What's Stella McDermott Getting for Christmas? Tori Tells!

12/17/2008 at 05:30 PM ET

They visited Santa, now they’re building a gingerbread house! Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose for a family portrait with son Liam Aaron, 21 months, and daughter Stella Doreen, 6 months, at home recently. Of their holiday plans, Tori tells Life & Style,

“We’ll have a family morning at home opening presents. Stella’s ready for some learning toys, so we might get her an activity gym for the floor and a bouncer. And I have to spoil her with a dress or two!”

See more images of the family in our gallery, Family Album: The Spelling-McDermotts!

Courtesy Life & Style

Liam wears babyGap’s Red Tartan Plaid Button Down ($20).

Courtesy Life & Style

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Emily on

It’s about time we get another peek at this sweet family! I wonder if they will continue their show. All of the posed portraits I have seen lately here and on the Oxygen site lead me to believe that they will. I hope so anyway!

Jill Gerber on

Tori is jewish – how come she celebrates chrismas ?

I wonder…

Jess on

I’m fairly sure she’s always celebrated Christmas. I remember reading something a while ago that growing up, her family celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah.

Mary on

Me too, Jill Gerber! Well thats cute! I’ll be picking up that magazine!

gianna on

Tori said in her book she is jewish from both parents, but always celebrated christmas. Antway liam and stella are beyond cute. And I gotta say matthew mcconaughey’s little boy on the cover, is totally adorable as well as harlow madden. Why do they have a picture of jlo with her son, that’s such an old picture and we haven’t seen her kids in the longest time.

C on

Jill, I don’t think that Christmas has been a religious holiday in a long time.

madison on

I don’t think Dean is Jewish. They probably celebrate both holidays.

Mary on

Jill Gerber, I was wondering the same thing! Cute family and I think I’ll be picking up that magazine! Merry Christmas Hollywood babies!

Rasel on

Maybe they celebrate both holidays since her husband is not Jewish.

Bancie1031 on

Aww cute picture. That Gingerbread House looks identical to the one that my daughter and I did together. We got it at Walmart for $10.00.

Amber on

Is Dean jewish? If not, perhaps they celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

Bancie1031 on

Who is that in the bottom right hand corner of the magazine???

Anne on

She is Jewish but Dean isn’t and why not?

Anna on

She probably just likes the Christmas feeling and is Dean even Jewish?

Anyway, for many people Christmas isn’t about religion anymore.

KMR on


Tori has mentioned in the past that her family always celebrated Christmas not as a religious holiday, but more as a commercial holiday, fun thing. Basically for the gifts and her mom liked to do it up with the decorations.

Also Dean is not Jewish and he probably grew up celebrating Christmas.

Mims on

Bancie, that is JLo and Max in the bottom corner

Whitney on

My mom is catholic and my dad is Jewish – neither is religious – I grew up with a menorah and a christmas tree – I know more about Hanukah as as a religious holiday because I do not believe in the story of Jesus – My cousins are Jewish (cause the mom is jewish) and the grew up strictly jewish – my other family celebrated Christmas – so we all did Christmas eve together…..regardless of religious preference. My Jewish father loves the holiday feeling and so he was okay with us doing both. My Jewish cousins have kids with non-jewish men but they have chosen to send their kids to hebrew school and teach them about the Jewish religion – however they also get the tree – it’s just become a fun (expensive tradition). Santa Claus and Hanukah Harry visit every year!

Whitney on

oh – and those kids Stella and Liam are adorable –

Tan on

These two kids are just cuter and cuter as they grow up.What lucky parents.Tori looks amazing!I hope I bounce back like that in a couple of months.

Leigh on

Looks like Liam stole one of the buttons:) I love this family. They are so down to earth!

Bancie1031 on

Mims – Thanks …. and wow that doesn’t look like JLo at all …. I’m totally shocked.

kiki on

Christmas is first and foremost a religious holiday. It’s sad that most people forget that, so Jewish people tend to celebrate it as a secular holiday.