Naomi and Liev Welcome Second Son, Samuel Kai

12/14/2008 at 01:30 PM ET
Hector Vallenilla/Pacific Coast News

It’s a second son for Liev Schreiber and fiancée Naomi Watts! Samuel Kai Schreiber arrived on Saturday, December 13th in New York City, weighing in at 7 lbs., 13 oz. He joins big brother Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 16 ½ months. "Both mom and baby are doing great," Naomi’s rep shares.

News of the pregnancy started making the rounds in July, but the couple wouldn’t confirm or deny the news, even as they traveled the globe! Finally, on December 5th, Liev, 41, broke his silence, stating that he and Naomi, 40, expected their new arrival soon, as "our first baby came early and I suspect this one will as well. Life gets a lot busier — it also gets a lot more enjoyable in many aspects."

Want a closer look at the family? Check out two of our galleries — Family Album: The Watts-Schreibers and Naomi’s Baby Bump Style!

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SY on

I knew it was another boy! Congrats to them all…

phoebe on

Yay, another little dude! Can’t wait to hear the name, I love Sasha (and his actual name). Congrats to the couple and to gorgeous Sasha.

sarah on

i love this family! i’m so wxited for them!

Christine on

YAY!!! I have been waiting to hear their news for a few weeks now!
How wonderful! Two BOYS!

I have a 7yr old and a 6 yr old boy who are best buds (and sometimes worst enemies!)
And we also have a 2yr old girl who the boys adore.

Can`t wait to hear their baby`s name and see the first pics!!!


Sarah on

i’m so exited for them!

elia on

aw congrats to them on a healthy baby boy.

i was kind of hoping they’d have a girl, i hope if she does get pregnant again it’ll be a girl.

Helen on

Congrats to Naomi, Liev and Sasha on the news!

I wonder what Naomi and Liev will call son No2!

Amber on

WOOT! Congrats to this beautiful couple! Another gorgeous son, so blessed!

michelle on

YAY!!!!! I cant wait to hear his name. How cute two little blondies. So happy for them. 🙂

CTBmom on

Congrats to them! I bet the new baby is just as adorable has his big brother. can’t wait to find out what they named hom.

Mari on

Cool! A little brother for Sasha. I think siblings of the same gender are closer all their lives.

janie on

congratulations!!!I’m sure the boy will be lovely like his older brother

Aelys on

Congratulations to the Watts-Schreibers!

Can’t wait to know how they named their new little one!

Nika on

Yay, congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the name of this little one!

Kate on

Yay, congrats! I love this family. They are so beautiful. I can’t wait to hear the name!

The baby I’m anticipating now is Jen & Ben!

Colby on

Congrats!!! Was this a delivery surprise?!

Marisol on

Congrats to them!very curious to see what they will name him


I knew from the beginning that it would be a boy.Sasha will be a perfect big brother I can’t wait for hearing baby name!Now it Jennifer Garner’s turn!

Kirrily on

congratulations to Naomi and Liev and big brother Sacha!

Jacomo on

Congrats and good luck!

Jillian on

Congrats to them I’m sure this child will be as beautiful as the last. can’t wait to hear the name.

Lynn on

Congrats 🙂 Delighted for you both on the birth of your beautiful angel

sherquetta on


kelpy on

Excellent news! Congrats to the family!!!
It’s lovely having same-sex siblings close in age.

Sylvia on

Congrats to Naomi and Liev on the birth of their second son…I hope mom and baby are healthy and many good things ahead for the family!!!

Jerry Jackson on

Congrats to them! Hope you guys have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!


aww yaya! I’m so happy for them and more importantly her! She was looking uncomfortable the last few times I’ve seen her. I was hoping they’d have a little girl but it doesn’t matter just as long as the baby is healthy! They can always keep trying but for some reason I don’t see them with more than 2.

Veronica on

Congrats to the happy family! They’re wonderful parents.


Congratulations! What a beautiful, normal family. Naomi and Liev are a great couple and seem to have their priorities straight. Best of luck on their new son. So happy for them all.

Anna on

Hey Naomi and Liev-congrats on your new addition to the family. I know that your new baby boy will be just as beautiful as Alexander. Best wishes to you and your family.

Leesha on

Heeyy….congrats to Naomi nad Liev. I think that its really awesome that they now have two beautiful boys to spend lots of quality time with. But there’s still no harm in trying for another baby…(maybe a girl). But props to Naomi for giving birth in her forties! Cheers everyone!!!!!!!!:)

kelly on

Congratulations!! I was hoping for another boy because Sasha is SO cute!

babyboopie on

Congratulations to Naomi and Liev and Sasha on the birth of their new addition, bet he will be as beautiful and precious as Sasha!

Allison on

Any guesses on the name? I predict something not too trendy or out there, a nice solid boy’s name… maybe Zachary or Andrew?

Amanda on

Congrats you two!! Wish y’all the best of luck. Happy Holidays

Rachel on

Congrats to the beautiful actress!!! They already have a beautiful son and now they have 2, good luck and god speed!!!

Ashley on

Congraulations, children are a true blessing from God! May the Lord Bless!!

Amanda on

Can’t wait to hear the baby name!

Gemma on

A bunch of blogs and Wikipedia are reporting the name as Nicholas Isaac. I think that fits with Alexander Pete very well!

L on

Just before I clicked on this site I said to my husband “I bet Naomi Watts has had her baby!”

Great news 🙂

gianna on

I had a feeling they would have another son. Congrats to them, sasha is adorable as i’m sure his brother will be.

Philippa on

Aw congrats to them! I just knew it was gonna be a boy.
I can’t wait to hear his name!

jane on

Congratulations on the addition to the family. Best of health & happiness!!!

Emaline on

I bet he will be just as cute as his brother! I was thinking that it’d be a girl. I also didn’t think she was due this soon! Can’t wait to see pics!

Jon on


ca on

aww, I love this family!! so cute. 🙂 congrats to them 🙂

Patricia Camacho on

congratulations,!!! babies are always a blessing.Best of health & hapiness !!!

emily on

good for them

Brandy on

Congrats to them both…I thought it was so funny when I heard they were expecting again. My first child(a boy) was born July 19 07 and now I am expecting my second in just days.

Jordyn on

I am sooo happy for them I wish them the best of luck with their second child

Bohemian Nut on

Congrats! My Atison Elisabeth was born yesterday as well! Very cool!

Judith on

My congrats to the happy couple and their son!! Lovely family!!

Heather McKinley on

Congratulations Liev and Naomi. Children are such a blessing. Glad to hear all is well with Naomi and the new baby. Can’t wait to hear his name. Alexander’s name is a good strong name and I am sure that you’ll name this son with a strong name too. Congrats again.

Ida Blairerickson on

Naomi & Liev:
What a wonderful gift for three people in love. Please remember that you are both Stewards of these little angels. I wish you love, good health and happiness your whole life through.

Sara Perry on

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful early Christmas present!!! I send all the love and joy to you and your family!!

Martina on

Congrats on the birth of your second son


Lisa on

congrats to Noami and Liev and of course big brother Sasha!! I had a feeling it would be a boy (even though I was hoping for a girl) Just something always told me, she is having a boy. I have two boys who are only 1 year apart and they are best friends. Sasha and his new brother will be best buddies too.

Shirelle on

i knew they where gonna have another boy! Congrats

Lisa on

Congratulations Liev and Naomi! Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name, and may God Bless!

Maggie on

Congratulations!! Naomi and Liev to your newest addition to the family. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Pat Kemp on

Congradulations on having 2 beautiful boys.

Devon on

Congrats! I had a feeling they would have the baby soon! Hahah, I joked on Thursday that they were on their way to the hospital. Guess I may have been right!

I love Sascha’s name, and I bet the new one will have an equally beautiful name. I had a feeling it would be a boy too.


We Are on


Rebecca on

Congrats! I wish health and happiness to your family!

merrymum on

Good genes, Sasha is such a cute and handsome wee chap, number 2 is sure to be as well. So happy for Naomi, I think after she broke up with Heath, she started wondering if she would ever have kids as she was only getting older! How wonderful that she found love and the gift of being a mother. I hate that time runs out for us girls!! I would keep having babies forever! Lucky guys are good to go well in to their senior years, not fair!

Mickiala on

Congrats Naomi and Liev,
Im sure he is beautiful and much loved.

jami mccollough on

good luck with the new baby

Mia on

Finally! I’m sure she’s the most relieved 🙂

I knew it was going to be another boy, Congrats 🙂 I wonder what the name is.

else on

ooo congrats to naomi and liev!!!!!!!!! and congrats to the new big brother!!!!!!!!!!!

i read somewhere that they wanted the new baby to have “heath” as a middle name???

that would be sweet. i wonder if thats true???????

Evelyn Mack on

Congratulations on your newly arrival of another angel. Spoil him with lots and lots of love.

megan on

CONGRATULATION. I love them as an actor/actress and as a couple! beautiful family.

Suzanne W. Carter on

Congrats on the new baby boy! I have 3 boys myself so I know the joys of bouncing baby boys!! Congrats again!!!

Mary on

Congratulations!!! xoxo

Snapper on

I’m betting it’ll be some Shakespearean name… I just have a feeling.

Stephany on

YAY! I’m so happy for them. I had a feeling it’d be another boy so that’s great! Two boys! That’ll be so much fun with them growing up so close in age. Lots of squabbles but lots of love as well.

I can’t wait to hear the name. I love how simple and strong her firstborn’s name is so I’m sure this one will be just as nice.


Julie Rodriguez on

You are great actors, congratulations, and I hope my husband and I can have as cute of kids as you.

Madeline on

Congrats to the new parents or soon to be parents of 2. What a great family you will have with this upcoming baby. You are a beautiful couple and i can’t wait till i see the babies first pictures and of course the one everyone wants to know, WHATS HIS NAME? Good luck and congrats to you and your little man

Lady Blue Eyes on

Congrats To Naomi & Liev. Best wishes to you. May GOD Bless Your Growing Family. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2009.

Leslie on

Mazel tov! on the birth of your son.

Jonathon T. on

But yet, no plans to get married! Go figure!

Barbara on

Congratulations Liev, Naomi and now big brother Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete on the birth of your new baby boy. Looking forward to hearing his name. 🙂
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Lauren on

Congrats! Hope Sasha has many fond memories of his little brother. I’m sure they’ll be good company for each-other. You seem the perfect couple and the perfect parents.

SAR on

That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to see what they’ve named him.

triskat on

I knew she was having another boy. I bet they use a European name like Gabriel – a good match with Alexander – or possibly something even more in line with Liev’s heritage, like Vladimir

merrymum on

Wow, 2 Aussie baby boys in 2 days, how come there still no post about Bec and Lleyton Hewitt’s new baby?

Alana on

Congratulation to lovely couple and big bro Sasha!
Merry Christmas and prosperious New Year to all the family!
BTW i wish you a lot of patience!!! :-))))))

Alan Abbey on

I hope the second boy – and the first one – had a brit milah – so that they are in the covenant of the Jewish people.

If the new boy is to have a brit, then his name would not be known until that event – 8 days from his birth.

angie on

congratulations to a beautiful happy baby boy – born into what appears to bea loving family. best wishes for you and yours!

Louise on

Just imagine her first baby came early, as Liev says. I remember her pregnancy seemed to never end…!

I’m curious about the name!

sinclair on

“i knew it was a boy”..uh, sure! guess we have a lot of psychics on this board.

(*you had a 50% chance of being right, so it could have gone either way really)

congrats to naomi, liev and sasha!

Sonja on

Awwww, how wonderful. I really like them, they seem so normal and down to earth. I hope the little guys grow up the best of friends. Now we just need to hear the name, I’m sure it will be something normal. They didn’t follow the wacky Hollywood trend with their first baby. Congrats to them.

babyboopie on

Think the baby will be Andrew Heath Screiber- a nice name to go with Alexander! As Heath’s name was Heath Andrew Ledger.

dssm on

Congrats to the happy family!

riley on

another beautiful baby to add to this beautiful family….congrats!!

Jae on

Aww.. how sweet! Another little boy!! Can’t wait to see a picture and find out his name.

Congrats to the beautiful family!!

Grace Tucker on

Congratulations on your new baby boy!

Janet on

Congrats to the entire family! How exciting to have another little boy… and so close in age to his big brother is great. They will share great memories growing up together!

Jenna on

Congrats on your little bundle of joy. Two babies are wonderful.

Philippa on

I keep checking this website like crazy, just in case they reveal the name!

JoAnn on

CONGRATULATIONS Liev, Naomi, and Alexander on the new addition to your family ~

Misty on

What a wonderful Christmas blessing! Congratulations to the parents!

Colby on

Phillipa, me too. I can’t wait to hear the name even more than waiting to find out the sex. Congrats again! I’m afraid they won’t make the announcement and just let the name come out on its own. I respect whatever they do but I’m sooo impatient since they make gorgeous children!

Amanda on

hey you guys congrats on the new baby. Merry christmas and happy holidays

Stephanie C on


Melissa on

Don’t stop there! Go for three! I have three boys and it is amazing… all the fun without the all the drama that girls can bring. Congrats to another addition of your beautiful family!

kelly on

Sinclair, I don’t think anyone meant anything negative by it!

minx on

Wonderful news!Congratulations to them on another beautiful (no doubt) baby boy.

Arlene Petitto on

Congratulations Liev and Naomi. Many blessed wishes to your new bundle of joy and to your family.

Elaine on

Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy!!!!
Hope everyone is well.


Nubya Shabazz on

Congrats on your new bundle of joy.
God Bless you.

Lori on

Congrats to Naomi & Liev on their growing family !

Vicky on

Congrates on the birth of your new baby boy!!!!! You now have 2 very cute boys!!! Wishing both of you the very best in life for these little ones!!!!!

Candace on

Congrats 🙂 Naomi, you looked absolutely stunning throughout your pregnancy! Kudos to you!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to the Schreiber family. Can’t wait to hear the new baby’s name.

Charmaine Duke on

That is so nice that they have another Boy. They make such a nice couple and i an happy for them.

Chaiya Bialik on

Mazel Tov! I wish all the best for your family during this time of great happiness:)

Paula B. on

Time goes by so fast. I remember after seeing Liev
in Talk Radio on June 5, my daughter’s birthday in 2007, Alexander was on his way. Now
he has a brother. Congratulation to the beautiful family. Enjoy these
specials days with a newborn. Paula B.

Artemis on

YESSSSSSSSSSS! Didn’t I say the baby is going to be born on my birthday?? LOL 😀

sinclair on

“Sinclair, I don’t think anyone meant anything negative by it!”

kelly, what i said was in jest…in response to people who *swear* they always know when it’s a girl or a boy.

“Don’t stop there! Go for three! I have three boys and it is amazing… all the fun without the all the drama that girls can bring. Congrats to another addition of your beautiful family!”

wow, maybe some women are better off having sons. that sort of girls/women-are-trouble outlook helps perpetuate stereotypes. I’d love to have all girls, any day!!!

Mari B. on

Congrats Naomi and Liev!! I’m sure this baby boy will be so loved and blessed as little Alexander is!!
Wish you the best, congratulations again 😀

Morgan on

I knew it was gonna be a boy! Wonderful Christmas Present! If I were them, I would name the boy Keiran Taylor. It sounds perfect. I bet he weighs 8lbs. 15oz.

Erika on

Artemis, I thought the same thing! My birthday is the 13th as well. Nobody ever has babies on my birthday, I was so happy. Congrats to them! What a great birthday 🙂

Colby on

Hmm I really thought they would have gone with Heath as a middle name. I like the name Samuel, congrats!

Devon on

That’s a beautiful name! I love it. Samuel Kai and Alexander Pete go really well together. Congrats again!

mrsardesch on

SAMUEL!!! I absolutely love this name, if I have another boy that will be his name! Congratulations to them, I am sure he is gorgeous

Rachel on

I love the name they chose. Samuel, being an old-fashion name and Kai, a modern one. I like the combination!

mrsardesch on

PS it is also so great to see people using traditional names, not weird and made up ones! Seems very rare these days with stars (and anyone really)!

Angie on

Yeah for a “normally named” celeb baby. Samuel is perfect!

brooklyn on

Congrats to the family.
Cute name.

erica alayne on

Aww, I like the name a lot!

Eliza on

Ohhh, I love the name Samuel! Excellent choice. 🙂

rachael on

What a wonderful name choice as a sibling to Alexander Pete. Sasha and Samuel Schreiber…very nice!

Congrats to the Watts-Schreiber families!!

Kelly on

Yay!!!!! Samuel Kai is adorable!

Jae on

LOVE the name! It’s perfect!

Molly on

Awesome name! Congrats to the family.

Mia on

Perfect 🙂 Great choices: Sasha, and Samuel.

Very nice. I bet he’ s just as cute as his big brother 😉

Scarlett on

your a cute couple- congrates.

Annabel on

Congrats to Naomi, Liev, and Sasha! Two boys will be so much fun! And fiiiinalllyy, a celeb baby with a nice, normal name. And I don’t want to steer too far away from the subject here, but I’m baffled as to why some people think that Naomi would name her child after her ex-boyfriend…??? Yes, Heath’s passing was tragic (r.i.p.), but it just seems a little strange to me… and I think her husband would agree lol

Lily on

Congrats to the entire family. Samuel Kai is such a handsome name!

Gladys on

Congradulations on A Baby Boy, God Bless All of You

Nicole on

Now THAT is how you name a child! What a great name, it fits with Sasha’s name! I wonder if they’ll call him Sammy or if there’s another nickname like Sasha they have in mind.

Morgan on

I thougt he would me a lot bigger. Congrats! Love the name!

Natasha on

Awwwww Samuel Kai is a great name! I wonder if they’ll have a nickname for him like they do for Alexander.

ann on

I love Samuel. I should as I named my own son Samuel! Congrats!

Debbie M. on

All the best to you both, you have a beautiful family, you are truly blessed.

Debbie M. on

All the best to you both, you have a beautiful family, you are truly blessed.

Ashley on

I agree, Annabel.

Why would they give their newborn son the first/middle name of Heath? Because they both happen to be Australian? That doesn’t make much sense.

And to boot, Heath is her ex-boyfriend.

Anyway, Sasha and Sam… cute together!

brie on

LOVE the name!! Sasha and Sam sounds so cool. Andif he is as cute as his big brother watch out girls!!!

Jamie on

What a beautiful name! It’s strong, regal, and normal but with a little twist. Sasha is so darling, I bet his little brother will just as cute!

Anais on

I have to agree with you Ashley and Annabel – why oh why would Naomi name her son with her fiance with her ex boyfriend from three or four years ago? I highly doubt my baby’s father would appreciate me naming him after an ex.

Lindsay on

Why would they have named their son after Heath Ledger? Um, that’s a little creepy, especially considering the tragic circumstances of his death.
Anyway, congratulations to the now bigger family!

Elodie Kalsao on


J on

Neat, congrats!

Dierna on

Samuel Kai? What’s up with the name Kai?? Seems to be popular these days. Ingo Raddemacher’s son’s middle name is Kai as well (course the poor kid’s first name is Peanut).

tamara on

what a perfect name, i really love it!!!

Rosy J on

A lovely name for what is sure to be another adorable baby boy. Congrats to the beautiful family.

phoebe on

The name flows beautifully. I’ve never been keen on Kai (in England, it’s one of those trendy names you always hear on babies of teenage mothers), but Samuel is lovely. Congrats to the whole family!

kelpy on

SAMUEL KAI!! – what a super (and strong) name choice for a boy.

Will the brothers be known as Sasha & Sam then?

Congrats once again!

Anna on

Samuel is a great name!

Callen+3 on

Wow! Whats funny is I have a pet turtle. And when I first got her ,I thought it was a boy even though it was too early to tell. But the funny thing is her name is Kai Alexander. Haha, the name was meant for a boy but since she’s a girl I just kept it. How funny.

Amanda on

Congrats on your new baby. I hope you have fun with your two boys. Take care!

renee on

I love their family. I loved it when it was just Liev and Naomi, too. How lucky are we to watch their family grow!! Sasha is a beautiful boy. Love and Congrats to the happy family. Samuel Kai?!! Wonderful name. Trendy and unique without being an adjective or location. I wonder what his nickname will be. And who will date Sunday Urban? (since their moms are friends).

carol s on

congratulations-you are two great actors – best of luck to you and your darling babies

FC on

Samuel Kai…nice. Sam and Sasha go quite well together as nicknames, too. I wonder if they planned that one…

kaz on

Congrats to both hope all stays good love the name but also think Kai would have been a beaut 1st name but love it anyways…..take care,best wishes for chrissy…..

Lozza on

Congrats to the happy couple! I wish them all the happiness in the world and am thoroughly glad Samuel Kai is healthy and bouncing! Best wishes xx