Ricky Martin Introduces Twins Valentino and Matteo

12/15/2008 at 07:00 AM ET
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Born via surrogate in early August, Ricky Martin‘s 4-month-old fraternal twin boys, Valentino (left) and Matteo, make their debut in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now. A joyful Ricky, 36, spoke candidly with PEOPLE (and PEOPLE en Español) from his home in Puerto Rico about fatherhood.

On this time in his life:

“I’m so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing,” says Ricky. “Being a father is amazing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life. I have to be honest, I’m completely exhausted. But I’ve never been happier. Whether they smile or cry, it’s all magical.”

Discussing his hands-on parenting:

“I don’t have a nanny,” he says. “I’m doing this on my own because I don’t want to miss a moment. I have a personal assistant who helps me, someone who takes care of me while I’m taking care of them, but I’m the one who changes the diapers, the one that feeds them, the one that bathes them, the one that puts them to sleep. Then it starts all over again! I created structure for their eating and sleeping patterns — sometimes they cry at the same time, too. For any parent, the first couple of months tend to get a little bit intense. With twins,it’s double the love. But it also means I don’t get much sleep.”

“The first two weeks I did everything for them myself until one day my mom said, “Ricky, please! Allow us to help you! You’re a zombie already.” I wanted to change them, feed them, burp them, bathe them all with no help. Mom said, “Okay, enough is enough, please can I burp this child? It’s not about you, it’s about the baby.” So that’s when I realized there was nothing to be ashamed about asking for help.”

Click ‘More’ to see another photo, and read about Ricky’s desire to be a parent, his decision to seek the help of a surrogate and more!

On his decision to use a surrogate:

Ricky first went online to research surrogacy in 2007. Thanks to his visits to orphanages for his Ricky Martin Foundation, he “always knew” he wanted to be a father. “Adoption was one option, but it’s complicated and can take a longtime. Surrogacy was an intriguing and faster option. I thought, ‘I’m going to jump into this with no fear.’ I put my name on the list for one baby and then found out I got two!” Informed of the news 12 weeks into the pregnancy, the singer says he “wasn’t afraid. I just knew I had to prepare to take care of them the best way possible.”

On the day of the babies’ delivery:

Though Ricky declines to give the name of his surrogate, he was present for the scheduled C-section — Matteo arrived first, weighing in at 6 lbs., 13 oz, while Valentino was 5 lbs. 6 oz — and bonded with the twins after their birth. “I was sweating because I was so nervous. I just needed to look at my sons. They were swaddled but I was like, “I want to see their toes, I want to see their bellies, I want to touch their hands. Unswaddle them for me!” I immediately felt the need to hold them. I took off my shirt and gave them skin-to skin therapy. Holding them was the most beautiful feeling. My whole family was there crying, but I was too excited to cry.”

Discussing the future of his family:

“I know people say this is a different type of family,” Ricky shares. Though he was a child of divorce — his parents split when he was just 2 –Ricky says they gave him a “beautiful childhood,” and he knows he can do the same for his boys. “Yes, my babies don’t have a mom [present]. But I have a lot of incredible women in my family that will always be there for them.”

“I have no point of comparison. I know nothing but being a single father. I am surrounded by fascinating women who really care about me and my kids, and they will always be there for them. When they come with a question, the answer will be right there with honesty. They won’t feel alone because thousands, if not millions, of children are being raised by single parents. And I’ll have to focus on the light, not the darkness.”

About Valentino’s and Matteo’s personalities and looks:

“Valentino loves to sleep. I call him Mr. Peace and Love because he’s so chill and serene,” Ricky shares. Matteo is more alert and active. He was up at 3 a.m. the other night and just hanging! Valentino means ‘brave one’ and Matteo means ‘gift from God’,” he says. “As a father, I have to say they look like me. It’s magical to look at your child and see yourself in their eyes.”

His philosophy on raising his sons:

“I read to them, I tell them stories, I play music for them so they develop their own personalities,” says Ricky. “I want to give them information and answer all their questions with honesty and truth. I believe it’s very important to raise them with a lot of honesty and acceptance.”

Ricky shares he “sings to my sons all day long. I do more classic rock when I sing … I’m not la-la-ing Mozart!” His latest lullaby? “Lovin’ You” by ’70s R&B singer Minnie Riperton. “I”m happy to say [the babies] love music.” The twins also love to be held. “And at 15 pounds each, it’s a bicep-tricep workout all day long!”

Regarding the possibility of baby number three:

“I’ve had many highlights in my life, but being a father has been the most amazing so far,” the singer shares. “I started this with a lot of love in my heart. I don’t think any other experience will ever get close.”

Pablo Alfaro/Getty

Source: PEOPLE

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Kelly on

Aw those are two beautiful boys!!!!! Congrats Ricky! & does anyone know if their identical?

Bumbles on

Cute boys! Are they biologically his or did they use donor sperm?

Teba Besada on

I am intrigued as to why he would name them Valentino and Matteo (Italian) as opposed to Valentin and Mateo (Spanish). They are cute little boys.

annie on

Good for him! Not many men would take on that kind of responsibility alone. I know that many men do if something *God forbid* happens to their wives, but I just think it’s amazing. Beautiful baby boys – and I love their names!

Lis on

So they have no mother…???

I a pretty strong believer (in MOST instances, there are exceptions) that children should have a mother and a father. This all kind of seems odd to me…

Good luck to Ricky. Babies certainly are a blessing!

ellen on

these boys are adorable! congrats ricky and keep going 🙂

Lily on

That is one beautiful family!

I’m so happy to see Ricky finally get the children he’s longed for. He seems like a genuinely nice and caring guy who’s always concerned for the welfare of others. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s an excellent father.

I wish the three of them nothing but good health and happiness for years to come.

Carol on

Very cute little guys. I think children do okay as long as they have a parent that loves and supports them. Mother or father…it doesn’t matter.

melissa on

beauitful boys{all 3}
kudos to ricky he has again broken another barrier and i have much respect for his choices he’s made becoming a daddy!

Jade on

Aw they look cute!

Lis because they don’t have a mother doesn’t mean that they don’t have a strong mother figure in their lives. Who knows? people have been raised like this before and came out fine.

Sarah on

I was wondering too why he chose two Italian names for his little boys?
They’re very cute, congrats!

Harley on

What a beautiful family! Congrats to him for making such a massively life altering decision. I’m sure with his family behind him, those boys will have plenty of female guidance in their lives.

Best of luck to the three of them 🙂

Jen on

Those little boys have good genes!

Lissette on

I’m very happy for him! The boys are beautiful!

Ally on

I’ve always thought that the quality of care provided for a child is the most important thing, not whether he or she is raised by men or women. I don’t believe there is any distinction to be made between male-male, female-female, or male-female parents when it comes to a child’s welfare. However, I do hope that Ricky’s boys have a second parent figure in their lives, because I do believe that it is important to provide that balance for them. Does this mean that single parents can’t be great parents? Hell no. Some of the greatest parents I know are single parents, but I still believe that children learn by example and the earliest models of relationships they have are those of their parents. Therefore, personally, I feel that it is ideal to have that kind of influence in their lives, but I still think that the care of the child is the most important thing.

Congratulations Ricky, they’re beautiful!

Bugs on

I need bigger pics! They look gorgeous!

brandi c. on

they are gorgeous, kudos to ricky!

is it just me or does valentino look like a male honor warren?

Marilyn on

Cute boys. There is a picture on hola.com that shows their faces better if you want to see that, too.

Meg on

What is the difference if Ricky had had a wife and she was no longer in the picture and him having a surrogate and raising them alone? I think Ricky will be a wonderful father and raise those boys with all the love they could ever want.

brannon on

Beautiful! Not at all strange! Good for him! And good for them! (Love their names too!)

AKC on

I was raised in a single parent home without a mother…nothing wrong with that. Now days not everyone is as lucky as you to find that special someone, settle down, and raise a family together. I believe that if the single parent is involved enough in a child’s life, like Ricky, then there should be nothing to worry about. As you have seen, most Latino families are quite big with alot of family support. I had a TON of women that helped out my father in our family so i am sure the boys will turn out just fine. They are boys, they need that male influence most of all.

Dee on

awwwwwwww what an adorable family. I wish them nothing but the best.

Kia on


I adopted my daughter as a single person thorough DSS when she was two years old. She is now 14 and one of the most smart polite, well rounded teenagers i know. So basically its not about the number of parents, its about a good parent PERIOD. So i beg your judgmental pardon.

FrEnCh on

wou! felicidades ricki martin por tus bebes hermosos! pero creo que necesitaran una madre algun dia!

Mia on

Aww, glad we get to see pics and more info about them.

Regardless of Ricky Martin’s personal life, he seems to be very devoted to his 2 sons, and that’s what matters.

They’re cute babies, but I bet they’re going to look more and more like him as they get older.

Can’t wait to read the whole interview on Friday!

Mia on

I think I see a slight resemblance between Ricky’s sons, and him as a baby.

If this picture is legit:

nikki on

Wow they are cute. They kind of look identical to me. Does anyone know if they are?

brie on

Good for him. They are beautiful boys.. all of them..Plenty of children are raised with only 1 parent and turn out fine. If he had a wife would we feel more judgemental. He is happy and loves those boys.

gianna on

They are so cute. Other sites had bigger pictures and they have gorgeous blue eyes. I love the italian names valentino and matteo, sound great together. And ricky is a hot looking guy.

Di on

Call me old fashion but I believe that every child deserves to have a mother and father- no offense to Ricky.

No one will ever be able convince me that a man-man or woman-woman or even a single mom or dad household is a good as a household that includes a mother and a father.

A two parent -mom/dad home should be the ideal and the standard. After all, if it still takes a sperm from a man and an egg from a female to create a child, should not a man and a woman be raising that a child-just a thought.

Lily on


All that matters is that the child is taken care of properly, educated, and most of all, loved. It makes no difference if that is accomplished, by a mom and a dad, two dads, two moms, a single mom, a single dad, or a relative.

I’m a single mom to my boys and they, by no means, lack a father figure. My youngest son’s father is still present in his life but he lives on the west coast while we’re on the east. My oldest son’s father, however, passed away before he was born so, for him, I’ve always played the roll of both mom and dad. Even so, both of my boys are surrounded by grandpas, uncles, and male friends of mine so they’re definitely not being deprived.

Cyd on

I totally agree with Di.

Kelly on

”No one will ever be able convince me that a man-man or woman-woman or even a single mom or dad household is a good as a household that includes a mother and a father.”

^^How narrow minded and so far from the truth^^

There are so many children being brought up in 2 parent traditional households where they witness mom and dad argue and bicker, children can feel this tension and even resent their parents in years to come. Many 2 parent families have problems(addictions, violence, etc..) and to say that a child in a single parent home/same sex home is not living in a household as good as an other child fom a traditional 2 parent home is so off the mark.

A happy home is whats bests for any child and whatever form that may come in, then let it be. 🙂

PS- Im not in any way saying trad. 2 parent homes all have these problems..

Veronicasmumie on

A reality check wouldn’t go amiss…

Sanja on

I have to agree with some posters, a two parent household is best, imo.

It is one thing to adopt an abandoned baby that would grow up in an orphanage otherwise and quite another thing to knowingly and willingly plan to give birth to a child that will never know or have one of their parents in their life.
I’m not saying that single parents can’t do a good job, but I just don’t understand why would you consciously DECIDE to do that to your child?
I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without one of my parents and I pray to God that my children never have to loose me or their father.

jessie on

i think it’s great that he is a father, but i wonder is the surrogate not involved at all or what because it doesn’t mention it in the article. To each his own, but i wouldn’t set out to raise a kid on my own. i grew up in a single parent home and at times i felt kinda cheated. my parent died though so it’s a different story…

Sarah on

Di, you’re statement has a lot of holes in it. There are (unfortunately) many households with a mom and dad who are unfit, neglectful, abusive parents. You can’t honestly believe that that situation is better for a child than a home with one stable parent, can you?

The point is that, having two parents of opposite genders means nothing if the child isn’t provided for, educated, and loved. And, it’s obvious that not only can Ricky provide for his children, but he is so clearly devoted to them.

I have no doubt that Ricky’s children will grow up to be smart, kind, tolerant, confident men. And, they’ll have their father to thank for that.

Nicola on

If they are via surrogate, then they would not be identical. They implant more than one viable embryo to ensure success in the venture.

They are gorgeous. He sounds like a loving and devoted father. To have ONE incredibly involved and devoted parent (and one who can provide them with all of life’s comforts!) is a gift more precious than millions of children on this planet will ever possess. Enough with the judgment already!

Moll on

Sanja, maybe for you not having both your mother and father in your life seems unimaginable but for some children having both parents in their life is not always in there best interest and its very plain to see.

jasmine on

Aww congrats to Ricky!…Valentino was the name of my first heartbreaker back in pre-k!

Devon23 on

Some of the posters here have some nerve..
Im a single mum to my twin daughters, aged 6.
There father, my husband, was indeed in the picture up until 7 months ago..so I guess according to you we were a little better off..???
I think not…My husband was firey and violent. The girls were became terrified and withdrawn. Their confindence was at zero, didnt mix with other kids easily and were sadly starting to copy some of his behavior. It broke my heart, and theres. We’ve left now, living in a different part of the UK and I am a single mum. But I’ll put my hand on my heart and say my girls are now living in a way better household than they were this time last year!!
So dont be so fast to pass steriotypical judgement on families you dont even know!Its quiet rude.

Leah on

Well said Kelly.
Its very true, people should know that its the quality of the parenting that counts and not in what form it comes in!!
C’mon people!!

Jazz on

I find your comments very wrong and hurtful.
I have a gay brother. Him and his partner have been in a loving relationship for 15 years, and raise 4 children together- all of which were born via surrogate. Their 2 girls and 2 boys are incredibly well rounded, polite, and exceptional children.
I also have a sister whose husband died when she was pregnant with their 4th child. She is an incredible parent and doing a wonderful job with her children. Like my brother’s children, they are extremely well-rounded and wonderful children. They do miss their dad, but they don’t wish their mum find a new man simply so that they have a father figure.
I think you need to further educate yourself on these issues and become more open-minded on the issue.
With that said, congrads to Ricky! Those are beautiful boys and I wish the three of them all the best.

Ellen on

Gorgeous babies! I love there names.

Nicola—just because they are via surrogate does not mean that they are fraternal. If you implant 3 viable eggs, that does not mean you have 3 babies. Identicals are spontaneous and it is possible that an egg split.

marss on

There so cute!!
And i agree with Kelly…best of luck to this lovely family.

Heather on

Those are gorgeous little boys!

Kelly, I saw the cover of People in Spanish where Ricky and the boys are on the cover and the boys appear to be fraternal. But I could be wrong.

Lily on

“Why would you consciously DECIDE to do that to your child?”

Because Ricky has the love, support, and financial means to bring up two beautiful boys.

I don’t understand what they’re being deprived of. Love? They have plenty of it. A sense of normallacy? There is no such thing because what’s “normal” for one person may not be “normal” for another.

Married couples or couples in relationships are not always a recipe for success. The only constant I had when I was little was knowing that every single day, I could count on my parents fighting for one reason or another. Their ultimate decision to break up was the best choice they made.

Devon on

For all those who say that a two parent household is best, I have to respectfully disagree. I grew up with both my parents, my dad was an alcoholic and wasn’t really there. The tension in my house growing up was so high that both my brother and I suffered tremendously and I developed an ulcer from the stress. When my mum left my dad, it was the best thing that ever happened to us. My dad really wasn’t there for us, he was too sick from the drink, and we were raised by our mum. We are fine and well adjusted people thanks to my mum. In a lot of situations, single parents can be much better than two.

Mandy on

“If they are via surrogate, then they would not be identical. They implant more than one viable embryo to ensure success in the venture.”

Not necessarily, to have identical twins the egg as to divide to make two babies. In order to have fraternal twins there is two separate eggs. One egg could not have implanted. It’s possible that the twins are identical only one person (that we know of) knows if they are.

Homosexual people can be the same on parenting if not better than heterosexual people… we have single parent families all the time. How many parents or sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Children need love and care beyond anything else. If you think that homosexual parents love their children any less then heterosexuals then you really need to take a look around.

Kudos to Ricky! I think it’s awesome that he has done this and wish him the best of luck raising his sons. They are adorable!

brooklyn on

I believe the message that Di and Lis are conveying, is that ideally, yes, it would be ‘best’ for a child to have a parent of each gender. I do not believe they are comparing a loving gay household to an abusive (yelling, etc.) home filled with hatred…apples and oranges people!

However, this does not mean that gay parent’s are not loving and caring to their children…it is possible to believe that one way (dual-sex) parenting is ideal, without excluding other forms of parenting.

I have to ask, does anyone out there (who believes that a child will not be, in some form, negatively impacted in some way if a child has a mom/dad or a mom/mom or dad/dad) who can honestly say, that in this instance, they think that is is ideal that he has two sons and not daughters?

sasha on

They are so beautiful, the whole family
I’m glad that he was able to find something so meaningful in his life, I’m sure he is an amazing parent

Jess on

”No one will ever be able convince me that a man-man or woman-woman or even a single mom or dad household is a good as a household that includes a mother and a father.”

I came from a household with a mother & father. They fought all the time, we violent with one another, my mother was abusive towards me emotionally & physically, & my entire childhood was a mess…what I recall from it, as most of it has been blocked out, minus some memories of me being scared & hiding various places in my house. And now as an adult with children of my own, I have very little contact with my family because of all of this. But according to some, everything should have been fine since I had a mother & a father.

So from someone who lived in a mother/father home, I’m offended that it’s assumed my home was better because of who was in it. I’d much rather had a single mother or father who raised me well, or even two mothers or fathers.

Anyone can be a good parent, just like anyone can be a bad parent. I much rather children have one good parent or same sex parents than a mother & father who are negative in their childrens lives.

Katie on

My two cents on their names:

My sister and her husband have two little girls named Isabella and Gianna. If their third child turns out to be a girl, she will be Caterina. Three very Italian sounding names. Neither side of the family has even a drop of Italian blood, however.

I think if you like a name, use it! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Hispanic person using Italian names, or a French person using Russian names. The world is a pretty small place these days. It seems like a beautiful way to express interest and/or appreciation for a culture other than your own.

Natalie on

He will probably do a great job bringing them up but I kind of agree with a post from below saying naturally a child is created by a mother and a father. Yes sometimes things happen with couples and men raise kids alone, women raise kids alone and same sex couples can do a good job of raising kids together too, but this is slightly different as he has chosen to go into it alone rather than it just working out that way. Maybe we don’t know the whole story and are assuming and it’s nobody’s business but his own I guess! ANYWAY the babies are cute, that was the main thing I wanted to say!! lol

Sanja on

Moll (and everyone else):

I am very aware of the fact that some people should not be allowed to have/keep their children and that some children of single parents are better of than some children from two-parent homes. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where ALL children are happy, loved and well taken care of (years of volunteering in a home for abandoned children has shown me that more than I wished).

BUT, that doesn’t mean that we should not strive for the best AND for me the best possible scenario is a home with two loving and caring parents (and that is what I wish for my children and for every child out there). This doesn’t mean that single parents (either because one parent died, abandoned the family, was abusive or any other reason) or grandparents raising their grandkids can’t do a good job, it just means that it’s not a choice I’d ever make if I didn’t have to.

I’m sorry if I didn’t explain myself well, but English is not my first language.

alice on

Of course I wish all the best to this family, but my issue is with the surrogacy arrangement. I do think this is a gray area that can easily cross the line into baby selling. And if our so-called open-mindedness leads to “free market” babies, then we really don’t value children at all. There is a mother somewhere in this picture -the children were not spontaneously generated in a test tube – and at some point these children will have to grapple with the circumstances of their mother’s abandonment.

brooklyn on


I do not mean to be rude, however, what you are comparing is an abusive, violent home to a loving/caring home.

I am sorry for you and your children, and have so much respect for you that you are taking care of your girls, and providing them with love and support.

Why does it keep coming back to comparing abusive, non-caring ‘strait’ homes to loving and caring ‘gay’ homes?

Stephany on

They are cute! Ricky sounds like he’s really enjoying being a parent.

As for the “two parents are better than one” conversation, I think it’s ridiculous. Until I was 11 years old, I grew up in a two-parent household and it was terrible! My parents fought 24/7, I was scared to death of my dad, and we walked on eggshells around him. I was SO RELIEVED when my mom finally left him and took my brother and me with her. I wouldn’t wish those first eleven years of my life on ANYBODY! My mom did better on her own with us than with my dad “helping” her.

Of course, not every household is like this and there are many amazing two-parent households with well-rounded kids. But just because you have two parents doesn’t mean it’s a better situation. As long as that one parent loves and supports and cherishes their children, it’s enough, in my opinion.

Sanja on

P.S. To everyone saying that a loving single home is better than an abusive two-parent home. As someone mentioned that’s comparing apples and oranges!!! OF COURSE, a happy home is better, that has NEVER been in question.

I (and I believe other’s that feel like me) only meant that a happy two-parent home is better simply because of all the psychological, social, financial benefits both for the child and for the parent (it is much easier if the burden and responsibility of raising a child or children is equally shared between two people than to have do everything alone).

That being said I do think Ricky will make a great father and wish him and his sons all the best.

Sarah on

brooklyn, it never even occurred to me that it might be “ideal” that he has two boys as opposed to girls. i think he would be a great parent regardless. i’m sure a single dad with daughters is probably challenging at times (and hilariously cute) but parenting is challenging regardless.

i did grow up with a mom, and we didn’t always get each other. that’s just life. but, at the end of the day, i know she would do anything for me and that’s what’s important.

Anais on

I am so happy to see so many people sticking up for single parenthood and same-sex parenthood! That restores some faith I lost in this website. Congrats, Ricky! Those are some adorable boys, and I’m sure you’ll be a great papi!

Sarah on

“Why does it keep coming back to comparing abusive, non-caring ‘strait’ homes to loving and caring ‘gay’ homes?”

I think it’s because people make broad sweeping generalizations that “straight homes” are more ideal than “gay homes.” People are just trying to point out that it’s just not that simple. There are so many factors that go into parenting. I think that what we can all agree on is that children need stability and love. But those two things don’t necessarily come in the same form every time.

phoebe on

I think it’s being taken to the extreme here, no one is saying that an abusive parenting team is better than a single parenting team just because there are two parents, I wish people would stop giving extreme examples to get their point across, it doesn’t work. I think Ally got it right, it’s ideal for a child to have two parents (of whatever sex), but if there is solely a single parent, I don’t believe that the standard of care is any lower or higher.

That said, I semi-understand where people are coming from who have said about setting out to be a single parent. I don’t exactly agree with that point of view, but I do understand where it comes from. I believe that the ideal is for a child to be raised by two happily co-habitating parents because I think this makes for a more balanced and even example in a lot of areas and for a child to comprehend what a good relationship is can be very beneficial when it comes to said child forming relationships later in life. I think the reason people may take particular issue with the way Ricky has gone about having his boys, is because he has CONSCIOUSLY (or seemingly so) decided to become a single parent, and this is the part of the comments I understand.
I don’t think it’s the ideal way to set out on the path to parenthood. But again, this does not mean that I believe children will be any less loved and cared for this way, I just feel that two happy parents is better than one happy parent.

Artemis on

I couldn’t care less about family arrangements as long as kids are loved and happy. A father and mother doesn’t mean happiness just as a single parent or 2 dads or 2 moms doesn’t mean misery.

Those twins are adorable, Im so happy for Ricky!

brooklyn on


The message I was trying to convey was this:

If people are making an argument that gay parenting is just the same as strait parenting, compare them the same: loving home=loving home…

Those comparisons make is sound as though gay parenting is better than ‘bad’ parenting.

BTW, Sarah, I love your last sentence!

brooklyn on

Those kids are sure cute. I didn’t see him as being someone who wanted kids that quickly…that he decided to have them this way.

Gianna on

What is up with all these selfish celebrities that purposely create children and either don’t have a mother or a father for them? Kids need a mom and dad.

Jennifer on

I love this! They are adorable and Ricky looks ELATED!!!! Leave his decision alone…too many people ill-suited for parenting end up with children, he CLEARLY wants these children and they will no doubt benefit from that love!

Julie on

I think most people were angry with Lis’ and Di’s quotes specifying mother/father households. Sure, two parents would be ideal, but when they emphasised “mother/father” it showed blatent homophobia, which is offensive to MANY people.

whooa! on

i love the fact that he’s a single parent, where hes gay or not he will always be there with his children and i DONT BELIEVE THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WIH HAVING ONE PARENT. My mother raised me alone, and who says that the “normal” would be to have both parents? Just with having one who loves you and takes care of you thats all it matters. But still, if you have two dads or two moms what’s the thing? what’s so bad about it? we need to change or way to think, because no one says that having one dad and one mom is the normal. so why not having 2 moms or 2 dads? I rather have 2 dads than walking down the streets with no clothes and stealing for live.

hececilia on

Sanja- “I’m not saying that single parents can’t do a good job, but I just don’t understand why would you consciously DECIDE to do that to your child?”

Why would I consciously DECIDE to do that to my child? Because I knew that the father of my daughter was unstable and didn’t give her the time of day. Because I would rather her be around a real man who knows the true meaning of the ultimate responsibility, not a man who will pass her off to whomever he’s dating. I don’t think that I should have an abortion just because my daughter doesn’t have a stable mother/father home. I’m still a student and I still give all my attention to her. She will learn more independence than being a serial dater looking for “daddy” because I have made it my life not to bring men around her unless I know they are serious about my life. You’re children are lucky to have the both of you, especially if it’s a loving household, but I can’t believe how you could ask such an ignorant questions. Some of us choose life over situation because we know that though it wasn’t expected, we know that we need to face the unexpected instead of finding the “easy” way out. Now, the question you should be asking is why do neglectful/abusive parents consciously decide put an innocent child into their lifestyle?

kaya on

Hu. I was more offended by him saying that his personal assistant is helping him out… Um. That was weird.

Lauren on

Are we supposed to wait for/create the “ideal” situation before we have kids? If so, shouldn’t we consider income, genetics, tricky last names, embarassing relatives, histories, etc. before deciding to subject a child to all of life’s inconvienient realities? That these boys have a devoted and loving father is a gift they’ll benefit from their entire lives. Good luck to Ricky!

Kris on

They are just beautiful! I’m thrilled for Ricky, he’s going to be a wonderful father.

The “best” scenario for children is a loving home. Why the number of and genitalia/chromosomal makeup of the adults matters is beyond me.

Children suffer because they are lacking in love and care, not due to too many or not enough xx or xy chromosomes taking care of them.

Patricia Powers on

Brooklyn, I’ll bet he’s wanted to be a dad for a long time. And, he is 36–maybe his “clock” was ticking, in that he wanted to have enough youth and energy left for his kids. I wish them all the best!

LoloBean on

I’m a single mom and nothing anyone could say about a two parent family would make me offended because I’m not a child looking for people’s approval like apparently many of the other single moms on here are.

A two parent home is best. We can’t all live that but that doesn’t mean we can’t admit it is ideal. Geez, you ladies need to get over your childhood traumas and accept that not every two parent family was as awful as yours. Grow up.

Sarah on

judging from the magazine cover, i’m betting they’re fraternal?? they are so cute!!

Dierna on

Wow… Matteo and Valentino eh? Cute names and they look ALOT like him, only cuter.

J on

I’ve been raised by just my dad since I was 10 when my mom died and I think he did a great job and was always strong. I’m raising my son as a single mom (with help from my dad) and he couldn’t care less. he knows I love him and he knows I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of him and protect him. he has male role models in his life,so he doesn’t need his ‘father’. some people are lucky enough that they never end up being single parents and other aren’t. in my case I wholeheartedly believe it’s best for my son to not have his ‘father’ in his life. even when my ex and I were still together he never helped me with my son,so what’s the difference? kids don’t NEED two parents. as long as they’re loved and taken care of it shouldn’t matter if they’re raised by a single parent,mom and dad or gay/lesbian parents.

J on

I love their blue ees, they are so adorable!

J on

isn’t there a designer named Valentino? maybe it’s a tribute to them?

Mary on

I agree with Di. But I think that if a parent of the child(ren) dies, then there is no need for another parents, but if you are going to have children, in my opinion, they should have both a loving mother and father in the household.

Fergette on

Soooooo cute. I’m so happy for him and glad to see the walls come down from who can and can’t be a parent. Kudos to him. He sounds like a wonderfully involved and caring parent who will devote everything that is needed to raise children.

angie on

Please don´t misunderstand me, as english is not my primary language.

First, I want to congratulate Ricky, you have two beautiful sons!

About the surrogate thing, I don´t agree with than for a reason (maybe very romantic): I think that a child is a blessing, is the result of the act of two people that love each other, then the baby is expected with love (even if sometimes is not a planned pregnancy) and baby can feel that when he is in the womb. I mean that is the ideal.

Different, when is an unplanned baby and not wanted, he will suffer no matter if he is in an orphan or in a house with both parents.

But in a surrogate even the baby is planned and loved by the biological parentes, is not from the surrogate mother, it´s not a natural process, you are like “creating” a baby, IMO how can someone feel like is a blessing, if you did it with your hands and not with your heart.

Maybe all horrible things that we are seeing today and before (war,murders,child pregnancies,) happen because we are losing our capacity to see LIFE as a blessing, as a gift, as something that we need to respect, and not as something we can create and then destroy, I guess that we don´t have that right, after all it takes an egg and a sperm or a man and a woman to conceive NATURALLY.

Just a thought, sorry for the long post.

Bancie1031 on

Very cute little boys. Once again congratulations to Ricky. I wish him the best.


I don’t know about any of you but I grew up in a single parent home and I turned out just fine…and I know alot of people who did also and they turned out just fine. I don’t think these kids will miss out on having a mother…Ricky surrounds himself with women (friends)and his mother…they will have female figures around. Just because you’re raised by one parent doesn’t mean your f*cked of a future or any normalcy.

And the ‘issue’ of gay parents VS straight parents is just…wrong. It’s not a gay or straight issue. I had friends who had gay parents and they turned out just fine. Infact, their parents were around more than most of the parents I knew that were straight. It’s such a cruel thing to say that just because someone is gay they will make bad parents and be bad influences on their children. People from all different kinds of backgrounds can make GREAT parents of BAD parents…doesn’t matter if your gay, straight, black, white, christian, wiccan…

Love is love and he OBVIOUSLY loves those boys. I’m sure they’ll be taken care of and loved very much and won’t be lacking as you all so sadly suspect…or expect.

Alice on

Being an indentical twin myself and having a little more knowledge than the average person about twins and having studied/read about twins alot, I’d say the boys are fraternal twins by just doing the eyeball test. There is quite a bit of difference in their hair color to make me think they are fraternal rather than identical twins.


“Why does it keep coming back to comparing abusive, non-caring ‘strait’ homes to loving and caring ‘gay’ homes?”

Because narrow minded people automatically assume that a gay home is abuse in and of itself.

Deb on

I don’t doubt that people raised in single parent homes turn out normal and fine. I can guarantee you, however, that those two boys will spend time wondering about their mother and why they don’t have one. There are so many news reports about children created by sperm donors trying to find their biological fathers. Not because they were unloved or grew up in a bad home. It is because the lack of father or mother is a missing piece. That’s the reality.

Nikka on

Sanja- “I’m not saying that single parents can’t do a good job, but I just don’t understand why would you consciously DECIDE to do that to your child?”

So in other words, are you saying that people should (counciously) get a partner at every price?

You need to wake up. My best friend had her share of very problematic relantionships (she’s one of those most loving and kindest people that others take advantage off) After the last “potential father” broke three of her ribs and a leg, she gave up on looking for someone at every price, and conciously decided to become a single mom using the sperm bank. It’s better be alone then with an abusive father to create teh so-called-normal family. That would be one of the reasons people conciously make decisions like this.

Mia on

Ok, so his path to parent hood is not traditional, and its very much unconventional. For some reason, the second something is “out of the box” people get all worked up about it.

The simple answer is love. He’s obviously devoted to his two boys, and parenthood, and he seems to have never been happier. What else does he need?

And realistically speaking, if the reports about his person life are true, he might in the future end up with a partner and the boys will have 2 fathers. I’m sure there will still be a strong female role in their lives, like an aunt, or cousin or something.

I can’t wait to see those boys get older. I like his name choices too.
I wonder if they’ll ever get shortened to “Val” and “Matt” since technically Ricky’s name is Enrique..it was changed to have a more “American” appeal for his career.

Elizabeth on

What great photos of them. They are a gorgeous new family and I wish them the very best.

Vivi on

These two baby boys are so precious! They have the most gorgeous blue eyes ever! Ricky your so blessed with these babies, take good care of them & raise them right!
Congrats to you, I’m happy to see your happiness & these babies will only bring out the best in you!

Bryan on

The boys won’t have a mother, but I guarantee you they have another father…

Nikka on

Ricky if you are looking for a partner and mom to these babies, call me !!!

tink1217 on

what a beautiful family they make!! I have loved Ricky since Menudo and I am so happy for him!!!!

to standard minded on

imagine Ricky was married and was raising his babies with his wife, imagine his wife died.would it be OK for father to raise his children without mother in that case? or would you say that he should bring a female into his house as fast as possible because they need mother figure? don’t follow standards too much, play by heart it will make you and your children happy.

Sarah on

Let’s look at the most important facts. Those boys are obviously loved. They are absolutely precious. I’m not even going to say what my stance is on the whole marriage issue. This is not a fourm to debate all of the major issues befalling the world today. With EVERY possible situation that children are raised in, some children will have good experiences and some will have bad ones. That’s just the way it is. But this is not the place to discuss it. Just congratulate him and move on. If you don’t agree with his decision, don’t say anything about it here.

This is a place to report celebrity news regarding children, I would REALLY like it to stay that way!

Beautiful boys, Ricky!

Cate on

Would some of you be as judgemental if Ricky had been in a relationship and the mother left him with the children? Or is it only suitable to judge from face value?

These boys are going to grow up in a happy, loving environment with their proud father-what’s the difference between that and a male/female parent household?

If some of you are so quick to judge, does that mean the next step is saying only white people are capable of looking after children? Because that’s as ridiculous as the concept of male/female only parents.

Besides, if it’s proof you want…Hugh Jackman and his siblings were raised by his father when his mother left them.

If the child is happy, loved, safe, warm and fed…where is the issue?

Sabrina on

A simply gorgeous family! Congrats to Ricky!

Micky on

I am so disgusted at the double standard always exhibited on these boards. If the opinion is liberal and “open-minded” everyone says, “it’s their right to have an opinion!” if someone disagrees. If the opinion is conservative, everyone says, “how dare you say that??? It isn’t your right to have an opinion that isn’t PC!!!”

Big shocker here: I agree with Di. And I actually grew up in a single-parent household, so I guess that makes me the winner.

angie on

I respect all the opinions expressed here, because you have some of right,

I just want to say that despite the fact that a kid can be well raised in any kind of family (mom and dad, dad-dad, mom-mom, male or female single parent), the reality here and IMO the most shocking thing is that those babies DON´T HAVE a mother,and in difference of those families where one parent died or left, its factible to move on, and there is an explanation for the children, but in this case the twins were not even conceived, they were “created”. I think that´s playing God, and shows no respect for Nature and life.

Leni on

Gorgeous Children. Absolutely adorable. I have always liked his music and I think it is great to see him so happy.

My two cents on the “ideal family” issue: I know a family where for ten years, the three daughters of the family had to live in a house where their dad would beat up their mother all the time. They finally got a divorce and the mother then fell in love with a woman. They have been in a relationship for over 4 years. And for the first time in their lives, those three girls have been living in a harmonious home with parents who love each other, care for each other and respect each other. And those are values that should matter most of all.

Tracy on

Yes, a two parent household is ideal, but this doesn’t mean a single parent household is bad.Let’s face it, the majority of the parents we see on this site are either already divorced or will end up that way. That’s the way most hollywood marriages are. So I don’t see why Ricky should get more criticism than anyone getting a divorce.

Lauren on

Wow Micky. I think the vast majority of people on this board are very respectful of one another, unlike on alot of other boards. I’ve disagreed with fellow posters here (usually over some comment/action by the Jolie-Pitt family) and I don’t feel attacked when they tell me I might be crazy!

And just because some folks don’t have a problem with a single man intentionally raising two children by himself doesn’t mean they’re liberal. If you’re as irritated as you seem to be from your post, I suggest you just look at the pictures from now on and avoid the commentary.

Eva on

Ricky, you did good!

Lilybett on

I have four parents… but I would never say having four loving people look after me was better than two or one. It’s the quality of the love, not the numbers. If you want to argue quantity then my four parents and six grandparents trumps a traditional two parent situation anyday. This, of course, is a silly argument. As long as a child has one parent (or a carer or a sibling, etc) who loves them and raises them well, that’s what matters.

Just as an aside.. I seem to remember Ricky talking about adopting siblings from India or Sri Lanka just after the tsunami… that obviously didn’t come about, right?

Kerri on

I completely disagree with the posters than think the traditionally mother-father relationship is the best thing for a child. The best thing for a child is a parent or parents who love them. Enough said.

But hey, I can’t say I’m shocked by the comments. There are a lot of religious or conservative people that probably aren’t ever going to get on board with that idea, regardless of how narrow-minded I think it is.

Congrats to Ricky…the boys are gorgeous! They most definitely don’t look identical to me.

Jax on

Reading through the comments, a few things stand out.

First – I agree – the boys are beautiful and blessed to have such a doting father.

Second – Why all the fuss about a man choosing to be a single parent? Was there the same fuss when Angelina adopted Maddox, or Meg Ryan adopted Daisy or other female celebs who have chosen to start (or continue) a family on their own. It may not be traditional, but if Ricky wants to be a parent, why shouldn’t he have the right just like anyone else.

As someone who is Ricky’s age, single and childless – I do indeed consider intentionally becoming a single parent, and may do so one day if that is the best option for me. I think I have as much right to be a mother as anyone else out there – and support Ricky’s right to be father in whatever way works best for him. I would prefer to have children as part of a loving relationship – BUT I won’t give up my dream of being a parent if such a relationship doesn’t work out.

DLR in Canada on

Wow, I am amazed that people in today’s society still believe parents should only be a male and a female. Can’t we just forget about the whole gender issue and just look at those lovely pictures of a very happy man who is besotted with his two baby boys? Why are people nit-picking about Ricky using surrogacy instead of adoption, or that he is a single man that just happens to be gay, and that there’s no “mother” in the babies’ life? Those children were dearly wanted. They are loved. They are happy. That is all that matters. Congratulations to Ricky and such cute chubbba-wubbas they are!

Di on

I had a feeling my earlier remarks would be controversial. Sometimes I wonder what this country is coming to. It is unfortunate that the idea of a man and a woman raising children together something that has been happening from the beginning of time is now controversial and deemed not necessary.
I have two parents. I consider each of them an integral and indespensable part of my life. I can’t imagine not having either of them and would have hated not having either one of them.

Ricky Martin has two beautiful children-great. I hope he is amazing dad but I still think it is unfortunate that those children will never know what is like to have a mother, not because of death, divorce or abandonment but because their father decided to procreate via an anonymous egg donor.
Lastly, I do not see how growing up an abusive/alchoholic man-woman household undermines my opinion that a two parent home is the ideal anymore that an abusive same sex household undermines the opposing viewpoint.

Aelys on

Matteo and Valentino are so cute! Congratulations to Ricky and best of luck to the Martin family.

Whitney on

hello – them man has a lot more money then the average tom dick or harry – he can spend every moment with them and never work a day in his life again.

And yes I want to squeeze their cheeks.

jlm on

I work with children, and when I hear people saying that there should be a mother and a father, i have met tons of children, who would happily tell you otherwise.

I have seen an enormous amount of love come from children in single parent homes. I have met children with single dads. Single moms. Adopted children. Gay partner’s children. All of them have been fantastic children and have not suffered in the least. On the other hand, I have seen neglect from a two parent home. I have seen abuse from two parent homes. Let me tell you, EVERY single parent I have EVER known has picked up their child the minute they get off work. And when they get there, they are SO excited to see this child, like they can’t bear another minute away … this child is their world, and this parent is this child’s world. And they wait all day for that parent to get there. And then I see a lot of two parent homes, where the parents pick their kids up later, wanting to run some errands without the kids. Picking them up at the very last minute so they could get a little alone time. And while this is not every single two parent home obviously, it happens a lot more in two family homes than single parent homes from what I have seen.

There is no proof as far as I have seen that two parent homes are better than one. What REALLY matters, is the love that child or those children get. A mother and a father dont guarantee any child on this planet a good life.

If you love a child with all, and I mean ALL of your heart, your child will be all the better for it. Whether or not they are getting that love from just a father, just a mother, two parents, gay parents, it doesn’t matter.

I myself was fortunate enough to have two parents who stayed together and loved my brother and myself tremendously, and they are STILL together after almost 30 years of marriage. Could I imagine my life without one of them? Imagine growing up without one of them? Of course not. But if I had never known them, if I’d only known one, would I miss the other? Most likely not. Instead I would have a greater respect for my mother or father knowing that they had the courage to raise me by themselves. That they wanted me so much that they felt they could do this extremely hard thing all by themselves. I have the utmost respect for single parents who choose to raise children.

Judging Ricky this way is like saying to all single people in this world “you didnt find a man/woman and therefore, you haven’t got the right to the love of a child.” If there is enough love in their hearts for a child, we shouldn’t judge them because they’re not being “Traditional” about it. Traditional is not consistent with the times anymore. Tradition changes.

Liv on

Good for him! I agree with the majority(thank god) that as long as you have one loving parent it doesn’t matter. I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

DiamondGirl on

I don’t think the surrogate is necessarily the bio mother – isn’t it more likely he got donor eggs, then used a separate person to carry them?

Seems like that would be the way to make sure the surrogate wouldn’t try to claim them later or whatever could happen.

Karine Freitas on


sgtmian on

i guess i’m the odd one out, because i’m gay, come from a single parent household, and i still believe that a household with two biological, (well-rounded, intelligent, non-violent, open-minded) parents is ideal. that is how nature designed it. i’m not saying any other family is better or worse, but it’s something i would want for my children, if i were to have any. i would want my children to know their other biological parent, if i can help it.

i would have children with another gay couple or adopt before i decided to use an anonymous sperm donor, because i think it’s horrible to willingly elect one of your children’s parents away. just because you HAD to have a child. having a child isn’t a right, it’s a blessing. i’m the spitting image of my father, my mother and i polar opposites, and if my mom had decided not to keep him in my life, i would have missed so much. i would have felt so cheated.

biology is important, y’all. there’s a reason why people go searching for their biological parents.

that said, they are gorgeous boys. besides the beautiful blue eyes they look a lot like ricky. but i don’t think they’re identical, because they have different hair colors and eyebrow shapes.

DC on

Congratulations to you and your family! You are and have always been a positive role model. Enjoy being a parent….there’s nothing better!

Alex on

The twins are so cute! They look identical. Its so weird that Ricky hired a surrogate. I’d think he’d have a line of women who’d be willing to marry & have his kids.

Mara on

I think is amazing he dicided to this on his own. We ussually see this kind of situation with women but seeing that a man can do it is just great.
I wish him all the best and those babies are adorable

eva on

brave man!raising twins on his own!the boys are adorable and they look fraternal to me.

For some reason I thought they would have a more “hispanic” look like their dad.In a way it makes me feel good because I too am a very pale skinned latina =).

Aelys on

Guanabee.com has pictures and some quotations off the Hola magazine in which Ricky also introduces Valentino and Matteo.

I personally chose not to comment on the whole “a mother and father is the best situation for a child” debate because, although I do understand some people having this opinion, I personally consider that, in today’s world, what many still consider as “normal” or even “acceptable” is not necessarily valid any longer.
I’m with those who believe a child is better off when unconditionally loved by their parent or parents, regardless of their parent’s/parents’ single/in a relationship status, sex and/or sexual preference.

Anyway, on the topic of “these babies have no mother,” I just wanted to share a couple of quotations off the Hola magazine:
“I’m going to concentrate on becoming a better, stronger, more complete person. All throughout my career – a career I’ve pursued since I was twelve – I have had to make sure to please people and ensure that people were happy with the things I was doing. At this moment, though, I’m focusing on what makes me happy. My sons are happy and they’re going to grow up being sure of themselves. When they ask a question, they will always receive an answer given with the utmost honesty and sincerity. They’re not going to feel ‘different,’ because there are hundreds – thousands – of children all over the world who are raised solely by their mothers or only by their fathers. I’m choosing to focus on the light, not the dark.”

“At 12 years old, I joined Menudo and we became ambassadors for UNICEF. We traveled all around the world, meeting with the globe’s most disadvantaged children. But, at the same time, we traveled in private planes, had this whole world set up for us inside our hotels with our own playroom and people to cater to our every whim. We worked hard, but we were also catered to. UNICEF taught me the importance of having good roots. I intend to do the same for my children. I’m not going to stop fulfilling my charitable obligations; my children will travel everywhere with me, be it to Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru, Bolivia… and they will experience sitting, on the floor, playing with children who are happy with so little. It will provide a good jumping-off point for them to make their own conclusions about life.”

And on his decision to have biological children:
“I felt a real need to see myself reflecting in my children’s eyes, that’s why I decided to go with a surrogate. It was the best option for me at this point in my life. There are people who think that science and medicine don’t go with God, but I see art and God’s hand in each and every one of my sons’ movements, in each smile and every cry. This whole process has been a spiritual one for me. Becoming a parent has been a blessing.”

Andrea on

I think the point is being missed that LOVE is all that matters, not how many parents and what sex they are.

Sanja on

LoloBean -Hear, hear!

Hececillia, Nikka, etc. – You have just proven my point! In all these examples of single parents, not one of them decided that they NEVER wanted to have a partner or two parents for their children, they were FORCED to make this choice by circumstances (abuse, death, abandonment, women who are getting to old to have bio kids, etc.). Are you saying that if a single parent was given a choice between a loving, caring, wonderful partner and father that they’d still decide to do it alone!?

(I also want to point out that I always use the terms partner/two parent home and that in this case I don’t think that the whole gay/straight debate is relevant.)

Ebonee on

OMG, look at those bright blue eyes! They are gorgeous, congrats to Ricky! :o)

TwinMamma on

People assume much. What do we say about people that assume?? lol. We don’t know the situation with the surrogate. It could be his best friend and she could very much be involved in the kids lives. At least, I haven’t read of there being an “annonymous” egg donor.
All that aside, they are precious! We could guess all day about the identical fraternal issue. We’ll never know unless he shares that info. My twins looks SO different from each other at that age. Now, ya can’t tell ’em apart. DNA test says identical, ha ha.

FC on

Those boys have some of the brightest, bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! They’re adorable with their little double chins and round cheeks! 🙂

Lana on

I am happy for Martin and his boys at this point of time. But I wonder what he is going to say when one of them will ask : “Dad, where is our mom?”

terri on

Adorable baby boys! Congrats to Ricky. I think he’ll be a great dad.

gail on

I think it’s wonderfule that Ricky stepped out and took the BIG leap! The babies are beautiful. I wonder if he did a gene check before. Ricky’s gorgeous, the babies are adorable. I wonder what the mom looked like! Just curious!

Nikka on

Sanja, you are still missing the point. Not everyone is so lucky to have someone loving in their lifes, soemone so special they want to start the family with. The point is that it’s often better to be alone then with someone who you cannot stand. Noone ever said that Ricky or others who chose to be single parents refused such a special person. The point is that many people tehse days do not get that option and it’s really better to be alone then in a non working relationship.

phoebe on

Nikka, I agree with most of what you’ve said, but I think you’ve misunderstood where Sanya is coming from. What I got was that she was making a distinction between being a single parent because of the circumstance you find yourself in, and actively deciding to never have a second parent involved, be that mum or dad. I’m not saying I agree with the insinuation of what she is saying, but that was the way I took her comments. I would love to know a few more details about Ricky’s situation so we could know the upbringing the boys will likely have, but I totally respect him keeping it quiet. Such beautiful kids!

fuzibuni on


it doesn’t matter what is between your legs when it comes to parenting.

love is gender neutral.

Michele DiTullio on

I wonder how long it will take him to come out now?! Anyone remember Clay Akin? Really what is the big deal, and he says he wants to be honest with his kids.

lark's mommy on

alot of judgement here. while i am not gay (i say this because I am not an expert on the subject….) but i do know that being gay is not a choice. i have a cousin who was raised around a loving family…normal. but he has been feminine since he was a TODDLER. you can’t make this behavior go away. it is what it is. not to say there are not special cases, but for the most part…I think one is born that way. Just my opinion. Ricky and his beautiful sons will be fine.

Tara on

Valentino and Matteo are just as Gorgeous as their father is hope that he has lots of fun raising them.

Kara on

Congratulations Ricky! I’m happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. God Bless.

Pamela on

These babies are simply gorgeous!! So happy for Ricky. He will be a fabulous father!!!!

kelly on

Some of you guys are being so ignorant. These boys will be JUST fine being raised only by a Dad. If you don’t like it, too bad! That’s just the way it is!

Anne on

Even Clay Aiken has a mother to his kid and I think it’s fine.

Ricky must really dislike women not to be able to live in the same household with a woman.

Geeee, why is he still lying to his fans about his sexuality?

We Are Expecting.com on

wow! cute boys

CelebBabyLover on

This is one post I didn’t expect to see such judgemental comments on. I am sad that so many people are being judgemental about Ricky instead of seeing him and his baby boys for what they are: A beautiful, loving family!

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and IMO, no one “type” of family is better or wose than the other (with the exception of kids being raised in abusive households and such), and just because a kid doesn’t have an “ideal” or “perfect” family doesn’t mean that kid is destined to grow up lacking or messed up in some way.

My father, for example, did not have an “ideal” family when he was growing up. He had two parents, a mom and a dad, but his dad was alchoholic. Luckily he wasn’t abusive (at least not toward his children. I have no idea whether or not he was abusive towards my grandmother) like some alchoholics can be, but still, he was an alcoholic.

Abusive or not, obviously having an alcoholic father was far from ideal for my dad and his siblings. However, my dad still managed to grow into a very balanced, succesful, nice, loving, and caring man (and happily my grandfather didn’t stay an alcoholic. My grandmother finally gave him an ultimatum: Clean up, or get out. He cleaned up.).

My point is that you can grow up in a less than ideal family and still turn out just fine!

Meli24 on

Is this another way of saying he’s gay. I guess so. Because most men would wait to get married before they had any kids. Or mabye he just hasn’t found the right person yet and just can’t wait. I don’t know the situation. Anyways, good luck Ricky on your two new wonderful baby boys! And please come back to the music scene really soon. I miss you.

Georgie on

Those boys are absolutely gorgeous, and I love their names!

It sounds to me like Ricky is a loving father who has prepared himself well to do it on his own.

Daze on

Cute boys who look like their Dad. They appear fraternal to me, not identical. I wonder though, if the surrogate was also the egg donor, or if he chose a different biological mother by her appearance to better match his own. It can be done both ways.

Silvermouse on

Here, here! Celebbabylover and Kelly. This is starting to sound like a political party for both sides when this is supposed to be a happy celebrity baby site. Go Ricky! I’m sure you’ll be a great father and teach your boys the “La Vida Loca!” Lol.

jose on

I think that many people are way concern about other peoples life instead of being concern about what their spouse,husband,kids etc are doing behind their back. who cares if Ricky Martin is GAY ? he is a very well respected singer and human being. I am not surprise that he decide to start a family as a single parent since he always wanted to have children on his own. I am very happy for you Ricky and God bless you and your twins, good luck and congratulations

marcos on

ignorance is what makes people hate! cause let me tell you. yes, is his sperm and straight men do this all the time. I know cause I was one and had twin grls that are 3 now. You should do research before you say” It takes a spem and a egg to have a kid”
cause some people can’t. he for one has dated a women older then him that has came up till now that is the beileve she couldn’t naturaly and ricky had said he wanted to be a dad by 35. and what was he suppose to do? make everyone that pretends to know him happy! DO the search their were 30 to 40 people a month going threw invitro where I went. and believe me it was hard for me to do this as a hispanic man from mexico where you are suppose to be macho all the way. but after reading and going threw theraphy we realize that alot more people then you think specialy straight men and women do this everyday. what is the surprise. r.m. will be a great father. and he does have alot of women in his life that will be around. his best friend and his mother they are really close. will be ther always. who knows we might be not surprise to see later who the mom is. and he just bought a island in rio de janero for 18 milliones… wow good for you ricky!

chantelle on

firstly I’d like to say congratulations to Ricky on becoming a dad & secondly i would like to say it really is NOT important that those children are being raised without a mother.

My mum & dad divorced when I was 2 years old but my dad moved back in when his mother died 13 years ago, I have to say I was better off without my dad in my life when i was a child he literally treat me like a dog! He’d fling a a ball & tell me to “fetch” and pat me on the head & say “good girl” and tell me to “give us your paw” and “roll over” “play dead” etc… all the things you would do to a dog.

My father also was brutal to my mother he smashed her head repeatedly against the door frame whilst I watched terrified what would happen next and whilst he was given the opportunity to visit me he barely even bothered to turn up to see me & often when he did it was at about 1 or 2 in the morning when I of course was fast asleep.

As years went on sadly for me my mum became violent to me & has even tried to knife me just a couple of years back she also tried to smash my head in with her walking stick & is ALWAYS argumentative over the slightest pathetic things, She has THE most EXTREME violent temper you could imagine & she’s always cutting me down & giving me a lot of mental abuse.

Also when I was seriously ill & practically on my “death bed” she just left me there in my room never even so much as brought me something to drink or called a doctor. Also when I was violently sexually abused by a man who lived near us I told her after suffering in silence for 6 months & she didn’t give a damn all she said to my father when I was crying was “my god is THIS all we’re gonna get from her crying & whining like a pathetic child”

So in my opinion all that counts is that those children have love no matter WHO it comes from & whether they have one parent or not.

Believe me I’d rather have been an orphan I’d have been far better off with NO parents in my life

believe me i would give ANYTHING to have just 100th of the love those two boys have!

guest on

I’m so happy for Ricky Martin. I grew up idolizing him because he was so cute and always seemed so happy. I’m glad to see he’s found the sweet spot in his life.