Cake Smash! Baby's First Birthday

12/23/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

They may not be ready for solid foods just yet, but every baby loves a good piece of cake! recently selected their “Best of 2008,” which included a photo gallery of the best cake-smashing pictures submitted by readers — specifically at the birthday parties of feisty 1-year-olds. Check out the messy — but adorable — photos here.

How did you celebrate your 1-year-old’s birthday?


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nonsenseuponstilts on

My nephew fell asleep before we ever got to the cake part of his first birthday party! My parents and his parents were fussing over details in the kitchen, and he came to me, crawled in my lap, and promptly fell asleep. His dad, my brother, wanted to wake him for singing and cake, but I made them let him sleep. The poor thing must have been exhausted! It was just a small, family party, so there were no other kids to disappoint.

DivaStar on

When my daughter turned 1 (she will be 13 on Thursday), I bought two cakes, a small one for her, and a larger one for the family and friends. We sang happy birthday, blew out the candle and she just sat there, we’re waiting for her to dig in, nothing she just sitting there. My friend pushed my baby face in her cake she started crying she had frosting up her nose and that started a cake fight between the grown-ups and ended up messy but fun.

babyboopie on

We went out to Disneyland for the day (in Paris) and we had a fab time! My boy really loved it!

Dana on

With our first, we had a big family celebration at our house. I made 6 mini-cakes, that I made into blocks, each with a letter in her first name (Sophia). We gave her the one with the “S” on it, and she ate it 2-fisted. She had to be immediately hosed off in the tub, but it was great.

With our second, we had a family party again, a little bigger. I just made a big cake and gave her a big piece of it. She daintily ate it at first, and then went for it face-first. It was everywhere!

Our niece just had her 1st birthday this weekend. My sister made a big cake for the grown-ups and cupcakes for the kids. They gave my niece a cupcake, but she refused to sit in her high chair. My sister had to hold her in her lap. Luckily my niece kept going for the cake and my sister kept turning it over for her to eat the frosting. My niece sucked on her fingers, and then would stop and look at the hands, like she couldn’t understand what all the green stuff was.

dawn on

I really don’t have anything big for them. (cause they’ll never remember it,except for pictures)for all my kids i had a family get together for their first. it was more intimate, with a cute cake,and all they foods they liked (at the time).

MoreThanAMommyBlog on

For both my daughters, we had all of our family and friends over for a big party. We grilled and did the happy birthday thing and opened gifts. For my oldest, I made her a big sheet cake, and for my youngest, I made Elmo cupcakes for the guests, and she had her own little cake. I know some people don’t see the point in 1st birthday parties, but for me, it’s important. You only have one first birthday!

Kait on

We just adopted our daughter a few weeks ago and her first birthday is Christmas eve. We are intending to have a large meet the family kind of party and let her smash some cake and open presents.

Sarita on

I have a picture of me looking at my 1st birthday cake dazed, while my sister blows out the candle for me!

Dianne on

We had a Milk & Cookies Party for Nilsa’s First birthday. Yellow Brown and White polka dots and individual sized milk containers of whole and chocolate milk and enough cookies (oatmeal raisin, sugar and chocolate chip) to have an infinite sugar high! Here’s my blog post about it