Jodie Sweetin Lunches With Her Little Lady

12/19/2008 at 04:00 PM ET

Jodie Sweetin and her daughter Zoie Laurelmae, 8 months, step out for a bite to eat Thursday with Sweetin’s mother Janice (not pictured) in Los Angeles.

A family court judge recently ruled that the former Full House star may retain custody of Zoie as long as she remains in her parents’ house, after her estranged husband Cody Herpin made allegations of substance abuse.

Jodie and Zoie appear on the cover of the current issue of BabyCouture; take a peek here.

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Mandy on

I do remember reading about that. How sad!

I hope everything works out!

St├ęph on

I didn’t know that they weren’t together anymore and about the drug thing either. I hope that Jodie can be strong and stay clean, for her daughter.

Jane on

Zoie is so cute!! I really hope this divorce and custody arrangement can be settled as soon as possible for her sake.

Jodie’s lawyer said she relapsed by drinking wine, and that she didn’t take meth again, which I think is what Cody said he thought happened. I really, really hope these parents can try to be cordial for Zoie, especially since their personal life is now being reported on by the media.

Mandy on

I can’t believe little Stephanie Tanner has a baby of her own. Zoie Laurelmae is so cute, and I think that little face of hers looks just like Jodie’s when she was four or five years old. It’s nice to see a candid picture of them out and about! I can’t wait to see Zoie as she gets older.


what a cute chub-munchin

CelebBabyLover on

Jane- That’s what I read as well. Apparently, Jodie felt guilty after drinking the wine, according to her rep.

That said, I felt so bad for her when I read about the latest in the custody despute (not only does Jodie have to stay in her parents house to keep custody, but one of her parents must always be surpervising her).

Jodie seems to be a very good mom, and I don’t think it’s fair that she’s being treated like Britney 2.0 (When Brit regained visitation with Preston and Jayden earlier this year, her visits were required to be monitered. I’m not sure, but I don’t think she has a court appointed monitor anymore. I think her dad monitors the visits now.).

Mari on

Zoie is a beautiful baby and it’s good that Jodie will have the comfort and support of her family over the holiday season.

Camile on

When I first saw this picture I thought she was a child! Silly me! Very cut photo!

Stephany on

Jodie looks good, for everything she’s going through right now. And that sweet little Zoie is just a chubby monkey! She’s cute!

I really hope everything can be worked out between Jodie and Cody. It’s turning into a very sad situation.

MtMomma on

From reading all the People articles regarding this circumstance, it sounds as if her estranged husband is making false allegations in a desperate attempt to get custody of their child, and perhaps also to take care of his own financial needs.

After a whirlwind courtship, marriage, and pregnancy, her husband decided to live off of Jodie’s money and family help, and failed to take responsibility for contributing financially to their family, and Jodie cites that as a reason for filing for divorce. She also reported that after telling him about her desire to divorce, his behavior became bizarre, saying he would never let her take the baby. He is now seeking full custody of the baby and spousal support.

I know that Jodie struggled with addiction in the past, but I don’t believe it is at all a part of her current life. If she had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and feels regret because she is a recovering alcoholic, then that is to her credit. A couple of glasses of wine is not an endangerment to her child, unless she was driving with her.

I feel very badly for Jodie right now, as I can only imagine the desperation she feels to maintain custody of her daughter and the fear that her erratically behaving estranged husband may be able to take her away by maligning her using past mistakes. A mother and baby should NEVER be separated unless there are clear reasons why the mother is a detrimental presence.

Ivonne on

Zoie is cute and chubby. She really reminds me of Jodie (who I still call “Steph” lol). I read that article and think it’s strange that Cody broght these allegations after the seperated from him, and that he sees Zoie only sporadically yet wants full custody. I hope he’s not just striking back and it’s not fair to anyone! Anyway, best wishes to this family and their sweet little girl.

April on

Stay strong Jodie-We love you and are rooting for you! Let your lil beauty give you the strength you need to get through this time.

CelebBabyLover on

Ivonne- From the articles I’ve read, I think what Cody meant by seeing Zoie only sporadically is that he WANTS to see Zoie more, but, according to him, Jodie rarely lets him see her. In otherwords, he made it sound like his seeing her sporadically is NOT his choice. For all we know, however, it could very well be his choice. I just can’t see Jodie delibertly keeping Zoie from her father.

Anyway, I agree with MtMomma. To further elaborate on what it said in the PEOPLE articles about the situation, Cody apparently told Jodie that, if she left and took Zoie with her, he’d call the police and accuse her of kidnapping the baby. This was all according to Jodie, but I believe her over Cody right now.

I have to say this is beginning to sound like Charlie and Denise version 2.0, but with the roles reversed a little bit. In their case, it’s been mostly Denise throwing allegations at Charlie. In the case of Cody and Jodie, it’s Cody throwing the allegations at Jodie.

I just hope, for Zoie’s sake, that things get worked out soon and that the courts don’t let Cody take her away from her mother. I also hope that this won’t continue turing into the next Charlie and Denise situation!

M on

If anyone wants to know, Zoie’s sweater is from Target by OshKosh!