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12/22/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

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Michelle on

No to kissing on the lips! That is how herpes is spread and that could lead to genital herpes. With 80% of the population already carrying genital herpes, some carriers not aware of it, it is time to stop the spread!!

MZ on

Actually Michelle, that’s not exactly correct. Genital herpes is only spread through sexual contact. A person will only get genital herpes on the mouth through coming in contact with genitals (though yes, they could then possibly pass it on through kissing, but a little peck on the lips like the article was talking about is not going to do it). There are many different forms of the herpes virus. Cold sores are not genital herpes but a different form of herpes. And, there are all sorts of germs in general that can be transmitted by kissing, whether on the lips or the cheek.

I’m Brasilian and there is lots of kissing among my family because culturally that’s what we do, but we only did lip kisses when I was young. The only person I kiss on the lips now is my husband, but I haven’t given much thought to whether or not I’ll kiss my baby on the lips when s/he is born.

Michelle on

Any form of lip to lip contact has the possibility of spreading herpes, it doesn’t have to be a deep passionate kiss, viral shedding is all it takes. (Meaning the cold sore does not have to be in the blister stage in order to passed on and a lot of sexually active people could take part in oral sex during this phase!)
As a life long cold sore sufferer I got it from older relatives and that would have been only a “little peck on the lips”!!
This ironically can then have ramifications during childbirth itself if you have an active outbreak. All you have to do is Google it to see how serious it can be to the baby!