Gwen Stefani and Sons: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

12/18/2008 at 11:30 AM ET
Breeden/Thompsett/Pacific Coast News

Hot mama Gwen Stefani — accompanied by husband Gavin Rossdale and the family nanny — brave Wednesday’s rain to take sons Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 4 months this week, out for lunch.

For more of this rockin’ family, check out our Stefani-Rossdale Family Photo Album!

Gwen wears Zuma in a PSling NY ring sling from their Colors line in black ($150).

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Elizabeth on

Why do they need a nanny to help them take 2 children out? It seems like it would confuse the child- who do I listen to? who are mom and dad?

Rebecka on

Zuma looks so comfortable being carried like that 🙂

Laura on

They are so cute! OMG he is going to be four months already!

Lisa on

Her kids are adorable. I am still surprised why when both parents are there, do you still need to bring a nanny?

Brandi on

Oh wow those boys are so adorable, some of my favorites!

About the nanny, this is the same girl they have had forever, I’m sure she needs to be there all day and is basically part of the family so why not bring her out for lunch too? It’s just courtesy.

aurora mia on

Even tho I am not a fan of the name Zuma, he sure looks cuddlely 🙂 Kingston looks like such a such a cool little big guys now 🙂 As always Gwen looks fantabulous!

Artemis on

Zuma is so cuteee!

If that’s a family nanny she’s probably with them all the time, so she’s a family member much or less. Why not take her out as well and have some extra help?

Bancie1031 on

Gwen looks like she’s in a daze …. Zuma and Kingston both look handsome – as always hehe.

Terri on

Is her hair really blonde? They all seem to have light hair (boys) but Gavin’s is brown…

courtney on

Terri – No, gwen is naturally a brunette. The blonde must come from somewhere else in the family.

Zuma looks so cute all bundled like that 🙂

Mary on

They are so cute! But personally, I don’t think there is a need for a nanny ever at all! I grew up with 7 kids in my family, and guess what, no nanny, just a mom and a dad! I love this family though!

Sara on

i saw their family at the airport recently and kingston was running ahead, so full of energy just like any 2 year old. gwen is much more petite that i realized.
and BTW the article should read: “accompanied by HOT husband Gavin…”

Onlycelebrity on

so cute.. 🙂

Kat on

my guess the nanny is there to help because of the paparazzi being around… an alternative to a bodyguard.

You can tell the paps were pretty close.

Loren on

Gwen should have 2 nannies, she looks exhausted, and if she was a New Yorker she would have just stayed home and rested and let the nannies take the children out 🙂 In these hard economic times, be glad the nannies have their jobs and are working 🙂 The new baby is probably quite a handful 🙂 both of the boys are adorable.

morgyn on

In this picture I see a lot of Gwen in Zuma and Gavin in Kingston. Both are adorable!

I don’t see the nanny being a problem. My parents both worked out of town when I was little, and we are still in touch with the woman considered to be our ‘ nanny.’ In fact, she is spending Christmas with us, and the ‘ kids’ in this family are 30, 25, and 21

Bancie1031 on

Courtney – just because their hair color now is dark doesn’t mean that they weren’t born with blonde hair. The kids in my family (well most of the kids) are born with blonde hair, then it normally turns darker over the years until it’s brown.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary- While that may have worked for your family, that doesn’t work for every family. I’m guessing your mother was a stay-at-home mom, but in many familes, both parents work, and thus it’s neccesary to have childcare.

A celeb having a nanny is no different than us “normal” people taking our kids to daycare (unless they basically let the nanny do all the parenting, that is). Also, when you think of it, daycare is not a feasible option for most celebs.

Valerie on

I don’t think Gwen looks like she’s in a daze- it seems to me like she’s looking at Kingston and about to react to something he is doing or saying.

Jon on

Aww, that’s very cute.