Angie Harmon Welcomes Third Daughter, Emery Hope

12/18/2008 at 09:00 PM ET
Donato Sardella/WireImage

It’s a girl! Actress Angie Harmon and her husband, former NFL player Jason Sehorn, welcomed their third daughter, Emery Hope Sehorn, via c-section on Thursday, December 18th in California. Although no birth details are being released, a rep for the couple tells PEOPLE that Emery is "a healthy baby girl." She joins big sisters Finley Faith, 5, and Avery Grace, 3 Β½. 

In August, after much speculation, Angie, 36, and Jason, 37, deniedthey were expecting their third child; however a week later, the coupleconfirmedthe pregnancy! In her first public appearance since the announcement, aglowing Angie showed up at a grand opening, and gave us a peek at a slightly protruding belly. Only a month later, there was no hiding her growing bump! In November, Angie and her close friends gathered for her baby shower — although the gifts were kept gender neutral, the couple already knew they were having another girl! Gracing the cover of Pregnancymagazine, Angie shared that after a rough pregnancy, the couple agreedthat they were done having children. Just weeks before welcoming herbaby girl, Angie revealed that she was excited to share her very unique baby name!

Source: PEOPLE

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Muffintop on

This name is not as unusual as I thought, I like the name.
Congrats to the new addition!!

Sheena on

Congrats to them! I didn’t think Emery was that unusual a name, I actually considered naming my daughter that. I hope she knows that now there will be a lot of copy cats out there and Emery will probably become very popular πŸ™‚

Lady on

Wow 3 girls!! I thought her name was going to be unique…? I’ve heard that before, nonetheless its cute!! Congrats!


Her daughters name are all unique and special.Congrats to them!I thought for sure she’s having a boy

gianna on

I knew when she had her baby shower last month, that she was most likely due around january and just carrying small and not due march or april like some blogs said. Most people don’t have a baby shower at 5 months pregnant lol. She just carries small, she never looks anywhere close to 9 months pregnant. A lot of people here guessed she was having another girl, after a few of her comments in her pregnancy magazine interview. Her daughters names all go good together and wow 3 daughters in a row.

StΓ©ph on

My God, that was quick, I wasn’t expecting the baby to be born before 2009.
The name is not that unusual, although Emery is a boy’s name, but it’s cute and I like that her middle name is Hope. That’s what I was expecting though after Faith and Grace.
Faith, Grace and Hope is really cute.

Bella on

Very cute name. Congrats to Angie and Jason. It’s funny, we have such similar taste. I have a child named Finley, a child with the middle name of Avery and Emery was hubby’s second choice for both of them… all boys though. πŸ™‚

Emaline on

I really like the pattern of her girls’ middle names, cute! I figured she would have another girl. I also didn’t think she was due so soon!!

Sue on

Congrats to the Sehorn Family, another beautiful girl and another beautiful name. Jason will have his hands full when the boys come a calling. Lovely family God Bless them all.

brannon on

Congrats! cute (but very trendy!) I know twins named Avery and Emery who have a brother named Finn πŸ™‚

Aitch on

Emery is one of my son’s middle names! It was my Grandfather’s middle name, so I love it! I agree that the middle name theme of her girls is really cool!!

Brianne on

I am so happy to hear this news. She is one of my favorite celebrities and I love the names of all her girls. They are beautiful and not quirky at all. Congrats to the both of them… I’m sure Emery is as beautiful as her sisters!

Max'sMom on

Wow! Did not expect an announcement for a couple of months. Another girl! That was my guess. After the hard pregnancy she went through I doubt they will have a 4th & try for a boy. COngratulations to them.
I was expecting a more unique name after her comments but its cute.

Max'sMom on

Wow! Did not expect an announcement for a couple of months. Another girl! That was my guess. After the hard pregnancy she went through I doubt they will have a 4th & try for a boy. COngratulations to them.
I was expecting a more unique name after her comments but its cute.

Max'sMom on

Wow! Did not expect an announcement for a couple of months. Another girl! That was my guess. After the hard pregnancy she went through I doubt they will have a 4th & try for a boy. COngratulations to them.
I was expecting a more unique name after her comments but its cute.

TracyG on

LOVE the name! Congrats to the Sehorns! I’m sure little Emery Hope will be loved so much by her big sisters. πŸ™‚

So Angie and Michelle Duggar had their babies on the same day! πŸ™‚ And both girls!

Elle on

Congrats to Angie, Jason and big sisters Avery and Finley! But I have to say that name isn’t that unique. I have a friend who has a daughter named Emerie (pronounced the same way as Emery)and she is almost 3 years old. I thought it was cute when she did it and it is still cute. Emerie also has a little sister named Mourlea (more-lee). They are super cute! Congrats again Angie!

Destiny on

Emery is cute. I think Finley, Avery and Emery are like a boy/girl names according to the baby book. Emery is cute like a girl.

brie on

Love the name.It is so pretty. Not that unusual to an extent. It goes very nicely with the other girls names. I also thought of Avery for a girl. Very very happy for them. I have been dying to post!!!! 3 girls!!!

Ashley on

How exciting to have 3 girls! I LOVE the name Emery…we were considering it for our little girl due anyday now.

Caroline on

Aww, it’s my dream to have three daughters! Congrats to the family–love the name!

opko on

Congratulations! Beautiful name. Actually, I love all three of her girls’ names. All the best!

VM on

And here we thought she was having a boy! Not a big fan of the name, but it makes a perfect sibset with Finley and Avery.

phoebe on

I must say, I love the theme of the middle names. Hope must be the biggest non-surprise of the year when it comes to baby names though, it follows the big sisters names perfectly! Congrats!

rachael on

While not as unusual as I was expecting, it’s a great name added to the sibling set. I thought this would be an ’09 baby, too!

Congrats to Angie, Jason, and to the two big sisters!

Stephany on

I didn’t think she was due for a while but congrats! She must just carry small. πŸ™‚

I love the name and it goes great with Finley and Avery. I think it’s unique without going overboard (I’m thinking Bronx Mowgli and Zuma Nesta Rock?!). Very trendy. I like it!

tracy on

I love how she kept the girls’ middle names all in the same genre ‘Faith, Hope, Grace’. Congrats on your early holiday gift!

Jessica on

Emery and Avery sound like the same name. I hope there is no confusion in later years.

Whitney on

I love he name Emery, but Avery is my favorite – not a fan of Finley

JM on

Jon and Kate Gosselin named all 3 of their girls with the middle names faith, hope, and joy….I like the middle names as well as the first names. Unique but not outrageous!!!

Eliza on

I love the name! It’s not as “out there” as I thought it would be, based on Angie’s previous statements. It’s unique without being strange. And I think it goes well with Avery and Finley.

Bancie1031 on

I think that Emery Hope fits well with her other girls names. I actually thought about naming my future daughter Avery Grace (without knowing that anyone already had that name).
I actually like all of her daughter’s names.

Bancie1031 on

oops CONGRATULATIONS to Angie and Jason. 3 daughter’s, how very special.

Michelle on

Congrats to them! I love the new baby’s name and I think it also flows very well with the names of her big sisters. I hope they do a family photo shoot — would love to see the new baby and how big her other girls are getting.

Nicole on

I’m very confused. I thought she was searching through baby books making sure the baby’s name was in there. Although I’m not going to go dig for my baby name book, I am SURE Emery would be in there. That’s a pretty popular name now.

MB on

LOVE the name! so pretty. emery is not far out there, but it’s also not common.

marlee on

Cute names, but Emery is not unique. I know of a few little Emery’s.

Mandy on

I love that name! All three of her daughters have beautiful names.

Yesterday was a busy baby day, Michelle Duggar also had her 18th baby.

A little girl, Jordyn.

FC on

Marlee, maybe Emery is unique enough for their family! I still think it’s a great name, and I do like the whole Faith, Grace, and Hope middle name flow, too. Not just because I share a name with them, lmao.

Anyway, congrats to Jason and Angie on their new little girl!

Erica on

Not a big fan of the name (brings to mind filing down ragged fingernails) BUT it goes well with her other two girls. I’m glad the family seems to be doing good!

Christine on

Congrats to them!
I love the name and think it’s especially nice and fits perfectly with their sibset!!

Ashley on

Cute–all three names make for a nice sib set together.

When I first heard the name, I reminded me of an emery board… hopefully baby Emery doesn’t grow up to marry a man named Mr. Board!

Mia on

I read the news last night, and I was also surprised that she delivered so soon. She was always carrying small, and I for sure thought it was a boy!

J.J. on

Awww congrats to the Harmon-Sehorn family on their new little girl!! Emery Hope is a beautiful name and I’m sure the baby is just as beautiful as her sisters!!

JM on

Perhaps her and her husband came to a compromise. Maybe she wanted something nobody had and he wanted something different but unique and they found Emery. I’ve heard OF the name but don’t know anyone with the actual name so for me it’s very different. Just sounds so close to “memory” though. I was really expecting something far fetched but it’s nice they gave their child a simple yet unique name to grow up with. And it fits very well with Avery and Finley.

Liz on

Congrats to them!!! And what a beautiful name!!! I’m sure she’s a cute little thing!

Rebecca on

Emery is yet another male name. ::sigh:: I wonder what they would name a boy.

Maddie on

I knew of an Emerie (spelt ie instead of ry) when I was at school. I acutally really like the name. Congrats to the Sehorn’s for another beautiful baby girl.

Heather on

While I like all the names she’s chosen for her girls, Emery and Avery are a little too similar to be in the same sib set…

Nika on

Congratulations to them!!!! The name is cute but I wouldn’t choose a name that sounds so mucht like the other. ‘Avery’ and ‘Emery,’ those names are going to cause a lot of mix ups I guess.

Allison on

I love the name Emery, it’s a less common version of Emma or Emily that will probably catch on. I wouldn’t be surprised if another celebrity names their daughter Emery in the next year or so, since Lisa-Marie Presley named one of her twins Finley.

Jennifer on

Congratulations to Angie, Jason, and big sisters Finley and Avery!

Emery isn’t too unusual, but it does fit nicely their girls’ names. I love the Faith, Grace, and Hope theme as middle names – so cute! πŸ™‚

Cate on

Shortest pregnancy ever!? I thought she was only a few months along. Wow.

My middle name is Hope. Poor kid is going to have prepare herself for the jokes. My brothers telling me I was hopeless was one of their favourite things to do. Not that it made sense…but hey, kids are kids.

Cecilia on

COngrats to her, her husband, and family. Her daughters middle name are Faith, Grace, and Hope. She definitely is specific in her name style!

Daze on

Congratulations to them! I love the names of her 3 girls and how they all go together so perfectly without being all matchy-matchy.

Georgie on

Am I the only one who doesn’t like their daughters’ names? All boys’ names, and Emery and Avery are so similar. The middle name theme is cute but I don’t like the first names at all.

Mel on

From what I know about this couple I love them! I also love their daughters names & Angie was right…Emery Hope is cute.

Wish them the best.

GW on

Congratulations Angie and Jason on your third daughter – it is truly a blessing to welcome childern into a home where they will be loved and nurtured by loving parents.

As Maurice Chevalier once sang…
“Thank heaven for little girls, without them what would little boys do!”

Lindy on

My first husband’s name is Emery…my father-in-law’s name was Emery, and my son’s name is Emery. NEVER heard it for a GIRL !!! Hope she doesn’t get teased unmercifully, in school !!

Mandy on

I love her name choice! I’m a fan of all her girls’ names!

Michelle Duggar had her 18th child yesterday, a girl too.

They named her Jordyn.

Ruth Stewart on

Congratulations on your third girl. I have three daughters and they’re a still a joy even though they’re all grown up. Our oldest had a daughter born at the same time Finley was born, then another daughter when Avery was born. Her third was a boy, who is now 4 months old, so I thought for sure you would have a boy also. As I’m sure you know, little girls are wonderful. Enjoy them now….they’ll be grown before you know it.

Rosy J on

Congrats to the Sehorns on their new baby girl. Cute name for her and I’m sure she is adorable.

Natasha on

congrats to the Sehorns! I’m so jealous, I want 3 daughters! πŸ˜€

Brandi on

Congratulations!! Great name choice, all the sisters names go together well. Nice sibset.

bon on

congrats to her and her family…but if she thinks Emery is unique (among kids, at least…it would definitely be unusual on women our age) she’s got another thing coming.

it’s part of a huge trend of Em- names and the trend of boys’ names on girls (which, sigh, she’s used on all her girls) plus it’s very similar to Avery…i don’t really get trumpeting its uniqueness when it was going to be that predictable. especially with Hope following the pattern of Faith and Grace.

Jamie on


JC on

I don’t think she will get teased in school for the name Emery. Personally, I think the name has a feminine touch to it so does Avery.

blasiandiva on

Emery is a boy’s name!! For some reason people think it’s trendy for a girl but it’s not!

Shanna & Mike on

It is not an unusual name…particulary because we named OUR baby girl “Emery Hope” on July 17th of this year.

Terri on

Congratulations! I’m the second of three girls myself. Having sisters is a wonderful thing!

CelebBabyLover on

Finley, Avery, and Emery are NOT boys’ names. They are UNISEX names, just like Leslie, Lynn (I even once knew a man named Lynn!), Ashley (while more common for girls, it started off as a boys’ name and is now used on both genders), Aubrey (same as with Ashley), Jordan, Kelsey, Jaimie, etc.

Nika on

You are all going on and on about Emery actually being a boys name but that may be the case where you live but I live in the Netherlands and I know two girls/women named Emery. And I have NEVER ever heard of a boy with that name. All I’m trying to say is that it’s just how you look at it, just because you say it’s a boys name doesn’t mean it is!
So I would say it can be for a BOY OR A GIRL.

onlyscotia on

Compared to others celebs kids her choice of names are positively normal (and pretty). At least her kids won’t grow up hating her cause she’s given them stupid “let’s compete with each other for the most out of this worlds kids name” name

Leisa on

Congratulations Angie and Jason on your baby girl. From everyone down under in Australia.

CelebBabyLover on

onlyscotia- I don’t think it’s fair to say that celeb kids with unusual names are going to grow up to hate their parents because they gave them such weird names. For all we know, some if not all of those celeb kids may end up LOVING their unqiue names! I also don’t think it’s fair to say that celebs give their kids weird names because they’re thinking: “let’s compete with each other for the most out of this worlds kids name”.

While that may be the case with some celebs, it seems like most of the time the celebs choose baby names that have very special meaning to them. For example, Knox Jolie-Pitt was named after his great-grandfather, and Sunday Urban’s maternal grandparents suggested her first name.

chowchowpug on

My 4 daughters are Jannalyn, Saylor, Tamryn, and Lynna. They all have unique names. Saylor’s middle name is Emery.


My son was named Emory 2 years ago and my daugther is Quinlan Adair….I originally wanted to name our son Emerson – my husband wanted Rory – so we googled Emerson and a site said that Emerson was derived from Emory – so we thought it was a good combo of Emerson and Rory = Emory – –

It’s funny how people feel when they name their child something that it’s “their” name and no one else should use it!!