It's 'Hard to Say No' to Suri, Says Tom Cruise

12/17/2008 at 04:00 PM ET
NY Team/Most Wanted

For 2½-year-old Suri Cruise, anytime is a good time for ice cream. So said her dad, actor Tom Cruise, during a Wednesday appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. Despite having the world at her fingertips while living in New York City — where mom Katie Holmes currently stars in the Broadway production All My Sons — "the ice cream store is Suri’s favorite place" to visit in the Big Apple, Tom revealed. "It doesn’t matter the temperature [outside]."

When asked by co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin what might be awaiting Suri under the Christmas tree, Tom was coy, pointing out that since his daughter might be watching he wouldn’t "want to give anything away." He did confirm, however, that Suri is hoping for a furry friend to accompany her on her New York City adventures.

"She just loves dogs, loves puppies, loves animals. She’s hard to say no to, that Suri. She’s so sweet. All my children are."

Tom went on to reveal that he and Katie have found an ally in Tom’s daughter Isabella Jane, turning 16 next week, in their ongoing efforts to diversify Suri’s wardrobe! "She dresses herself [when] Kate lays the [clothes] out for her," Tom explains. "She won’t wear pants, and it’s very difficult getting the coat on…But having a big sister helps, because she looks to Bella."

In addition to Suri and Bella, Tom is dad to Connor Antony, 13 ½, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman. His new movie Valkyrie opens Dec. 25.

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

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Nikka on

Yeah no kidding i woudlnt be able to say No to Suri neither !! (Except id say NO to her long banks so she could see better) But i cant tell NO to my cat neither when he begs for this an that. He’s goo Cute. And so is Suri, what an adorable little girl …

brooklyn on

Goodness! I think little Suri is going to be quite a handful when she gets older!

Lauren on

When she gets older?? I’d say she seems to be more than a handful as it is. Tom does sound like a doting dad, but this is just just more confirmation that it seems what Suri wants, Suri gets. Will be interesting to see whether she grows up to be as seemingly well-adjusted as her brother and sister. Judging by how things appear now, I think that’s still up in the air.

CM on

You know say what you want about Tom but whenever he talks about Suri he always talks about his other kids. He’s always inclusive…I dont get that with Nicole

Cyd on

Rubbish, Lauren. She’s clearly doted on being the baby of the family. You make it sound like she’s a spoilt child. She sounds like a very typical two year old girlie girl.

JM on


No this child couldn’t possibly be spoiled!!!!!

MB on

He said she’s hard to say no to, not that he never says no to her. I won’t have my baby for a couple of months, but I assume there will be lots of times it will be hard for me to say no to him or her. I imagine there are times it’s hard for most parents to say no. As parents, you want your kids to be happy. There is a difference between finding it hard and doing it and in never saying no. And other than the coat issues, I don’t see how we’ve been able to tell that they indulge her in everything.

FlyByNight on

I appreciate that Tom mentioned all of his children being sweet, and talked about how Suri looks to Isabella as a big sister. It’s clear he loves all three of his kids a lot, and is proud of them. Ever since Nicole had Sunday, her comments about her other two kids have come off as almost cold at times, so I am glad to see Tom being inclusive.

Anna on

I don’t see how his comments mean “what Suri wants, Suri gets” he only says he’s always in for ice cream, not that she always gets it. And it’s hard to say no, not that they never say no.

eva on

LOL JM, I’m with you

gargoylegurl on

If his older children are anything to go by, I’d say Tom has/is doing a good job of raising well adjusted children. It’s clear that Suri is very happy, very loved. I don’t think there’s any indication that she’s a spoiled rotten brat. I’m sure she gets a lot of nice things, as Tom’s older children probably do too. Saying it’s difficult to say no does not mean he doesn’t. I really feel for celebs having their every word picked apart. I doubt he means that Suri gets whatever she wants. I believe some people may be taking his comment out of context.

sil on

I’m not fan of Tom Cruise, but i have to say that he sounds like a good father, and I like how he always talks about ALL of his children not just about Suri (like Nicole Kidman that, imo, always talks about Sunday and “forgets” about Bella and Connor)
And about spoiling her, I agree with Cyd, she sounds like a typical 2 yr old girl. My daughter also loves ice cream, no matter if it’s freezing outside! and she always gets an ice cream if she wants to, i don’t find anything wrong with that, and believe me, she is not spoil at all.

lala21 on

I was just about to say the same thing sil said about at least Tom talks about his other 2 children. Nicole never does or she “forgets”. He seems like a good dad to all his kids.

Brandi on

That is so sweet that she looks to Bella for encouragement.

I think many of you must be convienently forgetting mnay of Nicole’s recent interviews. She DOES talk about her other children, I can find links just on this site. Here are some examples.

Anyway I have to agree that even if I don’t personally care for Tom (or Nicole, or Katie to be honest) he does seem like a very good and loving father.

brannon on

I’m guessing the “spoiled” comments come from a combination of previous interviews in which he says “won’t wear pants,” “won’t wear coats” etc… As a mom of a 2 year old, I find that a little odd too since my son wears a coat or doesn’t leave the house. Period. That being said, and I am in no way a fan – I also get that given the amount of negative press they get, in an interview situation you would always want everything to sound perfect. Life is great. I doubt we will ever hear them talking about Suri using curse words or throwing a temper tantrum because she couldn’t have a cupcake until she ate her vegetables. Just not going to happen. On a side note, as a mom of a puppy as well…can’t imagine having to travel with puppy and baby all the time! Exhausting (of course i don’t have a slew of nannies.bodyguards either) In any case, my puppy is way more work than my son! Good luck to them! No doubt Suri will love it 🙂 I do think it will be a great idea for her though – no better friendship 🙂

phoebe on

I love this family, Suri is so cute, but I very much hope that Tom doesn’t get her a puppy for Christmas. I am so against giving live animals as gifts and there is a potential for parents to see that Suri is getting an animal so they will get one for their child too. I’m not saying that Tom and Katie need to be socially considerate with everything they do at all, but there is a sticking point with me for animals as gifts. The RSPCA and likeminded animal charities get soooooooo many abandoned pets in the weeks after Christmas. Anyways, other than that, Happy Christmas to the Holmes/Cruise family!

CelebBabyLover on

Brandi’s right, Nicole HAS talked about Bella and Connor in her recent interviews. That said, I want to point out that, when we read interviews, we are rarely seeing the exact words the celeb said.

Nicole could very easily be mentioning her older kids quite a bit in interviews, but the interviewers usually cut those bits out.

Also, keep in mind that, for Nicole, having Sunday is a very new experience for her. Naturally she’s going to be talking about that a lot.

CelebBabyLover on

phoebe- I understand what you’re saying, but a puppy (in most cases, that is) is not at all a bad gift! My family just got a puppy a few months ago, and while she is very much a handful at times, she is a sweetheart and a joy, and we can’t imagine life without her!