Brad Pitt's Mom Jane Shows Off Her Aaron Basha Grandma Bracelet

12/16/2008 at 01:00 PM ET


At the Los Angeles premiere of her son Brad Pitt‘s new film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Jane Pitt showed off a bracelet that was given to her by Brad and Angelina Jolie. Each of her fourteen grandchildren were represented by a baby shoe with their name engraved. When asked about the bracelet, Jane said, "Is it not beautiful? My prized posession!" (Click here to watch the video- it’s at the very end.)

We’ve confirmed that the bracelet is from jeweler Aaron Basha, who is best known for his gorgeous and delicate French enamel baby shoe charms and Evil Eye collection (which Kelly Ripa and Heidi Klum love). We can’t be sure which specific shoes Jane has, but one is definitely orange. The company tells us that Angelina and Brad are big fans of the line and that Brad bought some pieces for Angelina when the twins were born.

The baby shoe charms start at $800 (engraving is an additional $35 per piece), with link bracelets starting at $2,800. An estimate for a 14-charm bracelet like Jane has starts at $15,000. The collection can be purchased at the Aaron Basha Boutique in New York City and at Neiman Marcus locations nationwide.

— Danielle

Thanks to CBB Reader Faye and Brad/Angelina fans!

What kind of grandma jewelry do your children’s grandmothers wear?

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Dana on

My mom has a charm bracelet (although not as extravagant as the one listed above). For every Christmas, Birthday, and for Mother’s Day, we give her a charm for the bracelet. We have 2 kids and my sister has 1. Some of her charms include a monogram charm for each of her granddaughters, a princess and the pea charm (because my youngest can never get comfortable in bed and claims the mattress is “bad”), a crown, a Minnie Mouse charm, a bumblebee. Some have no meaning, just one’s picked out by the kids. Others have a special meaning (i.e. we steered them toward that charm). My mom proudly wears it everyday and gets numerous comments on it.

Unfortunately, her bracelet is now full, so we have to decide if we are going to start a new bracelet for her or not. She says no because she couldn’t decide which one to wear, but we are still pushing for it.

phoebe on

When I had my daughter, I bought my mum a necklace that contains my daughter’s birthstone. I thought that was cute. Some of the specific grandmother jewellery out there is so incredibly tacky, so I wanted something she could wear everyday, and she preferred that too. My mum doesn’t really go in for a lot of jewellery at the best of times, so I knew this was the best thing for her.

funnything on

“What kind of grandma jewelry do your children’s grandmothers wear?”

surely not bracelets THAT expensive 🙂

eva on

unfortunately we don’t have grandmamas but my father has two white tie with his grandchildren’s baby footprints on them. One with the girls’ with purple ink and one with boys’ with blue ink.The kids love it when he wears them.

Veroncia on

For my mother’s 60th b-day, my brother and I bought her a mother’s pendant. It’s a bar design with our birthstones and the birthstones of my one and his two children. She has worn it everyday since we gave it to her in April.

mslewis on

Jane Pitt showed her bracelet on one of the entertainment shows during the premiere and it really is very beautiful. She glowed when she said it was from “Angie and Brad.” It also looks like there is still room for more grands!!!

FC on

Whoa…starting price is $15 grand? Not counting the equally pricey charm bracelets? Good Lord…then again, they can more than afford it. Talk about a gift, though! I hope he didn’t leave his father out of the mix, lmao.

But I just love how she’s such a proud grandma! 🙂

Allison on

My Grandma passed away a few months ago but one of my most special memories of her was when she would wear the bracelets I beaded for her… they weren’t nearly as fancy as Jane Pitt’s bracelet but my grandma loved them.

Danielle, CBB Senior Editor on

I got my mom a personalized keychain from Key To My Heart with Anya’s name on it and a “grandma” tag at the end for Hannukah. (Hope you’re not reading this mom!)

momof3 on

ummm….NONE? Am I the only one missing something here? Grandma Jewelry? What next?

Michele on

Um, I saw something that looks exactly the same at Penney’s for MUCH less. I really don’t care if I had all the money in the world, my gut would never let me be that extravagant. And I just dare somebody to tell me that isn’t how I really feel. I’m sorry for those who don’t know any “normal” people who don’t need the name-brand things to feel complete.

brannon on

Thank you for the information about Aaron Basha. I’ve been looking for something special for my mother and this might be perfect. (Great addition to this site when I find new sites 🙂

marla on

we’re getting my mom a bracelet that has a charm for each grandchild with his/her fingerprint. she has 8 grandchildren, the youngest being only 3 days old. a local jeweler sent me the wax and i had my sis-in-law’s imprint their kids’ fingerprint on each one. then, the jeweler will cast the wax in a silver charm. and it was only $240.00!

stephanie on

THEY can afford it, nobody’s forcing you to buy those jewelry. What do people find this so offensive?

Terri on

I’d rather get something my grandkids made than an expensive store bought gift.

Mary on

The gift is beautiful and it is from Brad and Angeina. From the way they talk about their grandchildren, I am sure the grandparents get plenty of handmade presents from their grandchildren.

Wow, such negativity over a gift from parents(who can afford it) to their parents representing all of their grandchildren, not just the ones from Brad and Angelina. Shows they want everyone represented. I think it is generous myself.

Truthspeaker on

Why do people seem so angry its a gift they bought his mother that she adores maybe i missed something because quite a few of you seem offended and Who’s to say she doesn’t have thing that her grandkids made her that she also feels are prized possesions. this sight is just becoming so frequently judgemental and just negative how did a thread asking about what gifts do you get your parents that have to do with your kids turn into bashing these people for the money they chose to spend that’s there money. i agree with stephanie this thread isn’t to force you to buy expensive jewelry jeez.

.... on

Why are people criticizing?

It is so expensive because it has diamonds and is made of gold. Maybe Brad and Angelina just wanted to buy his mother a nice piece of jewelery that had meaning and that was beautiful!

Michele… So people who wear something brand name are not “normal” or complete? Yeah right

Cassandra on

I love that bracelet, its so beautiful. My grandmother has a necklace with little shoes, but with the birthstones of all of her grandchildren in the order than they were born. Its nothing that expensive, but she loves it and I always love looking at it. 😛

Faye on

Thank you Danielle for providing the information about the charm bracelet. I personally find the baby booties exquisite. I know my mother would have loved it. Unfortunately, she passed away last year.
I agree with those who say it was very thoughtful and generous of Brad and Angelina. I would add that it’s also very sweet. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive or inexpensive gift. What really matters is that we show our appreciation to the grandmothers who lend us a helping hand with the children when we need it. They don’t have to, but they are there when we call.

Cesaria on

Michelle: You dare somebody to tell you how you really feel but have the audacity to not only have judgment on this family but you talk about them like you know how they feel – incomplete. How tacky.

And to the others who just couldn’t help but click on this thread, open it, read it and comment, who is to say that Jane hasn’t received something hand made from her grandkids? You don’t know this family so don’t speak as if you do and in such a nasty way.

Lauren on

“I’m sorry for those who don’t know any “normal” people who don’t need the name-brand things to feel complete.”

And I’m sorry you’re so obviously incomplete that you feel the need to shoot others down and build a superioriy complex around the way they choose to spend their own money. Your comment proves you’re more of a snob than Brad and Angelina will ever be.

I’m not a fan of most “grandma” jewelry, but I think the bracelet’s lovely. Guess they have a busy family even outside of the J-Ps!

Kim on

Does anyone know any much cheaper options for this bracelet, specially being a family tree nut it would make a beautiful heirloom with the engarved names and birthdates of each grandchild. I live in Australia though which does limit the market somewhat and I’m in no way rich.

phoebe on

Wow, I didn’t see this coming! I thought this would be a happy thread! I was stunned that the bracelet was that expensive, it doesn’t look like it would be, but they do have the money and it’s a special thing for Jane to have, so I think it’s sweet. If I had that kind of money, would I buy the bracelet? Probably not, but that’s mainly because I know my mum wouldn’t like it.

Cesaria – I don’t want to get involved in this debate, but just to let you know, someone did call Michele a liar on another post (can’t remember which one) so I can kinda understand her getting annoyed here.

kaya on

lol, imagine Brad&Angelina will have another couple of kids, that bracelet is going to be heavy!:)

I think it’s sweet, although personally, I’m not a big fan of jewellry to begin with and I lose everything, so I would never want to put so much meaning in a piece of jewelry.

Marie on

When announcing the news to my mother that we were expecting, we gave her a gold baby shoe charm. Because we didn’t know if we were expecting a boy or girl, we were going to do a birthstone charm. Then we worried that if I delivered early, I could deliver in June and not July. So we found one with a diamond in it to be as non-specific as possible.

While I think this charm bracelet is so thoughtful and sentimental, I’d be terrified of losing it when it costs $15,000. Even losing just one charm is a lot of money for someone of my financial situation. But for them, they have the money to be able to give such a lovely gift, so why shouldn’t they? 🙂

Katie on

I bought my mama a ring for her birthday last January from a woman on She engraved it with my older sister, mine, and my 3 year old niece’s names. My mama wears it on her thumb all the time, never takes it off.