The Beckhams Touch Down in Britain

12/18/2008 at 03:30 PM ET

Back in their native Britain for the Christmas holiday, David and Victoria Beckham arrive at Heathrow with their boys — Brooklyn Joseph, 9 ½, Romeo James, 6, and Cruz David, 3 ½ — on Wednesday. The family has been doing a lot of traveling lately — they spent Thanksgiving with the Holmes-Cruises in NYC!

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Big Pictures/Bauer Grifffin

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Artemis on

I get goose bumps looking at Vistoria without pants, its very cold where I live. I love this family, they have such beautiful sons.

Terri on

I like those warm looking boots! What could she possibly need such a huge purse for?

kelpy on

David and the boys look very casual and relaxed, ready for their hols.

dsmom on

While I love this family, I think that Victoria looks ridiculous. The whole “posh” thing is getting old and she kinda needs to get over herself.

jae on

terri – err…maybe all the stuff that keeps her 3 sons entertained on a long haul flight!?!?! seeing as none of them have bags with them. she also always takes pyjamas with her to change into on the flight – and probably the same for the kids too seeing as its a 12-14 hour flight!

Tanny on

Wow, Romeo looks so much like his dad, what a fitting name!

Brandi on

Beautiful boys.

Natasha on

In other pics you can see Brooklyn carrying a PSP and an Ipod…he’s gotta keep himself busy somehow! haha

I love this family!

Nikka on

Jae thats a great idea, i didnt know she changes for pyjamas. I always wondered how comfy it must be to sit in tight dress or pants and high heels on such a long flight

lauren on

I went on a 17 hour flight with my cousins who were 4 and 9. My brother {his kids} made me stuff my packback full of snacks, food, game boys, action figures… and loads of other stuff >.< Its tough work being a parent!

sadie on

It’s funny, I always thought Romeo looked like his dad too, until I saw pics of David Beckham as a young boy… and he is the spitting image of Cruz!! Romeo looks a lot more like Victoria did as a young girl, and Brooklyn is a real mixture of both.
Three variations, but all stunners!

Ronja on

I love this family…the guys are so gorgeous and english.

Jess on

Beautiful boys! They’re adorable.

Great to see them all wrapped up – it’s one of England’s coldest winters in 30 years apparently. It sure is freezing here!

I know Vic likes to dress nicely – but please, love, we’re in winter…wear some pants! =)

gianna on

Victoria’s handbag being big, that’s just the style now. You see women even without kids carrying big bags, it’s the trend now. I love her bag and coat very chic, I love her style alothough she must be cold with her legs out and she tends to overdress sometimes.The boys are beautiful and mostly favor david IMO.

Sarah on

Sitting here in England it is not as cold as you think. It is still not gloves, hat scarf weather-its chilly yes but not cold. If Victoria isn’t wearing stockings she is a brave lady but she has probably changed on the plane and going to the private area of Heathrow that would be under cover anyway! They seem a lovely family although it does cause rather a lot of traffic in the local town when they are back with the press but its nice to see them coming back for the holidays. Very much a family, famly!

Bela on

If you guys thinks Victoria changes into pjs in the plane, I have a plot of land to sell you. That is unless they are on a private plane. Because if they are one a flight with other people, there is no way she would be caught dead in her pjs in front of total strangers! Think about it, she is always so dressed up, then she is going to put on pjs in front of total strangers on a plane.
Evan I would not do that!

Kelly on

Bela – simon cowell was on a plane with her once and he said in an interview that she got on the plane all dressed up and then changed into pyjama bottoms and a hoody, he thought it was really funny and was winding her up about it. he was talking about how she is the complete opposite to how everyone thinks she is, and that the victoria on the plane is the real victoria he knows.

stephanie on

And Tom Ford was in the same flight with her once and begged her not to change into her pajamas 😀