Kate Winslet On Son's Name Change

12/17/2008 at 02:00 PM ET
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From the sound of things, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, 2 ½, isn’t the only celebrity baby seeking a name change! Kate Winslet says her son Joe Alfie, turning 5 next week, has also decided that his given name no longer fits. During a Monday appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the 33-year-old actress revealed that Joe currently responds only to the name of ‘Traiver,’ which he created quite by accident while searching for his "trainer" shoes.

"He turns to me and says, ‘My name is not Joe, okay? So just don’t call me that anymore. That’s why I’ve changed it to Traiver. But you can call me Traiver, or Traive.’ I said, ‘Okay, that’s really cool Traiver, how do you spell that?’ … It was so sweet."

With the holiday rapidly approaching, Kate said that both her children — including daughter Mia Honey, 8 — still believe in "Father Christmas," and since they might watch her appearance on the show Kate held her ground! "Father Christmas is real, so lets not go there, because it’s a really special time." When asked by host Jay Leno if the wrapping paper ever arouses any suspicion with the kids, Kate answered in the negative, noting "the gift wrap in the North Pole is so completely different." She added,

"You can’t get the same gift wrap in the North Pole that you’d get in London or New York or wherever else you might be. There is no confusion…we’ve got it down."

There will be even more gifts to wrap for Joe, who has the "terrible" fortune of being a Christmas baby, having been born on December 22nd. Kate’s brother also has a December birthday and she vividly recalls that "he wouldn’t get as many gifts" as she and her sister on Christmas morning; Determined not to let Joe suffer the same fate, Kate makes sure that her son has "a separate party, with separate presents" each and every year. "You give them a cake, a balloon, something to give to their friends to take home and a glass of wine for the grown-ups and it’s a party," she said.

Mia is Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Jim Threapleton; Joe is her son with husband, director Sam Mendes. She has two new movies hitting theaters in upcoming weeks — Revolutionary Road and The Reader.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Xan on

Another Dec 22 baby here, too, so I know what she means:) Poor Joe,
it sucks to be overshadowed by the birth of Christ! lol

Devon on

I get what Kate is saying about her son’s birthday being so close to Christmas. My cousin’s birthday is on Christmas and he always got less than everyone else because they would combine birthday and Christmas gifts. My godmother’s birthday is the 26th and a school friend’s birthday was the 27th and they felt the same way. I know it’s impractical but I am going to try and plan to not have kids around Christmas so they don’t feel cheated in any way whatsoever. However, if I have kids around Christmas I am going to make sure that they have their own birthday and Christmas celebrations.

Jada on

I guess I’m one of the ‘lucky’ Christmas babies! My birthday is Christmas Day but my parents were insistent that my birthday and Christmas were 2 seperate occassions, therefore seperate gifts were expected!
I have to admit that I was an only child so there wasn’t really any competition when it came to how much would be spent on who, but nonetheless, my parents were (and still are!) my advocates when it came to my birthday being seperated from Christmas!

Sami on

Oh my poor boyfriend gets this all the time! His birthday is on the 17th and some how he gets less. I always try to get him one big gift or at least two medium gifts if that makes any sense.

Amy Smee on

I can’t wait to see Kate’s new movie with Leo! They make a great pair!

Mrs. R. on

My daughter is a xmas baby too… I appreciate that she would be sensitive to her brother’s slight growing up and make sure it doesn’t happen with her son.
I LOVE Kate Winslet. She always seems really down to earth.

shalay on

I know exactly what she means! My brother, sister, and mom have birthdays on the 20th, 22nd, and 29th. And mine is usually on Thanksgiving! It makes the holidays extra hard. I always say that I’m having my babies in the summer if I can help it!

Elizabeth on

My birthday is December 30th and I was happy I never had to go to school on my birthday! Now I’m married, and my husband’s family can’t remember my birthday to save their lives. NO ONE remembers it because it’s sandwiched right between Christmas and New Years.
I do have one funny story from my childhood, though- My mom is a nurse, and the number of days she could get off from work during the holidays was limited. One particularly difficult year she asked me if she should try to get off my birthday or Jesus’ birthday. I said mine, of course. My mother was mildly shocked. 😉

Kelly on

Haha thats what my mom would say to me “No he is real youve seen the wrapping paper i buy he has a complete different kind”

a on

my birthday is dec 22 too and its not the best day for a birthday

Michele on

Try being a Valentine’s baby! I grew up getting the box of chocolates or bunch of red roses from the boyfriend-of-the-moment when we celebrated V-Day, and whichever I didn’t get then I got a couple days later at my birthday celebration (covered in discount stickers).

Amber on

When I was 7 I BEGGED my parents to change my name to Punky (after Punky Brewster). When I was 11, I BEGGED them to change my name to Tiffany (after the singer). Let’s just say I was REALLY into the 80’s.

Stephany on

Devon, I agree! I’m going to try to “schedule” having babies around the spring and summertime, but I know it doesn’t always work that way. 😉 My birthday is at the end of November so, even though it’s close to Christmas, I never felt jipped out of presents. We always had 2 separate celebrations. But I really don’t want to have a child around this time. The holidays are crazy in themselves so adding a birthday to the mix would make it a lot more hectic!

But I definitely agree. Christmas is one holiday and a birthday is another. They should have 2 separate celebrations for both.

eva on

I love the name Joseph but I guess little Joe finds it a bit boring since its a common name. My daughter’s name is Kingston Alexis but she wants everyone to call her Valentina.She’s even signing her school exams and homework with the name.I hope this little charade is over soon,people are going to start thinking we’re weird =)

gargoylegurl on

My son was born on Christmas Day. He has always thought it cool. It seems to bother other people more than it ever has him. When he mentions what day his birthday is, it’s often met with very negative comments. Saying things like, Oh that must be awful, and other such statements. It’s not true, Christmas babies are the ultimate gift! =) I have always made my son feel that having his birthday on Christmas is special.

Bee on

Kate was on Ellen the other day and she specifically said Joe’s name was just that-Joe, not Joseph. Most of the time names are shortened into nicknames but his is just Joe. Joe Alfie, which I think is unique and has character. Her kids are so beautiful and she seems like the coolest mummy.

DivaStar on

My daughter was also born on Christmas day and has not been cheated. I let everyone know I will not allow anyone to cheat her and she is to get birthday and Christmas gifts, not one combined.

What I do is we do Christmas in the morning and in the afternoon we do birthday complete with party and cake every year.

Sydney on

My family’s friends have 2 children who have both changed their names. The youngest was a boy called Courteney who has always hated it, he was teased for having a girl’s name, and insisted on being called Tom from a very young age, and when he went to secondary school they told the school his name was Tom so he has been called Tom for a very long time now. I am sure that when he is old enough he will officially change it by deed poll. The elder child is a girl called Tarja, who goes by Tara, as it is only a one letter difference I don’t think she will officialy change it. While I think Joe will grow out of his Traiver phase, it just goes to show there is hope for the Peanuts of the world!

Artemis on

Its so nice that they don’t forget his birthday. Birthdays are special and you don’t want people to forget them (and your gifts!) because of X-mas.

Megan on

Good for her! I love Kate, she just seems like a really fun and sweet person. I love her responses. My friend’s son will no longer answer to his name, and wants to be called Piero. He started that at about the same age as Kate’s son. Must be the age for boys…