby’s first photos. I recommend that you read some of Angie’s recent interviews. She gives an excellent explanation for the photoshoots (the gist of it is that it’s reactive rather than proactive, and that they’d rather a charity profit from their babies’ first photos than some paparazzo.). Just type “Angelina Changeling”, “Angelina Kung Fu Panda,” or “Angelina interview” in the search box. 🙂

Shannon on

I completely agree with CBL- we “regular” people aren’t in their shoes, so we don’t know what it’s like to have 50 paparazzi getting in your family’s face and trespassing into your life to get a picture. For these people, it’s not about how much $$ they get, it’s a simple safety issue. And I applaud the ones who do give the money to a charity. Not all celebs do that. And I thought it was great what Angelina said about the charities getting the money over the paps-they are disgusting people who need to learn the meaning of the word boundaries. I love seeing the pics on here and all, but the ways they go about getting them is wretched!
I also think baby Samuel looks like Liev-at least the part I can see. His eyes definitely seem to have that shape to them. He’ll sure be a cutie if he does- his dad is hot!!!!

Linda on

She doesn’t look as if she’s had too many sleepless nights!

Molly on

Celebrities just can’t please everyone. People will complain about one person doing one thing, and then the same people will complain about a different person doing the exact opposite.

Naomi looks pretty tired to me…she’s just so darn naturally fabulous that she still looks amazing! Love her and Liev. I can’t wait to see more pictures of the little dude.

lisa on

aawww! congrats to them both, I love their choice of names Alexander and Samuel.

brandi c. on

cyd, i agree completely.

i’m sure samuel will be adorable like his big brother. and naomi looks gorgeous (like always, not fair lol)

Sar San on

I can see what Jacqui means. He does have a Liev resemblance. It is true that it is only a small picture and that he is too young to be compared, but from experience my children looked like one parent and then their looks changed later. So for now, perhaps he does looks like Liev.