Lance Armstrong, Anna Hansen Expecting a Baby

12/23/2008 at 09:00 PM ET

Cyclist Lance Armstrong is expecting his fourth child, and first with girlfriend Anna Hansen. In a statement to PEOPLE, the 37-year-old cyclist said he was “thrilled” to confirm the baby news, which has left the couple’s families feeling “ecstatic and grateful.” He adds,

“We are very much looking forward to what 2009 brings on many fronts. We appreciate respecting our privacy, as we are both eager to celebrate the holidays as a family.”

The seven-time Tour de France winner was diagnosed with and treated for testicular cancer in 1996; That he was able to conceive a baby is described by CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta as a “hopeful thing” for testicular cancer survivors everywhere. “It means his body healed from the chemotherapy and surgery,” Dr. Gupta said.

Baby-on-the-way is due in June, and will join Lance’s three children from his marriage to Kristin RichardsLuke, 9 and twins Isabelle and Grace, 7, who were conceived via in vitro fertilization.

Sources: CNN, PEOPLE

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Beverley on

Well, that didn’t take long. Haven’t they only been dating for a couple of months.

Patti on

I read that they’ve only been dating since July. She’s due in June? That was quick! And probably surprising!

thekate on

Don’t testicular cancer survivors normally have some “deposits” put in storage for after treatments in case they want more kids. Maybe they used something like that….It is amazing if they conceived naturally though. Congrats to them.

nosoupforyou on

He is sterile. Read his book. He banked sperm. That is how he had his first 3 children.

He had one testicle surgically removed and the other was made sterile by chemo.

Maybe there was some miracle. ????

Randy Causey on

Hey, it’s that time of year. “A Miracle Birth”, look out the window to the east and I’ll bet you see 3 wisemen on bicycles bringing gifts!

suzanne on

What a great legacy Lance is leaving for his children!

Chelsea on

“Well, that didn’t take long.”

Hmm…your comment really bothers me. Who are you to pass judgement on somebody’s relationship? They very well could be very much in love after a few months of dating and find that this baby is a huge blessing, especially given Lance’s health issues.

I say congrats to them because they seem happy about this news.

shan on

My brother had cancer when he was 18- after chemo the Dr’s told him he only had a 30% chance of ever having kids….he now has 3 beautiful children, no help needed to get pregnant.

Vickie on

It is a miracle.
From CNN article:
The harsh chemotherapy left him unable to have children, although he and then-wife Kristin Richards had three children using sperm the cyclist had donated before the treatment.
Armstrong and Hansen, however, are expecting without the use of any artificial fertilization process
“This is a hopeful thing for testicular cancer survivors,” CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said. “It means his body healed from the chemotherapy and surgery.”

Kevia on

This is a comment in response to Chelsea: How was Beverley trying to pass judgment? She didnt say anything bad about the woman nor Lance. To be honest with you, I’m surprised as well, considering Lance was sterile, or so I thought. You want to talk about passing judgment, and yet you’re doing the exact same thing. A bit hypocrite if you ask me.

phoebe on

Kevia – I agree with you. I think it’s natural to be surprised when a couple haven’t been together long. It’s not judgement, I guess you just don’t expect the announcement if they haven’t been together that long. Also, with Lance’s medical background, it’s a doubleheaded surprise and I suspect that’s what caught people off guard, at least that’s what it was with me. My first thought upon reading this was ‘Oh my God!!’, my second was ‘How fantastic is this??’. My initial reaction was probably because I thought, like others, that Lance was unable to have children without the help of IVF, but even if people were shocked because the couple haven’t been together long, that doesn’t mean their comments were judgemental.

In case Lance and Anna or anyone they know read this, I would like to say a big congratulations to them, and wish them all the best with the pregnancy! What a great piece of news for the family, especially for Lance’s three children!

Beth on

I agree with Kevia. I find nothing judgemental in the statement “that didn’t take long,” The fact is that getting pregnant didn’t take long on this relationship..

tink1217 on

Wow, this is a miracle! Must be a “meant to be” type of situation! Congrats to Lance and Anna!!!

gigi on

wow….you can tell how much i know about celeb news right now because i thought he was still dating kate hudson!!
so, i too, am shocked. congrats to them!

Jared Snyard on

Why do you say “It didn’t take long?” When are we going to get
the congrats.. to Lance after everything he has been through to
have a child with his girlfriend…Now that he is dating a non
high profile celebrity… That can also help.. So I hope that
he gets everything he deserves.. and that the media will no longer
ask him about Kate or Sheryl Crowe

Lacey on

Imagine how Sheryl Crow’s feeling this morning.

Lily on

I’ll bet Sheryl Crow isn’t happy about this…

Haylo on

My first thought was about Sheryl as well. I remember that part of the reason they broke up was because she wanted to start a family and he did not. Oh well she has her beautiful baby and presumably he’s happy with his girlfriend.

tink1217 on

has anyone bothered to think Lance probably never thought he could have any more children? He wasnt supposed to be able “feeling sorry for Sheryl Crow” because they didn’t start a family…its ridiculous. Obviously this is a miracle type situation. Its not like Lance and his girlfriend planned this baby…its a surprise and I am sure a very welcome one.

Tracy on

A friend of mine is also a testicular cancer survivor. When his wife fell pregnant, it also came as a complete shock. Because they thought he couldn’t conceive, they didn’t use any form of birth control. Originally they hadn’t planned on starting a family so soon after their marriage, but they were overjoyed.
Congrats to Lance and Anna.

Jennifer on

We’re not here to post comments to your liking. She was making a comment. Whether you like what she said or not is beside the point.

JM on

I don’t think that this was a “hey lets have a baby situation!” It’s obvious that he didn’t think it could happen and bam it did! So congrats to them. As far as Sheryl Crow I don’t think she’s going to hold animosity towards them. She’s got her baby Wyatt and seems very happy…why waste your energy on what couldn’t be it’s about living in the now.

Paige on

Wow. That came out from left field.

Congratulations to them both. Very wonderful news

Aitch on

Who is Anna Hansen? A Scandinavian model I presume?

Marianela on

Very good news, Congratulations to them both! And happy holidays to evryone

Lorus on

My first thoughts were of Sheryl as well.

SY on

Wow, calm down everyone!! Congrats to Lance, Anna and the Armstrong kids.

cinnamon on

I know Anna. She was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado and went to CU in Boulder, CO.

Crystal on

This is surprising news as to they have not been dating long at all. I read that he broke up w/ Kate Hudson at the end of July so he most likely started dating Anna in Aug. She seems to have conceived in Sept which means they only dated for a month or so b/f she got pregnant. It is a miracle and CONGRATULATIONS to the entire family. I agree with the other posters…..that was FAST!!! 🙂

Lauren on

Wow~ That is a miracle baby. I bet he thought he was completely sterile. Since they probably knew that they were both STD free they did it without protection and bam a miracle baby Wow…!

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with tink and JM. It’s pretty clear that this wasn’t a planned pregnancy. Remember, Lance was supposed to be sterile! This, to me, is clearly a miracle situation, and I doubt Sheryl’s upset about it. I’m sure she knows that surprises (I hate the term “accident” when referring to an innocent baby!) can happen, and besides, she’s got a beautiful baby of her own now! If she had stayed with Lance, she wouldn’t have Wyatt in her life now!

Tracy- I also once knew of a couple with a similar situation. The husband had testicular cancer and survived it, just like your friend. However, in his case, his doctors didn’t think he’d end up being sterile. They did, however, tell him and his wife that he would be infertile temporarily while his body recovered. So the wife went off the Pill…and a month later, BAM! Pregnant! Just like with your friend and his wife, this pregnancy also came at the very beginning of this couple’s marriage, and they were very surprised by it, to say the very least!

Happily, the husband, just like the doctors predicted, didn’t end up sterile. The couple’s second and third children are proof of that!

Kate on

First Matthew, now Lance, next Jake??

Aitch on

Hi Cinnamon: I am here in Colorado myself actually, thanks for the info. Lance and Sheryl were going to buy a ranch here when they were engaged.

Aitch on

Yes, I hope that Jake and Reese are next!

AXrionjack on

I thought he was still with Sheryl crow! where have i been!

g!rocks on

Beverley is allowed her opinion! I agree with her! He just got over dating Sheryl Crowe!

M on

I hope it’s a boy for Luke!!!!

DLR in Canada on

Okay, I’m not passing judgement here, but last I heard Lance was still dating Kate Hudson in the summer of 2008, and as late as September 2008 there was no mention of anyone named Anna. Then bam, the reports come out he got some gal pregnant and the baby is due in June.

*does the math*

All the doctors I work with say people in a new or non-exclusive shouldn’t have sex without condoms until at least six months to a year into a monogamous relationship, even if both partners already have their papers saying they do not have any STDs or HIV.

Well, in any case, congratulations to Lance and Anna, and it is true this “surprise pregnancy” (really, there is no way to explain this considering Lance was diagnosed as shooting blanks after his cancer treatment) will offer some hope to men facing testicular cancer, but to be safe, they should continue banking sperm before undergoing treatments.